Ballina Union Workhouse Infants 1872-4

Infants born in, or admitted under twelve months old and healthy to, the Ballina union workhouse in the years 1872-4, and what had become of them by 1879.

Patrick Murray*Discharged
Delia O'ConnorDischarged
Michael BarrettDischarged
Bridget GreeneDischarged
Anne SheaDischarged
Kate McLeanDischarged
Patrick HonahoeDead
Ellen ReapDischarged
Mary McHaleHealthy
Luke DuffyDischarged
Sarah Ellen RuaneDischarged
Mary Anne BourkeDischarged
William CreonDead
Eliza CreonDead
Patrick CavanaghDischarged
Mary LeonardDischarged
Anne MarleyDischarged
Bridget MaughanDischarged
Margaret FarrellDischarged
William ScottDischarged
Patrick LoftusDead
Maria NealisHealthy
Bryan CavanaghHealthy
Ellen RuaneDischarged
Mary Anne ThompsonDischarged
Hugh FeeDischarged
Thomas Corcoran*Healthy
Margaret RiellyDischarged
Michael Raefter*Discharged
Peter McCormackDischarged
Ann Heffron*Discharged
Mary RutledgeDischarged
Jane McDonnellDischarged
Edward McCannDischarged
Mary Ann PhilbinDischarged
Gainly RuaneDischarged
Mary MurrayDischarged
Maria McHaleDischarged
Thomas Ruane†Healthy
Sarah Murray‡Discharged
Thomas CorcoranDischarged
Edward McCann*Discharged
John DavisDischarged
Sabina McGinty*Discharged
Patrick ConnorDischarged
Joseph KilgallonDischarged
James HushDischarged
Anne O'Neill*Healthy
Maria McHaleDischarged
Ellen KilgallonDischarged
Anne StuddartDischarged
Lizzie HenniganDischarged
Catherine NooneDischarged
Bridget FlannellyDischarged
Michael CarabineDischarged
Bridget TigheDischarged

  * Admitted twice in the year.    † Admitted three times in the year.    ‡ Admitted four times in the year.

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