Chelsea Workhouse Admissions and Discharges, 1743-1799

Surname, ForenameSexAge at entryDate of entryDate of exitCommentReason for exit
Lee, MaryF6002/02/4314/02/43sickdied
Low, MaryF2615/02/4323/02/43FoulTo St. Thomas's hospital to be cured
Miller, GertrudeF4025/05/4329/07/43casual sickable to work
Blunt, MargaretF5602/06/4306/06/43Shoulder dislocatedAble to work
Hoy, AnnF908/06/4309/08/43Too young to be boundBound upon liking
Ross, ElizaF3011/06/4330/06/43casual sickdied
Legatty, HannahF3614/06/4319/07/44sickYoung [?]
Robinson, MaryF5018/06/4306/07/43Passed from WestminsterGone to service
Good, HannaF1111/07/4303/08/43Returned from place where bound on LikingBound upon liking
Joyce, JohnM526/07/4319/08/43sickRecovered - taken out by Mother
Baldock, MaryF404/08/4315/07/49Deserted - the father to pay 2s 6d per weekBound
Baldock, EdwardM204/08/4315/07/49Deserted - Father to pay 2s 6d per weekBound
Miller, GertrudeF4014/08/4306/11/43sickable to work
Hay, AnnF915/08/4323/08/43Not Liked - (when Bound)Upon Liking - £2 17s. 0d.
Field, EleanorF4018/08/4323/09/43sickno parishioner
Clark, AnnF7022/08/4328/04/47Old & Infirmdied
Frimley, ThomasM1223/08/4321/11/43not fit to be boundbound upon liking
Robinson, MaryF5023/08/4325/11/54sickgone to service
Fenel, AnnF1924/08/4329/09/43sickable to work
Bennett, MaryF1028/08/4317/09/43Returned from St. Martin'sBound upon liking for £2 17s 0d
Widdows, MaryF5206/09/4306/01/45PoorTaken out by her sister
Lynn, EleanorF4009/09/4325/02/47maddied
Razy, SarahF5015/09/4317/03/46InfirmWent away over the wall
Kimball, RichardM5420/09/4305/10/43SickDied
Osborne, JaneF1028/09/4323/11/43sickbound
Beasley, WilliM1304/10/4306/12/43sickTaken away by his mother
Kimball, AnnF6404/10/4327/07/44sickwilling to work
Brown, SarahF4704/10/4303/01/44sickAble to work
Graham, HesterF7414/10/4323/11/43A Pensioners wifeNo object of charity
Coleman, JonathanM2415/10/4313/11/43Passed from St. GilesGone to Service Clothed
Winter, MargaretF7615/10/4330/11/43sickwent away voluntarily
Savory, CatherineF2316/10/4306/11/43with childDied
Ositer, MaryF2818/10/4321/02/44InfirmWilling to go to service
Thorn or Savory, JonathanM031/10/4318/11/43Born in workhousedied
Coulson, MaryF3914/11/4306/01/44passed from St. GilesAble to work
Grimstead, ChristopherM7023/11/4315/12/43Old & InfirmSent to St. George's Hospital
Drakes, SarahF8324/11/4306/12/43sickdied
Graham, HesterF7425/11/4309/01/44Drunk & Quarrelsome
Joyce, JaneF3208/12/4317/01/44sickRecovered
Joyce, JohnM508/12/4317/01/44Mother unable to keep himMother ordered to keep him
Ealing, AnnF6020/12/4328/05/44sickwilling to work
Mason, MaryF2024/12/4309/03/44LunatickRecovered
Strickland, ElizabethF3324/12/4322/01/44sickdied
Raines, AnnF428/01/4404/04/44Left by MotherTaken by Mother
Benning, MargaretF7801/02/4407/05/48Settlement gained, solitude in the collegedied
Grimstead, ChristopherM7008/02/4401/05/45returned from ye hospitalGone to service
Duffield, ElizabethF5506/03/4413/03/44sickdied
Richins, ThomasM1110/03/4415/05/44returned by his masterUpon liking
Philips, MaryF813/03/4414/06/45casualUpon liking (returned by order of committee)
Brown, SarahF4713/03/4418/03/44sickable to work
Edmonds, ElizabethF2119/03/4403/07/44Husband gone to seaAble to work
Edmonds, MatthewM019/03/4409/07/44Came in with mother, whose husband is gone to seaHis mother is ordered to maintain him.
Lowry, HannahF3205/04/4417/04/44foulpassed to St. Georges Han. Sq.
Low, MaryF2614/04/4410/06/44returned from St. Thomas' HospitalDied
Higgs, Anna MariaF5524/04/4403/07/44sick & itchyAble to work
Hamilton, Ann CambelF5225/04/4420/07/44lameAble to work (passed from St. Margarets Westminster
Richins, ThomasM1311/05/4416/05/44Fetched away by OverseerUpon Liking
Miller, ThomasM912/05/4402/12/44OrphanUpon liking
Clark, ElizabethF3221/05/4423/05/44with childNo parishioner
Launceman, ElizaF1421/05/4430/05/44sickA Vagrant
Jeffreys, EdwardM1322/05/4419/06/44Parents poorGone to sea
Beasley, AnnF5027/05/4401/06/44sickWent away voluntarily
Richins, ThomasM1305/06/4406/06/44returned by masterRan away
Morris, ThomasM023/06/4429/11/44Parent's Poorpassed to Battersea
Jeffreys, EdwardM1325/06/4408/07/44Returned as unfit for seaRan away with new suit of clothes
Richins, ThomasM1326/06/4402/07/44Parent's requestBound
Thredwell, SarahF5630/06/4410/03/45Infirmdied
Butcher, MaryF2803/07/4409/08/44Sick & InfirmSent to Westminster Infirmary
Fisher, JamesM005/07/4431/03/46Fatherlessdied
Crawford, MargaretF7919/07/4411/03/45passed from Westminsterfetched away by her daughter
Hamilton, AnnF5222/07/4408/12/44Useful in ye houseable to work
Legatty, HannahF3622/07/4417/04/45Lame & Infirmhad leave to go out & did not return
Whitman, WillM1105/08/4410/09/44Not fit to be bound apprenticeUpon liking
Carr, IsabellaF6007/08/4430/09/44Infirmdied
Philips, JaneF3023/08/4415/09/44casualvagrant
Philips, MaryF923/08/4415/09/44CasualVagrant
Steams, ElizabethF3430/08/4430/09/44sickwilling to go out
Powel, SarahF1031/08/4414/09/44Returned from likingbound
Fletcher, WilliamM2604/09/4414/09/44SickLazy
Higgs, Anna MariaF5505/09/4407/09/44sickdied
Smith, MargaretF3310/09/4415/09/44sickdied
Rogers, WilliamM5819/09/4415/10/44SickDied
Rogers, AnnF5819/09/4415/12/44sickWilling to go out
Whitehead, MaryF3722/09/4408/11/44passedThought no Parishioner
Raines, BarbaraF4501/10/4415/09/47Lame & Husband refuses to keep herGone with her daughter
Raines, AnnF501/10/4415/09/47father refuses to keep hersent for by her Aunt
Perciful, JamesM802/10/4430/07/54OrphanTaken out by his brother
Fletcher, WilliamM2609/10/4421/01/45LameCured
Colsey, ThomasM1011/10/4424/04/45passed from GreenwichHis mother willing to keep him
Colsey, SarahF611/10/4425/03/45passed from GreenwichTo be kept by her mother
Colsey, JaneF4711/10/4425/04/45passed from GreenwichAble to work, 2s 6d
Blunt, MargaretF5715/10/4408/12/44sickHer own request
Pepper, ElizabethF6016/10/4430/07/54sickwent out without Leave
Sheppard, SarahF2729/10/4429/11/44SickIn health
Montram, SarahF1307/11/4412/12/44Turned away from homebound
Steams, ElizabethF3421/11/4425/07/46sickdied
Morris, ThomasM3024/11/4429/11/44foulpassed to Battersea
Keen, PhylerissaF1903/12/4422/01/45with childpassed to St Martins in the Fields
Whitman, WillM1103/12/4409/03/45SillyBound
Ositer, MaryF2905/12/4417/07/45InfirmSent to St. James infirmary Westminster
Morthfield, RebeccaF5210/12/4415/12/44sickVagrant
Morthfield, SarahF1510/12/4415/12/44sickVagrant
Brown, SarahF4813/12/4417/12/44out of worknot thought an object of Relief
Oasler, SarahF1017/12/4422/10/53InfirmDied
Miller, ThomasM1026/12/4429/11/45Returned from likingBound
Wells, MaryF5002/01/4504/03/45SickWent out with Leave & did not return
Edie, JamesM7002/01/4525/02/45InfirmDied
Scott, JaneF2204/01/4515/04/46with ChildThought able to keep herself & child
Greenhead, ElizabethF4005/01/4507/01/45Widow with 2 childrenGot over the Wall, being willing to work
Greenhead, ElizabethF405/01/4511/06/45fatherlesstaken away by Mother
Greenhead, FrancesF305/01/4505/12/49fatherlesstaken away by mother
Patchin, WilliM1114/01/4504/04/46OrphanUpon liking
Wyat, MaryF3019/01/4521/03/45foulethought no object of relief
Brown, SarahF4820/01/4522/01/45Out of workPassed to St. George's Hanover Sq.
Polcack, WillM1125/01/4501/04/45OrphanBound
Brasher, RichardM5907/02/4515/05/45out of workPromised to go to wife at Dorking - 3s 6d & pair of shoes
Kellow, SamuelM4408/02/4531/08/45InfirmGone to teach school
Piper, AnnF1125/02/4506/04/45BastardBound
Widdows, MaryF5227/02/4506/06/49PoorWent out without leave & did not return
Masters, JaneF1927/02/4519/08/47A Blacksent to service
Frampton, ElizabethF2427/02/4514/03/45SickDied
Stapleton, WilliamM6007/03/4515/04/45SickIn Health
Griffin, SilvesterM2521/03/4524/04/45SickSent into Westminster Infirmary
Street, SusanF1908/04/4505/07/45passed from Wandsworth - with childAble to maintain herself
Piper, AnnF1110/04/4516/09/45Bastard - returned from Likingby order of the Justice of the Peace
Mortram, WilliM1112/04/4522/01/46returned by MasterUpon Liking
Ricketts, EleanorF2412/04/4515/05/45sickSent to St. Thomas's Hospital
Hatcher, SarahF3418/04/4529/05/45sickIn health, cloathed
Crawford, MargaretF7901/05/4512/06/56Infirm & olddied
Street, mary SprosleyF014/05/4515/04/46Born in the House, BastardTo go with her mother
Jennings, ElizabethF2617/05/4502/09/45sickdied
Leverage, ElizabethF1018/05/4530/03/46Orphanbound on liking - returned
Smith, MaryF2425/05/4515/06/45Sickpassed to St. Paul's Covent Garden
Linlay, MaryF3410/06/4504/07/45sickNo parishioner
Griffin, SilvesterM2519/06/4525/12/46LameDied
Greenhead, ElizabethF427/06/4521/08/46Deserted by MotherDied
Philips, MaryF1029/06/4529/07/45casualbound
Price, CharlesM605/07/4525/12/45Parent's PoorDied
Hunter, JaneF1105/07/4508/07/45passedNo parishioner
Hunter, MargaretF5705/07/4508/07/45passedNo parishioner
Hunter, JaneF1108/07/4531/07/45Detained till pass could be foundSent into Scotland under War Offic pass with her mother
Hunter, MargaretF5708/07/4531/07/45Detained till pass was obtainedSent into Scotland by war office pass
Lumley, MaryF415/07/4516/07/45Bastardpassed to St. Martin's in the Fields
Bloxam, GalimoreM6210/08/4531/03/48InfirmDied
Blunt, MargaretF5712/08/4504/04/46InfirmWilling to go out 1s
Dodworth, MaryF1928/08/4511/09/45sickno parishioner
Gardner, TheodosiaF4511/09/4519/05/46sickgot over the wall, drunk & quarrelsome
Fox, JamesM6212/09/4503/12/45SickDied
Jeffreys, JonathanM420/09/4522/07/51Deserted by motherBound
Brasker, RichardM5925/09/4528/09/45SickDied
Chelsea, JohnM6326/09/4530/09/45SickDied
Edwards, RosannaF026/09/4510/10/45Bastard deserted by motherdied
Thrift, MaryF2927/09/4528/09/45pretends to be in labournot in labour
Thrift, JohnM327/09/4528/09/45with mother who pretends to be in labourwent with mother
Jeffreys, SusanF1311/10/4517/01/46Deserted by motherbound on liking
Millett, BartholomewM1211/10/4506/04/46father poortaken by father
Tey, ThomasM3612/10/4517/10/45InfirmSent to Guy's Hospital
Price, ElizabethF3621/10/4530/12/45passedAble to work
Price, ThomasM021/10/4523/01/47passed with motherDied
Ositer, MaryF2924/10/4504/11/45InfirmGone to service
Hunt, MaryF4230/10/4505/11/45passed from Barnetgone to her father, 5s & clothes
Nutchall, ThomasM1431/10/4506/11/45OrphanUpon Liking
Kemp, JamesM6707/11/4511/01/49InfirmDied
Ositer, MaryF2908/11/4526/03/46RelapsedGone to St. George's Hospital
Jacobs, HarringtonM5012/11/4520/03/46passed from KensingtonThought able to work
Nutchall, ThomasM1423/11/4515/01/46Returned form likingBound
Oder, TimothyM5710/12/4516/07/46passed from St. GilesGone to St. James Infirmary Westminster
Hamilton, AnnF5311/12/4505/02/48passed from FulhamRefused to work
Froome, JohnM4611/12/4518/02/46passed from LambethAble to Work 1s
Angel, Mary BoydorF6014/12/4522/12/45sickdied
Harris, AnnF1926/12/4520/03/46found in ye King's Road, robbed & abasedwent out voluntarily
Fiths, AnnF6004/01/4617/03/50passed from St. Margaret'sdied
Fletcher, WilliamM2704/01/4619/03/46SickIn Health
Moore, SarahF2211/01/4615/02/46SickVagrant
Golding, GilesM3429/01/4604/03/46SickRecovered: a pair of Shoes
Jeffreys, SusanF1303/02/4603/08/46Returned from LikingSent to her Mother
Pearce, SarahF2009/02/4605/03/46foulSent to St. Thomas's hospital to be cured
Mortram, WilliM1114/02/4606/06/46Returned from LikingUpon Liking
Scott, Jane AdamF014/02/4615/04/46Born in the house, bastardTo go with her mother
Rose, WilliamM3622/02/4615/03/46Sickpassed to St. Giles in the Fields
Wright, ElizabethF7023/02/4623/04/46passed from FulhamSent to Infirmary at Westminster
Colson, CatherineF6003/03/4607/03/46passed from Wooburch in Bedfordshiretaken away by her husband
Colson, MargaretF1012/03/4609/06/46An OrphanGone upon liking
Willis, DorothyF8013/03/4614/03/46sickdied
Ellis, ElizabethF3321/03/4611/04/46sickAble to work 1s.
Ellis, RichardM521/03/4611/04/46BastardTo go with his Mother
Hawkins, JaneF5631/03/4617/05/46sickA parish at Ipswich 5s
Shepard, CatherineF3131/03/4615/04/46sickgone to her parish
Piper, AnnF1102/04/4609/05/46Returned from placeUpon Liking - returned.
Kellow, SusanF4915/04/4611/05/46FoulThinks herself well
Wood, AnnF3617/04/4607/05/46LunatickSent to Bedlam
Oder, JohnM1818/04/4628/04/46No Habitationto go to service
Oder, MaryF1318/04/4609/10/51Mother infirmSent to St. George's Hospital to be cured of fistula in her eye
Leverage, ElizabethF1126/04/4620/03/47returned from apprenticeshipUpon Liking
White, MaryF5428/04/4616/06/46sickdied
Ealing, AnnF6214/05/4628/05/46sickdied
Sayer, JohnM5929/05/4615/06/46SickNo Parishioner
MacDonald, AnnF1404/06/4627/06/46sickUpon liking
Snelson, MaryF013/06/4616/11/47BastardDied
Wright, ElizabethF7017/06/4613/09/46Infirmdied
Collins, AnnF1923/06/4609/08/46sickin health
Alexander, DavidM2519/07/4606/08/46Stabbed himselfPassed to St. Paul's Covent Garden
Young, WilliamM423/07/4602/09/46foundlingtaken away
Young, WilliM423/07/4602/08/46FoundlingTaken away
Capel, FrancesF4528/07/4614/04/47Lunatickwent out voluntarily
Tey, ThomasM3604/08/4613/08/46SickSent to St.James Infirmary, Westminster
Eldridge, SarahF4205/08/4611/09/46sickRecovered 2s 6d
Eldridge, SamM705/08/4611/09/46sickBeing a Vagrant, sent with his mother
Kellow, SusanF4912/08/4616/08/46FoulDied
Rossey, CharlotF1015/08/4615/12/46deserted by motherMother is ordered to keep her
Brintley, ElizabethF1015/08/4606/05/47A BastardBound upon liking - £2 17s 0d
Bury, ElizaF5919/08/4615/09/46Drunken & DisorderlyThought no fit object of Relief
Rossey, CharlesM924/08/4615/09/46deserted by MotherSent to St. George's Hospital to be cut for a fistula.
Thompson, MaryF4503/09/4605/09/46sickdied
Wyer, ElizabethF4403/09/4623/04/47sickwent out voluntarily
Downs, JonathanM4104/09/4624/11/46SickDied
Cock, MargaretF1505/09/4618/11/46Parents poorUpon Liking
Carr, AnnF6512/09/4620/12/47Infirmdied
Cock, HannahF1412/09/4611/02/47parents poorUpon Liking - £2 17s 0d
Rossey, CharlesM915/09/4615/09/46deserted by MotherGot away under the gate.
Coles, ThomasM1320/09/4603/11/46Orphanpassed to Farnham in Surrey
Coles, JamesM1020/09/4613/11/46Orphanpassed to Farnham in Surrey
Ellis, RichardM723/09/4626/09/46sickDied
Ellis, ElizabethF5023/09/4626/01/47sickWent out voluntarily
Dorwan, HonourF4524/09/4620/11/46passed from St. Ann's WestminsterAble to work
Gardner, TheodosiaF4604/10/4609/06/47got drunk & run over by a coachGot over the Wall
Hudson, GeorgeM4517/10/4602/11/47LunatickDied
Cooper, MaryF8424/10/4617/10/49Infirmdied
Jeffreys, EdwardM1625/10/4618/12/46An OrphanBound on Liking
Oder, TimothyM5825/10/4605/01/47InfirmGoing to Bath Hospital
Smith, ElizaF5027/10/4628/10/46sickdied
Saunders, MaryF627/10/4615/09/53Father gone
Madden, MaryF2427/10/4629/04/47InfirmDied
Froome, JohnM4731/10/4607/05/47sickDied
Cock, AnnF506/11/4620/08/52Mother Died, Father unable to support herUpon Liking
Cock, GraceF306/11/4605/08/54Mother deadUpon Liking
Cock, ElizabethF406/11/4613/06/52Mother deadUpon Liking
Blunt, MargaretF5811/11/4607/12/46sickWilling to go out 1s
Cades, Luke ChasM1018/11/4615/11/49Mother unable to keep himTo allow 1s/per week for his Labour
Green, JohnM6024/11/4614/02/47lameTo live with his wife, 1s 6d
Margan, LetticeaF2403/12/4622/05/47SickDied
Cock, MargaretF1509/12/4619/12/46Returned from LikingUpon Liking
Coulson, ElizabethF4222/12/4627/02/47sickVoluntarily willing to go to her parish, 2s 6d
Topping, MargaretF7029/12/4615/02/47sickwent out voluntarily
Jeffreys, EdwardM1605/01/4714/04/47returned form likingthought able to work
Pym, ThomasM1212/01/4701/09/48parents poorGot over ye wall in the night
Stubbington, SarahF1625/01/4715/02/47SickWilling to go to service
Doyles, CharlotteF7013/02/4717/02/47sickdied
Golding, GilesM3721/02/4702/03/47LazyThought no object of Relief
Cock, MargaretF1520/03/4719/04/47returned from Likingtaken out by her father
Green, JohnM6024/03/4720/01/59LameDied
Leverage, ElizabethF1101/04/4707/05/47sickUpon liking to Widow Brown - Bound.
Johnson, SarahF114/04/4708/05/47Mother sickTo be kept by parents
Johnson, ElizabethF2814/04/4708/05/47SickAble to work
Andrews, JamesM3215/04/4727/04/47sickRecovered
Andrews, JoannaF015/04/4719/05/47sickRecovered
Andrews, ElizabethF715/04/4719/05/47sickrecovered
Andrews, MaryF3015/04/4719/05/47SickRecovered
Parder, JonathanM6015/04/4716/04/47DyingDied
Jocelyne, MaryF403/05/4710/12/53Father gone to sea & mother disorderlybound on trial
Pearce, SarahF2021/05/4704/01/48foulthought able to work
Pool, MaryF4506/06/4720/07/50sickWent away voluntarily
Cannick, AndrewM2727/06/4714/10/47SickSent to St. George's Hospital
Ball, AvisF2830/06/4702/07/47with childThought no Object of relief
Frenshaw, LucyF2004/07/4706/07/47SickBy her own consent
Hutchins, ElizabethF6022/07/4709/01/48Infirmdied
Miller, MaryF4515/08/4727/01/48LameWent out voluntarily
Joceline, FrancesF3011/09/4717/11/47lameAble to work
Wells, MaryF5315/09/4704/11/47sickWent out voluntarily
Colsey, SarahF916/09/4715/11/52Deserted by MotherSent to St. Georges Hospital for bad eyes.
Colsey, ThomasM1316/09/4725/04/48Deserted by MotherTo be maintained by Father
Butcher, MaryF024/09/4730/11/48Returned from ye InfirmaryGone to St. George's Hospital
Frampton, BarbaraF2610/10/4716/12/47sickPassed to St. James
Colsey, ThomasM4214/10/4726/06/48SickAble to Work
Saunders, EdwardM5015/10/4725/10/47passedDied
Saunders, MaryF3515/10/4715/10/47passedBy her own consent
Mann, AnnF7219/10/4707/02/69Infirmdied
Farmer, WilliamM4120/10/4708/11/47SickDied
Harrington, JacobM5223/10/4715/03/48sickAble to work
Edwards, MaryF2704/11/4705/09/48SickOrdered to go out & maintain her children
Johnson, JaneF2411/11/4725/01/48SickRecovered
Rankin, ClareF3517/11/4715/01/48with childsent back to St. James parish
Morgan, DorothyF2019/11/4729/12/47sickvagrant
Hooper, AnnF1419/11/4719/11/47sickdied
Porter, JonathanM819/11/4705/08/51Mother's sickDied
Andery, AnnF3002/12/4712/12/47SickVagrant
Stevens, SarahF1108/12/4705/05/51UnhealthySent to Westminster Infirmary
Holder, JonathanM508/12/4704/12/52Father poorOn liking
Driver, JosephM915/12/4728/01/50Parents poorBound
Rankin, JaneF4016/12/4723/12/47sickdied
Cooper, RoseF6230/12/4725/06/58Pensioners widowdied
Green, RobertM6405/01/4826/04/48passedAble to Work
Green, DinahF6105/01/4808/06/48passedWilling to work
Rankin, ClareF3511/01/4815/01/48Refused by St.James parishSent to St. James with an Order of sessions
Alcroft, CorneliusM2811/01/4810/02/48Sick - a soldier discharged but not recommended to the Royal HospitalRecovered
Fisher, SarahF4713/01/4819/01/48sickdied
Kilpatrick, JonathanM3020/01/4827/04/51lameWent out without leave & did not return
Forest, ElizabethF4529/01/4811/01/50sick & infirmGone to teach school
Coulson, ElizabethF4329/01/4816/06/48sickWent out voluntarily
Hall, GeorgeM3302/02/4828/04/48SickSent to St. Thomas's Hospital
Anderson, JohnM205/02/4803/06/58Father unable to keep him - This childs father is an in pensioner of Chelsea HospitalApprenticed to Barber on one month Liking
Lee, MarthaF4006/02/4814/02/48sickVagrant
Lee, GeorgeM206/02/4814/02/48SickVagrant
Hamilton, AnnF5507/02/4820/12/49unable to workwent out voluntarily
Clark, ElizabethF3612/02/4825/04/48sickAble to work
Winter, MarthaF3312/02/4819/02/48with childpassed to St. James Westminster
Miles, HannahF5021/02/4801/08/48sickdied
Legatty, HannahF5022/02/4825/04/48sickAble to work
Joceline, FrancesF3022/02/4824/02/48sickAble to work
Joceline, FrancesF3010/03/4828/06/48sickwent out voluntarily
Bury, ElizabethF6017/03/4823/04/48lameWent away over ye wall
Allen, SarahF1822/03/4812/04/48sickA vagrant
Green, RobertM6403/04/4813/06/48lameWent away voluntarily
Lesley, WilliamM1207/04/4820/03/49Returned by his masterbound on liking
Richins, MaryF4816/04/4823/04/48passedThought able to get her own Living
Cock, MargaretF1617/04/4802/05/48Father unable to support her, disliked when put ou t on Liking.Able to work
Harrington, JacobM5220/04/4826/04/48Shoulder dislocatedWent out voluntarily
Powell, MargaretF7127/04/4830/05/48InfirmSent into Scotland
Webb, GeorgeM927/04/4822/01/50OrphanBound
Wiltshire, AnnF5030/04/4809/05/48passedWilling to go out
Clements, RebeccaF2107/05/4806/06/48with childGot out in the night
Bishop, JonathanM7009/05/4819/06/48InfirmGone to his son in law
Clements, SarahF013/05/4805/06/48Born in the housedied
Smith, ElizaF127/05/4814/06/48Child of Hannah SmithWent out voluntarily
Smith, HannahF4827/05/4828/05/48In LabourDied
Smith, MaryF008/06/4808/06/48Born in the house, child of Hannah Smithdied
Wells, MaryF5409/06/4801/08/49InfirmHad leave to go out & did not return
Tyler, JeffreyM7115/06/4805/03/49InfirmAble to work
Fox, SarahF2517/06/4823/06/48FoulSent to St.Thomas's Hospital
Oder, TimothyM6023/06/4815/03/49InfirmDied
Tyler, ElizabethF6327/06/4805/02/56Infirmbecause she refused washing
Green, DinahF6127/06/4828/06/48casualwent away voluntarily
Wood, AnnF3830/06/4805/02/49from BedlamGone to the French Hospital
Hawkins, JaneF5801/07/4801/08/48sickNo parishioner
Gould, AnnF5802/07/4808/08/48Infirmthought no proper object
Masters, JaneF2403/07/4804/03/49by Justice of Peace's OrderTaken out by Mr. Villiers
West, JamesM903/07/4828/01/51OrphanUpon Liking
West, AliceF703/07/4803/05/50OrphanBound
Green, RobertM6415/07/4822/09/48Lame
Gardner, TheodosiaF4816/07/4827/04/49DisorderlyAble to work
Maskall, MaryF6021/07/4802/09/48Infirmpassed to St. Margaret's Westminster
Burgess, WalterM7225/07/4805/09/48InfirmThought able to work 6d per week
Stubbington, SarahF1831/07/4816/09/48sickable to work
Saunders, MaryF5008/08/4804/09/48sickSt. James Infirmary
McLaughlin, WilliamM1022/08/4824/08/48passed from BarkingTo be kept by mother
McLaughlin, JoanF4022/08/4824/08/48passed from BarkingAble to Work
McLaughlin, OwenM5123/08/4825/10/48InfirmVoluntarily left
Lath, RebeccaF6823/08/4815/09/48Infirmdied
Burgess, WalterM7205/09/4807/09/48No HabitationThought able to work, 12d per Week
Fox, SarahF2506/09/4803/10/48FoulDied
Stock, AnnF4507/09/4820/11/48In LabourGot away in the Night
Stock, ThomasM007/09/4809/11/48Born in the housedied
Edwards, ThomasM013/09/4817/09/48mother can get no Lodging or worktaken by Mother
Edwards, ElizabethF3013/09/4817/09/48Can get no lodging or workAble to work
Edwards, MaryF813/09/4802/09/50Mother can get no lodging or workTaken away by Mother
Powell, ElizabethF1914/09/4830/09/48sickGone to service
Crutch, AnnF3514/09/4805/10/48ConsumptionDied
Beasley, AnnF5401/10/4828/12/48InfirmQuarrelsome 1s
Hudson, JaneF8001/10/4803/02/49Infirmdied
Saunders, MaryF5004/10/4812/12/48Returned from St. James InfirmaryDied
Miller, MaryF4118/10/4826/12/48LameDied
Topping, ElizabethF7226/10/4821/11/49Infirmdied
Wright, CatherineF3329/10/4830/10/48sickdied
Ilive, MargeryF4903/11/4813/03/49sickWent out Voluntarily
Chambers, MaryF3004/11/4805/11/48passed from Covent GardenThought no parishioner
Chambers, AnnF804/11/4805/11/48passed from Covent Gardenthought no parishioner
McLaughlin, WilliamM1007/11/4827/04/49Parents poorLeft over the wall
Giles, SarahF3610/11/4826/12/48SickRecovered
Moulster, BarbaraF5814/11/4816/12/48sickdied
Peach, HannahF3017/11/4805/04/49sickrecovered
Rossey, CharlotF1217/11/4806/03/49sickTo be kept by Lady Griffin
Maskall, MaryF6024/11/4828/12/48ReturnedGone to live with a relation
Dow (alias Williams), ElizabethF6002/12/4815/07/53sickBy consent 1s per week
Golding, GilesM3905/12/4816/01/49SickRecovered
Milk, MaryF4007/12/4826/12/48sickRecovered
London, JamesM2710/12/4820/12/48SickDied
Dolly, FranF7015/12/4811/09/49Infirmpassed to Basingstoke
Crook, MaryF5817/12/4805/04/49sickRecovered
Maskall, MaryF6003/01/4904/09/49Returned from her relationspassed
Drueth, MaryF020/01/4919/04/49deserted by father, mother sickdied
Dreuth, CatherineF2520/01/4926/05/49sickRecovered
Drueth, ElizabethF220/01/4926/04/49deserted by father, mother sickTaken out by mother
Mare, AnnF1720/01/4930/01/49Belongs to ye Juror [?]Died
Kimbal, JonathanM3021/01/4903/02/49sickpassed
May, MaryF5105/02/4922/03/49sickdied
Frisley, RobertM2208/02/4924/02/49Dropt by ye physick gardenDied
Neale, HannahF1026/02/4918/05/49OrphanUpon Liking
Burgess, WalterM7326/02/4903/04/49SickDied
Webb, ThomasM004/03/4915/04/49Born in the house (see Sarah Webb, same date of en try)Went with mother to her parish
Webb, SarahF2004/03/4915/04/49This woman was brought to bed in St. Martins paris h & brought the child to the WH without clothes.To go to her parish.
Edwards, ElizabethF3015/03/4923/04/49lameAsked permission to go out and did no return
Edwards, ThomasM115/03/4912/04/49A BastardDied
Beasley, WilliamM5816/03/4907/04/49sickRecovered
Jackson, MarthaF2112/04/4912/05/49Foul, passed from St. Georges Han. Sq.By Appeal settled at Battersea
Powell, MargaretF7119/04/4911/06/49sickdied
Long, IsabellaF823/04/4927/04/52OrphanBound
Butcher, MaryF3226/04/4901/03/50Returned from HospitalWent out voluntarily
Smith, PatianceF3230/04/4915/09/50Deserted by HusbandWent out to service
Orange, CatherineF230/04/4914/06/49Deserted by parentssent to her mother
Orange, StephenM530/04/4914/06/49Deserted by parentsSent to his Mother
McLaughlin, WilliamM1030/04/4910/06/52parents poorbound
Broadoak, AnnF3220/05/4912/06/49passed from LincolnWent out voluntarily
Tyler, JeffreyM7229/05/4912/10/51InfirmDied
Smith, EdwardM630/05/4915/07/51deserted by fatherUpon liking
Smith, MargaretF130/05/4909/09/55deserted by fatherMother willing to keep her.
Smith, JonathanM130/05/4921/07/56deserted by fatherbound
Neale, HannahF1006/06/4901/11/49passed from GravesendDied
Burgess, AnnF6007/06/4915/01/50lamepassed to Christ Church, Newgate
Legatty, HannahF5217/06/4925/08/52sickdied
Fielding, MaryF027/06/4921/07/49BastardDied
Mason, MaryF2530/06/4905/07/49LunatickPassed to St. Andrew's Holborn
Berry, ElizabethF6030/06/4917/08/49passed from St. Andrew HolbornWent out voluntarily
Rumley, ElizabethF3003/07/4906/07/49Lunatickpassed to St. Andrew's Holborn
Leverage, ElizabethF1304/07/4916/07/49OrphanGone to service
Miles, JamesM1611/07/4921/07/49sickRecovered
Royston, ElizabethF6618/07/4911/07/56sickdied
Golding, GilesM4026/07/4930/07/49Sick
Beare, WilliamM3128/07/4916/03/50sickdied
Thomas, MargaretF3207/08/4915/09/49passed from West ChesterAble to work
Thomas, HenryM007/08/4915/09/49Passed with mother from WestchesterTo be kept by his mother
Miles, JamesM1611/08/4926/09/49sickgone to his fathers
Charles, MaryF6321/08/4909/09/49passed from St. GilesWilling to work, 2s 6d
Denney, JamesM824/08/4905/06/53Parents poorTaken out by his mother
Branch, ElizabethF2706/09/4908/09/49SickDied
Smith, AnnF4007/09/4915/03/50passed from Batterseagone to Service
Widdows, MaryF5609/09/4915/08/52poordied
Suckley, JaneF6017/09/4915/07/51lameA vagrant
Hoy, SamuelM3520/09/4929/10/49SickRecovered
Ball, AvisF3025/09/4929/01/50SickTo be kept by her husband
Beasley, AnnF5526/09/4922/10/49sickdied
Edwards, ElizabethF3129/09/4914/10/49sickRecovered
Phillips, MaryF8329/09/4916/08/50Infirmdied
Adson, GeorgeM6506/10/4905/01/50InfirmDied
Wiltshire, EdwardF6711/10/4901/02/50sickAble to work
Euston, AnnF3930/10/4914/11/49passeddied
Edwards, JaneF1910/11/4910/09/50sickrecovered
Green, ElizaF6012/11/4913/11/49sickdied
Beasley, WilliamM1915/11/4930/03/50sickGone to service
Roberts, MargaretF2625/11/4902/04/50passed by a Vagrant's passGone to service
Berkley, MargaretF8028/11/4920/02/50sickdied
Pettway, SarahF4130/11/4919/04/50Lunatickfetched away by Deptford parish
Jones, MaryF2703/12/4906/12/49SickAn Imposter
Pedder, MaryF2704/12/4901/01/50SickRecovered
Cock, MargaretF1808/12/4913/12/49Ran away from her fatherAble to work
Westby, RichardM108/12/4914/01/61passed from St.Pancrasgone on Liking
Thomas, HenryM029/12/4901/01/50InfantNo parishioner
Thomas, MargaretF3229/12/4901/01/50sicksent to her own parish
Cambell, SarahF4731/12/4908/01/50LunatickWent out by her own consent
Markenfields, DorothyF5606/01/5031/05/51Infirmwent out voluntarily
Campbel, SarahF4708/01/5023/08/50not being cured was obliged to be taken intaken away by her daughter
Mumford, ElizabethF5513/01/5015/04/50passed from Fulhamwent out voluntarily
Maskal, MaryF6618/01/5028/07/56attempted to drown herselfpassed to the parish of ...
Cade, Luke ChasM1323/01/5015/08/50returned by Mr RedfordUpon liking to Mr Bates of Chelsea
Tully, ThomasM1311/02/5015/02/50a vagrantthought no object of relief
Miege, SarahF6028/02/5028/02/52passed from St. Gilesdied
Wells, MaryF5516/03/5018/03/50sickdied
Daw, JacobM2013/04/5019/04/50sickdied
Martin, JonathanM4020/04/5021/04/50sickdied
Green, HannahF6129/04/5031/05/50sickto be allowed 6d per week
Ackerman, JosephM5514/05/5013/07/50InfirmThought able to get his own Bread
Ackerman, JosephM614/05/5010/11/59The mother of ye children is dead, & ye father is not able to keep them.Bound to Robert Wright a draper in St Botolph Aldgate Middlesex
Ackerman, FrancesF814/05/5001/05/54The mother of the children is dead & ye father is not able to keep them.To goe upon liking to Mr Harking a Glaizer in Chelsea, Bound 6 Aug 54
Rossey, CharlottF1415/05/5015/08/52sick, unable to keep her daughterto go to lady Griffin
Rossey, AnnF4115/05/5012/06/50sick, unable to keep her daughterdied
Gardner, TheodosiaF5028/05/5025/03/51sickgot drunk and abusive &c
Wyatt, ElizabethF1614/06/5006/07/50swelling in her neckgone to service
Boswell, ElizabethF2816/06/5009/01/51Lunatickgone to service
Jones, ThomasM2021/06/5011/07/50sickrecovered 1s
Chapman, ElizabethF2730/06/5023/08/50smallpoxrecovered 1s 6d
Jimpson, ElizabethF6302/07/5016/07/50sickrecovered, no parishioner
Harrison, MaryF2205/07/5016/08/50sickwent out voluntarily
Clarke, ElizabethF4724/07/5014/10/50sickdied
Wyatt, ElizabethF1630/07/5010/11/50returned from servicegone to service
Hall, ElizabethF1309/08/5019/10/50passed from Ely rentsto be kept by her mother
Todd, ThomasM4609/08/5015/08/50lazyable to work, 2s.
Walker, LetticeF2109/08/5029/10/50sick & a vagrantable to get her own bread
Stevens, ElizabethF2015/08/5023/08/50sickwent out voluntarily
Williams, MaryF621/08/5015/05/53orphanupon liking £1 1s.
Purcel, ElizabethF4322/08/5026/11/50sickwent out voluntarily
Green, HannahF6125/08/5022/11/50sickdied
Dancer, SarahF3104/09/5012/09/50sickpassed to Fulham
White, MaryF3204/09/5018/10/50sickdied
Palmer, HannahF5314/09/5007/01/58sickdied
Cox, CatherineF6015/09/5001/08/51sickThought no object of relief
Hutchins, MaryF2516/09/5021/09/50miscarriedA vagrant
Bury, ElizabethF6124/09/5009/11/50sickWilling to go out, 1s.
Green, RobertM6526/09/5020/04/52not able to workwent away voluntarily
Edwards, MaryF1002/10/5006/04/52sickUpon liking
Cock, MargaretF1903/10/5024/12/50foulgone to service
Colsey, ThomasM1609/10/5016/06/51Helplessupon liking at Wandsworth
Bennett, SarahF1220/10/5020/01/51illused by her mistressGone to service
Powel, ElizabethF2429/10/5001/02/54Sillygone to service to Mr Bradley at ye Royall hospital Chelsea
Cohoon, MaryF4530/10/5004/08/52disorderlytaken away by her mother
Dizon, AnnaF2601/11/5007/01/51sickrecovered 1s.
Merry, RobertM5513/11/5024/04/55passed from Whitechapelthought able to work
Forfar, EleanorF3030/11/5011/02/51sickgone to service at Battersea
Craig, AnnF511/12/5027/02/51her father is an in patient of Chelsea hospitalsent to St James Infirmary at Westminster: supposed foul
Langford, AnnF5011/12/5025/02/51sickgone to service
Dowce, MaryF6112/12/5015/12/51Infirmdied
Nash, WilliamM6022/12/5027/03/54passed from St. Marys Westminsterdied
Wyatt, ElizabethF1724/12/5015/05/51presumed to have the itchgone to service
Hall, ElizabethF1431/12/5009/01/51by order of the ye quarter sessionsent to St. Thomas Hospital for the foul desease
Bury, JohnM6003/01/5126/03/51sickdied
Bury, ElizabethF6103/01/5126/06/51InfirmIntends to go to her brother at Ampthill, Bedfordshire.
Cock, MargaretF1909/01/5117/01/51foulsent to St. Thomas Hospital to be cured
Hilyard, ElizabethF319/01/5104/04/51This woman & children were passed to Fulham & on a ppeal sent back to Chelsea as per order of sessiondied
Hilyard, SarahF019/01/5129/05/51This woman & children were passed to Fulham & on a ppeal sent back to Chelsea as per order of sessionwent out along with mother
Hilyard, EphramM419/01/5101/06/51This woman & children were passed to Fulham & on a ppeal sent back to Chelsea as per order of sessiontaken out by father & mother
Hilyard, MaryF3019/01/5129/05/51This woman & children were passed to Fulham & on a ppeal sent back to Chelsea as per order of sessionwent to live with her husband
Cohoon, FrederickM3323/01/5123/01/51found in the quad...[?] very much woundeddied
Bates or Beach, JonathanM1129/01/5126/06/52The father of the children is a pensioner of Chels ea hospital, bastardUpon liking, bound to Mr Compton of Chelsea
Bates or Beach, BenjaminM729/01/5109/05/54The father of these children is a pentioner of Che lsea hospital, these two children are bastards.Gone to service at ye Dukes head, Robinson lane, Chelsea
Ellaker, ClementM830/01/5110/12/53bastard deserted by parentsupon liking £2 2s
Maker, ClementM830/01/5110/12/53bastard deserted by parents
Maker, ClementM830/01/5110/12/53bastard deserted by parents
Howel, FrancisM2203/02/5123/03/51sickto go to his parish 1s.
Bumpstead, JudithF2005/02/5130/12/51With childsee below
Wart, JamesM1009/02/5112/03/51returned by Mr. Spermontdied
Bumpstead, SophiaF017/02/5117/12/51Born daughter of Judith Bumpsteaddied
Cock, MargaretF1921/02/5119/07/51returned from St. Thomas'sgone to service
Hall, ElizabethF1421/02/5126/09/52returned from St. ThomasOn liking, £2, Bound 10 Oct 1752 to Ken Neitin ofSt. John's Westminster, Mopmaker
Wiltshire, AnnF6007/03/5128/03/51Infirmrecovered 1s.
Harris, MargaretF3014/03/5122/03/51sickdied
Baker, WilliamM8026/03/5122/12/52Infirmdied
Beveridge, JamesM5804/04/5119/04/52Infirmdied
Philips, MargaretF6207/04/5115/09/55passed from St. George Hanover Sq.died
Snell, AnnF610/04/5115/07/51parents poorthe father of the child's settlement is at Hammersmith
Parsons, EdwardM7018/04/5121/04/51sickdied
Curtis, MaryF4420/04/5130/04/51sickdied
Craig, AnnF520/04/5112/07/52returned from St. James hospitaldied
Bennet, SarahF1322/04/5130/04/51turned away from her service.gone to service
Mumford, ElizabethF5623/04/5117/06/51sickdied
Ruddiford, AliceF7027/04/5130/04/51Infirmwent away by consent of ye overseers 1s.
Jefferys, EdwardM2129/04/5117/06/51sickrecovered, a pair of shoes
Tellforth, RebeccaF6002/05/5115/05/51sickdied
Good, RebeccaF3003/05/5108/05/51passedthought no object of relief
Potts, FrancesF1904/05/5105/06/51sickwent away voluntarily
Ruddiford, AliceF7025/05/5115/04/52InfirmGone to nurse a woman who lies in.
Palmer, JacobM6325/05/5102/07/51sickdied
Swamborn, EdwardM2931/05/5115/06/51sickrecovered
Sears, RichardM5505/06/5107/06/51sickdied
Johnson, TimothyM3210/06/5113/07/51sickable to work
Gover, JonathanM911/06/5122/07/51her husband has deserted her & her son [see previo us enty]upon liking to Mr Sprimont
Gover, MarthaF3811/06/5125/01/53her husband has deserted her and her sonsent to St. Georges Hospital
Gardner, TheodosiaF5125/06/5122/04/52disorderlygot away over the wall
Broad, IsaacM4826/06/5122/08/51sickRecovered, 1s.
Leathermore, ElizabethF504/07/5110/11/55foundlingbound ye 10 Nov. 1755 to Mr Hunter a mason in St.John's Westminster, Middlesex
Archibald, RachaelF009/07/5117/07/64Deserted by parentsGone on liking, Bound 11 Sept 64.
Millett, ThomasM3012/07/5123/07/51passeddied
Colsey, ThomasM1614/07/5129/07/51returned from likingran away
Fletcher, WillM3314/07/5116/07/51sickdied
Hall, AnnF416/07/5113/05/53These childrens mother is dead & the father refuse s to keep themdied
Hall, ElizabethF716/07/5123/07/51These childrens mother is dead & the father refuse s to keep themtaken away by her father
Cutter, MaryF1224/07/5101/09/54father's poorfather able to keep her
Nooney, RebeccaF4028/07/5109/08/51vagrantwent away voluntarily
Houseman, ElizabethF2703/08/5116/08/51with childpassed away to St Martins in the Fields
Suckley, JaneF6006/08/5115/08/51Lamepassed to Clerkenwell
Tallent, JohnM2115/08/5116/08/51passed to St. Martin in the fields
Holmes, AnnF616/08/5106/12/56father poorgone on liking to Docter Dows, Long Haker
Bury, ElizabethF6116/08/5119/09/51InfirmWent away with £ 10 of combed wool.
Groves, MaryF1820/08/5130/10/51sickwent out to go to service
Stevens, SarahF1528/08/5106/06/53returned from St. James Infirmarysent to St. Georges Hospital
Rider, WilliamM5231/08/5115/10/52Infirmable to work
Bunn, SarahF2001/09/5115/10/51sickRecovered and no parishioner
Gover, JonathanM905/09/5112/04/52returned by Mr Sprimontgone to his father
Smith, EdwardM805/09/5115/10/51returned from Mr Spermontupon liking to Mr Phillips hair cutter in St. Martins Court, 21 July 56, bound to Mr Graves waterman
Hawke, MaryF4609/09/5127/06/52sickwent out voluntarily
Squire, WilliamM5810/09/5129/10/51sickdied
Fry, WilliamM8011/09/5113/09/51Infirmdied
Alexander, ElizabethF1112/09/5116/09/51These belong to ye above William Fry who is an pen sioner of Chelsea college [despite different name]went away with her children, 2s.
Fry, WilliamM112/09/5116/09/51These belong to ye above William Fry who is an pen sioner of Chelsea collegewent away with her children, 2s.
Fry, MaryF612/09/5116/09/51These belong to ye above William Fry who is an pen sioner of Chelsea collegewent away with her children, 2s.
Fry, MaryF3512/09/5116/09/51These belong to ye above William Fry who is an pen sioner of Chelsea collegewent away with her children, 2s.
Tallent, ElizabethF2713/09/5131/10/51These 2 were passed to St. Martins in ye fields & on appeal are ordered to be maintained by Chelseathis woman and her child were fetched away by theoverseer of St. Martin in Fields
Tallent, JonathanM2113/09/5116/09/51These 2 were passed to St. Martins in ye fields & on appeal are ordered to be maintained by Chelseagot over the wall & since his settlement is fixedat St. the court at Hicks Hall
Cock, MargaretF2007/10/5122/04/52sickgot away over the wall
Tallent, WilliamM008/10/5131/10/51born in the housethis woman & her child fetched away by order of the overseers of St. Martin in the Fields
Kilpatrick, JohnM3409/10/5104/12/53Infirmto go into Greenwich Hospital, 4s.
Jefferys, JonathanM1023/10/5125/07/52returned from Mr Spimontupon liking
Fisher, JohnM5328/10/5107/01/52sickwent out with leave but did not return in time
Joyce, JaneF4004/11/5104/12/51sickwent out voluntarily
Joyce, JohnM1504/11/5105/07/52sickupon liking, ran away from his master.
Piper, AnnF1612/11/5107/12/51deserted and friendlesspassed away to St. Margaret's Westminster
Piper, ElizabethF4012/11/5103/02/52disorderlygot away without Leave
Lovelace, PleasantF5819/11/5104/03/54Infirmdied
Raines, BarbaraF5220/11/5126/11/51sickdied
Allison, HannahF3822/11/5115/01/52sickGone to service
Sams, ThomasM5525/11/5129/11/51sickdied
Richins, MaryF5127/11/5115/02/52passedable to get her own bread
Cox, CatherineF6103/12/5101/10/53sickdied
Cock, JamesM4507/12/5108/12/51sickdied
Fenel or Frazer, JohnM007/12/5104/02/52born in the housegot over the wall with her child
Fenel or Frazer, AnnF2707/12/5104/02/52In labourgot over the wall with her child
Jeffreys, WilliamM3308/12/5106/01/52sickno parishioner
Hamilton, AnnF5713/12/5126/05/54Infirmwent ou voluntarily
Smith, WilliamM6321/12/5111/05/54Infirmwent out to look after Mr Phillips house by orderof Mr. Champ overseer
Lowry, AlexM5524/12/5102/01/52Infirmgone to work
Stapleton, WilliamM6730/12/5109/01/52Infirmable to work
Thomas, CarmariahF7414/01/5215/02/52Infirmat the request of her friends
White, ElizabethF2416/01/5215/03/52with child
Gould, AnnF6217/01/5202/06/53Infirmwent out voluntarily
White, ElizabethF018/01/5226/01/52Borndied
Milsam, JosephM6020/01/5221/01/52dyingdied
Tulet, MaryF3320/01/5204/02/52sickno parishioner
Broad, IsaacM4401/02/5226/02/52sick
Perkins, WilliamM6804/02/5205/02/52an out pensionerdied
Coleman, MargaretF3617/02/5226/02/52sickby consent 1s 6d
Coleman, JonathanM3317/02/5226/02/52sickby consent 1s 6d
Fox, NashM322/02/5201/06/52children of the above mary Foxhas taken her 2 youngest chldren with her
Fox, PeterM722/02/5213/01/54children of the above Mary Foxupon liking returen ye 22 Jan. 54, bound ye 30th of May 1754 to Tho Bampton a silk weaver in St. Mat
Fox, MaryF2822/02/5201/06/52with childhas taken her 2 youngest chldren with her
Fox, JonasM522/02/5204/03/54children of the above mary Foxdied
paul, AnnF3728/02/5215/03/52passedthe beadle of the parish wher ye pass was made
Oder, MaryF804/03/5217/06/54Returned from St. George's Hospitalher uncle has taken her
Edmonds, MatthewM907/03/5214/06/54deserted [see previous entries for Elizabeth Edwa rds, 21, & Matthew , 1/2]gone to Mr Davies at the Cross Keys, Chelsea
Hunt, ElizabethF009/03/5205/04/53a bastarddied
Ronssall, JohnM5114/03/5206/04/52sickdied
Wood, ElizabethF1219/03/5228/06/52orphanupon liking £2 17s. bound to Richard Coleman of Chelsea, Peruke maker
Gardner, RichardF5221/03/5225/03/52sickwent out voluntarily
Wyer, ElizabethF5024/03/5216/05/52sickdied
Nash, ElizabethF6026/03/5207/04/52sickwent away voluntarily
Gilyard, CatherineF5031/03/5221/05/52sickdied
Knock, MarthaF2205/04/5219/05/52In labour, this woman says she is married to .... of Wolverhamptona vagrant
Knock, HenryM008/04/5219/05/52born, the reputed father of the above child is sd to live at Wolverhamptona vagrant
Edwards, MaryF1108/04/5212/01/53returned from likingOn Liking to Michael Weston of St. Margarets Westiminster £2 17s 13 Feb. 1753
Barker, RuthF7516/04/5222/12/54Infirmdied
Green, RobertM6625/04/5211/05/52Infirmgone to work 1s to buy a Hoe
Gardner, TheodosiaF5327/04/5216/07/52disorderlywent out voluntarily
Fox, MichalM027/04/5201/06/52a bastard born in the houseto be maintained by the mother
Cutter, BenjaminM507/05/5230/06/52deserted by his fatherdied
Timberlin, ElizabethF1029/05/5215/07/53the father of these children is dead & ye mother u nable to keep themon liking to Jonathan Prudent of Dunnings Alley Bishopsgate
Timberlin, JonathanM929/05/5215/08/53the father of these children is dead & ye mother u nable to keep themon liking to Mr Leverfadge, Barber in Warwick Ln.
Archibald, JonathanM3602/06/5225/02/53InfirmDied
Bury, ElizabethF6203/06/5208/06/52Infirmgone to service
White, MargaretF5204/06/5216/11/52sickdied
Wiltshire, ElizabethF5406/06/5220/07/52passeddied
Wiltshire, ThomasM1306/06/5215/08/52passedwent away without leave
Murphy, TimothyM024/06/5218/07/52Born in the HouseTaken away by his mother
Murphy, CatherineF3024/06/5218/07/52In labourwent away voluntarily
Sparrowhawk, HumphreyM811/07/5215/02/55passed from Alhallows Bread st.upon liking
Lowry, AlexM5623/07/5218/08/52Infirmwent out voluntarily
Rogers, AnnF4931/07/5215/01/53passedvoluntarily, 5s.
Cohoon, MaryF4708/08/5207/01/53Infirmat her own request
Jeffrys, JonathanM1217/08/5226/08/52returned from on likingon liking to Mich Weston of St. Margarets, Westminster, Cordwainer, Bount £2, 26 Sept. 1752
Cock, AnnF1124/08/5207/10/52returned from likingon liking
Steel, NicholasM4825/08/5229/08/52sickdied
Needs, GraceF7017/09/5201/10/52sickdied
Gardner, TheodosiaF5302/10/5227/02/59sickdied
Johnson, ThomasM1902/10/5219/10/52consumptivedied
Bury, ElizabethF6202/10/5205/03/53InfirmGone to work
Radford, JonathanM7204/10/5215/04/53Infirm, passedgone to service, being an apothecary
Green, RobertM6710/10/5227/03/53Infirmgone to work
Hewson, JaneF5512/10/5227/10/52Infirmdied
Lesley, JudithF5213/10/5221/11/52Infirmwent out voluntarily
Bleach, AnnF3514/10/5207/11/52Lame, passed from St. Georgegone to service
Coulson, ElizabethF4816/10/5223/01/73passeddied
Tully, ThomasM1521/10/5214/05/53sickno parishioner
Jeffreys, EdwardM2225/10/5208/02/53foulcured & thought able to get his living
Smith, AdahF328/10/5222/07/54passed from St Luke's Middlesexto be maintained by ye father
Cock, MargaretF2131/10/5202/11/52foulsent to St Thomas' Hospital
Allison, HannahF3911/11/5215/03/53InfirmThought no object worthy of relief, 1s.
Ruddiford, AliceF7121/11/5220/05/54Infirmgone a nurse keeping
Pool, MaryF5025/11/5229/12/52passeddied
Haroke, MaryF4728/11/5227/06/53Infirmgone a nursing
Garrett, ElizabethF3330/11/5204/12/52sickdied
Broadoad, AnnF3501/12/5215/12/52passed from St. Margaretswent away voluntarily, 5s.
Legatty, JamesM5506/12/5216/03/53Infirmthought able to work
Cock, MargaretF2107/12/5210/02/53returned from hospitalgone to service
Cook, JaneF7009/12/5207/10/53pensioner's wifedied
Anderson, WilliamM3009/12/5215/02/53Infirm, of 48 foot Recommended to ye out pensions, turn'd out of his quartersTaken into ye Hospital, ye order of Sr Robert Rich
Lowry, AlexanderM5614/12/5202/03/53Infirmgone to service
Johnson, BarbaraF1717/12/5217/05/53passed from St. Margaret's Westminster, Infirmgone to service
Stone, GeorgeM019/12/5201/03/53a foundlingdied
Martin, WilliamM619/12/5207/03/58deserted, the father is an out pensionergone on liking, bound to Mr Chapman a barber
Finney, EleanorF7021/12/5211/05/53InfirmNo parishioner
Markenfield, DorothyF5803/01/5324/03/53Infirmthought able to get her own bread
Driver, IsabellaF2416/01/5315/03/53Infirmthought able to get her living
Holder, JonathanM918/01/5307/01/54returned from likingout upon liking, returned ye 13th, bound ye 18 Feb1754 to Mrs Fry, Butcher in Chelsea
Cohoon, MaryF4720/01/5311/05/53disorderlyat her request
Mcdonnell, MaryF3731/01/5310/03/53sickdied
Mcdonnell, ThomasM031/01/5316/02/53the father not able to take care of this childdied
Price, RichardM3704/02/5316/02/53supposed fouldied
Lesley, JudithF5220/02/5319/04/57Infirmfor her bad behaviour & able to get her bread
Fenell or Frazer, JonathanM121/02/5305/09/65mother not able to keep himgone on liking to a baker of London
Timberlin, AnnF5427/02/5315/07/53Infirmthought able to get her living
Price, LydiaF609/03/5311/03/55passeddied
Smith, RachelF1022/03/5315/04/53passed from Batterseabound to Christopher Small of St. Georges, £1 1s.Southwark Lawyer
Rouses, MargaretF4025/03/5313/05/57Lunatickgone to her friends in Kent
Huggett, EdithF229/03/5318/09/55the father of these children is a prisoner in ye F leetdied
Huggett, MaryF029/03/5319/09/55the father of these children is a prisoner in ye F leetdied
Huggett, JonathanM429/03/5301/05/53the father of these children is a prisoner in ye F leettaken away by his mother
Green, RobertM6705/04/5303/05/53Infirmgone to work
Handefide, EleanorF4606/04/5314/04/53passeddied
Dicks, RichardF009/04/5308/05/53sone of ye aboverecovered
Dicks, HesterF2409/04/5308/05/53Infirmrecovered
Ryan, RichardM2010/04/5320/06/53sickdied
Bury, ElizabethF6310/04/5328/05/53Drunkat her request
Allison, HannahF3918/04/5315/07/53sickThought able to get her living
Gragson, AnnF1922/04/5313/06/53sickno parishioner & able to work
Ashburn, DorothyF7725/04/5317/10/55Infirmdied
Gover, MarthaF4125/04/5312/06/54returned from St. George's Hospitalgone to nurse keeping
Hurst, MarthaF4403/05/5305/05/53passedthought no object of relief
Simpson, PolehamptonM6205/05/5314/10/56bad sightgone out of ye house to a lodging
Driver, IsabellaF3408/05/5324/07/53sickthought able to work
Radford, JonathanM7210/05/5322/02/55Infirmgone to service to Mr Halford Ye apothecary in Chelsea
Harding, JonathanM3012/05/5313/06/53Infirmno parishioner & able to work
Williams, JamesM422/05/5314/03/54[with mother who is also foul]died
Williams, EleanorF3222/05/5301/06/53foulsent to St. Thomas's Hospital
Campbel, SarahF5023/05/5325/06/53Lunatickat her request
Cohoon, MaryF4704/06/5321/05/71Drunkturned out of the house for being drunk
Davies, ThomasM2706/06/5319/06/53sicka vagrant
Potts, FrancesF2107/06/5319/06/53Lamea vagrant
Willis, JamesM015/06/5303/08/53sickdied
Willis, MaryF4115/06/5321/06/53sickdied
Cowlin, MaryF3019/06/5316/07/53In Labourat her request
Cowlin, SamuelM020/06/5306/07/53Bornto go along with his mother
Durant, SusanF421/06/5317/11/55passedye mother took her out
Durant, FrancesF121/06/5301/09/54passedher mother able to keep her
Durant, AnnF1621/06/5319/10/53passedgone upon liking £2 10s, bound ye 10th of Dec 1753to Mr Miller Shoemaker in Mays building St. Marti
Finney, EleanorF7025/06/5329/04/54Infirmgone to work
Bury, ElizabethF6328/06/5307/05/54Disorderlygone to work
Wallin, SarahF5502/07/5313/09/55passed from Allhallows Bread her own request
Campbel, SarahF5003/07/5323/07/53Lunatickgot away privately
Rossey, CharlotteF1804/07/5323/04/54sickgone to service
Elton, BenjaminM016/07/5330/07/53passeddied
Elton, JonathanM416/07/5303/09/53passed14s to put them in a way to get bread
Elton, ElizabethF3216/07/5303/09/53passed14s to put them in a way to get bread
Beer, MarthaF2718/07/5319/07/53Presumed to be in Labournot in labour
Millett, AnnF320/07/5317/03/77deserted by the fathergot over the gate
Millett, maryF920/07/5308/08/54deserted by the fatherout on liking, £2.17s, 16 sept. 1754 bound to MaryChipp a pin sticker in Spittlefields
Large, AnnF530/07/5302/08/53this man being discharged from Hullhouse was passed from Lincoln with his family by Vagrant passthis woman went away voluntarily with her children
Large, RichardM6530/07/5302/08/53this man being discharged from Hullhouse was passed from Lincoln with his family by Vagrant passdied
Large, MargaretF4030/07/5302/08/53this man being discharged from Hullhouse was passed from Lincoln with his family by Vagrant passthis woman went away voluntarily with her children
Large, RebeccaF1330/07/5302/08/53this man being discharged from Hullhouse was passed from Lincoln with his family by Vagrant passthis woman went away voluntarily with her children
Large, MargaretF1030/07/5302/08/53this man being discharged from Hullhouse was passed from Lincoln with his family by Vagrant passthis woman went away voluntarily with her children
Cohoon, LydiaF1530/07/5302/08/53Lazygone to service
Large, RichardM730/07/5302/08/53this man being discharged from Hullhouse was passed from Lincoln with his family by Vagrant passthis woman went away voluntarily with her children
Colsey, SarahF5001/08/5330/01/57returned from St. George's Hospitalgone to service
Campbell, SarahF5001/08/5318/08/53Lunatickgot away over the gates
Clements, JonathanM2924/08/5301/09/53sickwent out voluntarily
Willis, SarahF1427/08/5315/10/53the mother is dead and the children are deserted b y the fatherout upon liking, bound 7 Nov 1753
Willis, ElizabethF1027/08/5311/12/53the mother is dead and the children are deserted b y the fatherout upon liking, £2 2s. bound to Mistress Stickbury, a woman in Bednal Green
Willis, IsaacM527/08/5301/11/54the mother is dead and the children are deserted b y the fatherye uncle will maintain him
Campbel, SarahF5007/09/5321/09/53Lunatickdied
Percifull, ElizabethF4008/09/5316/10/53sickwent away voluntarily 6d.
Jameson, WilliamM2110/09/5325/09/53sickthought no object of relief
Hobby, ElizabethF518/09/5308/08/54Droptpassed to Kingston by Portsmouth
Connock, SarahF2729/09/5304/12/53Big with childHer husband able to keep her & child
Catch, ThomasM2029/09/5320/12/53Infirmgone to St Thomas' Hospital
Ferrell, AnnF3203/10/5320/12/53with childable to work
Green, JohnM7008/10/5315/04/54Infirmgone to work, John Green died ye 22 of Jan 1758
Johnson, BarbaraF1910/10/5326/06/54cannot get no workgone to service
Wiggins, EstherF2510/10/5305/03/54passed from wandsworth with her childable to work
Ferrell, PatrickM013/10/5305/01/54born in ye housedied
Chappell, MargaretF7216/10/5330/10/53Passed her labourpassed to St. Giles
Rogers, AnnF5020/10/5320/05/54past her labour, want of sightable to work
Webber, JaneF5924/10/5324/04/54Infirmdied
Connok, SarahF027/10/5304/12/53Born ye...her husband able to keep her & the child
Chase, AnweliaF6229/10/5308/11/53Come with a passdied
Sweetman, MaryF901/11/5303/01/54their father in a jail and mother in law not able to maintain themtheir father came & fetched them away
Sweetman, SusannahF401/11/5303/01/54their father in a jail and mother in law not able to maintain themtheir father came & fetched them away
Stevens, MaryF1305/11/5327/11/53her father turned her out of doorsher father able to keep her
Middleton, MaryF8013/11/5330/04/55passed from Putneydied
Percifull, ElizabethF4019/11/5320/11/53could not get workpased to ye parish of surry
Allison, HannahF4001/12/5301/01/54Passed from St Giles in ye Fields - sickAble to work
Kilpatrick, JohnM3705/12/5315/03/54Infirmgot into Greenwich hospital, 16s.
Crockford, AnnF1507/12/5331/01/54Lazy
Cook, SarahF2111/12/5310/04/54big with childgone to work
Carpenter, ElizabethF1412/12/5307/01/54her mother, passed to Barkinggone to service
Sheercroft, EdwardM3514/12/5305/04/54came with a pass from Fulhamgone to work
Igoe, MaryF3615/12/5323/02/54sick & poor with a pass from St. Gilesrecovered
Batty, CharlesM3628/12/5305/03/54sickdied
Forfor, MaryF2714/01/5420/02/54with childable to keep herself & child
Forfor, WilliamM017/01/5420/02/54born in ye houseable to keep herself & child [see previous record]
Wiggins, WilliamM028/01/5419/02/54born in ye housedied
Hall, JosephM1329/01/5405/12/55father poorbound to Robert Wright a weaver in St. Botolph Aldgate, Middlesex
Ansell, ThomasM2831/01/5411/03/54sickable to work
Osbourn, JaneF8621/02/5426/06/54came from a pass from westminster and infirmdied
Forfor, WilliamM004/03/5413/03/54the mother complains she is not able to keep himdied
Hawkins, JohnM005/03/5412/03/54son of ye above said sarah Hawkinsdied
Hawkins, SarahF2605/03/5430/03/54casual & brought to bed in ye streetgone to her own settlement, 1s.
Cook, ElizabethF008/03/5410/04/54born ye ...
Fox, AnnF3811/03/5419/03/54passed from Lincolnshireno parishioner
Lowry, AlexanderM5111/03/5417/04/54sickto go to work
Northeast, JohnM1914/03/5411/04/54king's evilgone to work
Cohoon, LydiaF1617/03/5422/03/54could not get workgone to service
Hilery, ElizabethF2825/03/5402/05/54passed from Battersea and with childgone with her husband
Holmes, JohnM626/03/5420/06/58father deadgone upon liking to Mr Spermont...
Bailey, DimockM2714/04/5415/04/54Dropseycalgone to St. Georges hospital
Hilary, JohnM019/04/5402/05/54born ye[went out with mother, Elizabeth Hilary] gone withher husband
Babb, RichardM1522/04/5404/08/54To be bound out apprenticebound ye 24th September 1754 to Mr Fellows a turner in Princess Street, Lester fields, Middlesex
Conerly, JohnM4522/04/5413/08/54sick, a casualby order of the overseers 1s.
Smith, WilliamM6628/04/5414/01/55Infirmfor not keeping up his pay
Hambleton, JamesM105/05/5407/05/54ye father & parishioner
Willsher, EdwardM6906/05/5407/06/54Infirmdied
Northeast, JohnM1913/05/5424/06/54king's evilgone to work at Hackney
Hunt, WilliamM330/05/5422/06/62passed from bath ye father ...gone to mr Wilman, Essex Court, Fleet Street
Hunt, AnnF130/05/5409/01/55passed from bath ye father ...died
Muggeridge, WilliamM3603/06/5418/06/54a casualpassed to Crayford in Kent
Bury, ElizabethF6404/06/5415/07/54Got drunk & pawned her clothesto go to work
Jones, KatherineF6212/06/5420/09/56Infirmpassed to Ireland
Neall, AnnF3117/06/5427/07/54sick & lamedied
Huggett, JohnM518/06/5402/11/59ye mother not able to keep himhis mother taken him out
Rossey, CharlotteF1925/06/5420/05/56returned from the Lady Griffinsgone to service to Lady Griffins
Johnson, ElizabethF3901/07/5402/07/54sickdied
Oder, MaryF1005/07/5421/08/54returned from her unclebound ye 21 august 1754 to Mr Permont in Chelsea
Coleman, FrancessF009/07/5401/08/54the mother took ye child with her
Coleman, FranessF3309/07/5401/08/54Lunatickwent out without leave of ye officer
Williams, ElizabethF5611/07/5419/07/54infirm, came from mr....died
Gover, MarthaF4212/07/5427/08/54returned from ye nursinggot over ye wall
Huggett, MaryF3914/07/5419/07/54kept in by order of ye officersdischarged by ye officers
Pepper, ElizabethF5705/08/5422/04/67disordered in her sensesdied
Cox, GraceF1109/08/5405/11/54returned from likingupon liking, bound ye 16th of Dec. 1754 to Jonathan Tatten a Green grocer in St. James. £1.17s.
Clayton, AmosF3520/08/5419/11/54sick, a casualno parishioner
Green, RobertM7122/08/5420/04/55Infirmable to work
Johnson, AnnF618/09/5407/10/54ye father unable to keep herfather took her out
Gover, MarthaF4203/10/5415/04/55returned from nursingnurse keeping
Bury, ElizabethF6405/10/5413/04/55Infirmable to work
Hambleton, AnnF5706/10/5414/10/54Infirmfor impudency 1s 6d
Lawrence, JohnM4008/10/5408/11/54not in his sensesno parishioner
Mcdonnell, JonathanM815/10/5404/12/54bad with a feverfather able to keep him
Draiper, AnnF116/10/5422/01/55passed from St. Gilesgone with its mother, Mary Morris
Morris, MaryF2316/10/5402/01/55passed from St. Gilesable to work
Hawke, MaryF5018/10/5425/11/75Infirmdied
Cutter, MaryF421/10/5416/04/61deserted by ye fathergone to live with her sister
Marll, AnthonyM3622/10/5409/11/54consumptiondied
Rogers, AnnF5129/10/5421/11/54Infirmdied
Tovay, JohnM7030/10/5430/01/55Infirma casual
Sheercroft, EdwardM3606/11/5426/02/55Lameto go to work
Nason, MaryF3008/11/5431/01/55at her own request 1s.
Nason, RichardM308/11/5408/09/55this woman and her two children passed from Bristo ldied
Nason, MaryF508/11/5411/04/57this woman and her two children passed from Bristo lye mother able to provide for her
Grimstead, ChristopherM8708/11/5414/07/60Infirmdied
Nason, MaryF3008/11/5431/01/55This woman with her two children passed from Brist olat her own request 1s.
Grimstead, MargaretF6008/11/5417/02/78Infirmdied
Blayney, DavidM7308/11/5425/11/54Infirmdied
Babb, KatherineF308/11/5417/02/55ye mother unable to keep her.died
Johnson, AnnF611/11/5415/10/59ye father unable to keep hersent for out by ye overseer... bound to ZachariahEdgerton, a Broker in Spittlefields... £3, 5 Dec
Thorne, HannahF8006/12/5422/09/55Infirmdied
Willsher, EdwardM6912/12/5404/06/55Infirmat his own request
Goff, SarahF6018/12/5419/04/55Infirmrecovered
Goff, ThomasM5118/12/5419/04/55Infirmrecovered
Cohoon, LydiaF1807/01/5507/03/55sore breastbreast cured, 1s 6d
Durant, FrancesF413/01/5531/05/55ye mother left the child by the gatedied
Hand, RichardM5615/01/5519/01/55infirma casual
Smith, WilliamM6729/01/5502/03/55Infirmfor not keeping up his pay
Cammell, DanielM6505/02/5504/03/55the poxcured
Clark, RichardM6305/02/5521/03/55Cut his throatpassed to Ireland
Fortiskew, MaryF406/02/5519/05/55big with child, the children came in with mother, ye father incapable of keeping themthe mother came and took the children out of the house; Mary Fortiskew gone on liking, Sept.15 1761
Fortiskew, WilliamM206/02/5519/05/55big with child, the children came in with mother, ye father incapable of keeping themthe mother came and took the children out of the house
Fortiskew, KatherineF3006/02/5527/03/55big with child, the children came in with mother, ye father incapable of keeping themable to work
Fortiskew, JOnathanM906/02/5527/03/55big with child, the children came in with mother, ye father incapable of keeping themable to work
Johnson, SarahF910/02/5506/04/55ye father unable to keep herthe father to keep it & he is to allow Ye officers1 shilling per week for ye other child
Sparrowhawk, HumphreyM1113/02/5506/05/55returned from likingupon liking £2, bound ye 13 of June 1755
Fortiskew, CatherineF017/02/5527/03/55born in ye houseye mother took it with her
Anderson, MaryF8024/02/5518/08/60BlindeDied
Tycer, ElizabethF6825/02/5502/09/63Infirmdied
Willis, FrancesF4625/02/5502/03/55sickable to work, clothed
Hand, RichardM5626/02/5517/11/55sickgone into Chelsea Hospital
Hurst, MarthaF4604/03/5517/04/55sickable to work
Langford, AnnF5311/03/5503/06/55sickto go to work
Bentley, RichardM5213/03/5509/07/55Passed from Gillingham in Kentgot over ye wall
Fuge, EdwardM219/03/5506/09/55these childen was deserted by ye mother & ye fathe r unable to keep themdied
Smith, WilliamM6724/03/5527/12/55Infirmgot into Lady daceks Alms houses
Rumfield, MaryF4131/03/5502/04/56bad sightdied
Milkins, JohnM2502/04/5503/04/55consumptionrecovered
Smith, WilliamM5617/04/5506/05/55sickrecovered
Lowry, SarahF1820/04/5509/06/55not in her sensesgone to Bedlam
Bury, ElizabethF6509/05/5518/08/55sickgot over ye wall
Winter, AnnF6213/05/5507/06/55consumptiondied
Blackman, DeborahF7228/05/5513/06/56Came with a pass from Whitechapeldied
Fox, AnnF3929/05/5515/07/55passed form St. Martins in the Fieldsable to work
Fox, AnnF3929/05/5515/07/55passed from St. Martinswent out with leave but did not return
Howard, AnnF4502/06/5519/10/55passed from St. Botolph Bishopsgatedied
Mcdonnell, JonathanM908/06/5515/02/57the father to pay 2s. per qua...gone to his father
Price, SarahF4010/06/5516/07/55passed from St. Margarets Westminsterwilling to work
Fidler, GaberiellM211/06/5519/06/55the father of these children is uncapable of provi ding for themdied
Fidler, EdwardM211/06/5519/06/55the father of these children is uncapable of provi ding for themgone out with his father
Sears, MaryF2417/06/5510/07/55passed from St. James'sdied
Frost, AnnF5208/07/5512/07/56sickgone away voluntarily
Coleman, FrancesF3412/07/5502/09/55Lunatickwent out without leave
Coleman, SarahF012/07/5509/08/55died
Cohoon, LydiaF1918/07/5514/08/55sore breastto nursing
Low, HenryM7020/07/5518/08/55a casualdied
Price, SarahF4009/08/5530/09/55sickwilling to work
Richards, MaryF6816/08/5501/05/56sickdied
Randall, SusannahF2825/08/5530/09/55passed from St. Martin's in ye Fieldable to work
Bottomley, JonathanM5203/09/5512/09/55consumption
Bayley, WilliamM7008/09/5510/09/55Infirmable to work, 3d.
Good, SarahF2808/09/5510/11/55dropsicalldied
Wallin, SarahF5609/09/5508/11/57sickable to work 1s.
Hide, MaryF3612/09/5505/10/55sore eyesHyde park hospital
Willsher, EdwardM7014/09/5529/06/56Infirmgone to work
Coleman, FrancesF3418/09/5525/10/55Lunatickdied
Merrey, RobertM6104/10/5501/09/56Infirmable to work 2s.
Boxall, ElizabethF217/10/5526/06/56died
Boxall, ElizabethF2517/10/5527/12/56ye husband has run awayable to work, 5s., & taking her child with her, aged nine months
Wood, ElizabethF1725/10/5505/11/55Came from her master, Mr Colemangone to her master
Wallin, MargaretF4227/10/5506/11/55sickdied
Floyd, AnnF5812/11/5517/05/56sickable to work
Robinson, EathramM1114/11/5509/12/55sprained his backran away
Broad, IsaacM5014/11/5530/05/56Asthmadied
Johnson, BarbaraF2017/11/5510/03/56come from servicegone to service
Bridgeman, LydiaF2502/12/5517/02/56brought to bed out of doorspassed to East Barnett
Bridgeman, RobertM002/12/5513/02/56brought to bed out of doors with this child, a bas tarddied
Gordon, JohnM6617/12/5528/09/56cannot get workgone to work
Powell, ElizabethF118/12/5523/02/57died
Powell, ElizabethF2818/12/5531/12/57bad breastgone to service
Boxall, MaryF020/12/5531/01/58died
Merrey, RobertM6201/01/5611/02/58returned from hoppingdied
Randall, SusannahF2901/01/5611/02/56the itchgone to service
Jackson, MarthaF3005/01/5610/03/56foulwent out voluntarily, not cured
Lovelock, BarbaraF8605/01/5622/02/56Infirmdied
Timberlin, AnnF5707/01/5613/04/56Infirmdied
Crawford, AnnF1913/01/5622/03/56sickgone to service
Peacock, AnnF1417/02/5613/03/56sickgone to a place upon liking
Gardner, JaneF2317/02/5613/03/56Lunaticksent to Bedlam
Lowry, AlexM5217/02/5617/02/56InfirmClothed and got over the wall
Stubenton, SaryF3302/03/5608/06/56sickable to work and taking her child with her
Burney, ElizabethF5002/03/5618/05/56sickgone to work
Henneck, AnnF6109/03/5612/05/56sickgone to nursing
Roberts, MaryF3027/03/5603/07/56not capablewent to the Lock Hospital to be cured
Vole, MaryF4123/04/5619/06/56sickgone to service
Morse, JohnM4928/04/5602/05/56consumptiondied
Pain, SamuelM3907/05/5618/07/56sickdied
Groves, MaryF2413/05/5615/05/56disorderlywent out voluntarily
Bury, ElizabethF6628/05/5621/06/56Disorderly and pawned or sold her clothesgone to work
Gover, MarthaF4306/06/5622/07/60returned from ye nurse keepinggone to service
Rossey, CharlotteF2108/06/5618/07/56returned from Lady Griffins for her ill lookshad leave to go out and did not return
Sheercroft, EdwardM3709/06/5607/11/56Lamehad leave to go to church and did not return
Wyatt, JohnM4910/06/5610/06/56half drunkgot over the wall
Hodges, HeneryM5314/06/5631/07/56consumptiondied
Mcgregor, MaryF2414/06/5618/06/56passed from Scotland and her two childrenpassed to plymouth
Hambleton, AnnF5821/06/5626/06/56Infirmwent out voluntarily
Fox, MaryF3224/06/5608/10/56sickgone to service
Lawes, RebekahF8004/07/5621/01/57Infirmdied
Willis, IsaacM805/07/5628/06/58passed from St. Gilesdied
Willshire, EdwardM7005/07/5629/03/59Infirmdied
Stuart, JamesM2406/07/5602/09/56Lameable to work, a wastcoat & a pair of stockings
Henneck, AnnF6109/07/5604/10/57not capable of getting her breaddied
Green, RobertM7312/07/5624/04/58Infirmgone to work
Pocock, ElizabethF3112/07/5610/11/56sickgone to live with her husband
Stubington, ElizabethF212/07/5616/08/56an infant not capablegone with her mother
Blunt, SarahF3013/07/5615/07/56a vagrantpassed to St Andrew's Holborn
Dun, EllaF2413/07/5615/07/56a vagranta vagrant
Robertson, ThomasM617/07/5610/01/57not capablepassed to St. Mary's of Beverley in Yorkshire
Wyat, JohnM4927/07/5613/12/56Infirmdied
Lowry, AlexanderM5302/08/5607/09/56Infirmable to work, 2s 4d, & a coat, britches & Hockew &new shoes
Broadoak, AnnF3806/08/5624/08/56Came in for ClothesClothed and gone out
Bury, ElizabethF6612/08/5601/09/56Infirm and almost nakedable to work, a Croakcut apron
Robinson, MaryF3014/08/5613/02/57returned from ye Lock Hospitalgone to a service
Evans, ThomasM5924/08/5601/02/57passed from St. Ann'shad leave to go out and did not return
Boxall, AnnF2601/09/5618/11/57Lost the use of her limbs & passed from Newingtonwent out to look for a service & did not return, tell ye 20
Billington, ElizabethF3101/09/5608/09/56LameGone to St. George's Hospital to have a cure for her legs
Billington, ElizabethF1201/09/5619/09/56uncapablegone upon liking
Billington, RobertM301/09/5607/06/63uncapabledied
Green, MargaretF4414/09/5617/09/56Lamepassed to the county of Derbyshire
Sanderson, MarthaF4316/09/5618/10/56disorderlyable to work
Alswood, AnnF4423/09/5622/10/56incapable to get her boardable to work
Church, MaryF5024/09/5618/10/58sickable to work
Messam, MargaretF2628/09/5602/10/56passed from Scotlandshe and her child passed to Geurnsey
Messam, HeneryM028/09/5602/10/56passed from Scotlandshe and her child passed to Geurnsey
Bexley, WilliamM7003/10/5630/03/57gone to work
Rossey, CharlotteF2104/10/5614/05/61almost nakedgone to service
Bury, ElizabethF6607/10/5624/05/57returns from work almost nakedhad leave to go to her son and did not come home at night according to promise.
Roberts, MargaretF3308/10/5618/10/56for want of employable to work
Gordon, JohnM6610/10/5620/02/60returned from workgone to St. George's Hospital, a bad eye
Johnson, BarbaraF2312/10/5614/10/56for want of a servicegone a month upon liking to a service
Onslow, ElizabethF4812/10/5618/10/56Infirmgone to her husband
Bennet, SarahF1817/10/5616/11/56sickgone to service
Simpson, PoulhamptonM6528/10/5624/09/57returned from his lodgingdied
Lowrey, SusannahF1930/10/5620/11/56lunatickgone to Bedlam
Abbott, HannahF3104/11/5610/01/57Passed from St. Margarets WestminsterWent away voluntarily
Broadoak, AnnF3808/11/5603/12/56passed from St George Hanover to work, a pair of new shoes & other things
Billington, ElizabethF3117/11/5607/12/56returned from St. George hospitalable to work, a new shift & new shoes
Durham, ThomasM4519/11/5625/02/57Uncapablegone to work
Durham, ElizabethF5719/11/5624/02/57uncapablegone with her husband
Boxall, AnnF2620/11/5603/12/56for want of clothesable to work, 1s.
Sanderson, MarthaF4324/11/5607/04/57for want of workable to work, a new pair of shoes, gone to lady deakeree, bound Elizabeth Sanderson, 8 old
Cox, ElizabethF1524/11/5602/03/57Lamegone to service
Lumpus, PeterM4627/11/5626/12/56Infirm, not a parishionerdied
Groves, MaryF2428/11/5621/12/56sickable to work
Godfrey, JudithF4910/12/5629/07/57Lameable to work
Godfrey, ThomasM1810/12/5618/01/57sickable to work, a pair of shoes
Sanderson, MarthaF4311/12/5611/02/57for want of a placegone to Lady dakeree
Babb, GraceF3617/12/5608/11/57Infirmable to work, 1s.
Inwood, HannahF318/12/5621/03/57passed from St. Margaretsdied
Gough, SarahF6321/12/5625/03/57for want of workgone to her husband
Gough, ThomasM5521/12/5620/03/57for want of workgone to work
Lowrey, AlexanderM5325/12/5616/02/57Inifrmgone to work
Holme, AnnF1128/12/5613/05/58returned from Dr Daviesgone to Bartholomew Hospital
Compton, JohnM4029/12/5630/12/56passed from St Margaret's WestminsterThought able to provide for himself
Compton, ElizabethF929/12/5615/05/57orphan, passed from st. Margarets Westminsterye father taken her out
Compton, ElizabethF4829/12/5612/08/67passed from St Margarets Westminster, Disorderly i n the housewell & gone out
Williams, EdwardM6008/01/5730/03/57Infirmgone to work
Burdett, HannahF6314/01/5716/12/57Infirmdied
Clement, ElizabethF817/01/5718/09/58passed from St. Margaret's Westminstertaken out by her mother
Clements, JoanF3717/01/5718/01/57passed from St. Margaret's Westminstergone with her husband, a pair of shoes
Straw, RobertM4621/01/5701/02/57Infirmhad leave to go out and did not return
Bullock, WilliamM201/02/5728/06/57returned from Welson parish by an appealdied
Bullock, ElizabethF401/02/5727/06/57returned from Welson parish by an appealtaken out by ye grandmother
Bullock, ElizabethF2501/02/5704/04/57sick, returned from Welson parish by an appeal wit h her two childrengone to service
King, JohnM102/02/5723/03/57their father gone away and left themdied
Chaplen, CathinaF2102/02/5714/06/57uncapablegone to service to mr Hollis upon being given ...
King, TimothyM402/02/5713/03/57their father gone away and left themdied
Randall, SusannahF2805/02/5724/02/57Itchable to work
Evans, ThomasM5907/02/5706/03/57uncapable to provide for himselfhad leave to go out and did not according to an order from ye officers
Driver, IsabellaF3711/02/5724/02/57Infirmable to work
Carton, MargaretF2412/02/5719/04/57foulwell & able to work
James, JoanF7716/02/5720/02/57infirmdied
Marcher, MaryF820/02/5720/10/59her father gone to seagone upon liking to Mr Brown...
Johnson, ElizabethF2221/02/5728/07/58fittshad leave to go out and did not return till 11 o'clock and was not admitted.
Barker, MargaretF2522/02/5721/07/57incapable to provide for her four children & was parden [ 9 months old ]this woman and her four children returned to Battersea by an appeal.
Barker, RichardM522/02/5721/07/57to Battersea by an appeal
Barker, JaneF322/02/5721/07/57returned to Battersea
Barker, JohnM022/02/5721/07/57returned to Battersea
Barker, William RubenM122/02/5721/07/57returned to Battersea
Lowrey, AlexanderM5324/02/5729/03/57Inifrmgone to work
Clement, JoanF3702/03/5709/05/57put from home with childwent out to baptise the child and then left ye house without leave
Hone, WilliamM105/03/5729/06/67passed from St. Margaretsgone on liking to Mr T. Swane, weaver
Johnson, BarabaraF2315/03/5726/03/57Lamegone to service
Sheercroft, EdwardM3817/03/5729/03/57lamegone to work, a pair of shoes
Coulsey, SarahF1818/03/5724/03/57for want of a placegone to service
Rumbold, JohnM020/03/5706/02/58a bastardto with ye above mother
Rumbold, JoanF2124/03/5706/02/58with childgone to ye Lock Hospital
Evans, ThomasM5929/03/5703/07/57Infirmhad leave to go out and returned about eleven of ye clock disorderly & was not admitted in
Souden, MaryF1430/03/5730/04/57it was agreed on with her about ye committee to pa y 1s 6dgone on liking
Lowrey, AlexanderM5331/03/5704/05/57Lazy to work, a shirt, britches & stocking all new
Smith, JeanF7307/04/5710/06/57Infirmgone to Westminster Infirmary
Fortiscue, WilliamM407/04/5708/06/57the father gone to sea and the mother not able to keep themye mother to take her to keep her
Fortiscue, CatherineF207/04/5708/06/57the father gone to sea and the mother not able to keep themye mother to take her to keep her
Gough, ThomasM5508/04/5714/06/57Lamegone to work
Gough, SarahF6308/04/5707/08/57Lamegone to her husband
Peacock, AnnF1609/04/5722/04/57a lame handgone to her place
Broadoake, AnnF3825/04/5725/04/57Passed & sent on the same to work
Cox, ElizabethF1525/04/5722/09/57enquired for in...gone to service
Lowrey, AlexanderM5308/05/5712/06/57Lazy over the wall
Williams, LetticeF3410/05/5707/07/57passed from St. John's Southwarkreturned to St. John's Southwark
Williams, SarahF110/05/5707/07/57this child come with her motherreturned to St. John Southwark and her daughter gone with ye above mother
Nason, MaryF711/05/5705/01/62passed with her mother from Gu...her mother taken her out
Sharp, EdwardM213/05/5705/11/59ye mother not able to keep herdied
Thomas, MaryF1913/05/5718/05/58feverwent out voluntarily
Jones, GriffinM6013/05/5718/05/57with a flux and a great pain in ye headgone to St. George's Hospital
Munday, ElizabethF1620/05/5714/06/57sickvoluntarily 1s.
Dow, SamuelM520/05/5724/06/64This woman and her three children passed from Cler kenwellgone on liking to William Pitman
Dow, ChristianF3120/05/5708/11/57This woman and her three children passed from Cler kenwellto get her bread, 1s
Dow, ElizabethF320/05/5721/06/67This woman and her three children passed from Cler kenwellgone on liking to Mr R. Stantan Glover, Bunhill Row near Morefields
Dow, VaughanM5425/05/5717/06/57Consumptiondied
Bury, ElizabethF6728/05/5722/06/57without a shiftgone to work
Bury, ElizabethF6704/06/5731/08/57disorderlygone to hopping
Gough, ThomasM5519/06/5724/07/57came in to see his wife and then took illgone to work
Rouse, MargaretF4320/06/5704/04/58returned out of ye countrydied
Cartwrite, Anna MariaF924/06/5707/09/57orphangone with person her promised to for her, which lives next door to Mr Comkle, Banker in park bilding
Elton, JohnM527/06/5704/07/57ye mother not able to keep himye mother taken him out
Tibbles, JonathanM2704/07/5708/08/57feverwell & able to get his bread
Evans, ThomasM5920/07/5704/11/57disorderlyhad leave to go out and did not return the same day
Ascal, AnnF4122/07/5704/10/57incapable to get her board - no parishionerable to work
Fisher, hannahF6327/07/5701/11/57sickhad leave to go out and did not return
Johnson, ElizabethF2229/07/5709/08/57by her own desire
Groves, CatherineF806/08/5711/08/57deserted by their mother and their father deadpassed with their mother to Ireland
Groves, ElizabethF1306/08/5711/08/57deserted by ye mother and father deadpassed with her mother to Ireland
Groves, GriffithM1006/08/5711/08/57deserted by their mother and their father deadpassed with her mother to Ireland
Bexley, WilliamM7012/08/5704/07/60infirmgone to work
Edards, AnnaF6013/08/5715/11/57Lamegone to work
Ackerman, JosephM1315/08/5726/08/57return from his masterpassed to his parish, proved to be ye wrong
Gardner, AnnF2016/08/5727/08/57sick, no parishionerwent away voluntarily
Mason, MargaretF6016/08/5710/10/58Infirmdied
Cook, HesterF5717/08/5728/08/57sick, no parishionerdied
Cook, LucyF917/08/5702/09/57daughter of above, Hester Cooktaken away by her sister
Knapp, Thomas BenjaminM723/08/5730/07/59son of ye above motherye mother taken him out
Knapp, SarahF5423/08/5719/10/57sickable to work
Elton, AliceF624/08/5705/02/59ye mother unable to provide for herher mother is to provide for her with ye allowanceof £12 2. per year to her rent
Thomas, CarmariahF7929/08/5702/09/57Infirmit was agreed on for her to have 1s. per week
Bennet, NicolasM7629/08/5705/03/66infirmdied
Elton, ElizabethF3605/09/5713/09/59to provide for herself
Ackerman, JosephM1315/09/5721/09/57returnednow passed to his right parish
Smith, FrancesM5016/09/5703/10/57Infirmdied
Cox, GraceF1321/09/5723/09/57runaway from her mistressreturned to her mistress
Miller, SarahF5903/10/5718/10/57Infirmgone out
Bury, ElizabethF6703/10/5719/04/58almost nakedgone to work
Lovell, SarahF2208/10/5711/10/57passed from St. Jamesable to work
Boucher, HughM6411/10/5709/11/57sick, no parishionergot well & able to work
Lowrey, SusannahF2015/10/5709/02/61Lunatick run from Bedlamdied
Sheercroft, EdwardM3816/10/5724/04/58Infirmgone to work
Johnson, ElizabethF2218/10/5728/12/57fittsdied
Markham, ElizabethF5818/10/5701/05/58Infirmgone to her daughter
Neale, HannahF1819/10/5727/04/58foulgone to service
Passow, MaryF2324/10/5726/10/57sickgone to her own parish
Glaspey, JaneF826/10/5712/03/59the father of these two children not able to keep themthe father taken her out
Glaspey, ElizabethF226/10/5711/10/58these two children the father not able to keep the mdied
Wyatt, ElizabethF2326/10/5708/11/57sickgone to work
Johnson, MaryF7826/10/5724/07/59no parishionergone out at her own request
Lamford, AnnF5526/10/5708/11/57passed from...gone to work
Robertson, MargaretF3429/10/5708/11/57for want of employgone out to work
Jackson, ElizabethF5129/10/5702/11/57Infirm, no parishionerdied
Veaser, MaryF1830/10/5712/11/57sickpassed to her own parish
Harris, AnnF2501/11/5711/01/58foulproved no parishioner
Johnson, BarbaraF2205/11/5728/04/58Lamegone out to her uncle
Even, ThomasM6005/11/5711/11/58disorderlyhad leave to go out and did not return
Boxall, SarahF1212/11/5713/03/58going to Battersea upon liking
Boxall, JaneF1612/11/5705/12/57her father sent for her out
Crockford, GlenM2012/11/5713/12/57passed from Camberwellgone to work
Cox, ElizabethF1612/11/5715/11/57passed from Camberwellgone to work
Hutchings, RobertM6914/11/5701/05/58Infirmgone to work
Gardner, MargaretF117/11/5709/01/58ye father of these two children run awaygone out with ye mother underneath
Gardner, RobertM517/11/5709/01/58ye father of these two children run awaygone out with ye mother underneath
Lovell, SarahF2219/11/5709/02/58sickgone to look for a service
Wyatt, ElizabethF2321/11/5713/12/57itchgone to a service
Lamford, AnnF5522/11/5718/06/59sickat her own request
Roberts, MargaretF3422/11/5713/12/57sickgone to work
Piper, ElizabethF4629/11/5712/12/57Infirmgone over the wall
Cox, ElizabethF1629/11/5713/12/57the itchgone to her master
Fuge, ElizabethF3230/11/5713/12/57her husband gone to see and left her...gone to her husband
Fuge, MaryF830/11/5713/12/57daughter of the abovewent out with her above mother
Wallin, SarahF5902/12/5707/01/58RhuematismTo be barkeeper at a publick house
Edwards, AnnF6002/12/5717/04/58Infirmdied
Wicken, HeneryM3902/12/5709/03/58Rhuematismable to provide for himself
Fuge, ElizabethF3215/12/5726/05/58her husband gone to sea and left her againable to provide for herself
Fuge, MaryF815/12/5707/06/59daughter of the above motherher mother taken her out
Cox, ElizabethF1616/12/5721/03/58fevergone to her master
Lowrey, AlexanderM5318/12/5724/04/58Infirmgone to work
Head, MaryF6420/12/5728/12/57infirmdied
Ailwood, AnnF4421/12/5719/02/58Short of workdied
Gough, ThomasM5526/12/5723/03/58for want of workable to work
Gough, SarahF6326/12/5723/03/58for want of workable to work
Gardner, RalfM004/01/5809/01/58deserted by her husbandthis woman with her three children is gone to her husband
Gardner, BridgetF3204/01/5809/01/58deserted by her husbandthis woman with her three children is gone to her husband
Joyce, JaneF4707/01/5804/08/58Infirmhad leave to go out and did not return
Gardner, JohnM6312/01/5811/12/61Infirmdied
Colsen, SarahF1823/01/5826/01/58for want of a placegone to service
Wallin, SarahF5903/02/5805/11/61Rhuematismgone to service
Durant, SusanF804/02/5806/06/58deserted by her father and her mother unable to ke ep hertaken out by her mother
Williams, EdwardM6112/02/5824/02/58Infirmgone to work
Bebman, AnnF2417/02/5820/05/58poorgone to work
Roberts, MaryF3028/02/5815/04/58....died
Rowlet, ElizabethF4703/03/5807/03/58Infirmpassed into Berkshire
Bullock, ElizabethF503/03/5829/01/65brought back by her grandmothergone on liking
Godfrey, JudithF5006/03/5822/10/58unable to provide for herselfhad leave to go out and did not return
Ward, CatherineF209/03/5825/03/58ye mother of these children is deadpassed into Devonshire to ye father
Ward, JohnM809/03/5825/03/58ye mother of these children is deadpassed into Devonshire to ye father
Miles, MaryF2714/03/5812/04/58her husband deadwith ye allowance of 2s per week for ye support ofher two children
Stuart, ElizabethF3114/03/5814/04/58came in three days after she was brought to bedgone to her husband, placed her child to the foundling
Miles, MaryF714/03/5812/04/58her husband deadwith ye allowance of 2s per week for ye support ofher two children
Miles, WilliamM114/03/5812/04/58her husband deadwith ye allowance of 2s per week for ye support ofher two children
Rumbold, JohnM118/03/5826/04/58gone with ye above mother
Rumbold, JoanF2218/03/5826/04/58returned from ye Lock Hospitalgone to her father
Cambell, DanielM6420/03/5826/03/59sickdied
Durant, AnnF720/03/5824/05/58deserted by her father and her mother unable to ke ep hergone out to her mother, Elizabeth Stuart to St. Martins in ye Fields by an order of Removal
Munt, AnnF2731/03/5824/04/58Itchhad leave to go out and did not return
Coslen, SarahF1913/04/5815/04/58out of placegone on likeing to a server
Gardner, EleanorF2920/04/5817/05/58feverwell and went out at her own request
Gray, HannahF8022/04/5813/06/58unable to provide for herselfdied
Clover, MaryF3825/04/5810/06/58with a coulddied
Williams, EdwardM6101/05/5816/05/58Lamegone to work
Wyatt, ElizabethF2302/05/5809/05/58sickgone to work
Rumbold, JohnM102/05/5809/02/60returned with ye above motherdied
Rumbold, JoanF2202/05/5810/07/58returned from her fathergone to a service to Brompton, a pair of shoes
Frazer, AnnF208/05/5812/05/59mother unable to keep themdied
Frazer, MaryF508/05/5817/06/65mother unable to keep themgone to serve Jonathan Jefferson
Frazer, JaneF810/05/5805/10/59came in with ye above mothergone on liking to Mr Gibbon...
Wilcox, ElizabethF3111/05/5823/06/58Itchcured and gone out
Wilcox, ElizabethF111/05/5823/06/58Itchgone with ye above mother
Lovell, SarahF2216/05/5831/05/58Lame armwent out voluntarily cured of her Lame arm
Rogers, AnnF7123/05/5823/06/60Infirmdied
Williams, MagdalenF3004/06/5810/06/58a casualat her own request, no parishioner
Jackson, MarthaF3205/06/5807/06/58vagrantmade her escape out of ye yard
Eatman,M010/06/5820/06/58a son of ye above mothermade her escape over the wall with her two children
Eatman, MaryF310/06/5820/06/58come in with the abovemade her escape over the wall with her two children
Eatman, ElizabethF2710/06/5820/06/58big with child and now in labour, a casualmade her escape over the wall with her two children
Johnson, BarbaraF2211/06/5815/05/59for want of servicegone to service
Lovell, SarahF2219/06/5826/09/58not in her sensesat her own request
Pore, SamuelM4104/07/5805/08/58by order from St. Margaret's Westminster, consumpt ivedied
Maynard, AnnF2913/07/5803/10/58foulgone to service
Price, EleanorF2414/07/5824/07/58casualgone to work
Sheercroft, EdwardM3817/07/5807/08/58Lamegone to work at Mr Hewsper
Parrott alia Woollford, EleanorF2224/07/5829/07/58a casual, sickgone to work
Holme, AnnF1226/07/5811/07/61returned from St Bartholomews hospitalat her own request to live with her sister
Parrott alia Woollford, EleanorF2201/08/5825/08/58a casual, sickmade her escape out of ye yard
Veasey, AnnF3501/08/5826/09/58foulat her own request
Fisher, HannahF6410/08/5821/09/58aguemade her escape out of ye yard
Coalman, MargaretF3915/08/5829/08/58with child and brought to bed ye same night.made her escape out of ye house in ye night andtaking her child with her
Heath, CatherineF2615/08/5816/12/58Disordered in her headgone to Bethlem
Heath, FrancesF015/08/5820/12/58a bastard child of the above mothergone to ye foundling
Collinridge, ElizabethF729/08/5816/12/60a bastard childdied
Green, RobertM7502/09/5808/05/59Infirmgone to work 2s.
Franklin, SarahF8114/09/5815/11/61Infirmdied
Lowrey, AlexanderM5423/09/5807/03/59Infirmwent to do a little work and continued out
Farrant, AnnF2127/09/5814/12/58Itchsent by order to her parish
Williams, JaneF2501/10/5824/10/58a casualat her own request, no parishioner
Linistley, MaryF6012/10/5801/08/62Infirmdied
Ummell, ElizabethF816/10/5802/09/63the wife and children of the above [george, a cons umptive]gone on liking
Neat, MaryF716/10/5802/12/58a bastardher mother taken her out
Ummell, JamesM216/10/5818/07/59the wife and children of the above [george, a cons umptive]died
Ummell, SarahF416/10/5817/10/58the wife and children of the above [george, a cons umptive]died
Ummell, MarthaF3716/10/5806/08/59the wife and children of the above [george, a cons umptive]at her own request
Stubington, ElizabethF416/10/5815/07/67gone on liking to Mr James Moore, Charl. Street, Grovenor Square.
Ummell, GeorgeM4716/10/5823/10/58consumptiondied
Stubington, SarahF3516/10/5825/11/58sickdied
Williamson, AnnF2211/11/5805/03/59by order from St. Margaret's Westminstergone out, 5s. and a pair of shoes
Joyce, JaneF4711/11/5802/03/59pain in her limbgone to service
Wicken, HenryM4313/11/5805/04/59the Rhuematism, by order of St. Mary's Whitechapelgone out, 1s.
Driver, IsabellaF3916/11/5825/02/75passed by an order form St. Bridesdied
Sheercroft, EdwardM3922/11/5805/04/59Lamegone to work
Smith, AmyF1928/11/5829/11/58casual, foulpassed as a vagrant to Wandsworth
Babb, GraceF3803/12/5805/12/58poordied
Fortesque, JohnM1306/12/5822/02/59for want of workgone on liking to Mr
Chaplen, CatherineF2213/12/5801/05/61come from the Westminster infirmaryElopt from ye house by guilty of bad practices
Chevalier, AnnF3318/12/5821/04/59Infirmgone to a service
Chevalier, Louis NicolasM4618/12/5804/01/59consumptiondied
Chevalier, Ann BarbaraF1318/12/5830/01/59Daughter of the above, Louis Chevaliergone to live with her aunt at Tottenham
Pearsey, JaneF4020/12/5818/01/59sickdied
Babb, GeorgeF1220/12/5823/12/58had by ... Beedle to his own parish
Finch, MariaF4722/12/5823/12/58no parishionergone out
Finch, ChristopherM4922/12/5803/01/59consumptiondied
Fox, MaryF3428/12/5830/03/59with childgone to service
Saunders, EdwardM2808/01/5912/01/60rupture, return from...gone to a service 2s.
Neal, HannahF1908/01/5911/01/59by an order from St. Margaretsdied
Coller, ElizabethF2013/01/5903/04/59passed as a vagabonegone to her husband
Cowley, BridgetF3615/01/5922/01/59brought down by a coach and hurtpassed to St. Clements Dane
Wyatt, ElizabethF2424/01/5924/02/59Itchhad leave to go out and did not return
Williams, EdwardM6130/01/5919/04/59Infirmgone to work
Cooten, MargaretF2605/02/5923/04/59foulgone to ye Lock Hospital
Smith, JaneF6314/02/5908/11/60Infirmdied
Gray, MaryF916/02/5910/04/59Friendlessgone on liking to Mr. Lutton a Butcher, Carneby Market
Fortesque, JohnM1326/02/5907/05/59returned from his mastergone to his mother
Fox,M002/03/5927/03/59Child of the above Mary FoxGone to ye foundling
Knapp, SarahF5508/03/5901/05/59had one fitt of a Agueable to work
Robertson, JaneF6503/04/5917/03/67Infirmdied
Ruddiford, AliceF7703/04/5914/09/64Infirmdied
Barker, SophiaF4010/04/5916/04/62not capabledied
Cox, MarthaF812/04/5906/06/59The father not able to provide for them no parishionerthe father taken them out
Cox, MaryF812/04/5906/06/59The father not able to provide for them no parishionerthe father taken them out
Cox, SusanahF1012/04/5906/06/59The father not able to provide for them no parishionerthe father taken them out
Chevalier, Ann BarbaraF1325/04/5914/05/59her mother unable to provide for herher mother taken her out
Wilcox, ElizabethF222/05/5929/05/59gone to her husband, gone with ye above mother
Wilcox, ElizabethF3222/05/5929/05/59gone to her husband
Lesley, JudithF5804/06/5910/09/67Infirmgone out
Hill, ThomasM7608/06/5920/06/59by frances ye beadle, a casualgone out at his own request
Gray, MaryF1011/06/5919/06/59returned from her placegone to another service
Spears, MargaretF3526/06/5929/06/59a casualgone with a permit pass to newcastle
Spears, JohnM526/06/5929/06/59a casualgone with a permit pass to newcastle
Hoperton, JaneF402/07/5929/10/59ye father dead and ye mother not able to provide f or themthe mother taken her out
Hoperton, WilliamM902/07/5905/04/63ye father dead and ye mother not able to provide f or themhis mother taken him out
Hoperton, EleanorF602/07/5926/09/59ye father dead and ye mother not able to provide f or themher mother taken her out
Bignall, ElizabethF4912/07/5918/07/59sick & casual, no parishionerwell & gone out
Bignall, ElzabethF712/07/5918/07/59gone with her mother
Willis, FrancisM5020/07/5920/02/60Lamegone to work
Jeffreys, ThomasM821/07/5906/11/60deserted by his motherhad leave to go out and did not return
Caston, MargaretF2625/07/5928/08/59with a colddied
Lovell, SarahF2411/08/5923/08/59consumptiongone to Bridewell for her bad behaviour
Johnson, BarbaraF2321/08/5920/08/60for want of a servicegone to her sister, to be clothed
Hughes, SarahF2124/08/5929/05/60passed from St. Margarets Westminster with ye evilat her own request
Lowrey, AlexanderM5501/09/5925/03/60Infirmgone to work, a coat, 2s 6d per quarter
King, Mary AnnF001/09/5910/09/59casualgone out
King, CatherineF3501/09/5910/09/59casualgone out
King, SusannahF801/09/5910/09/59casualgone out
Wicken, HeneryM4404/09/5911/09/59at his own request, 1s and a pair of shoes
Lovell, SarahF2407/09/5911/09/59returned from Bridewellat her own request, one pair of shoes
Joyce, JaneF4710/09/5911/01/69sickgone to service
Green, RobertM7617/09/5908/04/60infirmgone to work
Greenhead, FrancesF1920/09/5922/11/59Itchwell and gone out
Parker, ElizabethF615/10/5921/04/64her father taken her out
Chevalier, AnnF3426/10/5919/03/60Itchgone to St. George Hospital
Wyatt, ElizabethF2426/10/5908/11/59sickable to work, a pair of new shoes
Brasier, WilliamM4926/10/5929/10/59consumptive & casualordered home to his own parish
Fraser, JaneF929/10/5929/04/60returned from her mistressgone on liking
Pearse, ElizabethF4207/11/5911/12/59gone to a service
Sheercroft, EdwardM4012/11/5930/04/60lamegone to work a wastcoast & hat
Lovell, SarahF2417/11/5929/11/59poordied
Cox, ElizabethF1820/11/5903/03/60foulgone to ye Lock Hospital
King, CatherineF3522/11/5907/07/62passed from St. Botolph without Aldgategone out
King, Mary AnnF122/11/5914/11/62passed from St. Botolph without Aldgateher father in Law took her out, 5s.
King, SusannahF822/11/5907/07/62passed from St. Botolph without Aldgategone on liking in Little St. Martins Lane and nowcontinues.
Williams, JaneF2623/11/5928/11/59sick, casualRecommended to Hyde Park Hospital
Thomas, ElizabethF3224/11/5928/11/59sick, a casualat her own request
Evans, ThomasM6224/11/5912/02/60disorderlyhad leave to go out and did not return till Tuesday night & then in Liquor, was not admitted in
Wyatt, ElizabethF2404/12/5909/04/60foulgone to Gui Hospitall
Hoperton, EleanorF605/12/5910/12/59her mother taken her out
Hoperton, JaneF405/12/5910/12/59her mother taken her out
Curtis, SarahF714/12/5915/12/59passed, from St. Andrew Holborn, & brought her thr ee children with hergone out
Curtis, WilliamM014/12/5915/12/59passed, from St. Andrew Holborn, & brought her thr ee children with hergone out
Curtis, JohnM814/12/5915/12/59passed, from St. Andrew Holborn, & brought her thr ee children with hergone out
Curtis, AnnF3514/12/5915/12/59passed, from St. Andrew Holborn, & brought her thr ee children with hergone out
Pearse, ElizabethF4218/12/5923/12/59returned from servicehad leave to go out and did not return
Pearse, ElizabethF4231/12/5907/06/60gone to a service
Floid, HuntM6208/01/6026/03/60gone to innskeeping
Williams, EdwardM6214/01/6001/03/61InfirmDied
Carlson, SarahF2115/01/6018/02/60Lamegone to a Servir
Evans, ThomasM6215/02/6024/06/60disorderley in Liquor and was not admited inhad Live to Go out for ye day and did not return tll 25 about ye midel of ye night and then much
Livinstone, JamesM819/02/6002/11/61ye father unable to keep himgone on Likeing to Mr Stillwell Silk weaver in yeMint Borough
Young, ThomasM4020/02/6025/06/60ConsummtiveAble to work, 2s 6d and a waistcote and britches and shoes all new
Blackcaul, MaryF1725/02/6022/03/60Smallpoxgone to a Service
Harper, RobertM1425/02/6007/04/60past from ye parish of white Chapelgone on Likeing to a fisherman, now bound to Mr Graves ye above at Limehouse
Gordon, JohnM7012/03/6020/08/60Return from ye Hospitalgone to ye Hospital
Markham, ElizabethF6017/03/6018/09/64Infirmgone to St George's Hospattal, Lame Legge
Curtis, AnnF3419/03/6016/04/60deliverd of two Children deadgone out at her own Request
Hopperton, JamesM407/04/6019/07/72went out to go to Church and did not Return
Hopperton, ElenorF607/04/6006/05/61Lame, gone to St Georgs Hospatal
Lowery, AlexM5510/04/6017/04/60Lazseagot over ye wall
Groom, RobertM7616/04/6014/06/60Returned from his workgone to work
Cox, ElizabethF1922/04/6011/07/60returnd from ye Lockhad Leave to go to Mr Read and did not return
Heath, CathrineF2724/04/6012/09/65Returnd from Bath lamegot over ye wall
Lowery, AlexM5526/04/6029/04/60Disorderlyforced out at ye gate
Fraser, JaneF902/05/6005/08/60returned home from her placegone on Likeing to Mr.Pane ye Strand
Clark, ElizabethF1013/05/6018/07/60her parents dead, no parrishgone on Likeing
Hains, SamuelM223/05/6027/06/60CasualThe father and mother and their two Children All gone down to warminister in Wiltshire
Hains, ElizabethF1023/05/6027/06/60CasualThe father and mother and their two Children All gone down to warminister Wiltshire
Hains, AnnF3223/05/6027/06/60Casualthe father and mother and their two Children All gone down to warminister in Wiltshire
Matthew, MaryF3023/05/6020/07/60with Child, ye above child born a bastard May 30taken her Child out with her 1s and to pay her loging for two weeks
Hains, WilliamM4223/05/6027/06/60a Casualthe father and mother and their two Children All gne down to warminister in Wiltshire
Palmer, SarahF7024/05/6007/09/60InfirmDied
Wyatt, ElizabethF2412/06/6028/06/60Return from Gui Hospitalhad Leave to go out But did not return
Burke, SamuelM4913/06/6013/07/60fits a CasualGone to Warwickshire
Whitmon, ElizabethF6213/06/6024/09/60Infirmgone to Live with her son
Chavelire, AnnF3419/06/6011/11/61gone to ye Hospatal
Lowery, AlexM5526/06/6009/07/60to be Cleandgot over ye wall
Pearse, ElizabethF4230/06/6006/07/60returned from her Servishad Leave to go out and did not return
Wyatt, ElizabethF2430/06/6005/07/60not well from being foulwent to see a place and did not return
King, SusanahF907/07/6007/07/62returnd from her Servicegone on Likeing in Little St Martin Lane
Larers, TimothyM3608/07/6010/07/60a Casual, no parishnergone out at his own request
Hughes, SarahF2208/07/6005/10/60Bad with the Eavlgone to work
Lyon, MaryF2015/07/6017/10/60with Child, Born Sept 11gone out to profide for herSelf and Child, GeorgeLyon
Baersley, WilliamM7020/07/6020/09/60returnd from workGone to work
Groom, RobertM7621/07/6025/09/60Returned from his workgone to work
Batmit, AnnF4602/08/6021/02/78Lame, Past from Rottering North Hampton SheirDied
Matthew, MaryF3006/08/6007/08/60Return from her loging and her Child with herShe and her Child gone to her mother ponssy in Wiltshire
Shocroft, EdwardM4009/08/6024/08/60Lamegone to work
Low, AlexanderM5509/08/6024/09/60gone to Westminster Hospatal
Pearse, ElizabethF4212/08/6019/01/61Got over ye Wall
Gray, MaryF1123/08/6008/11/60gone on Likeing, Bound to ye Same place
Fuge, MaryF1027/08/6011/05/64gone on Licking to Mr. Palmer Chelsea
Bicknal, MaryF2831/08/6028/11/60Lunatick, no parrishgone By a pormith pas to Chitorter, 3s and a new pair of Shoes
Clark, ElizabethF1002/09/6020/02/61Returnd, not Like ongone on Liken to Mr Ginquo
Gordon, JohnM7003/09/6017/05/62Return from HospitalDied
Coleman, Elizabeth MarthaF604/09/6030/12/60the mother taken her out
Coleman, ElizabethF3304/09/6013/11/60gone to her husband
Williams, JamesM2711/09/6026/01/61SickDied
Gardner, SarahF6718/09/6008/09/64LameDied
Groom, RobertF7628/09/6008/03/61returnd from workgone to work
Low, AlexanderM5501/10/6018/01/61Return from ye HospatalGot over ye Wall
Baersley, WilliamM7002/10/6010/04/61Returnd from workgone to work
Gover, MarthaF4704/10/6022/10/60Returnd from Servisgone to a Servis
Knapp, ThomasM909/10/6006/02/61Aguehis mother had Leave by Mr Black to take him out and did not Return
Knapp, SarahF5609/10/6024/12/60Aguewell and Able to work
Johnson, BarbaraF2422/10/6026/09/61Returnd from her Sistergone to her Sisters
Osborn, MaryF6123/10/6021/07/62Infirmgone to a Service
Shocroft, EdwardM4031/10/6019/03/61Lamegone to work
Hart, SarahF2904/11/6020/11/60She was deliverd with a Child in ye King Road whitch Came in with herat her own Request
Coleman, ElizabethF3314/11/6011/12/60did not go to her husband as promisedher husband come amd fetch her out
Pon, FrancesF6317/11/6013/03/61Infirm, a CasualDied
Wotten, SarahF5218/11/6027/11/60LameDied
Wyatt, ElizabethF2413/12/6014/01/61Aguegone to Hospall at Wesminster
Lyon, George EllisM016/12/6003/11/61[ 3 months old ]taken out by ye Grandmother
Smith, WilliamM5522/12/6010/01/61Palsey, no parisheDied
Forfor, JohnM3528/12/6015/03/61gone to work
Catlen, MarthaF7502/01/6118/03/61polseaDied
Young, ThomasM4004/01/6108/12/61ConsummtiveDied
Spathern, JamesM5114/01/6120/02/61Blind, a CasualDied
Pearse, ElizabethF4321/01/6109/05/62disordered in her headwent out without Leave
Wickon, HonoryF4524/01/6118/02/61a ColdAbel to work, a pair of new shoes, Woman pair of Stockings: new
Lutartur, SarahF4128/01/6107/02/61foulgone to Lock Hospall
Hughes, SarahF2331/01/6124/06/61Sickgone to ye Hospatal
Lowery, AlexanderM5601/02/6127/04/61LazeyAble to work, a pair of Briches & Stockings and too new Shoes & money Bord--____
Matthews, MaryF3104/02/6103/08/61past from Wiltshiregone to work
Matthew, JaneF004/02/6103/08/61[ 8 months old ]gone with ye mother
Wyatt, ElizabethF2404/02/6108/04/61Returnd from ye Hospallat her own Request
Fortnum, CharlesM517/02/6112/03/61past from St. Jamesye boys Ant taken him out
Stevens, MaryF2324/02/6109/03/61foulgone to Ye Hosptal, died in the house 31/03/61
Hutchin, RobertM7226/02/6127/04/61ItchAbel to Work
Lutartur, SarahF4121/03/6103/09/63Returnd from ye HospatalDied
Sharger, ThomasM5002/04/6120/04/61Died
Clark, SarahF3206/04/6112/05/61Disorderd in her ServiceBy her own Request
Burchot, SarahF6906/04/6105/03/62InfirmDied
Dow, ChristineF3406/04/6126/08/61wt Child, 23 May Brought to bed wt a Boygone out [ child died 15/08/61 ]
Price, MaryF409/04/6129/03/62Father gone for a Soldier, mother not Able to keep themye mother taken them out
Price, AnnF609/04/6129/03/62Father gone for a Soldier, mother not Able to keep themye the mother taken them out
Price, PriscilaF909/04/6102/08/61Father gone for a Soldier, mother not able to keep themye the mother taken her out
Norris, ThomasM8013/04/6118/08/63Infirm, a CasualDied
Veal, AnnF3014/04/6122/04/61made an atempt to destroy her Selftaken out by her Brother
Dockrty, HannahF5414/04/6115/08/62Lamegone to a Kulatitaon
Smith, PatinaF4314/04/6128/05/61a Bad BrestDied
Smith, MargaretF1214/04/6104/06/61gone to a Servis
Davis, JoanF020/04/6115/07/62past from Lambeth [ 9 weeks old ]Died
Gould, AnnF6829/04/6120/05/61InfirmDied
Elton, JohnM1105/05/6122/07/61ye Mother taken him out
Dockrty, HonoryF1106/05/6102/11/61gone on Likeing to Mr Haytor 10 yard owner in yemint in ye Boring
Pearse, ElizabethM4311/05/6118/04/65disordered in her headDied
Randall, SusanahF3020/05/6117/06/61Lame armgone to ye Hospatall
Crockford, AnnF2425/05/6101/06/62with Child, Brought to bed with a Boy ye 26th Died July 11 1761gone to a Servis, a pair shoes
Gover, MarthaF4827/05/6103/07/64Disorderlyat her own Request
Charles, ElizabethF630/05/6108/07/61a Casualgone to ye foundling Hospatal
Mivres, DianaF530/05/6108/07/61gone to ye foundling Hospatal
Bell, JohnM730/05/6108/07/61gone to foundling Hospatal
Brigadoss, JohnM330/05/6108/07/61gone to ye foundling Hospatal
Clements, JohnM530/05/6108/07/61a Casualgone to ye foundling Hospatal
Stiler, JohnM5430/05/6112/06/61taken tonite St martins parish
Stiler, MaryF5030/05/6112/06/61taken tonite St martins parish
Williams, ElizabethF6610/06/6107/02/66InfirmDied
Bailey, MaryF6812/06/6112/08/61Broken armat her own request
Forfor, JohnM3512/06/6120/02/62an Agueable to work
Ravel, JohnM715/06/6120/06/61a Casualwt ye Above mother
Ravel, AnnF3615/06/6120/06/61Sick, a Casualgone out and her Child with her
Allsup, AnnF916/06/6105/08/61Itch, a Casualgone to foundling Hospatall
Owen, CatherineF2319/06/6106/07/61Fever, a Casualat her own Request
Hopperton, ElenorF724/06/6129/10/75LameDied
Evans, ThomasM6327/06/6117/12/61disorderleyat his own Request
Watly, WilliamM430/06/6105/08/61gone to ye foundling Hospatall
Loss, WilliamM1704/07/6129/09/61Lameout at his own Request
Baersley, WilliamM7006/07/6124/08/61Return from workgone to work
Meckel, RobertM5409/07/6119/07/61Sickat his own Request
Coleman, RichardM1315/07/6110/09/61Itchgone on Likeing to Mr Sherman
Coleman, ElizaethF515/07/6120/10/61Itchtaken out by ye mother
Coleman, ElizabethF3415/07/6110/10/61Itchgone to her husbanden
Coleman, RichardM4615/07/6114/08/61ItchWell, gone out, a Coat Briches and Shoes and 1s
Walker, WilliamM403/08/6102/11/61pastMrs Walker and her two children gone to her husband
Walker, AnnF4003/08/6102/11/61past with ChildMrs Walker and her two Children gone to her husband
Walker, MaryF903/08/6102/11/61pastMrs Walker and her two children gone to her husband
Knot, GeorgeM5406/08/6124/08/61Sickgone to St George Hospatal
Heathroot, JosephM5110/08/6131/08/61Returnd from ye feaver HospitalDied
Clark, ElizabethF1115/08/6116/05/62Returnd from Mr Ginquogone to a Servis to Mrs Belshome
Randall, SusanahF3119/08/6106/03/62Returnd from Hospatalgone to work
Masters, JamesM6721/08/6121/10/61Infirm & pastgot over ye wall
Lowery, AlexanderM5624/08/6126/08/61for want of a placegone out at his own request
Walker, JohnM031/08/6122/10/61[ see previous record ]Died
Joyce, JaneF4804/09/6102/10/61Sickgone to her Service
Wheatly, MaryF3408/09/6112/09/61ConsumptiveDied
Dorking, RebeccaF3009/09/6130/01/62with Childgone out & her child with her
Hughes, SarahF2309/09/6126/02/67Returnd from ye Hospatalgone out
Fortesque, MaryF1016/09/6106/10/61runaway from her placegot over ye wall
Jones, JaneF819/09/6113/01/63gone to ye Emannel Hospatal
Baersley, WilliamM7028/09/6114/05/62gone to work bricks, 6d, Shoes new
Lowery, AlexanderM5607/10/6124/10/61Lazeyat his own request, had a Coat a wastcoat a pare of Briches and Stockings
Fortesque, MaryF1007/10/6116/02/62gone on Likeing and now to a servis
Wyatt, ElizabethF2410/10/6110/11/61because ill is uesall again to wintergone out
Spratly, SarahF2317/10/6112/11/61Smallpoxwell and gone out
Groom, RobertM7820/10/6102/04/62Infirmwent out at his own Request
Stuart, JamesM3423/10/6124/10/61Sick, a CasualDied
Lowery, AlexanderM5629/10/6117/02/62Lazey and pawn his Cloathsgot over ye wall and afterward to Bridwell
Wickon, HonoryF4503/11/6131/01/62for want of workgone to work
Rosey, CharloteF2203/11/6119/05/65wt Childgone to Servis
Price, ThomasM104/11/6115/02/63ye Mother not wiling to keepDied
Price, PriscilaF904/11/6129/03/62ye Mother not wiling to keepye mother taken them out
Morris, WilliamM4305/11/6110/11/61SickDied
Watters, ElizabethF4305/11/6109/01/62Sick4s
Lang, HumphryM4805/11/6123/02/62Lamegone to work
Watters, JosephM305/11/6109/01/62taken her child with her
Aims, JohnM4509/11/6114/11/61CasualCarried to Clarkenwell
Harris, ElizabethF4812/11/6109/12/61ConsumptiveDied
Shocroft, EdwardM4116/11/6118/04/62Lamegone to work, 1s 6d
Bury, ElizabethF4421/11/6118/04/62Disorderlyat her own Request
Bearsley, ThomasM630/11/6122/01/69gone on Likeing
Peckham, SarahF5001/12/6120/06/62had Leave to go out and did not return
Dorking, JosephineF001/12/6130/01/62Born [ entered in register at 1 month old ]gone out with ye above mother
Chavelair, AnnF3503/12/6121/05/62Return from Hospatalgone to a Servis
Matthew, JaneF115/12/6114/05/69gone to Mother
Matthew, MaryF3215/12/6116/02/63Sickgone to St George's Hospatal
Coulsen, SarahF2217/12/6110/01/62gone out
Edge, ElenoraF2703/01/6217/01/62with Childgone out, the Child dead
Evans, ThomasM6205/01/6210/03/62In Liquorgone out to look for Bisness
Brown, DanielM6213/01/6202/07/71pastDied
Holt, AnnF1712/02/6208/03/62Past from St Gilesgone to a Servis
Milhaver, MaryF4916/02/6227/03/62Sickgone out
Lowery, AlexM5727/02/6222/03/62returnd from Bridwellgone to work
Barridge, AnnF7502/03/6224/12/63InfirmDied
Wickon, HonoryF4506/03/6203/06/62Lame handgone out
Robinson, MaryF110/03/6225/03/62[ 18 months old ]gone wt ye above mother
Robinson, HannahF3010/03/6225/03/62past from St Gilesgone to St Giles in ye fields, 2s
Maroy, ElanorF3211/03/6202/05/62a Casualgone out
Maroy, ThomasM3911/03/6202/05/62a Casualgone out
Millett, BarnardbyM7015/03/6222/03/62Infirm, a CasualDied
Joyce, JaneF4819/03/6201/08/62past from St Jameshad Leave to Church and did not return
Johnson, BarbaraF2425/03/6221/07/62Returnd from her Sistersgone to her Sister
Robertson, CatherineF1827/03/6207/06/62Disordered in her Servispast to St Martin
Casket, HonoryF5329/03/6219/05/62LameDied
Blonholm, WilliamM606/04/6214/07/64thare Mother toaken them out
Blonholm, SamuelM406/04/6214/07/64thare Mother toaken them out
Church, SarahF2407/04/6214/05/62Dell of a Bastard Child, a Casualgone out to Servis
Loaff, WilliamM1812/04/6227/04/62Lamegone to profide for him Self
Hill, ElizabethF2918/04/6225/04/62her husband gone and Left her a Casualat her own Request
Hill, MaryF318/04/6225/04/62[ see previous record ]with her mother
Sirnor, MaryF6123/04/6228/04/62Infirm, casualDied
Hodder, MaryF2204/05/6220/10/62with Child, By an Order from St margtgone to Servis
Thompson, HannahF105/05/6201/06/62SickDied
Brigade, MaryF4106/05/6205/06/62Sick, a Casualgone out
Turroll, JohnM2406/05/6207/05/62Sick, a CasualDied
Lowery, AlexM5712/05/6216/05/62to get Some clothsClimbd ye wall
Lyon, George EllisM125/05/6217/01/63ye Grandmother not willing to keep it no longerDied
Evans, ElenoraF2125/05/6212/06/62a Casual, past from Mr Norrisgone to work
Blackmore, SarahF2328/05/6206/07/62Sick, a Casualat her own Request, 1s
Franks, JamesM3801/06/6223/06/62Sick, a Casualwell and gone out
Cheverilere, AnnF3601/06/6225/02/63Return from Servisgone to a Servis
Dorking, RebeccaF3102/06/6228/07/62Sickgone to profide for her Self
Dorking, JosephineF002/06/6228/07/62[ 7 months old ]gone with its mother
Bury, ElizabethF4514/06/6212/08/62DrunckDied
Burr, AnnF1217/06/6228/06/62a Casualgone out
Woodcock, JohnM5617/06/6205/08/62SickDied
Cannon, SarahF1817/06/6228/06/62Sick, a Casualwell and gone out
Bury, RebeccaF1717/06/6209/08/62Sickat her own Request
Bearsley, WilliamM7121/06/6230/06/62Infirmgone out
Randall, SusanahF3229/06/6207/07/62Lamegone to westm Hospatal
Young, ElizabethF230/06/6209/07/62ye Father dead and ye mother not able to keep themgone out wt ye above mother
Young, MaryF530/06/6231/05/75ye Father dead and ye mother not able to keep themgone out
Young, JaneF730/06/6229/06/67ye Father dead and ye mother not able to keep themgone on Likeing to Mr Thos Strickland Brocker at ye three Compasses in Castle Street neer Long Acre
Young, MaryF3030/06/6209/07/62ye father dead and ye Mother not able to keep themat her own Request
Evans, ThomasM6204/07/6217/07/62with a black pastfor being in Liquor & kursing ye offessor
Bearsley, WilliamM7110/07/6214/07/62had Course to go for a pennyth of Beer & did not Return
Hodder, MaryF012/07/6209/05/64Borntaken out by ye Grandmother
Peckham, SarahF5014/07/6222/07/62gone to a Servis
Groom, RobertM7820/07/6230/08/62Infirmhad Leave to go out and did not Return
Windham, MaryF1822/07/6231/08/62foulgone out
Evans, ThomasM6227/07/6211/02/63Disorderleyhad Leave to go out and did not return
Lowery, AlexM5727/07/6226/03/64LazseaDied
Balldori, SarahF2429/07/6216/09/62Bigg with childReturn to St.George Hanr Square
Dorking, RebeccaF3131/07/6213/04/63gone out
Dorking, JosephineF031/07/6204/04/63[ 10 months old ]Died
Nason, MaryF1203/08/6223/04/64ye father in law will not keep hergone on Likeing at wallum gaurn
Williams, MariaF2618/08/6219/10/62wt Child, Born ye same daygone out and her two Children wt her
Williams, EdwardM018/08/6219/10/62Borngone wt ye mother
Wills, ElizabethF2620/08/6207/09/62Sick, a Casualgone to her husband
Williams, MariaF622/08/6219/10/62gone wt ye mother
Carpenter, HannahF328/08/6212/05/63a BastardDied
Carn, SarahF7301/09/6209/01/65InfirmDied
Floyd, AnnF6506/09/6215/09/62Infirmgone to ye Hospatal
Ward, AnnF4507/09/6216/09/62past from.......gone out
Andrews, JamesM2607/09/6202/03/63Vagrant, past from St GilesDied
Sanders, WilliamM6309/09/6209/10/62SickDied
Frazier, HughM6016/09/6202/10/62Infirmtaken away by two of his Countrymen
Mcloed, WilliamM2716/09/6218/09/62Sickdied
Summer, ThomasM7218/09/6226/12/62InfirmDied
Joyce, JaneF4823/09/6229/08/63Infirmgone out at her own Request
Holt, AnnF1723/09/6205/11/62Sickgone to Servis
Mcdonnald, BabaraF424/09/6217/08/63Lamegone to ye foundlan
Bratton, ThomasM624/09/6206/09/63from as Casualhis father took him out
Milford, AnnF1124/09/6219/06/63from jarmanher father took her out
Harris, MargaretF1827/09/6229/09/62fittsgone to St. Georges Hospital
Hanibldon, JanisF928/09/6215/04/63a CasualDied
Shocroft, EdwardM4102/10/6228/03/63Lamegone out
Bearsley, WilliamM7104/10/6211/06/66Infirmatt his Own request
Wallin, SarahF6005/10/6211/10/66Return from servishad Leave to go out and did not return
Painter, MaryF3011/10/6207/11/62Sickgone out
Woodhouse, RalphM3715/10/6218/11/62Lame, a Casualgone to Bristol
Wilcox, ElizabethF3515/10/6215/12/62Sickgone to her husband
Coleman, JohnM4519/10/6220/10/62pastat his own Request
Coleman, MargaretF4319/10/6201/05/63pastDied
Master, JaneF6722/10/6216/11/62at her own Request
Young, ElizabethF225/10/6213/04/63
Young, MaryF3025/10/6213/04/63gone out and her Child Elizth wt her
Price, SarahF4228/10/6209/12/62Sick, poxgone to profide for her Self
Loner, EdwardM4028/10/6207/11/62DropseyDied
Wickon, HonoryF4528/10/6202/02/63fits near deadgone out, 1s
William, MaryF1929/10/6217/02/63fitsgone to a Servis
Dockrty, HannahF5401/11/6220/07/63Lamegone to her rose
Randall, SusanahF3210/11/6223/02/63Lamegone to Westm Hospatal
Groom, RobertM7810/11/6203/04/63Infirmgone out
Diore, MaryF5113/11/6226/06/65gone out at her own Request
Ward, AnnF6016/11/6227/11/62Infirmgone out
Tapsell, JaneF2723/11/6205/04/63wt Child, ye Child of ye above Born ye 29 Jan 1763gone to Servis, [ Child died in the house 24/04/63]
Moulder, AnnF2007/12/6213/08/63Disrdered her headgone to Bethlem Hospatal
Reid, HannahF215/12/6217/08/63a Casualgone to foundlin
Martin, MaryF3016/12/6213/01/63this woman deliverd of a Child at Mr Chatry's Pave ment Waygone out at her own Request & her Child Thos withher
Martin, ThomasM016/12/6213/01/63( see previous record )( see previous record )
Dixon, JosephineF120/12/6224/05/63Past from Greenwich
Dixon, MaryF420/12/6224/05/63Past from Greenwich
Dixon, SarahF520/12/6224/05/63past from Greenwich
Dixon, MaryF2620/12/6224/05/63past from Greenwichgone out, 2s & a Shift and Shoes and ar takeing her three Children wt her
Parker, MaryF324/12/6226/04/63ye father to alou 2s per weekgone to a Servis
Rider, WilliamM6329/12/6226/03/63Infirmgone to work
Mason, CatherineF1003/01/6319/07/68Lamegone to her Sister
Wilcox, ElizabethF3506/01/6307/01/63SickDied
Pool, ThomasM5610/01/6306/02/63past from BristolDied
Abott, HannahF3813/01/6308/03/63PastGone on beer
Worl, RobertM3018/01/6307/02/63feaverwell and gone out
Sanders, EdwardM3207/02/6322/02/63SickDied
Stuart, ElizabethF3511/02/6323/04/63With Child, ye above Child Born ye March 14got over ye wall and took her Child wt her
Evans, ThomasM6316/02/6321/10/65wt a broaken headgot over ye wall
Richardson, MaryF1813/03/6305/05/63thought Able to profide for her Self
Postlewaite, ElizabethF6628/03/6324/04/63InfirmDied
Groom, RobertM7806/04/6317/04/63Brought in Drunkgot over ye Wall
Racket, JohnM4612/04/6315/04/64a CasualDied
Dow, ChristineF3618/04/6310/08/63wt Childgone out
Dixon, JaneF019/04/6306/05/63BornDied
Roberts, MaryF426/04/6313/07/63a Casualgone out
Roberts, MaryF3026/04/6313/07/63a Casualgone out and her two children with her
Morton, ThomasM726/04/6304/05/63a Casualhis father fetch him out
Roberts, RichardM226/04/6313/07/63a Casualgone out
Richenson, MaryF1929/04/6311/05/63pain in her liverwell to go out
Elms, MatthewM010/05/6315/06/66[ 1 month old ]Died
Elms, MarthaF2310/05/6317/08/63Laid in at Mrs. Adams and when her month was up or dered ye house her chikd with hergone to Servis to Mr Glaser
Carpenter, AnnF1417/05/6313/06/63Smallpox, a Casualwell and gone out at her own Request
Watkins, SarahF4422/05/6329/05/63Smallpox, a CasualDied
Cary, WilliamM6006/06/6308/09/63a Casualgone out, 3s
Stodart, ElizabethF3108/06/6311/11/63past, Thomas Stodart Born ye 19 Oct 1763gone out and her Child with her
Mackinsie, ElizabethF4508/06/6304/09/63pasthad Leave to go out and did not Return
Miors, WilliamM2010/06/6329/06/63Smallpox, a Casualwell and gone out
Matthew, MaryF3415/06/6314/04/64Returnd from ye Hospatalgone out
Starlin, JohnM5015/06/6323/06/63a CasualDied
Dow, SarahF016/06/6303/10/63ye above Child Born June 16 1763Died
Grainger, DianaF5817/06/6323/11/68Infirmgone to ye Hospatoll, Died June 10 1770
Millman, SarahF4517/06/6309/07/63InfirmDied
Wooden, JosephM1724/06/6326/07/63Smallpox, a Casualwell and gone out
Robertson, HannahF4824/06/6329/06/63Sick, a Casualgone out
Paget, EsterF6325/06/6310/07/63InfirmDied
Shaw, ElizabethF2002/07/6306/07/63Smallpox, a CasualDied
Groom, RobertM7912/07/6314/08/63Infirm, Brought in a white Barrowhad leave to go out and did not return
Hall, JosephM1915/07/6315/08/63Smallpox, a Casualwell and gone at his own Request
Ford, EdwardM226/07/6305/08/63SmallpoxDied
Jones, WilliamM001/08/6320/08/63[ 8 days old ]gone to ye foundlen Hospatal
Webb, SarahF2203/08/6312/08/63a Casual, foulgone out at her own Request
Forfor, ElenorF4412/08/6314/04/64foulgone out at her own Request
Wickon, HonoryF4620/08/6301/03/64fits, near deadgone out, 1s
Waker, MaryF725/08/6327/08/63Dropt by Mr Browningye Beedle took her a way
Martin, ThomasM5126/08/6313/10/63Lame, CasualDied
Cox, AnnF7007/09/6325/09/63InfirmDied
House, AnnF4520/09/6304/10/63Infirm, a CasualDied
Collins, ElizabethF3921/09/6312/10/63disordered in her head, a Casualat her own Request
Parsons, ElizabethF424/09/6327/09/63ye father of these too Children fetch them out
Parsons, AnnF724/09/6327/09/63ye father of these too Children fetch them out
Dow, ChristineF3625/09/6328/09/63gone out to profide for her Self
Truse, ThomasM1329/09/6305/10/63gone out
Truse, MaryF4729/09/6305/10/63Sick, Casualwell and gone out
James, CharlesM4501/10/6308/10/63SickDied
Hall, GeorgeM5114/10/6317/10/63SickDied
Master, JaneF6915/10/6304/10/68past from St GeorgeDied
Osborn, SarahF6321/10/6303/07/66past from St Giels in fieldsDied
Leashey, JaneF2229/10/6307/12/63with Child, Born on the same daywell and her Child wt her
Leashey, CatherineF029/10/6307/12/63Born ye Same Day[ see previous record ]
Evered, ArthurM4530/10/6310/11/63SmallpoxDied
Groom, RobertM7930/10/6301/11/63InfirmDied
Shocroft, EdwardM4131/10/6319/03/64Lameat his own Request
Chavelier, AnnF3712/11/6316/06/64Sickgone to a Servis
Mackinsie, elizabethF4514/11/6312/11/64LameDied
Povey, GeorgeM4017/11/6307/12/63Lamegot welt, 1s
Smith, JohnM1022/11/6326/06/67gone on Liking to Mr Atlnglin parukemaker in CrossCort Covent garden
Smith, JosephM522/11/6327/12/67his father ar taken him out
Dockrty, HannahF5423/11/6305/06/67Lamegone out
Chaveliare, AnnF3724/11/6307/12/63Sickgone out, 1s
Skidmore, EdwardM224/11/6312/03/64Died
Comings, AnnF3726/11/6330/11/63Sick, a CasualDied
Powel, LesterM2509/12/6327/12/63fevergone out at his own Request
Ogden, ElizabethF6009/12/6315/08/64Sickgone out at her own Request
Webb, JackM5811/12/6330/12/63Infirm, a CasualDied
Leashey, CatherineF017/12/6312/01/64[ 7 weeks old ], past from George Hanover( see previous record )
Leashey, JaneF2217/12/6312/01/64past from St George HanoverAfter a trial at Hicks Hall gone to George HanoverSquare and her Child with her
Lang, HumphreyM5021/01/6412/03/64InfirmCloathed and gone out, 1s 1 cot waistcoat and Briches and new Shoes
Ward, AnnF6124/01/6408/05/65InfirmDied
Plant, MaryF5227/01/6417/03/64fevergone out
Mills, IsabelaF6501/02/6406/02/65Infirmat her own Request
Price, ElenorF2811/02/6424/02/64delivered of a dead Child before she came to ye ho usemad, got over ye wall
Doram, HannahF6027/02/6423/05/64pain in her headgone to profide for her Selfe
Clark, SarahF1910/03/6425/04/64foulwell, 1s
Coleman, ElizabethF4411/03/6414/04/64SickDied
Harbent, MargaretF7914/03/6402/11/65InfirmDied
Nichols, JohnM2122/03/6428/03/64DropseySent to ye Hospatal but went away from them and did not Stay for his call
Dow, ElizabethF7130/03/6423/02/72InfirmDied
Thomas, SarahF2914/04/6405/05/64a Casual, Itchat her own Request, 1s
Edmonds, MaryF016/04/6426/04/64a Child of ye above mother [ 1 week old ]Died
Hath, AnnF2718/04/6403/08/65Lunitickgone to Bethlem Hospatall
Edmonds, DorcasF3020/04/6430/04/64deliverd of a Bastard Child, a Casualgone out
Curtis, AnnF3626/04/6426/06/65nr dead, palseagone to ye Bath Hospital
Lisk, CatherineF501/05/6426/05/71Died
Lisk, JohnM4601/05/6403/05/64Sickto provide for him Selfe
Lisk, JohnM1401/05/6425/07/64gone on Liking to Mr Chamberlin Baker feter LaineBound ye 27 of Augt 1767
Lisk, AnnF801/05/6424/11/72gone to Servis
Thompsom, JaneF4105/05/6417/05/64Sickgone out at her own Request
Davis, MaryF6014/05/6430/05/64Infirm, a Casualpast to Kinsington
Thompsom, JaneF4117/05/6421/05/64a Casual, Came in ye same daywell and gone out
Hunt, WilliamM1306/06/6417/06/64Return from Mr Millmangone to Mr Halford
How, JohnM7608/06/6423/05/67InfirmDied
Gover, MarthaF5109/06/6411/06/64DisorderlyDied
Fiard, ThomasM1809/06/6424/06/64Smallpoxat his own Request
Fuge, MaryF1415/06/6422/07/65return from servisgone to a Servis
Peters, MaryF521/06/6423/06/66Died
Daniel, MaryF2522/06/6417/07/64wt ChildGone out at her own Request, 2s
Thompsom, JaneF4123/06/6423/08/64a Casualat her own request
Parker, ElizabethF1028/06/6422/08/65return from her Servisgone on Likeing to a Landerest
Rider, WilliamM6402/07/6431/05/78InfirmDied
Jones, MosesM4706/07/6417/07/64Sickgone to work
Dow, SamuelM1220/07/6421/05/65Returnd a bold ye same daygone to Mr Adams ye Royal Hospital
Roberts, JohnM6325/07/6408/08/64Infirmgone out, 1s
Kilpatrick, JohnM4727/07/6406/08/64gone to Greenwitch Hospatall
Bloxholm, SamuelM415/08/6417/07/65gone out to his mother
Bloxholm, WilliamM615/08/6426/05/65Died
Bloxholm, JohnM815/08/6420/10/64Died
Ellis, JaneF5426/08/6416/06/66Laimegone to ye Hospatal
Stuart, JamesM131/08/6431/10/64Died
Stuart, ElizabethF3631/08/6405/11/64SickDied
Gardner, MaryF2703/09/6412/09/64SickDied
Chavelire, AnnF3804/09/6408/05/65Sickgone to ye Aspatal
Davis, SarahF104/09/6415/08/66Bare CortDied
Price, SarahF4406/09/6417/10/64Sickwell and gone out
Nealer, MarthaF907/09/6404/01/66these three children's father and Mother deadgone on Likeing to Jews Row, Bound ye 18 feb 1766
Nealer, WilliamM207/09/6410/06/76these three Children's father & Mother deadgone on Likeing to Mr Carter a waterman
Millinton, JohnM208/09/6420/10/64their mother taken them out
Millinton, ThomasM408/09/6420/10/64their mother taken them out
Hatton, MaryF5618/09/6426/09/64SickDied
Kendall, WilliamM1118/09/6413/08/66a Casualgone to putney on Likeing to a Barber
Nealer, ElizabethF1523/09/6403/10/64these three Children's father & Mother deadgone on Likeing to Mr Fullard Bookbinder Avry MaryLane, Since bound to ye Bored
Cartwright, JohnM6527/09/6417/10/64a Casualtaken away by ye officer of Richmond and his wifewith him
Cartwright, ElenorF4327/09/6417/10/64a Casualtaken away by ye officer of Richmond and his wifewith him
Horder, HannahF6228/09/6408/11/64Infirmgone to Limington wt her husband
Horder, WilliamM6828/09/6408/11/64Infirmgone to Limington ye Lowanker of 2s per weeke
Bradley, HannahF3802/10/6417/11/64Sickgone to a Servis at wonsworth
Edwards, ElizabethF2106/10/6422/11/64wt Childgone out at her own Request
Wier, ElizabethF5007/10/6401/11/64Sick, a Casualgone out
Waters, ThomasM4216/10/6425/10/64Sickgone to Chelsea Hospatal
Champ, JohnM6621/10/6409/11/64Sickgone out at his own Request
Hampton, ElizabethF5422/10/6407/11/64Infirmwent out at her own Request
Piper, ElizabethF6024/10/6414/05/65Infirmgone out
Doram, HannahF6430/10/6423/01/65Infirmgone out, 1s
Edward, MaryF031/10/6413/11/64BornDied
Bloxholm, MaryF3706/11/6417/07/65wt Child, ye Child born Jan 17gone out
Hampton, ElizabethF5408/11/6418/04/66Infirmgone out
Forfar, ElenorF4609/11/6424/04/65gone out, 1s
Lisk, JohnF4610/11/6405/02/65ConsumtiveDied
Shocroft, EdwardM4315/11/6430/03/65Lameat his own Request
Collins, WilliamM4118/11/6410/05/65gone out, 20s
Dimmick, SamuelM6519/11/6402/01/65InfirmDied
Pitt, AnnF3719/11/6420/11/64Lame, a Casualat her own Request
Heyden, Thomas LowM920/11/6401/07/68above Born Child of Dr Lowgone to Janier Street Bedford now to be Cured of ye Evil
Coulson, SarahF2423/11/6428/11/64wt Childgone to Dedford
Bater, AnnF729/11/6417/04/66her frend taken her out
Bater, AnnF3029/11/6404/04/65gone out, 2s
Maning, MaryF1630/11/6414/01/65gone to a Servis
Maning, JudithF6030/11/6422/01/65Infirmgone out
Robertson, WilliamM2803/12/6407/03/65Sickhad Leave to go out and did not return
Robertson, HannahF3503/12/6405/12/64gone to profide for her Self
Colloway, WilliamM4504/12/6418/12/64Sickgone to ye Magpey
White, ElizabethF5915/12/6409/02/65Disorded in her Serviswell, at her own Request to her master
Wickom, HonoryF4722/12/6421/03/65Lazeyat her own Request
Leagatty, AnnF5905/01/6524/04/65Infirmgone out, 1s
Ogden, ElizabethF6107/01/6528/04/65Sickgone out at her own Request
King, Mary AnnF515/01/6507/07/65agreed for with ye mother to allow her 1s pr week for herher Mother taken her out without Leave
Taylor, FrancesF7315/01/6515/12/65InfirmDied
Master, MaryF3416/01/6512/02/65Infirmgone to Servis
Bloxholm, MaryF017/01/6530/06/65BornDied
Balding, MarthaF7220/01/6502/02/65InfirmDied
Peckham, SarahF5424/01/6529/09/74past from St PancrasDied
Moore, RobertM7730/01/6516/08/65InfirmDied
Newel, AnnF5705/02/6515/04/67past from St Gilesgone out
Atkins, JohnM2013/02/6520/03/65Sickwell and gone
Price, AnnF920/02/6523/06/67gone on Likeing to Mr Osbon in Vine Street near Shandow St. Jly 30 1767
Price, MaryF720/02/6517/08/65Died
Flint, JohnM1811/03/6527/03/65Rumaticswell, gone out,1s
Robertson, WilliamM2811/03/6513/03/65gone out, 1s
Carter, HeneritaF2513/03/6517/04/65Sick, past from St Marywell and gone out, 2s
Fisher, ElizabethF330/03/6511/06/65gone to weakfield yorkshire or Brustwell
Veal, MaryF4930/03/6527/04/65gone to a Servis
Nason, MaryF1502/04/6524/06/65gone on Likeing to Mr Groom at Richmond
Northeart, JohnM3016/04/6520/04/65Sickwell and out for a huss
Robertson, WilliamM2822/04/6520/08/65Sickat his own Request
Robertson, MaryF3622/04/6524/04/65Itch, a Casualgone out at her own Request
Robertson, ThomasM522/04/6524/04/65Itch, a Casualgone out along wt his mother
Anderson, ElizabethF6023/04/6503/06/65Not WellWent out at her own Request, to be alloud 2s Pr Wek
St Larance, HeneritaF1723/04/6508/05/65foulgone to her mistress
Morgan, WilliamM2530/04/6504/06/65foulwell and gone out, 1s
Wastcoat, PeterM6401/05/6526/06/65Infirmhad Leave to Go out but did not return til ye nexday and was not admittd
Wastcoat, MaryF701/05/6521/10/73gone to Servis
Wastcoat, ElizbethF501/05/6525/10/73gone to Servis
Bloxholm, ElizabethF1314/05/6508/06/65Itchwell and gone to Servis
Tute, EsterF6214/05/6524/05/65Infirm, a CasualDied
Wilson, HenryM5916/05/6504/05/66Infirmgot over ye wall
Booth, MaryF925/05/6526/08/65Itch, past from Spittlefields mktgone wt ye above mother
Booth, ElizabethF3225/05/6526/08/65Itch, past from Spittlefields mkthad Leave wt her Girl and did not return
Matthews, MarthaF2027/05/6502/06/65feaver, a Casualat her own Request
Collins, WilliamM4131/05/6516/01/66at his own Request
Bloxholm, ElizabethF1311/06/6517/07/65Returnd from Servisgone out wt her mother
Brown, WilliamM012/06/6529/01/66BornDied
Kover, HannahF2517/06/6515/07/65was Deliverd of a Child in Infirmryat her own Request
Hall, JosephM2121/06/6530/06/65a Cold, past from Kingstonwell and gone out to work
Knapp, SarahF6025/06/6521/08/65Dropseawell
Watson, MarthaF2626/06/6530/06/65Sickwell and gone out
Dow, SamuelM1327/06/6514/07/65Return from ye ------ Royal Hospitalgone ye second time to ye Singerp Hospital
Radford, ElanorF6002/07/6512/03/68InfirmDied
Frazer, MaryF1204/07/6517/04/66Returnd from her placegone to Mr Cox
Parrot, AmeleaF108/07/6511/07/65Child of ye Abovegone wt ye above mother
Parrot, AmeliaF2808/07/6511/07/65Sick, a Casualwell and gone out
Flint, JohnM1810/07/6505/02/66foulwell and gone out, a pair of Shoes
Squiers, JoannaF6811/07/6502/03/71InfirmDied
Jones, FrancisM312/07/6526/04/75gone out
Charter, EdwardM817/07/6502/02/68their mother to allow 2s per wkgone to Lady Dashers School
Charter, SarahF217/07/6525/10/65their mother to allow 2s per wkher mother taken her out
Hutchin, RobertM7618/07/6501/09/65Sickwell and gone to work
Chevalier, AnnF3901/08/6507/08/65Returnd from ye Hospatalhad Leave to go out and did not return
Peters, SarahF5907/08/6505/09/65DropseyDied
Whitman, AnnF6510/08/6522/08/65a Vagrant, pastgone out,1s
Driven, ThomasM5113/08/6531/08/65DropseyDied
Watson, MarthaF2613/08/6520/08/65In Liquorgone out
Nason, MaryF1515/08/6517/08/65returnd from Mr Groomgone to Mr Horosham to Servis
Smiler, HonoryF120/08/6526/08/65wt ye above [ see previous records ]
Smiler, AnnF2520/08/6526/08/65Sickat her own Request
Booth, ElizabethF3227/08/6523/05/66gone out
Booth, MaryF927/08/6523/05/66gone out wt ye above mother
Abott, HannahF4002/09/6508/03/66SickGone to ye Lock Hospatall
Curtis, AnnF3603/09/6530/05/73Lame, Returnd from ye Bath HospatalDied
Stoke, JohnM5303/09/6510/12/65gone to a Servis
Chevalier, AnnF3906/09/6526/04/66SickGone to Servis
Wheeler, SusanahF2219/09/6525/09/65wt Childgone out
Whitennoll, BenjamanM123/09/6510/11/65Died
Whitennoll, JonathanM723/09/6514/06/66all three gone wt ye above mother
Whitennoll, MaryM3623/09/6514/05/66gone out & taken her three Children wt her
Whitennoll, WilliamM323/09/6514/05/66all three gone out wt ye above mother
Whitennoll, SarahF523/09/6514/05/66all three gone out wt ye above mother
Whitennoll, WilliamM5223/09/6504/12/65Ruptorgone to work
Hughes, CharloteF126/09/6528/11/65Died
Frazer, JohnM1308/10/6523/10/65Soor Head, Return from his masterReturnd to his former place on Likeing, Bound Dec6 1765
Tinto, RobertM5909/10/6523/10/65Sickgone out
Coulton, ElizabethF2912/10/6526/10/65Sickgone out
Coulton, ElizabethF2929/10/6506/11/65Sickgone out
Young, ElizabethF530/10/6515/01/66Sickgone wt ye above mother
Young, MaryF3030/10/6515/01/66at her own request
Evans, ThomasM6901/11/6522/04/66In Liquorgone out
Prirae, JohnM7003/11/6517/06/66Infirmgone Out
Heath, CatherineF2904/11/6512/11/70Brought holme from out of ye contreyEscapt out of ye yard
Scott, SarahF5621/11/6516/03/74InfirmDied
Doram, HannahF6521/11/6527/11/66Infirmat her own Request
Hinton, AnnF1627/11/6509/12/65Sick, a Casualat her own Request
Bates, AnnF3107/12/6523/12/65SickDied
Knapp, SarahF6024/12/6518/01/66SickDied
Edwards, ElizabethF2204/01/6629/01/66a Casualgone out
Fuge, MaryF1507/01/6612/03/66Returnd from her ServisGone to Mr Gloser
Dyer, MaryF5410/01/6626/08/79helplesDied
Collins, WilliamF4124/01/6601/02/66gone over ye gate
Millford, AnnF1428/01/6604/02/66gone to Mr Bardin
Watson, MaryF2728/01/6609/02/66Sick, a CasualDied
Piper, ElizabethF6101/02/6603/02/73InfirmDied
Foster, JaneF3201/02/6607/09/66Bad eyesgone to nurskeeping
Collins, WilliamF4103/02/6623/05/66Died
Milton, ElizabethF1904/02/6605/02/66a CasualDied
Morrison, MaryF1104/02/6607/04/66ye father sent for them out
Morrison, ElizabethF704/02/6607/04/66ye father sent for them out
FLint, JohnM1805/02/6612/02/66gone out, 1s
Edhan, AnnF6408/02/6627/09/68Infirmgone out, to be Loned 1s pr week
Flint, JohnM1812/02/6624/02/66Returnd ye Same daygone to Mr Paul
Northeart, JohnM3018/02/6615/03/66Sickgone out
Flint, JohnM1804/03/6610/04/66a pain in his limbgone out
Vaughn or Mitchel, AnnF2421/03/6611/04/68gone out
Vaughn, Comfort AmeliaF021/03/6611/04/68[ 3 weeks old ]gone wt ye above mother
Miller, JohnM224/03/6626/05/66[ see previous records ]
Miller, ElizabethF3124/03/6626/05/66with Child, a Casualgone at her own Request to her husband at plimmothwt war office pass______
Miller, AnnF624/03/6626/05/66gone with ye above mother
Povey, GeorgeM4303/04/6606/04/66a Egogone out, 1s
Mills, IsabelaF6707/04/6608/04/66SickDied
Mills, SarahF2509/04/6629/04/66Sickhad Leave to go out and did not Return
Hambleton, MaryF7712/04/6616/06/66SmallpoxRecovered..........
Flint, JohnM1816/04/6607/05/66a pain in his limbgone out
Bartley, WilliamM5017/04/6622/04/66SickDied
Lang, HumphreyM5221/04/6621/05/66Lame handa pair of Shoes and a Shirt
Boxall, JamesM522/04/6624/09/66gone out wt his mother
Boxall, ElizabethF3522/04/6624/09/66wt Childhad Leave to go out and did not Return
Watkins, JudithF8324/04/6623/07/68InfirmDied
Frazer, MaryF1230/04/6605/08/69Returnd from Mr Coxgone out
Joyce, JaneF5201/05/6604/05/67Sickwell & gone out
Fuge, MaryF1510/05/6610/03/67gone on Likeing to Mr _______ , Bound May 26 1767
Amos, JamesM2013/05/6605/06/66SmallpoxRecovered
Asetor, RichardM1415/05/6619/05/66feverDied
Aseter, ElizabethF615/05/6604/08/66feversDied
Aseter, MaryF1015/05/6629/01/67FeverGone on Licking to Mr.Groon Baker in potscoat Laneallgate
Jackson, MaryF4107/06/6601/06/68left by Husbandgone to ye Hospatal
Hutchens, RobertM7707/06/6602/07/66Infirmgone to St George Hospotall
Beasley, WilliamM7514/06/6619/09/67InfirmDied
Abbot, ElizabethF2816/06/6601/07/67Sick, casualgone wt a war Office pass
Abbot, SimonM016/06/6601/07/67Child of the above [ 6 months old ]Child gone wt her
Church, MaryF6021/06/6618/02/67past from Lambethgone out
Horden, JohnM5028/06/6601/08/66SickDied
Ponty, WilliamM103/07/6617/08/79ye mother gone & left himGone on likeing to Mr Dodd Taylor Chelsea
Bird, MaryF9008/07/6626/08/71InfirmDied
Cakeley, HannahF4011/07/6617/07/66Sickgone out at her own Request
Hutchins, RobertM7723/07/6625/11/72Returnd from ye HospatallDied
Veal, MaryF5026/07/6618/08/66gone to a servis
Matthews, HannahF2231/07/6618/08/66fittsto profide for herSelf
Coulson, SarahF2504/08/6605/11/66wt Childgone out
Ellis, JaneF5506/08/6618/03/67Lamegone to Hospatal
Crisp, ElizabethF7908/08/6618/08/66Infirmgone out
Cambel, CatherineF2619/08/6608/10/66ConsummtiveDied
Smith, ElizabethF2924/08/6601/09/66a Casualgone for Jerland and her Child wt her
Smith, ElizabethF124/08/6601/09/66a Casual
Boxall, LucyF028/08/6620/10/66[ 31 days old ][ see next record ]
Kendall, WilliamM1309/09/6630/09/66returnd from putneygone on Likeing to a fisherman at wansworthBound Oct 30 1766
Chevalier, AnnF4020/09/6612/08/67gone out
Coulsen, ThomasM020/09/6605/11/66Born in ye housetaken out by his mother
Lang, HumphreyM5324/09/6604/11/66Lamegone out
Povey, GeorgeM4325/09/6620/10/66Lamegone out
Boxall, ElizabethF3527/09/6628/10/66gone out wt ye above Child
Robertson, LucyF2001/10/6624/01/67wt Childgone to Service
Forfar, ElanorF4711/10/6630/01/67gone out
Fortesque, MaryF1512/10/6624/10/66Ague and fevergone to Richmon on likeing
Milford, AnnF1416/10/6624/11/66gone to Service
Ferwent, DonolyM6422/10/6602/12/66Infirmpast to his parish
Wallin, SarahF6022/10/6615/07/76LameDied
Morgan, MaryF326/10/6604/01/67Carried to ________Mr Cockeron for their mother taken them out
Morgan, RobertM226/10/6604/01/67Carried to __________Mr Cockeron for there mother taken them out
Boxall, JamesM529/10/6605/11/66
Boxall, ElizabethF3529/10/6605/11/66gone out and her two Children wt her at her own Request
Williamson, MaryF5929/10/6602/02/81BlindDied
Boxall, LucyF029/10/6605/11/66[ 11 weeks old ]
Evans, ThomasM6930/10/6618/05/67Return from Capt. Flynnhad Leave to go out and Returnd not acording to orders
Bullock, MaryF8431/10/6628/01/67Infirm, a Casualgone out
Ricroft, MaryF3006/11/6607/11/66gone out
Ricroft, ElizabethF506/11/6621/02/67Died
Ricroft, BenjamanM206/11/6607/05/67Died
Coulsen, ThomasM012/11/6620/11/66[ 7 weeks old ]Died
Northeart, JohnM3118/11/6623/03/67fevergone out to work
Legatte, AnnF5919/11/6622/04/67Infirmgone out, 1s
Tomphe, JaneF3020/11/6624/11/66gone out at her own Request
Tomphe, EsterF120/11/6615/12/66past to Greenwhich
Robertson, ElizabethF020/11/6610/03/67BornDied
Ferguson, MargaretF2025/11/6611/12/66paston own Bridal had her to Hickershall to an apeal
Flack, LiddiaF126/11/6612/03/67pastgone out wt a pass to mothers friend
Tomphe, JaneF3026/11/6601/12/66to Stay til Momdaygone out
Flack, MaryF2526/11/6610/01/67pastgone to Servis
Kelly, JamesM3127/11/6617/12/66Aguegone out, 1s
Franklin, MarthaF2205/12/6621/12/66fittsgone out
Radford, MaryF2006/12/6629/12/66a Casualgone out wt a Vagar
Radford, ElizabethF2806/12/6629/12/66a Casualgone out
Harmon, JohnM4709/12/6610/12/66a CasualDied
Singler, SarahF3112/12/6613/03/67past, foulgone out at her own Request
Flint, JohnM1815/12/6627/01/67Lamegone out
Ogden, ElizabethF6222/12/6614/01/67SickDied
Francis, BartholomewM2024/12/6609/02/67Sick, a Casualgone out
Carn, ElizabethF6430/12/6611/02/67Infirmgone out
Booth, MaryF1120/01/6725/07/67gone on Likeing to Mr Hooper Swallow Street BoundJuly 28 1767
Turner, ThomasM6422/01/6728/01/67gone out
Waters, CatherineF629/01/6716/01/73Died
Magson, ThomasM4701/02/6704/02/67Lamegone to St Georges Aspatal
Booth, ElizabethF3303/02/6717/07/68Lamehad Leave to go out and did not Return
Charter, ElizabethF6703/02/6728/05/68LameDied
Ricroft, MaryF3017/02/6706/04/67a fevergone to Service
Mayhew, SusanahF7603/03/6718/10/67Lame armDied
Forfar, ElanorF4710/03/6727/04/67foulgone out
Durham, AleaF2416/03/6704/06/67all past from Brentfordgone out
Durham, ElizabethF016/03/6704/06/67all past from Brentford [ 30 weeks old ]gone out with ye above same mother
Durham, ThomasM5316/03/6704/06/67Lame Legg, all past from Brentfordgone out
Germain, JohnM027/03/6728/04/67a Bastard of ye above Born at St Mary Overepast to St Mary Overe
Germain, SarahF3327/03/6724/04/67past from St Marygone out and left her Child
Church, MaryF6028/03/6729/05/71Returnd from her Songone out
Lang, HumphreyM5330/03/6724/04/67Lamegone out, a new Shirt and new Stockings
Danson, JohnM5214/04/6727/05/67Sickwell & gone out
Newel, AnnF5917/04/6718/04/67disorderly, much liquorat her own Request
Rumbold, JaneF3018/04/6730/04/67SickDied
Moloy, PeterM4224/04/6704/05/67Sickable to profide for his Selfe
Wilford, MaryF1124/04/6715/05/67gone on Likeing to Mr Bolshire Servis
Hill, LishaF5229/04/6730/04/67disorderd in her Servicepast to St Brides
Forfar, ElanorF4705/05/6711/01/68foulDied
Spick, ElizabethF006/05/6720/11/68Born ye 6 of May 1767Died
Edwards, ElizabethF2309/05/6727/05/67Sick, came with an orderDied
Cook, SarahF1909/05/6718/05/67aguegone out
Brefield, CatherineF7012/05/6708/05/69InfirmDied
Harris, VernonM6014/05/6726/08/67Infirmat his own Request
Evans, ThomasM6421/05/6719/07/67Returnd very ill by much drinkinghad leave to go to Church and did not returnd
Wilford, MaryF1105/06/6717/07/67returnd from her Servisgone on Likeing to Mr Moor Southern Street, BoundJuly 21 1767
Jackson, MaryF3206/06/6729/07/67Sickgone out
Charlton, JeremiahM4414/06/6717/06/67Sick, a CasualDied
Jones, MaryF5817/06/6726/11/67Lamegone out for Bad mannagement wt people in ye Smallpox
Smith, JosephM819/06/6720/04/70gone to his Uncle
Smith, ElizabethF2919/06/6723/06/67Sick, a CasualDied
Ellis, JaneF5524/06/6714/09/68Lamegone to ye Aspatal
Forfar, ElanorF7630/06/6714/07/67Infirmher daughter fetch her away
Lang, HumphreyM5330/06/6708/07/67fevergone out, 1s
Hanse, WilliamM1103/07/6705/10/68Return from likinggone on Liking to Mr Gardner wookoms
Turner, ElenorF6503/07/6728/07/67Infirm, a Casualgone out
Young, JaneF1204/07/6725/07/67Returnd from her placegone on Likeing to Mr Plat mantumaker Monmouth Street
Gough, SarahF7208/07/6723/09/70InfirmDied
Shocroft, WilliamM4713/07/6713/04/68Lamegone out
Scott, EsterF3113/07/6718/07/67wt Childgone out past to Bristol
Morgan, MarkM114/07/6718/01/68ye father to allow 1s per week as long as ye Child liveDied
Catenoss, JamesM5314/07/6715/07/67Casualgone out
Povey, GeorgeM4415/07/6722/07/67Rumatismgone out, 1s
Povey, GeorgeM4415/07/6715/07/67Rumatismgone out
Stubbing, ElizabethF1217/07/6721/07/67Returnd from Mr MarkeBound to her uncle Ribon weaver
Smith, JohnM1318/07/6720/06/69Returnd from Mr Clinghamgone on Likeing to Mr Childer a waterman 0f Wansworth and Bound about ye 10 of Aug 1770
Evans, ThomasM7019/07/6705/04/68Sir Jon Barley Corn Brot him in draipt on his Shol dergot over ye gate
Miller, SarahF6922/07/6715/09/67gone out
Simmon, GraceF3323/07/6730/07/67Sick, a CasualDied
Sherwood, DorotheaF7925/07/6727/01/71InfirmDied
Young, JaneF1228/07/6713/08/67Returnd from her placeWent out ye Cathn Duffe
Dow, ElizabethF1428/07/6703/08/67Return from placegone to Mr. Moss on licking, Butcher, Shoreditch
Oneal, MaryF828/07/6717/10/67her mother taken her out
Wray, SusanahF6229/07/6731/07/67Infirm, a CasualDied
Dow, ElizabethF1406/08/6719/10/67Return from her placegone to Mr Greenind Backer, petecoat Lane, WhiteChapple
Boxall, JamesM721/08/6702/09/67gone out wt ye above mother
Boxall, ElizabethF3721/08/6702/09/67Sickgone out and her Boy wt her, 1s
Johnson, AnnF2422/08/6702/09/67Deserted by her husbandpast to St Sepulkers, her Child wt her
Johnson, ElizabethF122/08/6702/09/67[ see previous record ][ see previous record ]
Young, ElizabethF2123/08/6724/08/67only saw one my......gone out and her Child wt her
Young, ElizabethF223/08/6724/08/67gone wt ye above
Joyce, JaneF5304/09/6707/09/67gone to hoping at her own Request, 2s
Lindsey, ElizabethF2007/09/6704/11/67foulgone out
Hinchlift, EdwardM6007/09/6708/10/67Consumtivegone and past to St James
Martin, MaryF3009/09/6709/03/68wt ChildDied
Magson, ThomasM4716/09/6720/03/68Lamegone out, 1s
Joyce, JaneF5330/09/6717/06/68gone out at her own Request
Parker, ElizabethF1403/10/6728/01/68fevergone to Servis
Honory, IsabelaF2706/10/6727/10/67gone out, 2s
Honory, MaryF1006/10/6727/10/67feverwell and gone out
Chevaliere, AnnF4116/10/6729/12/68out of placegone at her own Request
Pain, HonoryF6616/10/6702/11/67fevergone out, past to Stampford Lincolnshire
Pain, ElizabethF5716/10/6702/11/67fevergone out, past to Stampford in Lincolnshire
Woral, RobertM3419/10/6704/11/67pastat his own Request, 2s
Woral, WilliamM019/10/6707/11/67past [ 9 weeks old ]ye mother taken him out wt her
Woral, SarahF1719/10/6707/11/67pastgone out
Jordan, JohnM320/10/6725/01/68Died
Scott, JosephM020/10/6724/12/67[ 7 weeks old ]wt ye above mother
Aspry, CatherineF6220/10/6704/11/67a Casualwent out wt out Leave and came no more
Scott, EsterF3120/10/6724/12/67gone out wt a war office past,5s 3d
Laskley, JirdethM6627/10/6729/12/74Died
Mcdonal, MaryF4003/11/6721/04/68Sickgone out, 5s 3d, gone to Scotland
Mcdonal, MaryF503/11/6721/04/68gone wt ye above mother
Martin, MargaretF003/11/6709/03/68BornDied
Edhan, ThomasM6705/11/6718/06/68InfirmDied
Davis, JaneF1905/11/6714/01/68gone out to Servas
Lang, HumphreyM5316/11/6725/12/68gone out, 1s
Chaplen, CatherineF3118/11/6711/01/68Consumtivepast to St Andrews Holborn
Meeks, JamesM1518/11/6709/04/68gone on Liking to a fisherman
Harris, VernonM6018/11/6707/03/69Died
Simmon, ElizabethF2219/11/6711/04/68gone out
Simmon, ElizabethF019/11/6727/12/68[ 3 weeks old ]Died
Road, JaneF6324/11/6711/04/81a CasualDied
Napper, GraceF6402/12/6718/05/74InfirmDied
Randall, SusanahF3708/12/6725/05/68gone to Service at Gound
Wallker, MaryF814/12/6717/12/67dropt in ye Streetgone out
Nalder, JonM2016/12/6728/12/67Smallpox, past from Mr Readat his own Request
Purcell, MaryF2521/12/6705/01/68wth Childdeliverd of a dead Child March 1 1768, went out
Giles, MaryF5826/12/6730/12/68Infirmgone out
Gehan, MatthewM4128/12/6705/02/68not wellDied
Leagatty, AnnF6030/12/6715/06/68Infirmat her own Request
Howard, AnnF6030/12/6731/12/67no parishnergone out
Boxall, ElizabethF3702/01/6830/03/69gone out
Boxall, JamesM702/01/6830/12/70gone out
Povey, GeorgeM4408/01/6820/01/68Laseywell gone out, 1s
Howard, AnnF5816/01/6830/04/68gone out
Peach, CatherineF1019/01/6813/08/70a Casualgone out wt Cathn Duffe & young
Watkins, MarthaF5122/01/6825/01/68SmallpoxDied
Carter, HonorittaF2722/01/6815/04/68pastgone out
Penerick, HenryM4223/01/6831/01/68SmallpoxDied
Rimney, JamesM1930/01/6802/03/68Smallpoxgone out, 1s
Durham, ElizabethF131/01/6808/02/68
Durham, AleaF2431/01/6808/02/68
Durham, ThomasM5331/01/6808/02/68gone out to work, 2s
Davis, JaneF1903/02/6817/02/68Returnd from her Servicegone to Servas
Pouldon, MarthaF4613/02/6815/04/68past from St Andrewgone out, 2s
Durham, ElizabethF115/02/6817/04/68gone wt ye above mother
Durham, AleaF2415/02/6817/04/68gone out to her husband
Osborn, ChristinaF7218/02/6813/08/70InfirmDied
Freeman, WilliamM5324/02/6818/04/68Sickgone out
Constantine, MaryF4624/02/6805/05/68wt chldDied
Freeman, SarahF5324/02/6818/04/68gone out
Constantine, ElizabethF026/02/6810/03/68Born ye 26Died
Patridge, MaryF2716/03/6813/04/68Sickgone out
Taylor, JamesM2116/03/6826/03/68Cosumtivegone to Service
Everet, MaryF3923/03/6823/06/68at her own Request
Everet, MaryF123/03/6823/06/68gone wt ye above mother
Drew, WilliamM7126/03/6815/06/68InfirmDied
Rimney, JamesM1901/04/6816/04/68SickDied
Woral, SarahF1708/04/6813/04/68gone out and her Child wt her
Woral, WilliamM008/04/6813/04/68[ 8 months old ][ see previous record ]
Hall, ThomasM5608/04/6802/05/68Sour foodgone out, 1s
Taylor, JamesM2108/04/6818/04/68Smallpoxgone out
Williams, JohnF4609/04/6815/04/68Aguegone out
Collis, JohnM2013/04/6801/05/68feverDied
Evans, ThomasM7014/04/6826/12/68had Leave and did not Return
Bradly, LucyF3316/04/6825/04/68Itchgone out
Cooper, ElizabethF927/04/6815/09/68Sarah Cooper and her three Children gone to Gansport and is allowed 3s per week for their Support
Cooper, MaryF727/04/6815/09/68Sarah Cooper and her three Children gone to Gansport and is allowed 3s per week for their Support
Cooper, SarahF4127/04/6815/09/68wt ChildSarah Cooper and her three Children gone to Gansport and is allowed 3s per week for their Support
Mills, JohnM6204/05/6830/07/70gone out
Gill, MaryF311/05/6827/05/68gone out wt ye above mother
Gill, WonsfordF4111/05/6827/05/68gone out
Hill, AnnF1812/05/6821/05/68foulgone to ye Lock Hospatal
Groom, ElizabethF5014/05/6808/03/73LameDied
Gardner, MargaretF1116/05/6813/01/69gone on Likeing to Spitlefields
Cooper, ThomasM028/05/6810/06/69Born a BastardDied
Shurval, RichardM2830/05/6806/06/68Sickgone out at his own Request
Thisdian, ThomasM306/06/6804/12/77gone to Mr Aitkinson
Shocroft, EdwardM4711/06/6820/06/68SickDied
Parrot, SarahF721/06/6823/06/71gone out to her father
Parrot, JohnM421/06/6806/03/77gone out
Parrot, SusanahF021/06/6812/07/68[ 5 weeks old ]Died
Radford, MaryF1902/07/6802/11/68gone to her father
Vundal, ElizabethF2004/07/6823/09/68gone out
Hall, HenryM1816/07/6820/08/68feverDied
King, AnnF1818/07/6823/07/68Itchgone out, 3s
Elley, WilliamM1818/07/6821/07/68gone out
Booth, ElizabethF3421/07/6826/12/68Returnd from holaday keepinggone out
Yendal, ElizabethF2322/07/6820/08/68a Casualgone out
Yendal, JohnM022/07/6820/08/68[ 1 day old ]wt ye above mother
Jackson, MaryF4627/07/6803/04/72Returnd from ye HospatalDied
Carloss, MaryF1906/08/6809/11/68at her own Request
Ball, JohnF5311/08/6812/11/68Died
Pearce, JaneF3918/08/6819/08/68a Casualgone out
Jones, MaryF5922/08/6814/03/69gone out
Hill, AnnF1827/08/6812/11/68Returnd from ye Hospatalwell-gone out at her own Request
Willis, ElizabethF3005/09/6829/10/68Sick, a CasualDied
Galop, HannahF3706/09/6810/09/68gone to Servis
Heyden, Thomas LowM1206/09/6829/06/70Died
King, ThomasM6624/09/6823/10/68InfirmDied
Powel, MrgaretF3430/09/6804/10/68a CasualDied
Buzby, AnnF2008/10/6809/11/68wt Childat her own Request
Buzby, AnnF008/10/6809/11/68gone wt ye mother, 1s per week at december20 1768
Magson, ThomasM4814/10/6815/04/69Lamegone out at his own Request, 2s 6d
Willis, ElizabethF017/10/6830/10/68BornDied
Hanse, WilliamM1318/10/6816/06/69Returnd from Mr Gardnergone on Liking to a fisherman at wonsworth, BoundJune 13 1769
Ball, AvisF4919/10/6813/03/69gone out, 1s 6d per week
Matley, MatthewM2221/10/6823/11/68Sickat his own Request
Simpson, WilliamM6426/10/6809/01/73InfirmDied
Ellis, JaneF5626/10/6829/07/69Return from ye hospitalgone to See her friends
Taylor, MaryF1901/11/6821/01/69Sick, a Casualgone to her frends
Richard, MaryF2405/11/6808/12/68gone out, 1s
Linsey Alis, AnnF1109/11/6814/11/68went out wt out Leave
Maddock, SarahF2911/11/6811/01/69gone out, 1s
Linsey Alis, AnnF1114/11/6801/09/69she returned ye same daywent out wt out Leave
Leagatty, AnnF6122/11/6803/01/71InfirmDied
Joyce, JaneF5427/11/6822/05/69for want of workgone out
Cutter, MaryF1803/12/6829/03/69foulgone to Servis
Liddal, JohnM3303/12/6824/12/68ConsumtiveDied
Hall, MaryF008/12/6820/02/69Born ye 8 of December 1768
Cooper, ElizabethF913/12/6829/07/69Died
Cooper, ThomasM013/12/6810/05/69[ 6 months old ] a BastardDied
Cooper, MaryF713/12/6823/08/69gone out wt her mother
Cooper, SarahF4113/12/6823/08/69gone out, 2s
Carr, PatriciaF6013/12/6826/08/73past from St SepulkerDied
Lang, HumphreyM5416/12/6827/02/69gone out at his own Request
Ginnis, AnnF1717/12/6804/01/69taken poorher mother fetch her out
Aseter, MaryF1219/12/6815/04/69Gone on Likeing to Mr Higgs B St Giles
Linsey, AnnF1122/12/6806/02/69gott over ye Gate
Hinton, SarahF4828/12/6806/02/69Sick, pastgone out, 1s
Carter, MaryF2003/01/6918/03/69gone out, 1s
Grainger, DinahF6304/01/6911/07/69returnd from hospitalgone out
Davis, JaneF2007/01/6914/03/69gone out
Evans, ThomasM7010/01/6909/12/73mutch in liquorDied
Boxall, ElizabethF1611/01/6913/02/69gone out, 1s
Booth, ElizabethF3415/01/6930/10/69Returnd from about 3ws holaday keepinghad Leave to go out and did not Return
Buck, StephenM3931/01/6904/03/69Sick, a Casualgone out at his own Request
Ruff, AnnF3402/02/6921/05/70wt Childgone out
Linsey, AnnF1111/02/6920/09/73gone to ye turnpike
Ruff, WilliamM017/02/6915/10/71Bornye Mother taken him out 2s pr week for two Childn
Pert, ElizabethF7018/02/6923/03/69Infirm, a Casualpast to St Giles
Stuart, AlexanderM4620/02/6924/02/69SickDied
Gardner, MargaretF1106/03/6904/08/70Returnd from hospicegone on Likeing to a Necklas maker
Cohoon, ElizabethF408/03/6921/03/69gone out to ye mother
Cohoon, JamesM008/03/6921/03/69[ 3 months old ]gone out to ye mother
Woodcock, SusanahF3010/03/6902/05/69wt Childgone out and her Child wt her
Fitzgarald, PatrickM3712/03/6902/05/69Consumtivegone out
Jolley, StephenM521/03/6911/04/69Both gone to their mother
Jolley, JosephM721/03/6911/04/69Both gone to their mother
Grover, ElizabethF8221/03/6923/03/69InfirmDied
Davis, DavidM2426/03/6912/04/69feaverat his own Request
Woodcock, MariaF004/04/6902/05/69Born[ see previous record ]
Touchstone, WilliamM4005/04/6902/08/69Sick, a Casualgone out
Adams, ElizabethF6012/04/6917/09/69InfirmDied
Mason or Duff, CatherineF1615/04/6913/08/69Lamegone out, made her Eskape out of ye yard
Miller, ThomasM5018/04/6919/04/69past as a Vagrantgone out at his own Request, 1s
Badford, MargaretF6126/04/6924/07/77InfirmDied
Waker, MaryF1426/04/6920/05/69a Casualcame in ye same day
Archot, JamesM2526/04/6907/06/69SickGone to ye Hospital
Asator, MaryF1212/05/6904/07/69Returnd from her placeBound to her Couzon Assetor at hogsdon at ye Landas promice
Lang, HumphreyM5403/06/6909/06/69Lazsyegone out
Ruff, SarahF420/06/6915/02/71[ see previous two records ]gone out wt her mother
Groombridge, AnnF2220/06/6904/10/69pastgone out
Millard, JohnM4222/06/6918/07/69a CasualDied
Scounbey, LaranceM2225/06/6908/07/69Foulgone out
Woodcock, MariaF027/06/6906/07/69[ 11 weeks old ]gone
Whole, JohnM1730/06/6902/08/69foulgone to his master
Varney, ElizabethF2604/07/6919/08/69fits, a Casualgone out, past to Stoke newington
Robarson, ThomasM4806/07/6907/07/69DropseaDied
Archot, JamesM2519/07/6926/07/69Returnd from ye Hospatalgone out
Povey, GeorgeM4514/09/6918/10/69Sickgone out
Haywood, RichardM3101/01/8216/02/82very Illgot well, went Out at his own request
Lesley, AnnF5601/01/8203/01/82Fever, Past from St Margarets WestmrDied
Basset, ElizabethF1502/01/8219/01/82her Place too hardgorn to Mr Mansfield hairdesser in London
Bahea, ElizabethF7013/01/8224/04/82Cannot workgorn out at her own Request
Roofe, SarahF4915/01/8228/01/82will not workWent out because she would not go to the wash tub
Eliot, ItamerM5616/01/8226/01/82Very IllDied
Hughes, JohnM1118/01/8222/08/82Past from St Margts Westmrgorn to Mr Tutton the Kings head & 8 Bells Chelsea
Lake, GeorgeM5322/01/8201/02/82Very IllDied
Franklin, ElizabethF8224/01/8230/01/82till PastPast to Fulham her Parish
Forsyth, AnnF329/01/8204/03/82Came from a Mericay, had no homePast with her Mother
Forsyth, RoseF3029/01/8204/03/82Came from a Mericay. had no homePast to Ireland with her Children
Erllam, MaryF6129/01/8218/10/88Mad, Past from KensingtonDied
Forsyth, JaneF629/01/8204/03/82Came from a Mericay, had no homePast with her Mother
Shugar, SarahF2131/01/8204/02/82Will not Leave the housegorn to the 8 bells China Row Chelsea
Forsyth, WilliamM503/02/8229/03/83all 3 Came with their MotherAll Sent back to St Georges in the East
Forsyth, JaneF203/02/8229/03/83all 3 Came with their MotherAll Sent back to St Georges in the East
Forsyth, MargaretF3303/02/8229/03/83Her Husband deadAll Sent back to St Georges in the East
Forsyth, BarbaraF003/02/8229/03/83all 3 Came with their Mother [ 3 months old ]All Sent back to St Georges in the East
Speck, JaneF4805/02/8208/02/82her place too hardgorn to live with Mr Depheby China walk
Spooner, AnnF2905/02/8216/03/82not wellDied
Smith, MaryF1405/02/8229/04/83ran away from her PlaceGone to live with Mr Ardicoat over the way
Roofe, SarahF1506/02/8225/08/82Return'd from her place with the ItchGone to live with Mrs Carr a School Bridges streetCommn Garden
Collins, MaryF3512/02/8222/02/82her Place a bad onegorn to Mr Hancocks the White Hart
Cheese, SarahF3112/02/8206/03/82Returnd like a bad pennyRan away & Robd the House
Robertson, SusannahF2912/02/8215/05/82Past from St Margts WestrMarried and gorn to Woolage 5s & Cloath'd
Gaines, PhillipM4212/02/8215/02/82Till PastTurnd out being no Parisiners
Hudson, MargaretF5614/02/8217/02/82very Illgot well & went out at her own request & cloath'd
Gaines, MaryF3814/02/8215/02/82Till PastTurnd out being no Parisiners
Andrews, ElizabethF3814/02/8212/06/82the man has another wifegone out at her own Request, 3s a week
Andrews, GeorgeM614/02/8212/06/82came with his motherwent with his Mother
Andrews, MaryF314/02/8212/06/82came with her motherwent with her Mother
Andrews, SusannahF014/02/8212/06/82[ 6 months old ] came with her motherwent with her Mother
West, MaryF1515/02/8204/03/82LasyPast to Ireland, 1s 6d
Bassett, ElizabethF1618/02/8201/03/82Apprentice will not be Boundgorn to Mr Downses the Cooper
Manning, JohnM1218/02/8222/07/82Ran awayGorn on liken to Mr Nottridge fisherman at Chelsea
Darby, ElizabethF019/02/8225/02/83Past from St Andrew Holbn [ 5 months old ]Died
Farran, MaryF4220/02/8231/12/82not wellRan away, the bill paid up to 2 October 82
Wilson, AnnF1821/02/8227/02/82Their Mother ran awayPast to St Martins in the fields
Wilson, ElizabethF1721/02/8227/02/82Their Mother ran awayPast to St Martins in the fields
Speck, JaneF4823/02/8204/03/82Drunkengorn to live with Mr Goner
Craddock, SarahF2626/02/8211/07/82Maid away with her thingsMari'd to Josh Atkinson of the 61 Ridgt
Bathmaker, HesterF1526/02/8209/03/82Did not like her placegorn to Mr Griffiths in Garman Street St JamesesBound Aprentice
Campbell, HonoryF7127/02/8221/11/82Very IllDied
Barker, ThomasM5127/02/8201/03/82Very IllDied
Wall, MargaretF5901/03/8229/04/82Past from St Mary White ChapelDied
Morris, AnnF6302/03/8207/01/92DrunkinDied
Campbell, MaryF1907/03/8223/04/83FoulRan away befor Currd
Hadder, MaryF2007/03/8228/06/82Foulgone to live with Mr Moody no 14 new bond street
Speck, JaneF4809/03/8204/08/82Drunk againgorn to live in youman row Knightsbridge
Lennard, CatherineF2012/03/8214/04/82Past from RichmondSent back to Richmond
Pitt, AnnF2420/03/8229/03/82LasyGone Live at the Swan tap house Knightsbridge
Taylor, MaryF8521/03/8207/01/84InfirmDied
Hardin, MaryF3422/03/8208/05/82Leg swolegone to live at the swan tap house Knightsbridge
Smith, SarahF327/03/8211/07/86Mother can not keep herDied
Moor, AnnF6827/03/8202/04/82Drunk, Sold her Closewent out at her own Request
Henly, ElizabethF3108/04/8212/04/82NakedRan away
Martin, ElizabethF2309/04/8224/04/82her husband left herwent out and took her Child with her
Martin, JohnM009/04/8224/04/82Could not mentain him [ 11 months old ]went with his Mother
Bassett, ElizabethF1716/04/8219/05/82Idolegorn to Live with Mr Huggins Eateinghouse ChanceryLane
Start, WalterM5323/04/8205/05/82not able to workGone to work
Henly, ElizabethF3124/04/8213/05/82NakedRan away again
Pitt, AnnF2425/04/8212/05/82With ChildMarried & Gorn
Manning, JudethF326/04/8207/12/83their Mother DeadDied
Manning, MatildaF526/04/8220/07/85left OrphansTaken Out by her Sister, to have 1s a Week
Dove, MaryF030/04/8228/06/82Came with her Mother [ 2 months old ]Died
Dove, JaneF3130/04/8230/06/82Ague & fever IsleworthMarrid and gorn to Deptford to John Crawford a Pensioner now Lodges with one Sweat near the Church I
Smith, AnnF1507/05/8223/05/82no home nor friendPast, Gorn to Ireland her Native Place
Ball, JamesM4910/05/8204/06/82Very IllGot better and gorn at his own Request, 1s
Henly, ElizabethF3114/05/8202/06/82Brought back by Mr Smee Overseerhad leave to go out did break her Parole
Pirdee, JohnM017/05/8224/05/82BornTaken Out by his Mother
Pirdee, AvisF3017/05/8224/05/82in Layborwas Churchd & went to Chearmending the same Day
Fenix, SusannahF3022/05/8223/05/82bad legGorn to St Georges Hospitall
Celson, AnnF3023/05/8212/06/82MadSent to Bedlam
Pendred, MaryF3024/05/8221/08/83Lame handGone to live at a Fish Mongars next the nell Guin
Worrell, JamesM4228/05/8211/06/82Very IllDied
Mackerdy, SusannahF4030/05/8230/05/82Very IllDied
Start, WalterM5331/05/8220/04/83Back akeGone Out at his Own Request
Bamford, CharlesM5301/06/8202/07/82Past from St PancrasGot over the wall and ran away from the false oathhe had taken
Kennett, ElizabethF4102/06/8207/06/82Very IllDied
Croker, JohnM4803/06/8205/06/82Very IllDied
Devine, MaryF6205/06/8225/05/83not wellGone to live with Mr Bruce a Bookseller near cleanMarkett
Perton, CristyM4807/06/8225/06/83Very IllGone to hay Makin, Committee
Day, HannahF1408/06/8212/08/82No PlaceGorn upon liken to Mr Soloman No12 Little RusselCourt Drury Lane
Bassett, ElizabethF1710/06/8216/07/82will not stay awayGorn to live with Mr Garnon the Kings head BarnibyStreet: Her Ally
Henrey, AdamM710/06/8220/04/83Born in New Jarsey an OrphanTaken out by his Father
Casher, AmeyF4914/06/8202/07/82Not WellDied
Homes, WilliamM215/06/8215/05/83Mother DeadDied
Day, SarahF1318/06/8230/08/82her Father will not lett her StayGorn to Mrs Carr a Bording school near Russel Cort
Torran, EgnasF6018/06/8217/05/83Lost the Use of her limsDied
Lawton, JamesM7326/06/8224/07/82a Cansirwent out at his own Request
House, EdwardM704/07/8213/05/89Lorst the apeal, settled with usGone to Mr Odells in Sloans Street upon Tryal
House, WilliamM1004/07/8231/10/85Lorst the apeal, settled with usDied
Badikin, MaryF1709/07/8204/09/82Past from UnameabelSent to Kensenton her Mothers Maiden Parish
Henly, ElizabethF3109/07/8204/08/82Sent from BridwellGot over the Wall
Holmes Gray, SophiaF015/07/8215/06/83her mother left it [ 2 weeks old ]Died
Boxhall, ElizabethF5016/07/8220/09/83Sent from Guys HospitalGone Out a Nursing
Macdonald, DennisM6619/07/8231/07/82no workWent out at his own Request
Bellie, JohnM219/07/8205/09/82Dropt by his MotherPast to St Anns'soho
Povey, GeorgeM4826/07/8212/05/84IdolWent Out With leave, Order'd Not to be taken in again
Crawford, JohnM1301/08/8206/04/83Cannot find him any wareJohn Crawford Gone to Mr Thos Holmes a Waterman atHungerfordshire upon liken
Brown, ElizabethF7002/08/8213/02/83Husband DeadDied
Nickolass, JaneF510/08/8225/02/89no ParentsGone to Mr Wooletts the Dukes Head Robersons laneupon triale
MacCloud, GeorgeM312/08/8218/08/91no ParentsGone to Patty Byrchell & Co Merchants No 40 UnionStreet Bishopsgate
Moor, AnnF6813/08/8226/10/82out of workGorn to Service in the willow walk, 1s
Martin, ElizabethF2420/08/8216/04/83With ChildWent out at her Own Request & 2shillings pr Week Afterwards
Martin, JohnM120/08/8204/12/82Came with his MotherDied
Jones, SusannahF1822/08/8226/08/82With ChildOrderd to be turnd out by the Officers
Medlin, RuthF124/08/8202/12/82Came with her MotherPast with her Mother
Henly, ElizabethF3130/08/8230/10/82Sold all her CloasHad leave to go out did not return
Canton, AnnF4031/08/8229/09/82ConsumtiveDied
McDonald, DennisM6631/08/8213/09/82Lorst the use of his limswent out at his own Request
Thompson, ElzabethF4403/09/8227/03/83Sore LegGone to Work at the Neat houses, 1s
McCree, MargaretF5004/09/8231/01/83no Homewent Out at her own Request
Cheese, SarahF3106/09/8206/04/83Ague & feverGone out at her own Request
Hardy, MaryF1708/09/8220/09/82Place too hardGone to live with Mrs Bestland in Church Lane at 3Pounds pr year
Day, HannahF1408/09/8208/10/82Cried to come backGorn to live Mrs Trimble Church Lane
Joyce, JaneF7112/09/8214/08/83Very IllGone to Harvisting at her own Request, 6d
Marhall, AnnF016/09/8220/09/82Dropt upon the College Stairs and brought by Mr Sm ee Overseer [ 6 weeks old ]Died
Fidler, ElizabethF4121/09/8212/03/83ReturndGone Out at her Own request, to have 1s 6s for thefirst 4 Weeks & 1s a Week After
Fidler, AnnF321/09/8212/03/83Came with her MotherTaken out by her Mother
Bahea, ElizabethF7027/09/8212/03/88no homeDied
Bassett, ElizabethF1729/09/8216/10/82IdleGorn to Mrs House at the Kings armes
Jakes, AnnF201/10/8207/04/83Came with her MotherTaken out by her Mother
Jakes, EdeeF4601/10/8207/04/83Husband Left herGone Out at her Own Request, 1s 6d a week
Cammil, MaryF5808/10/8213/05/93Very IllDied
Day, SarahF1309/10/8207/03/83Spran'd Her AnckleGone to live with Mrs a Single Lady in IncenStreet lincons in fields
Salmon, JaneF7012/10/8209/11/82InfirmDied
Reading, IsabelF5617/10/8219/10/82Sent back from Suttonthe Overseers turned her out
Hughes, JohnM1119/10/8229/01/84a Bad boyGorn to live with Mr _____________ at Knightsbridge
Dibble, MaryF5925/10/8215/08/83with fittsGone to Harvesting at her Own Request, 1s 6d
Roofe, SarahF1626/10/8214/06/83Cride to Come backGone to Mr Brown a Baker in Milmans Row Retireingto bloomsbury
McDonald, DennisM6728/10/8206/01/83very Illwent Out at his Own Request
Ross, MargaretF1430/10/8214/01/83no ParentsGone to live at the 6 bells over the Way
Lewin, MaryF1904/11/8204/12/82foulRan away
Longslow, SarahF7806/11/8230/12/82InfirmDied
Roofe, SarahF4907/11/8224/12/82Very IllGone to be with a Lady in Larance Street
Fagan, CatherineF6313/11/8228/05/86Not WellDied
Johnson, LucyF313/11/8203/06/91Came With her MotherGone to live with Mayer Lower Sloan street at 4s Pr Anum
Spooner, SarahF2413/11/8216/01/83with ChildWent out with her Child at her Own Request
Martin, DavidM014/11/8216/04/83BornTaken Out by his Mother
Henly, ElizabethF3117/11/8227/11/82NakedGot over the wall, Sent to Bridwell
Philpott, ThomasM5021/11/8210/06/83Very IllGone to haymaking
Coates, MaryF6727/11/8208/03/83a bad legWent Out at her own Request
Bartley, FrancesF1130/11/8216/01/83no ParentsTaken Out by her Aunt Elizh wife of John Berryat New Crain Wapin
Bartley, WilliamM530/11/8219/09/91no ParentsRan away, Since bound himself to a Chimney Sweeperin London
Carencross, MargaretF930/11/8225/06/87Gone to Mr Simmons Glazier upon Tryal
Carencross, LeonardM530/11/8230/09/83Died
Spooner, JohnM003/12/8216/01/83BornTaken Out by his Mother
Furguson, JaneF1503/12/8210/03/83Out of PlaceGone to Mrs Tingleton a Poulterer in Jarman StreetSt James
Coalman, MarthaF7804/12/8223/12/82InfirmDied
Norris, WinfredF9407/12/8217/12/83Past from St Mary le bornDied
Davis, JohnM5009/12/8223/04/83LameWent out of his Own Accord because he would not bekept in
Almond, MaryF3019/12/8208/01/83past from St Margarts Westminsterwent out at her own Request, 2 Shillings
Jones, ThomasM4620/12/8221/02/83Very IllDied
Coalman, SarahF4925/12/8203/01/83Very IllDied
Tullock, MargaretF5129/12/8209/04/83no WorkGone to Work at the Neat houses, 1s
Henly, ElizabethF3212/01/8318/03/83Returnd from Bridwell hamMarried to Pall Goulden of the 79 Ridgt of foot and past to Stockton upon teese in the County of Dur
Hardy, MaryF1813/01/8319/02/83Will not stay in PlaceGone to live with Mr Longhurst Church Lane
Lownsden, JohnM4414/01/8325/02/83SickDied
Resbridger, ElizabethF4415/01/8303/09/84out of PlaceOrder'd Out by Mr Read being Abel to Work for herBread
Jordan, MargaretF7021/01/8323/04/84Very IllOrderd out by the Overseers
Farran, MaryF4324/01/8328/07/83Made away with her CloathsRan away
Floyd, IsabelF4725/01/8306/05/83Out of Work, Past from St Margt WestminstrGone Out at her Own Request
Roof, SarahF5028/01/8301/05/83Out of WorkGone to Mr Wallis over the Way
Fary, AnnF5104/02/8317/05/83Very IllDied
Speck, JaneF4907/02/8321/02/83by a Letter from the Worshipful Justice Green Kens ingtonGone to live at a Boarding School near BatterseaChurch
Green, WilliamM4307/02/8313/02/83FoulGorn to the Lock Hospital
Days, MaryF2608/02/8315/02/83not WellGone Out at her Own Request
Ross, MargaretF1411/02/8301/04/83Returnd from the BellsGone to Mrs Dawse the Crown in Gravil Lane
McDonald, DennisM6811/02/8311/02/83did not staydid not stay
Tennent, AnnF5017/02/8324/03/83not wellPast to Ireland
Dobey, JaneF517/02/8310/05/83LameDied
Dobey, AnnF4022/02/8326/05/83DropseyGone to live at Publick House in Mumoth Street
Barrett, WilliamM101/03/8310/03/83the Mother left himOrdred out by Mr Tutton being no Parishoner
Sharp, AnnF6004/03/8315/01/84InfirmDied
Collins, MaryF3604/03/8309/06/83AgueGone to live at the Cock in Tatnam Court Road1s
Carr, JohnM111/03/8325/01/87Gone to St Thomas Hospital
Larrance, JaneF017/03/8324/04/83BornWent With her Mother
Gilman, SusannahF1425/03/8305/07/83Past from St MartinsGone to Mr Gilberts fish Mongar
Gilman, MaryF5525/03/8310/07/83Past from St MartinsTaken out by her Husband
Parker, JaneF5026/03/8304/04/83Very IllDied
Billey, GeorgeM027/03/8313/07/83Itch, Past from out of the City by my Lord Mayor [ 3 months old ][ see record 2357 ]
Speck, JaneF4927/03/8304/01/84hurt her BackGone to live in lindsy Row
Billey, MaryF2127/03/8313/07/83Itch, Past from out of the City by my Lord Mayor[ see record 2357 ]
Bassett, ElizabethF1727/03/8311/04/83IdoleGone to live at the Adam and Eve Chelsea
Clark, ElizabethF3031/03/8303/06/83Near her timeWent Out at her Own Request
Crawford, JohnM1411/04/8312/04/83Returnd not being Strong EnoughGone to Mr Willm Rootes Charles Court Road
Allen, RobertM6914/04/8306/06/83no WorkSent back to Stains by an Order of Court having Paid Poor Rates their
Allen, MaryF5914/04/8306/06/83came with her husband
Harris, WilliamM1418/04/8318/04/86Return'd from Mr Osborn being too weakGone to Mr Bengn Virtue at the rose & Crown
Bradey, PeterM5324/04/8322/05/83Very IllGone to the Lock Hospital
Bishop, MosesM6426/04/8321/05/83no workWent out With leave did not Return
Yates, JohnM1426/04/8306/06/83bad boyGone to Mr Chambers a Bayker upon likin at Clapham, Bound
Smith, MaryF1503/05/8304/06/83the ItchGone upon tryal at the Coach and horses in Jews Row
Reed, ElizabethF4303/05/8330/05/83Very IllDied
Clark, EdwardM005/05/8303/06/83BornWent away with his Mother
Clark, ThomasM005/05/8322/05/83BornDied
Stevens, JaneF1306/05/8310/05/83her Father not Able too keep herMr Munday Ovr Sent home to her Father at Tooten
Coalman, MaryF706/05/8305/06/83Came With their Mother
Coalman, MargaretF406/05/8305/06/83Came With their Mother
Start, WalterM5406/05/8327/06/83Dont love workGone to Mr Drewee to feed Rabbots
Coalman, MaryF3506/05/8305/06/83No Imployabel to work
Stapleton, AliceF4116/05/8321/06/83Not WellWent out with leave did not Return
Tyson, OwenM1420/05/8328/05/84no ImployPast to Portely in Wales
Bishop, MargaretF6327/05/8308/06/83no workTaken out by her Husband
Bishop, MosesM6427/05/8331/05/83no workWent out at his own Request
Billie, GoergeM2227/05/8313/07/83Very IllWent out and took his Wife & Child with him
Milward, SarahF1628/05/8325/06/83Turn'd Out by her MotherTaken Out by Mr Virtue of Church lane
Chapman, MaryF106/06/8322/05/84her Mother cant keep herDied
Stapleton, AliceF4107/06/8327/06/83Gone Out for a Month
Burges, HenryM3907/06/8305/07/83Not WellGone out at his own Request
Smith, MaryF1507/06/8325/06/83place too hardGone to live with Mr Gilbert Fisherman Chelsea
Bishop, ThomasM7308/06/8301/09/83no workDied
Cook, MarthaF6023/06/8321/06/89No WorkDied
Crawford, JohnM1429/06/8304/07/83too weakGone to Mr Greenhead in Melmans Row, Bound
Roberson, MarthaF5404/07/8310/08/83ConsumtiveDied
Stark, WalterM5405/07/8321/07/83DrunkenGone to work at Wallam Green
Smith, MaryF1505/07/8306/07/83bad feetGone to Mr John Chapell a Cooks Shop Nightsbridge
Escotle, AnnF208/07/8322/07/84Mother not able to keep herDied
Ross, HughM6008/07/8309/07/83Very IllDied
Devine, MaryF6309/07/8306/02/89Very weekDied
Harrison, SarahF3609/07/8320/09/84bad legwent to her Old Master Mr Rogee at Pimblico
Smith, MaryF1510/07/8326/10/83Will not Stay OutGone to Mr Woods till Jams Gettes better
Thompson, ElizabethF4512/07/8322/04/84bad legOrderd out by the Overseers
Owen, JaneF2914/07/8329/07/83Very IllDied
Braday, PeterM5314/07/8309/09/83Sent back from the lockPast to Ireland as a Vagrant
Haynes, FrancisM1425/07/8329/07/83Deplorable & NakedPast to Barkin in Essex to Mr Plumbtreet his Master
Stark, WalterM5428/07/8330/07/83Will not Stay OutOrder'd Out by Mr Harrison C Wardn as work is plenty for Bricklayers
Stapleton, AiceF4128/07/8310/01/86Came DrunkGone to Westminster Infirmy
Smalman, SarahF3807/08/8311/08/83Neither of them Well, Past from St Geoge Hanover S quairGone Out at her Own Request
Smalman, AnnF1207/08/8317/08/83Came with her Parentstaken out by her Father
Smalman, ThomasM3807/08/8317/08/83Neither of them Well, Past from St Geoge Hanover S quairGone Out at his Own Request
Hanway, JohnM1710/08/8316/01/84Very IllRan away to save his Pention
Day, HannahF1514/08/8305/09/83Out of PlaceGone to live at the Bells Over the Way at 1s pr Week
Durham, ElizabethF1316/08/8320/08/83Sent BackGone to live with Mr Law No 15 Brick Lane Spittlefields
McCoy, ChristineF6720/08/8329/04/84InfirmPast to Ireland
Beaney, BarbaraF2023/08/8314/11/83With ChildMessrs Mundy & Beech, to have 1s per Week for herChild
Compton, JohnM6623/08/8331/03/84Could not better himsellfGone to Mr Grignion Over the Way
Wingate, CatherineF1826/08/8330/05/84With ChildWent Out With her Child
Billie, MaryF2130/08/8312/09/83Her Husband left herGone to Jarsey with her Husband, 1s
Billie, GeorgeM130/08/8312/09/83Gone with his Mother
Allen, ThomasF3002/09/8322/09/83Very IllGot Well and Orderd out by Messr Beech & Munday Overseers
Beaney, AnnF003/09/8314/11/83BornWent Out With her Mother
Stett, JamesM6804/09/8308/09/83but Past from Portchmouth Garrisontaken Out by his Sargant
Smith, ElizabethF6304/09/8319/06/84been to see her friendsGone to see her friends
Welch, ElizabethF5805/09/8301/05/84Could Stay out no longerWent Out at her Own Request, to have 1s a week
Harday, MaryF1805/09/8326/01/84a bad GirlMarried to Willm Steal of the 61 Ridgt
Madent, NathanielM4508/09/8317/11/83bad legsPast to Cork in Ireland
Manning, JamesM1509/09/8313/10/83no WorkGone to Mr Woods in Church Lane
Jones, CatherineF3910/09/8318/03/84no ImployGone to Mr McGill Over the Way at 6 Pounds pr Annum
Evans, GeorgeM1412/09/8331/05/84Retd from the Cow and CalvesGone to the Goat and Star Pallmall
Weasey, ElizabethF1212/09/8322/01/84FoulGone to live at Mrs Faulkners in Church lane
Chapham, MaryF7112/09/8322/12/84Past out of YorkshierDied
Rawlins, PeterM116/09/8318/09/83Came with his MotherPast with his Mother
Rawlins, MaryF516/09/8318/09/83Came with her MotherPast with her Mother
Rawlins, ElizabethF3016/09/8318/09/83no homePast to her own Parish with her 2 Childn
Spry, RobertM7316/09/8323/01/84Very DeafTurn'd Out by the Overseers
House, JaneF3816/09/8317/10/83not WellPast to South Mims
Campbell, MaryF5516/09/8310/01/84Broak her ribsWent Out at her Own Request
Sanderson, WilliamM3722/09/8308/10/83FoulWent Out at his Own Request, been in 2 Weeks and 2Days at ______ pr week
McDowell, MaryF3022/09/8309/01/84Past from PenrithGone to live at the Kings Armes Five fields
Russell, SamuelM3222/09/8317/10/83FoulPast to Cork in Ireland
Cook, MarthaF8323/09/8331/05/84allmost blindDied
Cheese, SarahF3226/09/8307/12/83FoulGone to Work at Spittlefields
Sprag, EgnesF226/09/8321/10/83their Mother DeadPast to Breadford in Sommersetsheir with their father
Sprag, MaryF826/09/8321/10/83their Mother DeadPast to Breadford in Sommersetsheir with their father
Tullock, MargaretF5206/10/8324/10/83Out of WorkWent Out at her Own Request, 1s
Wheatley, GeorgeM1207/10/8328/03/84Came With their Mother [ see 4319 Mary Worth ]Tayken out by his father in law
Wheatley, AnnF1607/10/8301/11/83Came With their Mother [ see 4319 Mary Worth ]Gone to Mr Burton the fox & hounds upon tryal
Worth, MaryF3407/10/8311/10/83Very IllPast to Saint Gileses
Morgan, WilliamM4708/10/8328/11/83Dischd the ArmyGone to work for Mr Beech the Preasent Overseer
Young, JaneF2811/10/8312/01/84With ChildOrdered Out by the Overseers
Timms, EdieF3211/10/8317/10/83fell CasualPast into Warwickshier
Day, SarahF1413/10/8321/01/84Sore throatGone to Mr a hair Dresser in Henimons Row
Dibble, ElizabethF6013/10/8303/08/84Drunk, sold all her CloathsGone to be a Nurse in the College
French, SarahF020/10/8326/11/83BornPast With her Mother
French, JaneF2020/10/8326/11/83In LabourPast to St Goeges With her Child
Coalman, JohnM6322/10/8301/11/83InfirmWent Out at his Own Request
Manning, JamesM1626/10/8318/11/83Bad fevorGot Better and Gone Back to Mr Wood
Hawkins, WilliamM5327/10/8313/11/84InfirmPast to his Own home
Dossett, JohnM4727/10/8301/11/83Very IllDied
Walling, SarahF2131/10/8329/03/84Out of PlacePast to West ham in Essex
Hardy, MaryF1631/10/8329/12/83Past from ShoreditchTaken Out by Justice Wimshman for Theiving
Hardy, ElizabethF931/10/8321/03/84Past from ShoreditchOrderd Out by the Overseers with her Mother
Hardy, LetisherF1131/10/8307/01/84Past from ShoreditchGone to her Ant Mrs Joom upon likeing Jams StreetBethnal Green
Hardy, MaryF4731/10/8321/03/84Past from ShoreditchOrderd Out with her Daughter Elizh
Hardy, JosephM4631/10/8302/03/84Past from ShoreditchOrderd Out by the Overseers
Billenger, JohnM4601/11/8304/11/83Very IllDied
Joyce, MaryF4402/11/8327/11/83Very IllOrderd Out by the Overseers haveing Got Better
Sayert, MaryF1908/11/8305/12/83Out of PlaceGone to live at the Yorkshier Grey
Harrison, WilliamM7210/11/8318/11/83Not WellDied
McDonald, DennisM6910/11/8314/01/84Not WellGone Out at his Own Request
Stevens, JaneF1411/11/8312/05/84a bad headTaken Out by her father
Smith, JamesM318/11/8316/07/84till the father Pases the bondGone to Bridwell with his Father to be past to Scotland
Brian, HenryM1418/11/8305/06/84His Mother cannot keep him so bad a boyGone to the Goat and Star Pallmall
Smith, MaryF1518/11/8329/11/83Jamener has Got betterGone upon tryale to Mr Bates Shopkeeper
Simmonds, ThomasM3924/11/8319/12/83No WorkGone to Winchester to a Job
Young, JaneF025/11/8313/12/83BornDied
Ramsden, ThomasM5129/11/8327/02/84No WorkWent Out at his Own Request
Beaslee, WilliamM5403/12/8306/02/84No WorkDied
Chambers, ElizabethF3303/12/8328/02/84Very IllGone to live at the Kings Head and 8 bells Chelsea
More, AnnF6906/12/8306/04/84No WorkWent Out at her Own Request
Deane, AnnF1408/12/8306/05/84Past from WandsworthOrdered Out by the Overseers Ann Deane
Harris, ThomasM6810/12/8318/10/85No WorkDied
Dobey, AnnF4012/12/8303/05/84With ChildOrdered Out by the Overseers
Martin, DavidM112/12/8308/02/84Father Gone to his Own ContryTaken Out by his Mother
Mackrell, PeterM120/12/8305/02/84PastWent with his Mother
Mackrell, JaneF3820/12/8305/02/84PastWent Out at her Own request, had 5s
Brown, IsabelF2124/12/8302/04/84Will not keep no PlaceIsaba Brown Ran away
Pryor, AnnF3427/12/8326/01/84With ChildGot Well and Went to her Husband
Wingate, AmeliaF028/12/8330/05/84BornWent Out With her Mother
Pryor,M028/12/8326/01/84BornWent With his Mother
Manning, James'M1630/12/8320/04/84Sent back for a bad GrirlGone to Mr Burton at the fox and hounds
Hardy, JaneF2430/12/8303/05/84With ChildPast to Garnsy
Mahew, MaryF1802/01/8426/01/84Past from WorsterMarried to Sam Guy of the 61 Ridgt
Harbert, ThomasM806/01/8414/08/84LamePast to _________ Near Norrige
James, ElizabethF7708/01/8405/02/84Very IllDied
Williams, MaryF6008/01/8401/04/84Very IllOrder'd Out by the Overseers haveing Got better
Shelton, MarthaF5009/01/8424/01/85Not WellOrder'd Out by the Overseers having Got Well, 4 Shillings & Cloath'd
Philpot, ThomasM5209/01/8412/01/84Not WellDied
Muffet, WilliamM4513/01/8411/02/84Not WellWent Out at his Own Request and paid for his keep
Burn, EdwardM4620/01/8401/02/84not wellWent out at his own Request, Paid for his keep
Day, SarahF1528/01/8404/03/84Return'd the late sirrGone to Mrs Roberson a Widow lady No14 Great Kittree Lane lincon in fields
Smith, MaryF1528/01/8402/03/84Her late Sarvt ReturndGone to live faceing the Oringe Coffee house
Lawton, JamesM7430/01/8421/05/84Past from BishopgateDied
Campbell, MaryF5604/02/8405/05/84Could not live outGone to St Georges Hospital
Norris, ElizabethF6505/02/8426/03/84InfirmOverseers Turned her Out for not Giving an accountof her Parish
Hardy, AnnF006/02/8403/05/84BornWent With her Mother
Hardy, LetisherF1106/02/8420/03/84Return'dBound to her Uncle Mr Joom at Bethnal Green
Bruton, HenryM711/02/8411/04/84Mother DeadPast to St Anns Soho
Hare, JohnM6313/02/8419/03/84Ague & feverOrderd Out by the Overseers haveing Got Well
Varley, JohnM3213/02/8425/02/84Came pastOrderd out by the Overseers as the frost is broak
Atkinson, SarahF2614/02/8429/04/84her Husb left herPast to Manchester
Collins, MaryF3714/02/8407/05/84Everything maid away withGone to the Plasters Armes Palace Yard
Bradley, HannahF5516/02/8420/02/84Very IllDied
Hughes, JohnM1217/02/8426/02/84Returnd homeTaken Out by his Father, 3s
Johnson, IsaacM8221/02/8428/02/84Very IllOrder Out by the Overseers Having Strold from StEdmonds Bury
Ross, PatrickM6726/02/8431/07/85Past from St JamsDied
Ross, MaryF6626/02/8401/05/87Past from St JamsDied
Mayborn, SarahF4004/03/8403/05/84Past from the BorrowOrderd Out by the overseers
Smith, MaryF1510/03/8427/03/84Would not be hir'd for a YearGone to the Adam and Eve Chelsea
Armstrong, BarbaraF2411/03/8412/04/84With ChildRan away
Evans, AnnF1612/03/8429/03/84Not WellPast to St Gileses
Parker, AnnF5016/03/8420/02/90Very IllGone to live at the three Kings David Street nearBartlet Squair
Parker, AnnF1616/03/8404/05/84Came with her MotherGone to the George in Paradice Row
Dobey, ElizabethF020/03/8403/05/84BornWent Out with her Mother
Stoye, JohnM4823/03/8416/06/84Not WellTaken into Chelsea College
Guy, JohnM5724/03/8425/11/84Goods SeisdWent a Way
Richerson, MaryF2726/03/8420/06/84With ChildGone to the laying in Hospital
Beany, BarbaraF2130/03/8425/04/84no homeBarba Beany Order'd out by the Overseers
Beany, AnnF030/03/8425/04/84Came with her Mother [ 6 months old ]Ann Beany to go with her Mother
Boxhall, elizabethF5231/03/8414/07/84Turnd out of Guys UnameableDied
Durham, ElizabethF1201/04/8402/08/85too weakGone to Mrs Mattasons at Mrs Davis at Jews Row
Durham, FrancesF1601/04/8405/05/84too weakGone to Mrs Laswan in Mannor Street
Smith, WilliamM7802/04/8407/04/84Not WellDied
Martin, SusannahF1102/04/8420/04/84too SmallTaken Out by her Mother in Law
Clark, SamanthaF6405/04/8413/12/85Past from St Johns WestmrTaken in to the College
Musgrave, MaryF5006/04/8410/04/84Very IllDied
Orsborn, JohnM5509/04/8427/04/84A FistaldGone to hyde park Hospital
Miller, ThomasM6716/04/8430/05/84PastWent Out at his Own Request, 1s
Brian, MarthaF2817/04/8418/06/84Past from Clarken WellMarta Brian Went Out at her oen Request, to have 1s a Week
Wale, AnnF820/04/8430/09/84PastGone to Mrs Simmons at the sun
Weasey, ElizabethF1220/04/8426/04/84Gone to Mr Currie in Church lane
Speck, JaneF5021/04/8412/05/84Out of PlaceGone to live at Wandsworth
Cook, JohnM724/04/8409/04/88Omitted to be past down with Sarh Clark their moth erGone to Mr Davis Apoticary Sloane Street upon Tryal
Cook, SarahF724/04/8428/08/86Omitted to be past down with Sarh Clark their moth er [ 7 months old ]Died
Cook, SarahF4024/04/8403/08/85Past from St GeorgesGone to Westminster Infirmary
Thompson, ElizabethF4501/05/8401/05/84no homeWent away Immedialy
Hughes, JohnM1301/05/8412/08/84His Father left himRan Away Over the Wall
Weasey, ElizabethF1304/05/8425/08/87Returnd being too SmallDied
Parker, AnnF1610/05/8421/05/84Sent back being too SmallGone to Mrs Goalden an Ayle Shop Holborn at 3 Pounds pr yr
Pickles, SusannahF1118/05/8408/07/84Taken Out by Mr Virtue Overseer at 40s pr Annum
Linsey, PearceM5518/05/8412/11/84Very IllOrderd Out by the Overseers being no Parishoner
Bruton, HenryM725/05/8413/12/84Sent backPast to St Giless
Waterton, ChampionM4929/05/8430/05/84No WorkOrder'd out by the Overseers being Able to Work
Stark, WalterM5504/06/8419/06/84Past from St Georges Hanr SquirDied
Edwards, JohnM2708/06/8403/07/84SmalllpoxWent Out of his Own Accord
Crous, ChristineF6008/06/8421/06/84Not WellOrdred out by the Overseers being Got Well
Cradock, RoseF1725/06/8423/10/84With ChildGone to Mr Palmer White Horse little Britan
Richerson, MaryF2709/07/8428/08/84Returnd from the HospitalOrder'd Out by the Overseers
Richerson, IsaacM009/07/8428/08/84Came with his Mother [ 3 weeks old ]Went Wih his Mother
Druce, MaryF7509/07/8408/05/89a Bad legDied
Casher, RobertM1813/07/8422/07/84foulGone to the lock Hospital, Was not taken in, 30 july taken
Hoalsworth, ElizabethF6418/07/8412/10/84Not WellRan Away
Heylock, CatherineF6021/07/8403/09/86Came past from the BeadleWent Out to Go to Church did not Return
Furguson, FrancesF1427/07/8420/08/84Out of PlaceGone to Mr Ashford Carnaby Street Carnaby Market
Hill, CharlesM3130/07/8417/09/84Came past from Kingston upon ThamesGone to Work for Mr Hencock
Cheese, SarahF3130/07/8412/11/84foulOrder'd Out by the Overseers
Bwinkel, JohnM6806/08/8417/08/84Died
McDonald, AlexanderM8312/08/8423/08/84No workTaken in to Chelsea College
Atkins, WilliamM2416/08/8426/08/84SmallpoxDied
Cradock, Mary AnnF020/08/8431/01/95BornBound to Messrs Douglass & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Davis, SarahF7725/08/8406/09/84PastGone to her Daugt, to have 1s 6d pr Week
Brown, IsabelF2030/08/8410/11/84foul, Past from St JamesesOrderd Out by the Overseers
Barsdale, WilliamM414/09/8428/12/84Taken out by his Mother
Barsdale, AnnF2814/09/8415/09/84Husband Dead, Past from BatterseaGone to her fathers to lay in, to have 2s 6d a Week
Barsdale, SarahF914/09/8428/12/84Taken out by her Mother
Westcoat, MarthaF6117/09/8423/03/88Not WellWent Out for her holidays Did not return
Darbysheir, ElizabethF6623/09/8425/09/84Very IllDied
Gray, JohnM823/09/8402/07/86Mother came with his Gro__Taken Out by his Mother
Irwin, ElenorF4228/09/8420/08/85Disorderd in her MindGone to Bedlam
More, AnnF7004/10/8416/05/85InfirmGone Out at her own Request, had 5s
Hodges, SarahF1708/10/8401/11/84Past from St JamesGone to Mr Gilbert fish Monger Chelsea
Gambell, MargaretF2715/10/8404/11/85Very IllPast to St Georges Hanover Squair
Green, MaryF3715/10/8418/05/85Past from St Stephen Coleman StreetGone to St Georges Hospital hyde Park Corner
Welch, ElizabethF5916/10/8418/05/85Not WellGone Out at her Own Request, had 1s
Waterton, ChampionM4922/10/8415/12/84Out of WorkDied
Dibble, ElizabethF6123/10/8407/06/86the ItchWent Out at her Own Request, had 1s
Speck, JaneF5023/10/8424/12/84Came to WinterGone to live with Miss Ladbrook
How, CharlesM2425/10/8420/01/85Past from Thames DittonSent back to Ditton
Norris, ElizabethF6530/10/8414/02/85Past from St Anns SohoWent away of her Own Accord
Smith, MaryF1631/10/8430/12/84Sent home from BridwellGone to Mr Holmes a Chandlers Shop near Exeter Change
Macdonald, DennisM7101/11/8421/03/85Omitted in Novr CommitteeGone Out at his Own Request to Merchantdize
Luff, ElizabethF901/11/8418/11/84Came With her fatherWent Out with her Father, Cloathd with Every thing
Luff, WilliamM4101/11/8418/11/84LameWent out at his Own Request, 6s & Cloathd
Kerr, MaryF3701/11/8418/11/84Came to nurs her ChildWent Out at her Own Request
Morgan, WilliamM1403/11/8430/06/86Return'd having Broke his thyGone to Mr Blaker Jews Row upon tryal
Patterson, MaryF6904/11/8414/01/87Worn OutDied
Clement, JohnM6805/11/8410/06/85Past from St Botalph AlgateWent out at his own request, had 2s 6d
Jackson, EleanorF1011/11/8402/02/85Past from St Mary le BoneWent With her Mother
Jackson, ElizabethF4611/11/8402/02/85Naked, Past from St Mary le BoneOrderd Out by the Overseers Shee being in Health
Harper, JaneF3815/11/8430/01/86Past from St Margt WestmrOrdrd Out by Mr Reed Overseer for bad Behavour, had 2 Shillgs
Parkinson, EsterF7117/11/8410/01/90InfirmDied
Galloway, SarahF1717/11/8406/01/85SmallpoxOrder'd Out by the Overseers haveing Got Well
Thompson, ElizabethF4520/11/8430/03/85bad legWent Out at her Own Request
Ashly, JohnM4820/11/8403/12/84Very IllPast to Lambeth, Setled their by an Order of Cort
Wingate, AmeliaF025/11/8407/06/93[ 11 months old ]Gone upon Trial in the five fields
Wingate, CatherineF2025/11/8407/04/85No WorkGone to live at Mr McGills No 5 Green Street Lister fields at 5 Pounds pr annum
Linnard, SarahF1801/12/8431/01/85No home DecentGone to Mr Lawrances Eating house King Street Westr, Left this place on the 11 Jany 1786 Cloathd
Jones, WilliamM2106/12/8422/12/84Past from KensingtonOrderd Out by the Orficers
Millen, SusannahF3910/12/8414/12/84Sent from Hixes HallPast to Brackley
Millen, AnnF110/12/8414/12/84Came With her MotherWent with her Mother
Jones, ElizabethF418/12/8412/02/85Past from PutneyWent With her Mother
Harvey, AnnF3718/12/8402/02/85Past from KensingtonOrderd Out by the Overseers She being in Health
Jones, JamesM318/12/8412/02/85Past from PutneyWent With his Mother
Jones, ElizabethF2818/12/8412/02/85Past from PutneyTaken Out by her Husband
Jones, JohnM4818/12/8424/01/85Past from PutneyOrderd Out by the Officers
Jones, AnnF018/12/8412/02/85Past from Putney [ 9 months old ]Went With her Mother
Hadder, MaryF2501/01/8530/03/85Past from the City, Sent to Bridwell9 Feby Return'd from Bridwell { 30 March 1785 Orderd Out by Mr Reed
Castle, CharlotteF2215/01/8505/02/85in LabourWent Out at her Own Request
Floyde, HannahF2017/01/8524/01/85Past from St MargretsGone to Service, Cloath'd Decent
Farnel, DannielM8019/01/8520/01/85Very IllDied
Speck, JaneF5120/01/8502/03/85turn'd awayGone to live by the Waterside
Nesbett, MaryF8420/01/8527/08/85Very illDied
Charter, SarahF6231/01/8506/02/93Not WellDied
Root, TimothyM6805/02/8508/02/85Not WellDied
Roof, SarahF5208/02/8503/04/85Lame handOrder'd Out by the Overseers
McDowel, MaryF3108/02/8530/03/85Foul, Return'd from BristolOrderd Out by the overseers
Brown, IsabelF2109/02/8506/04/85Returned from BridewellOrderd Out by the Overseers, had 2 shillings & Cloath'd Old
Guy, JohnM5911/02/8526/06/85Spent all his PentionTaken into Chelsea College
Jones, SusannahF2119/02/8521/03/85With Child, Past from St Margt WesOrderd out by the overseers haveing Miscarried
Gasard, TeasirM1426/02/8512/03/85Very IllOrderd Out by the Overseers haveing Got Well
Hill, CharlesM3215/03/8528/03/85Past from St Lawrence Jewry as a VagabondHad leave to go Out did not Return
Ramsden, ThomasM3218/03/8506/06/85Past from West ham EsexDied
Brian, MarthaF2918/03/8518/03/87Bad EyesGone to live at No 363 Oxford Street at 3 pounds aYear
Joseph, EmanuelF2228/03/8501/04/85a CasualOrderd Out by Mr Read Overseer
Coalman, JohnM6505/04/8502/01/86for BegingDied
Jacl, MarthaF1912/04/8502/10/85With Child, Past from St Mary la BoneOrderd Out by Mr Read Overseer
Wilford, MaryF917/04/8528/07/86her Mother PastGone to Mrs Jones at the Sign of the black Head near Lambeth Church
Worrel, SarahF4518/04/8507/05/85Past from St Martins in the fieldsOrderd Out by the Overseers
Cheese, SarahF3221/04/8503/05/85Will not WorkTurn'd out by the Committee with a fue Old Things
Magsom, WilliamM526/04/8530/05/85Came With his MotherAll the Magsoms Where Orderd to leave the House
Magsom, JohnM326/04/8530/05/85Came With his MotherAll the Magsoms Where Orderd to leave the House
Magsom, RichardM026/04/8530/05/85Came With his Mother [ 8 months old ]All the Magsoms Where Orderd to leave the House
Magsom, ElizabethF026/04/8530/05/85Came With her Mother [ 8 months old ]Order'd Out by the overseers With her Mother
Magsom, HannahF2826/04/8530/05/85no homeAll the Magsoms Where Orderd to leave the House
Nicolls, ThomasM1328/04/8517/06/85Past from St Martins in the fields keepTaken Out by Mr Geoge Stonekeiver No 49 Cannon Street to Go to Bording School Paid 5s a Week for his
Wallis, DavidM306/05/8518/08/86their father DeadDavid Wallis gone upon likeing to Patty Byrchell &Co Merchants No 40 Union Street Bishopsgate 18 Aug
Wallis, ChristineF606/05/8518/05/86their father DeadOrderd Out by the Overseers the Little Child beingDead
Arnott, SusanahF1709/05/8529/05/85In LabourOrderd Out by Mr Read Overseer
Thompson, ElizabethF4609/05/8523/06/85Leg bad AgainWent Out at her Own Request
Arnott,F009/05/8529/05/85BornWent With her Mother
Bateman, WilliamM2910/05/8509/05/86Past from St Georges near St Pauls, Disor'd in his mindDied
Haseman or Marwood, MaryF1026/05/8509/08/86Past from St MartinsGone to Mrs Roberson More Place Lambeth
Haseman or Marnot, ThomasM1226/05/8505/06/86Past from St MartinsWent out for his holiday Did not return
Cooper, AmeliaF2626/05/8515/06/85in LabourOrderd Out by the Overseers With her Child
Cooper,F027/05/8515/06/85bornWent With her Mother
Cheese, SarahF3227/05/8521/09/85Will not WorkOrder'd Out by Mr Reed Overseer
Starky or Cox, ThomasM401/06/8505/06/93Past from KensengtonGone to sea
Smith, MaryF1703/06/8514/06/85Out of PlaceGone to Mr Collins fruterers in Cathn Street Strand at 3 Pounds 3s pr Annum
Sennett, ElizabethF7408/06/8520/07/85Died
Jacl, SophiaF008/06/8502/10/85BornWent With her Mother
Barnett, WilliamM809/06/8531/12/89His Father dead, Past from St GregoryGone to Mr Lewis Cole a Turner, Bound 9 Feby
Parker, ThomasM1814/06/8515/06/85Very IllDied
Evan, AnnF3021/06/8517/07/85Disordered in her MindWent out to Church did not Return in home, Was notadmitted
Daniel, MaryF005/07/8506/08/85Brought with her MotherWent with her Mother
Daniel, JaneF2505/07/8506/08/85Delivd of a daughter in Mr Chapins Stable & Brough t by Mrs BomberOrder'd Out by the Overseers with her Child
White, SarahF1407/07/8514/01/86Return'd from Mr Adams being too weakGone to Mrs Simmons upon tryal
Green, MaryF3813/07/8531/05/87Returnd from the HospitalDied
Martin, ElizabethF2719/07/8505/06/86With Child[ see record 3690 ]
Moore, AnnF7119/07/8513/09/85Out of WorkWent away at her own Request
Martin, DavidM319/07/8508/07/86Came with his Motherwent Out & his Brother Taken In
Edwards, MaryF1222/07/8515/09/85The father ran awayGone to Mr Blaker Jews Row
Edwards, Deborah JaneF1322/07/8515/09/85The father ran awayGone to Mr Blaker Jews Row
Edwards, DeborahF4622/07/8506/09/85Past from SouthanptonTaken out by her Husband
Denne, MaryF6723/07/8519/11/85Her Benefactor is DeadDied
Collins, MaryF3803/08/8522/03/86Past from Saint Mary Rothechild as a VagabondGone to Mr Virtue at the rose & Crown
Holden, ElizabethF1008/08/8518/08/85Came with her MotherWent With her Mother
Holden, MaryF808/08/8518/08/85Came with her MotherWent With her Mother
McFarland, JohnM7708/08/8511/08/85LameOrder'd Out by the Mr Reed Overseer
Holden, BettyF3308/08/8518/08/85Husband left herOrderd Out by the Overseers, her Husband to alow 4s a Week
Furguson, FrancesF1515/08/8511/09/85Made away with her CloathesGone to Mr Chany over the way at the 6 Bells
Glues, JohnM5027/08/8529/08/85Very IllWent Out at his Own Request
Manning, MatildaF929/08/8517/04/86Sister Could not keep herTaken out by her Sister to be an out Patient at StGeorge Hospital
Sandals, ThomasM3019/09/8502/11/85Not wellOrder'd out by Mr Newshan Church Warden
Martin,M003/10/8505/06/86BornWent Out with his Mother
Durant, FrancesF1405/10/8514/03/86retud from her placeGone to Mr La Grave upon tryal
Cook, SarahF4305/10/8508/03/87Returnd from the HospilGone to St Thomas Hospital
More, AnnF7108/10/8504/02/86no WorkWent out at her Own Request, had 3s & Shoes
Burch, EsterF811/10/8510/06/86Her mother gone to prisonTaken out by her Mother in the Old Bailey up on tryale
Wakeman, EdwardM4317/10/8511/01/86Past from ClerkenwellOrder'd Out by Mr Read Overseer, had 5s
Wakeman, ElizabethF5117/10/8511/01/86Past from ClerkenwellWent With her Husband
Stevenson, JamesM6822/10/8527/10/85Very IllDied
Edwards, DeborahF4611/11/8509/01/92Very LameDied
Edwards, MaryF1211/11/8509/02/86Came with her MotherGone to Mr Normans upon tryal
Wade, FrancesF3315/11/8506/06/86Past from KensingtonGone to Service
Thompson, ElizabethF4616/11/8503/01/86Leg bad AgainGone Out a Nursing
Speck, JaneF5123/11/8508/01/86Out of PlaceGot Over the Wall and Ran away
Hardy, AnnF202/12/8511/04/87mother Gone to PrisonTaken Out by her Mother
Hodder, MaryF2503/12/8521/02/86FoulDied
Price, JaneF8106/12/8522/03/86LameOrder'd Out by thr Overseers
Furguson, FrancesF1510/12/8521/01/86Return'd being very illGone upon tryal to Mr Cook Pastry Cook in the Borough
Wicks, LucyF2116/12/8513/02/86With ChildGone to live with Mrs Cary at Rotherhith
Hughes, SusannahF3224/12/8510/01/86With ChildPast to Birmingham as a Vagrant
Roof, SarahF5326/12/8512/02/86No WorkGone to live at Mr Preastlies as a Nurse
Scoofil, ElenF7731/12/8511/02/86no workPast to Scotland
Campel, MaryF2302/01/8604/01/86Ran away
Hibbert, WilliamM5409/01/8616/01/86Very IllDied
Williams, SamuelM6916/01/8618/01/86Past from Saint saviour SouthwarkWent out at his request
Williams, MarthaF5016/01/8618/01/86Past from Saint saviour SouthwarkWent with her Husband
Thompson, ElizabethF4721/01/8627/05/86bad legRan away to be Married
McIntire, DanielM1124/01/8618/03/87Gone to Mr George at Malbrough house upon Tryal
Fidler, ElizabethF4527/01/8622/03/86Lazy, Past from St Margarets WestminsterOrder'd by the Overseers, Cloath'd Decent
Guard, WilliamM2027/01/8606/02/86Disorderd in his MindGot better and went out at his Own Request
Wyatt, SarahF4229/01/8609/02/86Past from St Magat Westmr as a VagrantWent out a Nursing & robbed the Woman
Wicks, SarahF029/01/8608/09/86BornDied
Furguson, FrancesF1601/02/8613/02/86Return'd haveing a bad fingerGot better & gone to Mr Cooks in the Borough
Jones, CatherineF4202/02/8617/02/86Wont keep her PlacesOrderd Out by Mr Read Overseer for bad Behaviour
Davy, SamuelM5411/02/8602/03/86Very IllDied
Davy, William JosephM811/02/8610/03/86Came with his FatherTaken Out by his Brother
Patrick, AnnF2513/02/8603/11/86With Child, Past from St Leonard ShoreditchGone to Mr Rubergall Ch Warden
Cutter, MaryF2513/02/8615/02/86Past from St Bride as a VagrantOrder'd Out by the Committee, had 1s
Speck, JaneF5223/02/8611/07/86brought in the ChairDied
Bishop, AnnF6123/02/8604/04/91Past from St CatherineDied
Richardson, MargaretF8024/02/8620/08/86past her labourDied
Shooter, CharlotteF2227/02/8610/04/86big whith ChildOrder'd Out by the Overseers, had 10s & 6d
Shooter, JaneF003/03/8610/04/86BornWent with her Mother
Sanders, ThomasM3103/03/8618/03/86Not wellWent Out at his Own request
Parry, JaneF2405/03/8604/05/86With Child, Past from St Mary Le StrandOrder'd Out by the Overseers With her Child
Harvey, GeorgeM606/03/8624/11/86Past from St Mary Magdalin BermndyTaken Out by his Uncle
Edwards, MaryF1314/03/8605/06/86Retur from her placeRan away
Jacl, SophiaF015/03/8607/08/87Mother Gone to Live at No 12 Charles Street Cogn Garden [ 9 months old ]Died
Berry, BarbaraF5116/03/8612/06/86Disordered in her mindPast to St James Westm
Clark, ElizabethF2617/03/8606/03/87Broak her jaw, Past from St GilesRan away
Wright, DanielM4118/03/8621/03/86very IllGot Over the Wall and Ran away
Richards, MosesM3022/03/8630/05/86Not WellGone to St Georges Hospital
Redbridger, ElizabethF4922/03/8626/03/86Not wellDied
Day, SarahF2123/03/8612/04/86Not Well Past from DarfordGone to Mr Benjn Virtue at the rose & Crown, 18 April ranaway
Wilkins, AnnF028/03/8604/05/86BornOrder'd Out With her Mother
Wilkins, ElizabethF2528/03/8604/05/86in LabourOrder'd Out by the Overseers with her Child, to have 1 Shillg a Week
Hodkin, MaryF7829/03/8627/07/92no ImployDied
Parry, MaryF003/04/8604/05/86BornOrder'd Out by the Overseers With her Mother, to have 1s 6d a Week
Booth, MaryF1903/04/8602/06/86Foul, Past from St Magt WetmrOrder'd out by the Overseers
Hunt, AnnF5005/04/8627/06/86not WellGone to Mrs Beasleys
Patrick, MargaretF014/04/8618/06/88BornTaken Out by her Mother, to Have 1s & 6d pr Week
Harrison, SarahF3929/04/8603/10/89bad leg, Past from St Goerge as a VagrantSent to St Goerges Hanover Squair by Order Of Removeal
Hooper, JaneF4004/05/8612/04/88Past from Lydd in Kent as a VagrantWent Out did not Return
Martin, ElizabethF2809/05/8605/06/86to Wean her ChildOrder'd Out by the Overseers, to take her Child with her
Durant, ElizabethF1911/05/8622/05/86Out of PlaceGone to Mr Cades the Present Church Warden
Revees, JohnM1417/05/8621/06/86return from his placeGone to Mr Mecellia upon tryal
McDonald, DennisM7219/05/8602/04/87no EmployWent Out at his Own Request
Durant, FrancesF1529/05/8612/06/86Sent home for laying a bedGone to Mrs Jackson at Brompton
Douglass, MaryF7302/06/8615/06/86Very IllWent Out at her Own Request, Cloath'd & had 1s
Dibble, ElizabethF6414/06/8630/07/88Had leave to go out for a Month, had 1s
Owen, GraceF8017/06/8602/08/86Not able to WorkWent Out at her Own Request, to have 1s pr Week
Thompson, ElizabethF4722/06/8608/07/86the man ran away and would not have herRan away to be Married
Clark, AnnF7101/07/8612/07/86InfirmWent out at her Own Request
Stapleton, AliceF4410/07/8629/07/86Returnd from the Hospital no betterDied
Whylie, HughM3011/07/8612/07/86very illDied
Odolphs, MaryF3511/07/8613/07/86With ChildPast to Ireland as a Vagrant
Odolphs, JohnM511/07/8613/07/86Went with their Mother
Odolphs, WilliamM111/07/8613/07/86Went with their Mother
Odolphs, JamesM311/07/8613/07/86Went with their Mother
Thompson, ElizabethF4717/07/8629/04/87Bad LegRan away to be Married, 21 May Married to John Upham
Richards, MosesM3019/07/8609/11/86Returned from the HospitalGone to St Thomas Hospital
Pue, MaryF3119/07/8614/08/86in Labour, a Stil ChildGott Well and Ordered Out by the Overseers, Delivered of a Still born Child
Irwin, JaneF1324/07/8625/07/86Retd her place being to hardGone to Mr Robertson Gardiner Black lands lane
Wilford, MaryF1008/08/8612/08/87Shee is too YoungTaken Out by her Mother
Irwin, JaneF1310/08/8624/10/87too YoungGone to live at Mrs Cary's at Rotherithe
Fryer, AnnF6710/08/8625/08/86not wellDied
Barnard, HenarettaF2616/08/8626/08/86Not WellOrder'd Out by the Overseers: Cloathd Decent withEverything to go to Mrs Pawling Tavestock Street
Clark, AnnF2221/08/8628/12/86With ChildOrder'd Out by the Overseers: the Child to stay inthe House
Barnard, SarahF4129/08/8620/01/87not Right in her headWent out at her own Request
Lowren, JohnM2903/09/8606/09/86Very IllOrder'd Out by Mr Read Overseer
Durant, FrancesF1508/09/8613/09/87Out of PlaceGone to Mrs Court at the Swan Renalaugh Walk
Cumins, JamesM5312/09/8626/09/86Very IllDied
Munro, MaryF6714/09/8606/10/86No EmployWent Out at her Own Request
Marwood, MaryF1418/09/8614/11/87Sent homeGone to live at Mr Shuter's No 17 Wych Street NearDrury Lane upon Tryal, Bound
Burton, RichardM2222/09/8623/10/86Bad LegOrder'd out by the Overseers being no Parishoner
Haylock, CatherineF6223/09/8629/07/87Tyard of RovingWent Out to Church did not Return
Collins, MaryF3926/09/8625/05/87a Vagrant who Wont WorkOrderd Out by the Overseers for Bad Behaviour
Jackson, ElizabethF4927/09/8611/11/86No WorkOrderd Out by Mr Howell for for swearing herself aWidow, her husband being alive & well
Norris, JohnM1929/09/8614/12/87a Bad BoyGone to Asher to his Mother
Main, JaneF901/10/8631/01/87Came With her MotherTaken Out by her Father to Go Scotland
Main, MaryF4701/10/8630/01/87Not WellDied
Cutler, JamesM4904/10/8630/12/86RumitismRan away to save his Pension
Clark, JaneF004/10/8606/09/87BornDied
White, SarahF1509/10/8610/10/86Not Us'd WellGone to live at Mr Hardcastle's
Hunt, AnnF5009/10/8607/11/86Very IllGone to Mrs Beasley again
More, AnnF7210/10/8611/04/87No Workdied
Farran, MaryF4615/10/8629/12/86NakedRan away and Paund all her Cloaths
Forrest, MaryF2416/10/8627/02/87With ChildWent Out at her Own Request
Parry, MaryF018/10/8613/09/87Mother Gorn to Service [ 6 months old ]Taken Out by her Mother, to have 1s 6d a Week
Newham, SusannahF019/10/8602/05/89Mother Gorn to Sarvice [ 7 weeks old ]Died
Pocock, HenryM1219/10/8617/01/87No HomeOrder'd Out by the Committee for bad behaviour
Cheese, SarahF3320/10/8627/12/86to WinterdRan away & pawnd her Cloaths
McDonald, EleanorF7121/10/8607/11/86Worn OutRan away & Robb'd the Poor Soldier, it Was John Middleton
Smith, MaryF1824/10/8602/11/86Foul, Past from KensengtonGone to the Lock Hospital
Atkinson, JohnM5705/11/8630/11/86Very IllDied
Witticker, SamuelM7107/11/8609/11/86no workWent out at his own request, had 3s
Marwood, ThomasM1407/11/8619/11/86Out of PlaceOrder'd Out by Mr Howell
Clendon, AnnF1513/11/8621/12/86Turnd out by her motherGone to Mr Woods Butcher upon tryal
Kelley, DennisM7014/11/8605/05/87in a DropsyDied
Forrest, WilliamM019/11/8625/10/91BornDied
Jones, MosesM6628/11/8612/01/87Out of WorkOrder'd Out by the Overseers, had 2s 6d
Frasier, MaryF3329/11/8621/02/87Past from St James ClerkenwellMy Frasier Went Out at her Own Request, had 1s
Shelton, MarthaF5202/12/8619/04/90Lame, past from St Clements DanesDied
Wecks, JohnM6604/12/8627/03/87Past from Bethlam GreenWent Out at his own request, had 1 Pound 1s
Wecks, SarahF5404/12/8627/03/87Past from Bethlam GreenWent With her husband
Mason, EleanorF6505/12/8621/12/86a Casual found on Sloane Street, brought in the Ch ierOrderd Out by the Overseers, an unthankful Wretche
Wingate, CatherineF2207/12/8626/01/87with ChildGone to live at No 32 Newman Street Oxford Road
Squires, ElizabethF5307/12/8627/03/00No WorkDied
Dunstable, JohnM3011/12/8616/01/87a MallotteOrder'd Out by the Committee, able to work
Archer, ElizabethF714/12/8625/10/90Could not mind when her .........Taken Out by Mrs Vallender her Grandmother, Cloathd
Smith, MaryF1814/12/8605/01/87retd from the HospitalGone to Bridwell for Bad behaviour
Richards, MosesM3014/12/8614/01/87Retud having got BetterWent Out and Did not Return
Martin, ElizabethF2816/12/8616/05/88Past from St Giles without CupgateGone to live at Mr Evans Gardiner at 5 pounds pr Year
Martin, JohnM016/12/8602/04/92Past from St Giles without Cupgate [ 10 months old]Taken Out by his Mother
Martin, DavidM316/12/8609/09/90Past from St Giles without CupgateDied
Lawton, JaneF6019/12/8607/02/87Lame handWent Out at her Own Request, had 5s
King, MaryF1919/12/8605/01/87Out of WorkGone to Bridwell for bad behaviour
Simmons, ThomasM4220/12/8624/12/86bad eyesWent out at his Own Request
Marwood, ThomasM1422/12/8616/01/87No PlaceOrder'd Out by the Committee for bad behaviour
Edwards, EdwardM3623/12/8627/01/87Not WellDied
Bingham, ElizabethF7826/12/8629/12/86DrunkDied
Fitsjaral, SarahF2427/12/8607/01/87Bad BrestGone to Saint Georges Hospital, got Well and Camefor her Child
Noad, HarriotF327/12/8619/02/87Came With her Mother FitsjarallTaken Out by her Mother
Burch, EsterF830/12/8607/02/88Her Mother in PrisonDeliver'd to Mr Hall by Order of Mr Gibb
Yexley, WilliamM2201/01/8704/01/87a very bad LegDied
Sutton, JohnM2105/01/8720/04/87very illGone to Salisbury to his Parish, had 6s
White, SarahF1506/01/8713/03/87Sent homeGone to live at the Bell in Holborn at 3 Pound a Year
Farran, MaryF4707/01/8709/04/87NakedRan away, it was My Farron
Jones, MosesM6614/01/8726/02/87Could Not get no WorkWent Out at his Own Request
Clendon, AnnF1518/01/8724/02/87to be cured of the ItchGone to live at Mr Boner Gardiner at Brompton at 3pounds per Annum
Pocock, HenryM1220/01/8718/03/87Haveing no homeGone to Work in the Brick fields White Chapple
Wade, FrancesF3720/01/8725/05/87very illDied
Marwood, ThomasM1520/01/8723/02/87having no homeGone to Mr Thos Wanslaw a Fisherman at Wandsworthupon Trial, Bound
Roberts, MaryF4622/01/8724/01/87Past from KensingtonWent Out at her Own Request, had 1 Pound 1s
Roberts, HenryM022/01/8724/01/87Past from Kensington [ 3 months ]Went Out at his Own Request, had 1 Pound 1s
Roberts, GeorgeM122/01/8724/01/87Past from KensingtonWent Out at his Own Request, had 1 Pound 1s
Roberts, RobertM5022/01/8724/01/87Past from KensingtonWent Out at his Own Request, had 1 Pound 1s
Roberts, JohnM322/01/8724/01/87Past from KensingtonWent Out at his Own Request, had 1 Pound 1s
Roberts, TamerF1022/01/8724/01/87Past from KensingtonWent Out at her Own Request, had 1 Pound 1s
Giddings, RodM4626/01/8731/01/87a CasualOrderd Out by the Overseers
Martin, AlexanderM3826/01/8722/02/87Past from FulhamOrder'd Out by the Overseers with all his Family, had 1 pound 1s
Martin, AlexanderM626/01/8722/02/87Came with his ParentsWhent with his Parents
Martin, JamesM526/01/8722/02/87Came with his ParentsWhent with his Parents
Martin, ThomasM226/01/8722/02/87Came with his ParentsWhent with his Parents
Young, MaryF2726/01/8723/08/89Could not better her selfMarried to Sir Edmd Grimes Barronet
Martin, SarahF3926/01/8722/02/87Past from FulhamWhent with her Husband
Powell, SarahF2631/01/8714/02/87Brought in with childDied
Powell, JamesM031/01/8713/02/87Infant Just Deliv'dDied
Wright, JohnM2201/02/8721/02/87egar & FeverOrder'd Out by the Committee being no Parishonerhad 2s
Davis, JohnM5605/02/8707/02/87Very IllOrder'd Out by the Overseers, had 1s & Clothe
King, MaryF1926/02/8716/03/87retd from BridwellOrderd Out by the Overseers, Cloathd & 1 Shilling
Smith, MaryF1826/02/8705/05/87retd from bridewellGone to Mr Moire The Thissel & Crown Swallow Street at 4 Guineas a Year
Wingate, CatherineF2301/03/8726/07/88sent home being whith ChildGone to live at No 3 Adam street Adelfia at 7 Pounds a Year, Cloath'd Decent
Clendon, AnnF1503/03/8705/05/87Retrd from her PlaceGone to live at the White Hart Brompton: 27 of June Ran away from her Place
Newport, ThomasM2204/03/8719/03/87Very IllDied
Barnard, SarahF4107/03/8705/09/87disordered in her headWent Out at her Own Request
Tatel, SarahF1810/03/8729/08/87Came with her SisterGone to St Bartholomews Hospital, Cloath'd
Tatel, MaryF2210/03/8724/05/87Past from St Margt WestminsterOrderd Out by the Comttee, had 3 shilg
Richards, MosesM3016/03/8729/09/88a Giddiness in his headDied
Smallman, ThomasM4519/03/8702/04/87Past from BridwellWent Out at his Own Request
Arabin, CatherineF8727/03/8721/03/88bedriddingDied
McDonald, DennisM7307/04/8728/08/90LameDied
McIntire, DanielM1215/04/8714/10/87did not likeGone to Mr Blackburn a Fisherman at Wandsworth upon liking, Bound the 6 Novr at the Committee
Cook, SarahF4319/04/8719/11/87Returnd from the HospilDied
Roof, SarahF5420/04/8711/06/88Did nothing When WellWent Out at her Own Request
Tullock, MargaretF5601/05/8702/06/87No WorkWent Out at her Own request
Hale, MaryF7421/05/8718/08/87Not Well, a CasualDied
Dearing, CharlesM2021/05/8722/05/87foul, Past from St Marts in the fieldOrderd Out by Justice Read being no Parshioner
McKenzie, MargaretF3007/06/8729/08/87With Child, Past from St George Hanover SquairOrder'd Out by the Committee, had 2s
Dearing, CharlesM2012/06/8716/06/87Past from St Martins in the fieldOrderd Out Again
Wingate, SarahF014/06/8703/05/89BornDied
Badlaw, ThomasM6116/06/8719/06/87Very Ill, Brought by the BeadleDied
King, WilliamM4526/06/8712/08/87Very IllWent Out at his Own Request, had 1s & Shoes
Perry, JaneF2526/06/8702/08/87Past from St John the EvangelestWent Out at her Own Request, had shoes
Cook, MaryF3127/06/8717/07/87Very IllOrderd out by the Committee haveing gott Well
Careincross, MargaretF1430/06/8723/08/87Returned being too YoungGone to Mr Woodstock next Dore to Sun Chelsea uponTrial
Stuart, CatherineF4601/07/8717/07/87for a fue DaysOrder'd out by the Comttee Being no Parrcioner
Pooler, WalterM6207/07/8703/09/87Out of PlaceGot Over the Wall and Ran away
Yates, ThomasM1208/07/8727/10/87Return'd from Mr NormanGone to Mr Preastley Apothy upon Tryal{ Ran away and Robd the till
Stuart, AnnF5514/07/8710/10/88Subject to fittsDied
Tipper, JaneF4520/07/8718/06/88Past from St Andrews HolbornWent Out at her own Request, to have 1s pr Week
Edgcumbe, ParsonM4922/07/8716/08/87Not WellOrdered Out by Mr Gibbs Overseer
Birge, EleanorF3425/07/8705/08/87With ChildOrder'd Out by the Overseers
Tock, JosephM5703/08/8709/08/87Very IllGone to Saint Georges Hospital
Stevens, SarahF4507/08/8702/09/87Past from TutonWent Out at her Own Request
Stevens, CharlesM5607/08/8705/09/87Past from TutonWent Out at his Own Request
Stevens, CharlesM607/08/8704/10/87Past from TutonWent with his Father
Stevens, ThomasM1007/08/8704/10/87Past from TutonWent with his Father
Proper, ElizabethF707/08/8720/08/87Parents DeadPast to St Martins
Clark, ElizabethF2814/08/8725/08/87Disor'd in her mindGone to Mr Wallet in Robertsons Lane
Edgcumbe, ParsonM4923/08/8727/09/87Past from St George Hanover Square
Kerr, JohnM531/08/8701/05/95Return'd from the HospitalJohn Kerr Past to Saint Georges in the Burrow by an Order
Wise, JamesM2203/09/8714/09/87Not WellDied
Stider, SarahF3708/09/8710/09/87a CasualOrder'd Out by the Overseers
Tompkiss, MaryF2712/09/8713/09/87Her Husband left herRan away & Left her Child
Tompkiss, JamesM112/09/8701/06/88Taken Out by his Father by Order of Mr Price Overseers
Clark, ElizabethF2820/09/8731/10/87Disor'd in her mindGone to live at Mrs Beaslies'
Stevens, CharlesM5630/09/8704/10/87Came home to appear in CourtSent to Tuton by Order of Court
Careincross, MargaretF1304/10/8715/10/87Sent home for being IdleGone to Mr Bates Grocer upon Tryall
Crouse, JohnM5606/10/8721/10/87a GermanGone to Mr LaKellies nex house
Roads, JohnM2310/10/8731/10/87Not WellOrder'd Out by the Overseers being no Parishoner
Hopperton, JaneF6811/10/8703/08/90Past from St Mary LeboneWent Out to Nurse did not Return
Stevens, MaryF5315/10/8713/04/90Disord'd in the Headdied
Hajde, AmeliaF5418/10/8710/05/00not WellDied
Stuart, AnnF5420/10/8714/05/88Troubd with fittsWent Out at her Own Request
Levell, MaryF4720/10/8705/11/87Very IllOrder'd Out by the Overseers Haveing Gott Well, had 3s
Brian, MarthaF3123/10/8721/11/87Out of PlaceGone to St Georges Hospital Where she Died
Irvin, JaneF1426/10/8701/12/87Return'd being Provided forGone to Mr Price at Mrs washingtons at Pimblico
Collins, MaryF4027/10/8714/05/88Pawn'd all her CloathsOrderd Out by the Overseers
Pooler, WalterM6230/10/8702/07/88No WorkSent to Bridwell for Bad Behavour
Cutler, JamesM5006/11/8705/04/88DeplorableGot Over the Wall, and ran away
Yates, ThomasM1220/11/8722/11/87Gone to Mr John Willson No 12 Purple Lane upon Tryal, Bound
Edwards, MaryF1423/11/8701/12/87Out of PlaceGone to live at Mr Bates Grocer upon tryall
Dean, AnnF1724/11/8702/02/88Out of PlaceGone to Mr Smith the Kings Head & Eight Bells uponTryal, Hired out at $ pounds pr Annum
Hedges, AnnF1926/11/8708/01/88With Child8 Dec 1787 Delivd of a Still Male Child } 8 Jany 1788 Gone to Mrs Groves No 39 Watlin Street
Standard, MaryF2027/11/8710/03/88Out of PlaceOrder'd Out by the Overseers
Standard, CharlesM027/11/8710/03/88Came with his Mother [ 4 months old ]went with his Mother
Simmons, ThomasM4329/11/8705/12/87Out of WorkWent out at his Own Request, had 5s
Smith, MaryF1829/11/8710/02/88Out of PlaceGone to Mr Manning the Black mores head Brooks Market at 4 pounds pr Anm
Pocock, JohnM4829/11/8719/03/88Bad LegWent Out at his Own Request
Careincross, MargaretF1430/11/8729/06/88Returnd being with ChildGone to Mr Bryan Kiernan No 6 High Street St Gilesupon Tryal
Belchus, JosephM6603/12/8707/12/87Not WellDied
Harrison, JamesM4908/12/8710/01/88Very IllDied
Pleden, JohnM812/12/8711/06/88Parents Could not Mentain themTaken Out by his Mother, to have 2 Half Pecks pr Week
Pleden, FrancisF912/12/8711/06/88Parents Could not Mentain themTaken Out by her Mother, to have 2 Half Pecks pr Week
Pleden, ThomasM312/12/8711/06/88Parents Could not Mentain themTaken Out by his Mother
Wales, JosephM016/12/8702/01/88BornWent With his Mother
Smith, SamuelM1431/12/8707/02/88Sent home Ill from Mr PreastleysGone to Mr Smiths the White Horse Church Lane Chelsea
Jones, ElizabethF3210/01/8809/04/88With ChildWent Out at her Own Request
Richerson, EdwardM7119/01/8827/02/88No use in his LimbsDied
Edgerton, JohnM5424/01/8813/02/88Not WellDied
Wadmore, HannahF2528/01/8814/05/88With ChildHannah Wadmore Order'd Out by the Overseers, 1s 6d
Foster, CatherineF4002/02/8802/05/88Not WellOrder'd Out by Committee, had 2s, it was Cathe Foster
Roberts, MargaretF6604/02/8806/02/88Past from Chemsford essex as a VagrantOrder'd Out by thr Overseers
Brightwell, ElizabethF5206/02/8821/03/88Disorder'd in her mindGot over the Wall & Ran to her Sister Fatnal nearthe Ferry
Burch, EsterF1107/02/8811/02/88Brought back by the BeadleTaken away by the Beadle to Saint Andrews
Hambleton, HannahF2219/02/8822/02/88Her Husband left herWent Out by her Owne Desire to find her Husband
Beaver, JoellM6922/02/8803/05/88Past from SpittlefieldsGone to Work for Mr Rubergall
Seston, WilliamM7627/02/8803/03/88Very IllOrderd Out by overseers Haveing Got Better
Worrell, SarahF4827/02/8805/03/88No WorkOrderd Out by the Overseers, had 1s Shoes & Shift
Lawton, JaneF5305/03/8805/03/88Past from PoplarWent a way without Sleeping in the House
Lawton, ElizabethF105/03/8805/03/88Came With her MotherWent With her Mother
Wadmore, SarahF009/03/8814/05/88BornSarh Wadmore Went With her Mother
Smith, SamuelM1411/03/8818/03/88Ran away from Mr SmithsGne to Mr Willm Shaw a Ginger Bread Baker Great Peter Street Westr upon Liken
Fleet, AliceF7019/03/8824/07/91InfirmAlice Fleet Died 24 June 1791
Jones, MaryF020/03/8809/04/88BornWent with her Mother
Estwick, JohnM1022/03/8805/05/88His father ran away Haton GardenTaken Out by his Brother who has Gained a Settlement in his Own Right by Living more than a Year in
Brightwell, ElizabethF5223/03/8805/05/88Gone to Saint Lukes Hospital
Huson, ElizabethF6525/03/8814/06/94a Bad LegDied
Allinton, JohnM929/03/8831/03/88Mother DeadPast to Hammersmith
Cutter, MaryF2708/04/8809/04/88Past from St Sepuls near NugateOrderd Out by Justice Reed, had 1s
Dean, AnnF1808/04/8825/04/88Ran away from her PlaceGone to Mr Masenger next door
Gray, JohnM2621/04/8819/05/88Very IllWent Out at his Own Request haveing Got Better
Woodfard, RichardM1322/04/8815/07/88return'd, Would not dooWent to Mrs Downes upon Tryal, 15 Dec Gone to Mr Bedster by the Water Side
Walker, MaryF6423/04/8823/10/88Very IllDied
Crawford, ElizabethF1329/04/8816/01/89Reurned from Mr Coggins being too weakGone to Mr Waviens No223 Cuzons Street Mayfair upon tryal, bind at 40s per Anum to Commence this Day
Bates, MaryF3502/05/8822/05/88Past from St Giles in the fieldsWent out at her own Request
Porter, JamesM4403/05/8806/07/88Very IllWent Out at his Own request, Paid 1 Guinea for hisKeep
Gibbins, JosephM6610/05/8813/05/88Very IllDied
Cook, JohnM1118/05/8822/06/89Returnd from Mr Davis a bad boyRan away
McDonald, JohnM5823/05/8809/07/88DropsicalDied
Martin, ElizabethF3030/05/8822/08/88Place too HardGone to live at Mr Arnold Silk Dyer in Panton Street Lester Squair at 4 Pounds pr Am
Evans, SamuelM3531/05/8827/07/88Disorderd in his HeadPast to Birmingham with his Wife
Willson, HannahF1804/06/8805/06/88FoulTayken away by the Beadle
Dean, AnnF1807/06/8810/06/88Past from WandsworthOrderd Out, Shee Being in Perfect Helth
Careincross, MargaretF1510/06/8809/09/88Return'd would not DooGone to Mr Blake near the Common Pond upon Tryal
Sanders, ThomasM4211/06/8802/07/88Not WellDied
Cutler, JamesM5117/06/8825/06/88Bad FootWent Out without Leave and Did not Return
Dean, MaryF6120/06/8819/09/88in a DropseyDied
Moody, MaryF4823/06/8810/07/88Not WellWent Out at her Own Request haveing Got Better
Hacker, AnnF3728/06/8823/11/88a Bad LegWent to nurse a poor Womn, Ran away and left her the second day
Martin, ElizabethF3101/07/8813/07/88Very IllDied
Oner, SamuelM3203/07/8809/08/88a CasualRan away Because he would not Pay for his keep
Eden, ThomasM5405/07/8815/10/88Out of BreadWent Out at His Own Request
Eden, AgnasF4005/07/8811/05/89With ChildOrderd Out by Justice Reed the Husband being in Work, had 4 shillgs
Eden, HannahF705/07/8811/05/89Came with their ParentsWent with her Mother
Eden, ThomasM505/07/8811/05/89Came with their ParentsWent with his Mother
Eden, EdwardM305/07/8811/05/89Came with their ParentsWent with his Mother
Westcoat, MartaF6610/07/8809/02/90No ImployWent Out to nurse her Daughter
Dean, AnnF1811/07/8826/07/89Brought by the BeadleWent Out Reather than Work in the fields, Gone toMr Alsops 14 Septr 1789
Cull, ElizabethF1012/07/8812/08/88to Humble herTaken Out by her Mother
Bishop, MargaretF6012/07/8802/03/98Not wellDied
Bradie, WilliamM5413/07/8830/07/88FoulWent Out at his Own Request, Paid 3s & 6d a week for his Keep
Castleman, CharlesM2320/07/8824/07/88Not wellGone to Lock Hospital
Pooler, WalterM6312/08/8810/01/93Upon his Promice to Behave BetterDied
Nicholds, CharlesM414/08/8819/06/93Their Mother gone to live with Mr Collett Milmans RowGone to Sea upon tryal
Nicholds, ElizabethF714/08/8826/10/90Their Mother gone to live with Mr Collett Milmans RowTaken Out by her Mother
Paist, JohnM6616/08/8825/08/88Very IllDied
Dibble, ElizabethF6617/08/8802/07/89Her time Expir'dHad leave for her on Three Weeks
Bonniface, FloraF6321/08/8805/10/88not wellDied
Tompkiss, JamesM224/08/8811/05/89the father Out of workWent With his Mother
Preasure, JohnM6030/08/8822/10/88Very IllWent Out at his Own Request, had 1s
Mitchel, ElizabethF2203/09/8826/09/88Very IllWent Out Reather then go to the Weel, had 1s, Cloath'd Old
Geer, MaryF3004/09/8802/10/88With ChildWent Out at her Own Request
Arnold, WilliamM3004/09/8815/09/88Hurt his legWent Out at his Own Request, had 2s 6d
Geer,M006/09/8802/10/88BornWent with his Mother
Darley, MaryF5608/09/8821/09/88Very IllWent Out Did not Return
Ashton, AronM5015/09/8815/10/88Very IllWent Out at his Own Request
Eden, AgnasF015/09/8811/05/89BornWent with her Mother
Delap, ThomasM3620/09/8822/09/88Very IllDied
Gatfield, MaryF5125/09/8814/12/91Past from Wandsworth as a VagrantGone to live in Church Lane
Callender, ElizabethF003/10/8810/10/88Came With Mother [ 10 weeks old ]Went with her Mother
Callender, MaryF2503/10/8810/10/88Came for ReliefWent Out at her Own Request, took her Child with her
Weasey, MaryF003/10/8821/05/89Came with her Mother [ 10 weeks old ]Died
Weasey, ElizabethF1703/10/8811/06/89Gone to Mr Woodhead No 18 Great New Street Shoe Lane
Grimes, EdmondM4904/10/8812/06/89No ImployOrderd Out by Mr Price Overseer
Jones, SarahF3210/10/8809/11/88Husband left herWent Out at her Own Request, had 1s
Tompkiss, MaryF2811/10/8811/05/89Husband left herOrderd out by Justice Read Her Husband able to Keep her
Tompkiss, JohnM011/10/8811/05/89Came with his Mother [ 5 months old ]Went With his Mother
Collins, MaryF4019/10/8801/07/89Will not WorkWent Out to Norseing, Ran away and left the Personvery Ill
Woodcock, SilverF5028/10/8831/10/88a poor Casual Woman Us'd very Ill By her husband i n Robersons Lane & Left for DeadDied of the Wounds shee Reciv'd by her Husband inRobersons Lane Wm Woodcock who was Executed fr sme
Linn, MaryF2303/11/8826/11/89Very IllPast to St Geore Hanover Squair
Careincross, MargaretF1504/11/8824/12/88Returnd being Slothful and IdolGone to Mr Wood at the Chesercheese near the Bunnhouse
Hill, CharlesM3508/11/8815/11/88Past as a Vagrant from Kingston upon ThamesWent to Justice Reads Did not Return
Bell, AnnF1808/11/8823/11/88FoulBehav'd Very Ill & Ran awy for fear of Going to Bridwell
Turner, AnnF4917/11/8801/12/88a Casual found in turks rowPast to Saint George Hanover Squair as a Vagrant
Cradock, AnnF2820/11/8825/01/89With ChildWent Out to be Church'd, Ran away and left her Infant
Williams, GeorgeM622/11/8831/01/95Bound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Ecccles in the County of Lancaster
Vaughn, AnnF5029/11/8807/02/89Very illHad leave to go Out Did not Return
White, ElizabethF303/12/8822/01/89Sent from Cort by the Parents not Being Marri'dDied
White, HenryM1303/12/8817/01/89Sent from Cort by the Parents not Being Marri'dGone to Mr Lekies at the Yorksheir Gray upon Tryal
Hacker, AnnF3703/12/8822/04/89Made away with her CloasRan away with Elizh Wealer
White, SarahF1103/12/8819/01/89Sent from Cort by the Parents not Being Marri'dGone to Mr Jones No 8 Hart Street Common Garden upon trial, Bound April
Carter, SarahF2705/12/8810/01/89In a DeclineDied
Searing, MaryF5006/12/8818/12/89Past fron Saint Mary La BoneDied
Jones, SarahF3209/12/8808/05/89Lorst all her ClothsWent Out at her Own Request, had 1s
Cutler, JamesM5116/12/8807/05/89Made away with all his CloathsRan away
Blayer, JaneF1617/12/8811/02/89not wellGone to Westminster Infirmary
Young, JaneF3319/12/8830/01/89Past from Kensington as a VagrantGone to Mr Wood a Blanckman Chesheir Chees 4 Pounds a Year Cloathd Decent gained a Settlement their
Farr, AnnF5904/01/8905/02/89Not WellWent Out at her Own Request, had 2s 6d
Cammel, MaryF1906/01/8908/01/89FoulWent to the Lock Hospital
Wright, JaneF7807/01/8928/01/89Past as a Vagrant from Wooton, SurryWent out at her Own Request, had Cloaths and 4 Shillings
Osborn, MaryF7308/01/8912/11/89Not Able to workDied
Ferrell, SusannahF4314/01/8908/05/89Not WellWent Out, to have a Shilling a Week
Martin, WilliamM2116/01/8904/02/89Idol fellowWent Out at his Own Request
Careincross, MargaretF1630/01/8921/02/89Sent back for being IdolGone to Mrs Bates Again, Cloath Decent
McCawley, JamesM5130/01/8912/02/89Very IllOrderd Out by the Committee
Clark, HesterF603/02/8901/06/91There Folks could not kip themTaken Out her father who has Gained a Setelment inSomers town
Clark, CharlesM503/02/8901/06/91There Folks could not kip themTaken Out her father who has Gained a Setelment inSomers town
Thompson, Maria AnnF1312/02/8918/02/89Past from Saint James as a VagrantTaken out by Mr Ratclif her Master
Clement, JohnM7318/02/8908/04/89InfirmRan away
Nicholds, JaneF1121/02/8929/08/89Too SmallGone to Mrs Courts the Coach and Horsees WidernessRow
Wilson, MarthaF2003/03/8923/06/89In LabourMarta Wilson Gone to Capt Hall No 20 Mark Lane tobe a Wetnurse 23 June 89
Wilson, GeorgeM004/03/8923/06/89BornWent With his Mother
Coalman, MaryF1807/03/8911/08/89FoulWent Out at her Own Request to her Uncle Mr HullysNo 2 Bridge Row Lambeth
Wealin, ElizabethF2010/03/8902/04/89Laid Down at the Gate in LabourOrderd Out by the Overseers Haveing Gott well, Cloathd
White, JamesM6611/03/8912/06/89Not wellJames White Died 12 June 1789
Windall, WilliamM6020/03/8924/04/89Not WellWent Out at his Own Request, Cloathd & 2s
Bates, MaryF3622/03/8912/08/89not wellGone to Live at Mrs Smiths a Carpet WarehouseTurnstile Holborn
Norris, JohnM2223/03/8908/04/89DeplorableOrderd Out by the Committee, Cloathd, had 2 Shillgs
Wingate, CatherineF2527/03/8907/06/89Not WellGone to live at Don Salterocos Coffee House
White, SarahF4531/03/8915/10/89Past by the Lord Mayor as a VagrantGone to Nunn & Barbers No 5 York Street Covent Garden
White, RichardM1031/03/8931/03/89Came with his MotherGone to live with Mr Adamson No 328 Oxford Street
White, WilliamM531/03/8925/11/93Came with his MotherGone to Mr Houghton Rope maker at Wandsworth
Lawless, MaryF6008/04/8926/11/90Out of PlaceGone to Mrs Makelly again
Barnfield, HarrietF809/04/8914/08/93Parents DeadGone out to Mr Staples a Shoe Maker No 17 Arc Street Picadilly upon triale
Barnfield, WalterM1009/04/8906/06/91Parents DeadSent out for his Brothers to Provide for him
Careincross, MargaretF1623/04/8915/08/89FoulGone to Mr Jones a Pastrycook facin' the Old Whitehorse seller Pickadilly
Justice, ThomasM5326/04/8917/01/92Not Right in his HeadDied
Hacker, AnnF3828/04/8913/05/89Bad legWent Out at her Own Request, Had 2 Shillgs & Cloathd Decent
Neelwood, JohnM7929/04/8908/05/89No workOrderd Out by the Committee
Thomas, JohnM801/05/8901/02/91his Parents deadBound to Mr John Davis a Shoe Maker Kensinton
Eden, AgnasF015/05/8915/07/89Past from Saint James Westr [ 8 months old ]Went with her Mother
Coalman, ElizabethF315/05/8926/10/90Past from St Mary BermodsyPast to Kensinton being born in Coopers Cort in that Parish
Eden, ThomasM815/05/8925/08/91Past from Saint James Westr them SomthinGone upon likeing to Messrs Patty Byrchall & Co Marchants No40 Union Street Bishpsgate Did not give
Coalman, ElizabethF2715/05/8907/10/89Past from St Mary BermodsyGone to Live with Mrs Tuggy at 8 Guinnees per Annum
Coalman, HarriettF115/05/8901/10/95Past from St Mary BermodsyBound to Messrs Douglas and Co Cotton Spinners ofEccles in the County of Lancaster
Thompson, Maria AnnF1315/05/8916/05/89Past from Saint James as a VagrantTaken out by Mr Ratclif and had to her Master in town Who Exseped of hire, Cloathd
Eden, ThomasM5515/05/8910/06/89Past from Saint James WestrOrder'd Out by the Committee
Eden, AgnasF4115/05/8915/07/89Past from Saint James WestrTaken Out by her Husband
Eden, EdwardM415/05/8925/08/92Past from Saint James Westr Taken Out by Mr Hutchens to go to Sea 2July 94Thos Eden Gone upon Likeing to Mr Buzell No16 Hambleton Place Battle Bridge Bound 18 Sept St Pancras
Eden, HannahF815/05/8925/10/89Past from Saint James WestrTaken Out by her Father
Brightwell, ElizabethF5322/05/8913/09/89Return'd from St Lukes HosptlGone to Mr Harrisons Hoxton
Shear, JohnM7305/06/8910/06/89Fell Ill in Little ChelseaOrderd Out as Nothing Al'd him
Tate, SarahF2010/06/8916/06/89Very IllDied
Wallis, ChristianM1020/06/8913/07/91to Keep him out of the Street to Saint Geoge HospitalGone upon Likeing at Mr Richd Johnson a tinman atKnightsbridge, Bload his fice with Gunpouder taken
Irvin, JaneF1623/06/8910/08/89Out of PlaceGone to live at Mr Davis in the High Street Kensington a Sadlers
Bonson, JaneF5823/06/8928/10/89Not wellWent Out at her Own Request
Abry, JaneF2329/06/8902/09/89In LabourWent Out at her Own Request
Abry, WilliamM001/07/8902/09/89BornWent with his Mother
Jones, MaryF7004/07/8924/03/94Out of EmployDied
Cutler, JamesM5215/07/8917/09/89DeplorableWent Out at his Own Request
Coleman, JohnM020/07/8909/11/97BornBound to Messrs Douglas and Co Cotton Spinners ofEccles in the County of Lancaster
Wheeler, GeorgeM521/07/8927/08/89Left by their FatherTaken Out by his Father
Wheeler, EleanorF421/07/8903/10/89Left by their FatherSent to Saint Georges Hannover Squair by Order ofRemoveal
Davis, DavidM7623/07/8922/08/89FoulPaid his Carrage to the Waggon to Go to Wails
Beardshaw, ElizabethF5528/07/8924/11/92DeplorableDied
King, MaryF2105/08/8928/10/89With ChildDelivd of a Still Born Child, Gone to live at theKings Head Pimblico
Field, JamesM6107/08/8922/08/89Disorder'd in his MindPast to Ireland as a Vagrant
Hipkiss, GeorgeM909/08/8918/08/89Till PastWent with his Parents
Hipkiss, MaryF1209/08/8918/08/89Till PastWent with her Parents
Hipkiss, JosephM5909/08/8918/08/89Till PastWent Out at his Own Request, had 1 Guinea
Hipkiss, MaryF4209/08/8918/08/89Till PastWent with her Husband, Cloathd Decent
Cooper, MaryF1611/08/8929/08/89Past from Rumford in Essex as a VagrantGone to Mr Loker the Yorksheir Gray upon Tryal
Thompson, Maria AnnF1313/08/8915/08/89Past from Saint James as a VagrantSent Home to Mr Ratclif her Master by the Beadle
Irvin, JaneF1618/08/8919/01/90Out of PlaceGone to live with Mr Thomas Grocer Slones Streetat 4 pounds a Yr
Dibble, ElizabethF6718/08/8918/04/93No workRan away
Woodford, RichardM1321/08/8901/11/89a Bad boyGone to Mr Smith the Kings Head & Eight Bells upontriale
Barnard, HenarettaF2802/09/8927/11/89Very Ill, Order of Removal from St Margaretts West rGone to Lodge at Mrs Normans No 8 Larrance StreetChelsea, to have 1s 6d a Week
Tomkiss, JamesM320/09/8910/01/90Came with his MotherDied
Tomkiss, JohnM120/09/8915/05/90Came with his MotherJohn Tomkiss went With his Mother
Tomkiss, MaryF2920/09/8915/05/90Husband ran awayOrderd Out by the Overseers her husband being in Work
Nicholds, JaneF1123/09/8923/06/90Returnd not being willing to LarnGone to Mrs Beaver Mantua Maker No 56 Ratbone Place upon triale
Careincross, MargaretF1625/09/8912/10/89Sent back would not DooGone to Mr Nelsons Wallam Green upon Tryal at 3 pounds a Year
Ferrell, SusannahF4314/10/8916/02/90No EmployGone to live with Mr Burnsall Larrance Street at 5pounds pr Annm, had 2 shillings, Cloathd Decent
Wright, JaneF7815/10/8927/10/89Past as a Vagrant from Caple SurryWent Out at her Own Request
Threebridge, ElizabethF2023/10/8909/12/89Brought by her Aunt Mrs FoswellElizh Threebridge taken Out by her Aunt
Collins, MaryF4229/10/8918/05/91Not WellWent Out a Nurseing and Ran away
Jones, SarahF3306/11/8910/02/90Left her HusbandOrderd Out By the Overseers by Being Able to Work
Careincross, MargaretF1609/11/8919/05/90Sent back would not DooGone to live with Mr Morrin No66 New Street Soho
Cutler, JamesM5211/11/8931/05/90No WorkWent Out at his Own Request, had 1s
Worrell, SarahF4916/11/8927/02/90Put her Shoulder OutSarah Wrrell Taken Out by her Husband and Both Cloathd
Hooper, JaneF4318/11/8908/09/91Past as a Vagrant from Seven Oakes KentGone to Westr Hospital not taken in } 8th Feby 1792 Gone to Guises Hospital, Dyed in the Hospital
Bates, MaryF3618/11/8927/02/90Out of PlaceGone to live at Mrs Snehls No 5 Gouge Street Totenham Court Road at 7 Pounds pr A......
Roberts, MargaretF6720/11/8925/11/89Past from .............Died
Casher, JaneF2024/11/8901/01/90Out of PlaceRan away
Dundas, GeorgeM028/11/8918/04/90Mother Going in to the Country [ 8 months old ]George Dundas taken Out by his Mother, to have 2sa Week
Roberts, MaryF4828/11/8930/11/89Used ill by her HusbandTaken Out by her Husband
Roberts, JohnF728/11/8930/11/89Came with his MotherWent with his Mother
Roberts, GeorgeM428/11/8930/11/89Came with his MotherWent with his Mother
Roberts, WilliamM128/11/8930/11/89Came with his MotherWent with his Mother
Roberts, TamerF1528/11/8930/11/89Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Dundas, SarahF2006/12/8903/02/90to Nurse her ChildWent at her Own Request, Left her Child
Martin, SarahF3909/12/8922/12/89Past from Saint Ann Blackfriers with an OrderGone to live at Mr Days Elder Walk Isolington at 5Pounds pr Annum
Martin, ThomasM509/12/8931/01/95Came with his MotherBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Martin, AlexanderM1009/12/8903/05/90Came with his MotherGone to live at Mr Abbotts the White hart Chelseaferry at 1s a Week
Martin, JamesM809/12/8928/05/91Came with his MotherTaken Out by his Mother
Clemment, JohnM7311/12/8912/12/89Past from St Botolph Aldgate with an DeplorableDied
Murry, ElizabethF7813/12/8905/05/90Not wellWent Out at her Own Request
Dean, AnnF1918/12/8924/05/90Would not Doo WorkGone to Mr Chapmans Gardiner near Words End Chelsea at 3 Pounds pr Annum
Frasier, MaryF3618/12/8918/04/90Past as a Vagrant Out of the fi__Went Out at her Own Request, Cloath'd
Domer, WilliamM4028/12/8914/02/90Very IllDied
Cook, JohnM1329/12/8904/01/90about StreetsGone to Mr John Manning Fisherman at Chelsea, to have 2s per Week
Wallis, AnnF1131/12/8903/03/90Came with her ParentsWent with her Parents
Wallis, EdwardM3731/12/8906/01/90Past by an Order from St Margt WestrWent Out at his Own Request, had 1s
Wallis, MaryF4431/12/8903/03/90Past by an Order from St Margt WestrWent Out with her Husband, Cloath, has 1s
Wallis, GraceF431/12/8903/03/90Came with her ParentsWent with her Parents
Yates, SarahF202/01/9029/03/90Came with her MotherWent with her Mother } Dead
Yates, CatherineF4702/01/9029/03/90Past as a Vagrant from out of the CittyWent Out at her Own Request, to have 1s 6d pr WeekCloathd Decent
Toaklove, JohnM7705/01/9025/05/90Very IllDied
Patrick, AnnF2906/01/9018/08/90Very IllWent to see After a place did not Return
Patrick, MargaretF406/01/9023/06/90Came with her MotherDied
Cook, JohnM1308/01/9010/01/90Sent back being too WeakGone to Mr Gaines Fisheerman near the Haing armesChelsea, Bound 23 Feby 1790
Wallis, EdwardM3709/01/9003/03/90till he can get workWent Out at his Own Request, took his wife & Childen with him, had 1s
Hussey, SamuelM5220/01/9007/12/90Past from Saint Clements Dane by an OrderDied
Nesbett, ThomasM5422/01/9002/05/90No EmployTaken into Chelsea College
Des Moulins, ElizabethF3526/01/9008/05/90Past by an Order From Saint JamesWent Out at her Own Request
Worrell, RobertM5429/01/9017/02/90Out of WorkWent to Work for Mr Holmes Brick Maker Kentish Town
Simpson, MaryF5529/01/9005/04/91Past with an Order from St Georges HanoverWent Out at her Own Request to be a Helper in theCollege
Wright, JohnM2530/01/9009/02/90Past as a Vagrant from the CityPast as a Vagrant to Newmarkett
Watkins, SamuelM1031/01/9010/02/90Came with his FatherWent with his Father
Watkins, JamesM731/01/9010/02/90Came with his FatherWent with his Father
Watkins, SamuelM4231/01/9010/02/90Till PastPast by an Order to Saint Margates Westminster
Toaklove, HenriettaF5302/02/9018/12/91Past by an Order from Saint Giles CamberwellDied
Toaklove, WlliamM4502/02/9003/02/90Past by an Order from Saint Giles CamberwellWent Out at his Own Request, Had 2s 6d Shirt Shoes& Stockgs
Judd, ElizabethF1910/02/9023/03/90Out of PlaceGone to live with Mr Steal the Fleece Pallis Yardat 4 Guineas pr Annm, Cloathd decent, had 1s
Hardin, MaryF4511/02/9005/04/90Not wellHad leave to go Out did not Return
Wall, ThomasM813/02/9006/03/90Till PastWent with his Father
Wall, GeorgeM6513/02/9006/03/90Till PastGeo wall past to the Bishop rick of Durham
Pitts, JohnM4319/02/9023/03/90Past from Saint Clements DaneDied
Tomkiss, MaryF012/03/9015/05/90BornWent with her Mother
Browne, GeorgeM5618/03/9024/03/90Past as a Vagrant from Saint James WestWent Out at his own Request, had 2s 6d & Had Shoes, Stockgs
Tomkins, MaryF1829/03/9003/05/90Disorderd in her mindGone to live in the City
White, SamuelM629/03/9015/06/94Sister Could not keep himSaml White Taken by his Brother in Law
Westcoat, MarthaF6812/04/9010/05/91No EmployGone to Nurse at Emanuel Hospital
Cutter, MaryF2917/04/9001/07/90Past as a Vagrant Out of the CityDied
Smith, RebeccaF2324/04/9015/05/90No HomeOrderd Out by the overseers her Child being Dead
Smith, MargaretF024/04/9012/05/90Came with her Mother [ 5 months old ]Died
Scarce, JosephM2128/04/9012/05/90Very IllWent out at his Own Request, had 1s
Hill, JosephM2406/05/9027/05/90Very IllPast into Yorkshire as a vagrant
House, EdwardM1515/05/9020/07/90Rturnd too WeakGone upon Liken to Jams House Fisherman Chelsea
Mullin, AnnF4718/05/9021/05/90Disorderd in her headSent home to Saint Martins who tookt too her without a Pass
Crouse, JohnM5925/05/9001/07/90Has the RumatismOrderd Out by Mr Frumn the Overseer being Able toWork
Thomas, ElizabethF4731/05/9008/06/90With the smallpoxDied
Firth, ElizabethF6105/06/9018/06/90Not WellWent Out at her Own Request, had 2s
Mullin, HughM7015/06/9007/07/90Turnd Out by the CollegeWent Out at her Own Request
Lucas, RoseF2410/07/9017/07/90Not WellWent back to her Master Mr Abbott the White hart the ferry Chelsea
Nicholds, JaneF1210/07/9019/08/90Returnd being too YoungGone to Mrs Willm Simkins Jams Street near hare Street bethnal green, Bound
Ennis, HughM410/07/9001/10/95Past from Yorksheir to Their Mother Maiden ParishBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Ennis, WilliamM510/07/9031/01/95Past from Yorksheir to Their Mother Maiden ParishBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
McCloud, AlexanderM3512/07/9020/07/90Very IllDied
Crouse, JohnM5914/07/9014/03/91Has the RumatismWent Out at his Own Request
Domer, WilliamM6014/07/9005/08/90Very IllWent Out at his Own Request, Paid Six Shillings for his keep
Savraon, CharlesM5715/07/9018/08/90Very IllDied
Main, SarahF2318/07/9028/07/90Not Right in Her HeadOrderd out by the Committee
Powley, a BoyM019/07/9025/07/90Dropt near Sloane Street [ 5 weeks old ]Past to St Margrates Westmr
Hord, MaryF2421/07/9003/09/90Removd from Jews RowWent Put at her Own Request, had 2s
Hord, WilliamM021/07/9003/09/90Came with his Mother [ 10 days old ]Went with his Mother
Smith, MargaretF3925/07/9030/07/90Brought by Beadle as a VagrantOrderd Out by Mr Freemn Overseer, had 4s, Cloathd
Turner, JohnM3704/08/9007/08/90Very IllDied
Buckner, MaryF2104/08/9017/09/90till PastMary Buckner Past to Saint Marylabone with her Child
Buckner, CharlesM004/08/9017/09/90Came with his Mother [ 5 months old ]Went with his Mother
Miller, HarrietF5708/08/9013/08/90Brought by beadle as a VagrantOrderd Out by Mr Freemn Overseer
Bayley, SarahF4409/08/9021/10/93Past from St Georges Hanover with an OrderWent out at her Own Request, had 1s & Cloathed Decent
Edwards, MaryF1711/08/9012/10/90Out of PlaceGone to live Mrs Haughton near More fields
Fruen, RichardM021/08/9023/08/90Mother Gone to Sevice, Past By an Order from St G eorge [ 9 months old ]Past to Saint Margarates Westr
Fryer, AliceF5128/08/9027/11/90Not WellWent Out at her Own Request to live with her Husband
Bly Alias Sheat, BettyF5707/09/9017/11/90Goods Leas'dBetty Bly Orderd out by Comttee Being no Parishioner as Never Married to Bly
House, EdwardM1508/09/9018/04/91Returnd too Weak for a fishermanGone to live at the George Paridice row
Johnson, MaryF2519/09/9023/09/90till Willm Reves Can be PastGone to her Family, Willm Reves being Past to Saint Margts
Reven, WilliamM019/09/9023/09/90till Past [ 8 weeks old ]Past to St Margt Westminster
Johnson, SophiaF2324/09/9015/12/90With ChildDied
Eden, AgnasF228/09/9005/11/90Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Eden, HannahF928/09/9005/11/90Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Eden, AgnasF4228/09/9005/11/90Able to WorkWent Out at her Own Request
Wright, JaneF7903/10/9025/01/91Past as a Vagrant from KingstonDied
McLaren, Elizabeth MaryF006/10/9020/10/90BornDied
Guiguery, JohnM907/10/9013/06/91Came with his ParentsWent Out for the Hollidays did not Return
Guiguery, JaneF707/10/9029/12/91Came with her ParentsTaken Out by her Father
Guiguery, AvisF5007/10/9018/12/90Past from St Jams WestmrWent Out at her Own Request, Cloathd
Guiguery, Mary AnnF007/10/9028/12/90Came with her Parents[ 4 months old ]Mary Ann Guigery went Out with her Mother
Guiguery, GabrielM3607/10/9005/01/91Past from St Jams WestmrOrderd Out by the Comttee Haveing Got well
Pullirne, ThomasM4113/10/9010/03/91Not WellWent Out to gett Work
Hatchman, JaneF6314/10/9020/05/91Husband left herGone to live with her Husband
Cull, WilliamM319/10/9003/05/91Father DeadTaken Out by his Mother, to be Aloud 2s a Week
Cull, HannahF819/10/9012/04/91Father DeadTaken Out by her Mother, to have 1s a Week
Cull, Gabriel ElizabethF1219/10/9030/03/91Father DeadGone to live with Mr Burton in Paradise Row, Senthome a bad Girl
Beasley, AnnF5520/10/9004/01/92No workAnn Beasley Orderd out by the Commttee for bad behaviour
Gilbert, AnnF2020/10/9018/11/90a bad GirlGone to live with Mr Johnson the sun near the newChurch Strand, Ran away from her place
Careincross, MargaretF1726/10/9016/03/91Out of PlaceGone to live with Mrs Downs the Man in the Moon Chelsea at 4 Pounds per Annum
Neal, EleanorF5326/10/9026/12/90Past from St _______ White ChapelDied
Casher, JaneF2127/10/9020/11/90Out of PlaceWent to live at the fleece Masham Street WestmnRan away Directly, Cloathd Decent
Hatch, AnnF5029/10/9019/05/92Past from Kensenton by an OrderAnn Hatch Died 19 May 1792
Martin, ElizabethF3302/11/9006/03/91Not wellWent Out to Nursing did not Return
Layhee, JohnM309/11/9009/11/97Left by his MotherBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Bly, JohnM5909/11/9005/01/91No WorkJohn Bly Orderd out by the Commttee being in Perfect Helth
Read, MaryF6010/11/9002/02/91Very IllOrder Out by the Comttee being no Parishoner & Haveing Got Well
Cutler, JamesM5313/11/9004/04/91to WinterWent Out at his Own Request, had 1s & Cloaths
Proper, AnnF1315/11/9017/12/90till PastPast to Saint Martins in the fields
Dean, AnnF2019/11/9023/12/90Out of PlaceGone to Mr Johnsons the sun near the New Church Strand
Ash, DoveF6620/11/9001/12/90Very IllDied
Frasier, MaryF3423/11/9001/03/95No WorkDied
Adams, HenryM3123/11/9004/12/90Not Right in his HeadWent Out at his Own Request having Got Better
Proper, JamesM1625/11/9017/12/90till PastPast to Saint Martins in the fields
Pocock, JohnM5126/11/9013/01/91RumiticsRan away to Save his Pention
Elliot, MargaretF2327/11/9022/06/91With ChildGone to live in Jews Row being Orderd out by the Comttee
Watkins, MaryF3827/11/9002/12/90With ChildSent back to Herreford Sheir
Kennerday, JohnM5529/11/9029/11/90Very IllDyed Imediately
Liverston, ElizabethF1530/11/9029/01/91a College Casual, LameGone to live with Mrs Bates No 17 Lower Sloan Street
Watkins, ElizabethF3503/12/9010/01/91DeplorableGone to live with Mr Carnley No 7 Newinton place at 8 Pounds pr Anm, Cloathd Decent
Watkins, HarryM1303/12/9017/12/90Came with his MotherPast to Saint Georges Hanover Squair
Grimes, EdmondM5104/12/9030/04/91to pay for his keepOrderd Out by the Committee
Grimes, MaryF2904/12/9030/04/91Came with her HusbandMary Grimes Went with her Husband
Warren, MaryF5004/12/9010/12/93Past from Saint Leonard ShoreDichOrderd out by the Comttee for Carring Provisin outof the house
Clemenson, AnnF3109/12/9010/01/91Past from Saint Marylebone as a VagrantWent Out at her Own Request
Clemenson, WilliamM109/12/9010/01/91Came with his MotherWent with his Mother
Wallis, GraceF511/12/9020/03/91Came with her ParentsWent with her Mother
Wallis, AnnF1211/12/9020/03/91Came with her ParentsWent with her Mother
Wallis, EdwardM3811/12/9026/02/91No workGone to work for Mr Hopkins Tooly Street
Watkins, MaryF3811/12/9024/03/91Past Back from HerrefordsheirWent Out, took her Child with her, had one Guineafor 14 Weeks at 1s 6d
Wallis, MaryF4411/12/9020/03/91Came with her HusbandTaken Out by her Husband
Maxay, SarahF6413/12/9027/12/90Very IllDied
Beaver, JoellM7114/12/9003/08/91Not WellJoell Beaver Orderd out by the Comtee
Beaver, ElizabethF7214/12/9003/08/91Came with her HusbandElizh Beaver Orderd out by the Comtee with her Husband
Jones, ElizabethF3419/12/9010/01/91With ChildWent Out at her Request
Hopperton, JaneF7120/12/9008/02/92No WorkJane Hopperton Died 8 Feby 1792
Jones,M021/12/9010/01/91BornWent with its Mother
Skeat, SarahF5023/12/9026/01/91Past by an Order from............Orderd Out by the Committee, to be Alou'd five Shillings pr Week by her Husband
Smalman, ThomasM4824/12/9008/01/91from PrisonOrderd Out by the Comtt, Cloathd, Shovels, 2 Shill
Mitchelson, JaneF5524/12/9002/03/91Past with an Order from Trinity Parish in the towe rGone to Guys Hospital
Spooner, SarahF3227/12/9013/01/91With ChildHad Leave to go Out Did not return
Wilson, GeorgeM1228/12/9014/11/97the Mother Could not keep himBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Moaldon, MaryF2229/12/9031/01/91FoulDied
Adams, ElizabethF3330/12/9014/02/91Very IllDied
Small, HughM4301/01/9113/01/91a bad legGone to Saint Thomas Hospital
Moor, MichealM5609/01/9115/01/91Not wellDied
Wilson, HannahF1810/01/9103/03/91Past as a Vagrant from St GilesGone to Saint Thomas Hospital for the Veneral Complaint, Not taken in till the tenth
Leveruige, MaryF6011/01/9104/02/91Very IllWent Out at her Own Request
Johnson, BenjaminM411/01/9116/03/91Father ran awayTaken Out by his Father
Lamityer, JamesM2612/01/9112/02/91FoulHad leave to go Out did not Return
Tinckler, JohnM4713/01/9117/01/91Very IllDied
Toaklove, WilliamM4513/01/9112/03/91Hirt his BackDied
Grimes, JohnM4122/01/9112/04/91Very IllPast to Ireland as a Vagrant, Cloathd Double, 1s
Gardner, EdwardM6423/01/9114/02/91Very IllWent Out at his Own Request, Had 1s & Cloathd
Late, JohnM1524/01/9109/02/91SmallpoxOrderd Out by the Overseers haveing Got well
Harris, AnnF4026/01/9108/02/91Past by an Order from Richmd SurreyTaken back to Richmond, Paid Sixteen Shillings fortheir Keep
Harris, JohnM526/01/9108/02/91Came with his MotherWent with his Mother
Harris, ElizabethF326/01/9108/02/91Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Watkins, MaryF027/01/9124/03/91Bornwent with her Mother
Judd, ElizabethF2030/01/9118/03/91Out of PlacePast as a vagrant from here to Birmingham
Parkinson, RobertM4705/02/9113/04/91Very Ill, Past from ClerkenwellWent Out at his Own Request, had 1s & Cloathd
Andrews, WilliamM1707/02/9111/02/91Very IllDied
Dowley, JosephM4912/02/9119/03/91Very Ill ms to goPast to Ireland as a Vagrant: Rurnd back from Bridewell till he is better 18 April Sent to South Mim
Sproull, FrancisM3922/02/9103/03/91Very IllGone to the lock Hospital for a Cure
Hipkiss, MaryF4424/02/9109/03/91Very IllTaken Out by her Husband, Had 2 Shillings, CloathdDecent
Jones, JohnM4225/02/9119/03/91Not wellPast to wales as a Vagrant
Nicholds, ElizabethF6028/02/9129/07/92Infirm, Past from Saint Geor the MartyrDied
Grainger, ElizabethF7601/03/9118/05/91Widoe of Edw g Ward in the CollegeOrderd Out by the Committee being no Parishoner
Elliot, SusannahF004/03/9122/06/91BornWent with her Mother
Spooner, SamuelM004/03/9125/03/91BornWent with his Mother
Spooner, SarahF3304/03/9125/03/91In LabourWent Out at her Own Request
Dorrington, PheobeF2004/03/9125/03/91Past as a Vagrant from St Anne SohoDied
Alderton, CharlesM605/03/9125/06/94Came with his FatherTaken Out by his Mother to be taken to a School intown
Vallender, ElizabethF005/03/9108/05/91Came with her Mother [ 3 weeks old ]Went With her Mother
Vallender, PearF2305/03/9108/05/91To Nurse her ChildOrderd out by the Comttee, to have 1s 6d for her Child
Alderton, GeorgeM805/03/9110/04/93Came with his FatherGone to Mrs Loyd by the water Side
Alderton, WilliamM5205/03/9124/09/91Very LameDied
London, MaryF1905/03/9122/06/91Out of PlaceGone to live with Mrs Jones No 5 Cabbage lane Westr at 52s pr yr
Wilcocks, ThomasM3106/03/9121/06/92Left hand is StillGone to Bath Hspital for Cure
Spooner, FrancisM316/03/9126/12/91Mother lays inTaken Out by his Father
Durant, ElizabethF2423/03/9109/05/91Brougt in LabourElizh Durant Ordered Out by the Comttee, to have 1s 6d a Week
McEwen, RobertM3023/03/9113/04/91ConsumtiveDied
Humphries, HannahF3023/03/9128/03/91DropsicalDied
Durant, WilliamM424/03/9109/05/91BornWent Out with his Mother & Grand Mother
Watts, SusannahF4024/03/9118/07/92Very IllOrderd Out by the Comttee being no Parishoner
Crouse, JohnM6024/03/9107/03/92Wont WorkOrderd Out by Justice Reed for bad behaviour
Green, MaryF3026/03/9131/03/91Very IllDied
McClarning, JaneF2008/04/9112/08/91Her Husband left her, Past from WestmrOrderd Out by the Comttee, to take her Youngest Child with her, to be Aloud 1s 6d pr Week
McClarning, MaryF208/04/9120/12/98Came with her MotherWent Out for the Hollidays, Orderd not to be Admitted again
McClarning, DeborahF008/04/9110/08/91Came with her Mother [ 5 months old ]Went with her Mother
Harris, AnnF2611/04/9116/04/91Very Ill in fittsWent Out at her Own Request Haveing got better
Cox, AshunF7114/04/9106/06/91No HomeRan away
Ferrell, SusannahF4520/04/9113/02/93Not WellSush Ferrell Agreed to go Out with Comttee, to have 3s & 1s 6d pr Week, Very Drunken
Palmer, AnnF5220/04/9104/04/96Not wellDied
Hobden or Ogden, RobertM4430/04/9103/05/91Very IllDied
McDonald, AnnF1906/05/9127/07/91With ChildOrderd Out by the Committee
Farley, AliceF1909/05/9105/07/91in LabourOrderd Out by the Conttee, had 6s to help her to Staffordsheir
Farley, WilliamM010/05/9105/07/91BornWm Went with his Mother
Thomas, CatherineF012/05/9123/03/95Born in Slone Street [ 5 months old ]Gone to Bord at No 10 Ormond Row
Davidson, IsabelF2915/05/9110/09/91Disordered in her mind, Past from Bray in the Coun ty of Bur__Gone to Bedlam Hospital for a Cure
Smith, SarahF1517/05/9127/05/91Returnd from Mrs LiddleGone to Mr Blackborn the white Horse Wandsworth upon trial
Morris, MaryF7018/05/9102/09/91InfirmDied
Cordell, ElizabethF620/05/9108/07/91Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Cordell, SamuelM320/05/9108/07/91Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Cordell, MarthaF4120/05/9108/07/91With ChildWent Out at her Own Request
Wadmore, SarahF321/05/9110/08/91Came with her MotherWent With her Mother
Wadmore, HannahF2821/05/9110/08/91With ChildOrderd Out to take her too Youngest Childn with her but took all three
Hambleton, AnnF6428/05/9118/07/91not WellDied
Jones, ElizabethF3009/06/9106/07/91Very IllWent Out at her Own Request
Johnson, LucyF1209/06/9115/06/91Returnd from Sloun Street being too youngGone to live with Mrs Hubard facing the hoop Brumpton at 50s per year
Wadmore, MaryF010/06/9110/08/91BornWent With her Mother
Cordell, MaryF010/06/9108/07/91BornWent with her Mother
Wadmore, WlliamM010/06/9110/08/91BornWent With his Mother Mary Wadmore
Johnson, LucyF1223/06/9110/11/91Ran away from her placeGone to Mr Willm Jones No 10 Carters Rent Brick lane
Yates, CatherineF4823/06/9122/03/92Past as a Vagrant from out of the CittyCathn Yates Senor Orderd Out by the Committee being Able to Work
Nicholds, ElizabethF1025/06/9127/06/92Very IllGone to Mr Warrens No 24 Curzons Street May fair upon likeing
Smith, SarahF1528/06/9106/07/91a Bad GirlGone to live with Mrs Lewis the Kings arms LittleChelsea
McDonald, JohnM028/06/9127/07/91BornWent with his Mother
Jones, MosesM7029/06/9110/10/91No workWent Out at his Own Request to See after his Incomin the Country
Comer, ElizabethF405/07/9107/07/91Came with MotherWent with her Mother
Comer, MaryF705/07/9107/07/91Came with MotherWent with her Mother
Comer, SarahF4005/07/9107/07/91Till PastOrderd Out by being a parishoner of fulham
Wickey, MaryF3212/07/9128/10/91Till her Child is SetledWent Out at her Own Request, to be Aloud 1s 6d prWeek for her Child
Wickey, MaryF012/07/9128/10/91Came With her Mother [ 5 months old ]Went with her Mother
Hall, ElizabethF3513/07/9113/08/91Husbd in PrisonGone to Mr Hatchit No 7 Warrick Street Pmblico
Yates, CatherineF2713/07/9103/08/91With ChildCathn Yates Junor Orderd Out by the Commttee
Hall, JamesM913/07/9118/08/91Came with his MotherGone to Patty Byrchall & Co Merchants No 40 UnionStreet Bishopsgate
Hall, PeterM313/07/9129/02/92Came with his MotherTaken Out by his Mother, the Father haveing got his Liberty
Hall, WilliamM613/07/9129/02/92Came with his MotherTaken Out by his Mother, the Father haveing got his Liberty
Hall, RobertM1213/07/9113/09/91Came with his MotherBound Apprentice to Mr Jacques Printer over the Waterworks Bridge
Toplis, ThomasM8015/07/9131/08/91Brought by the BeadleSent to Bridwell to be Convaid to his Parish
Smith, SarahF1518/07/9121/07/91a Bad GirlGone to live with Mr Woodcock the Helmit in Hoalborn
Cull, HannahF921/07/9109/04/92Mother could not keep herWent Out for the Hollerdays did not Return
Cull, WilliamM421/07/9109/04/92Mother could not keep himWent Out for the Hollerdays did not Return
Elliot, SusannahF023/07/9116/08/91Came with her Mother [ 4 months old ]Died
Elliot, MargaretF2323/07/9109/08/91Very IllDied
Irvin, JohnM1527/07/9110/10/91Out of PlaceGone to Mr Phillips hair Dreser in Sloan Street
Smith, SarahF1528/07/9124/08/91a Bad GirlGone to live with Mr Warren No 22 Couzens Street may fair at 40s pr Anm
Mitchel, ElizabethF6002/08/9104/08/91Very IllDied
Wilson, ElizabethF603/08/9131/01/95Mother and Father DeadBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Read, MaryF6003/08/9116/09/91Very IllDied
Watson, JaneF4504/08/9124/08/91Not WellJane Watson taken Out by her Husband
Yates, CatherineF2704/08/9110/08/91With ChildPast to her Husbands Parish in Berksheir
Orstin, MaryF705/08/9123/02/92No ParentsTaken Out to be sent to the Assilim
Farley, AliceF1907/08/9110/08/91No WorkSent to the Bridwell to be sent to Staffordsheir
Farley, WilliamM007/08/9110/08/91Came with his Mother [ 3 months old ]Went with his Mother
Beaver, JoellM7109/08/9116/10/98Came Past as Vagrant from Out of the CityWent out at his Own Request, to have 1s 6d a WeekNew Cloathd
Beaver, ElizabethF7209/08/9115/04/93Came past as a Vagrant from out of the CityDied
Vaughn, AnnF5611/08/9122/03/92No WorkOrderd Out by the Comttee being able to Work
Gaffany, PatrickM3318/08/9123/08/91Not WellDied
Collins, MaryF4427/08/9124/10/92as a VagrantGone to live with Mr Close at 5 pounds per Annum
Wallis, ChristianM1331/08/9122/05/92Sent from Saint Geogs HospialGone up Liken on bord the Thames Capt Chrst Jobson
McCloud, GeorgeM1203/09/9120/03/92Did not likeGone to live with Mrs Loyd the Apthy, ran away, abad boy
Hall, JamesM306/09/9129/02/92Did not likeTaken Out by his Mother, the Father haveing got his Liberty
Rosling, JamesM2607/09/9129/04/93Not WellOrderd out by the Overseers haveing got better
Spencer, JohnM3509/09/9109/11/91Very IllPast as a Vagrant to South mims
Yates, CatherineF2712/09/9119/03/92Sent back from BerksheirOrderd Out by the Committee
Yates, HenryM012/09/9119/03/92Came with his Mother [ 4 weeks old ]Went with his Mother
Smith, SarahF1512/09/9114/09/91Sent back would not DooGone to Mrs Copras in Larance Street
Barnard, JosephM021/09/9122/10/91[ 2 months old ]Went with his Mother
Jones, SusannahF1921/09/9127/09/91No HomeSent to Bridwell to be Past to her Parish
Barnard, HenarettaF2921/09/9122/10/91Husband Ran awayWent Out at her Own request, to be Aloud 1s per Week for her Child
Dicras, WilliamM6626/09/9109/11/91Not wellPast as a vagrant to South mins
Smith, SarahF1526/09/9115/11/91Sent backGone to Mrs Virtue upon tryale
Tomlinson, MargaretF4201/10/9112/11/91Very IllOrderd out by the Overseers her Husband haveing forsworn himself
Tomlinson, JohnM1301/10/9112/11/91an Idol fatherWent with his Mother
Tomlinson, JamesM601/10/9112/11/91an Idol fatherWent with his Mother
Tomlinson, RebeccaF001/10/9112/11/91an Idol father [ 6 months old ]Went with her Mother
Edwards, ElizabethF1904/10/9104/11/91Very IllWent Out at her Own Request
Cutler, JamesM5409/10/9117/01/92His Winter QuarterRan away to save his Pension
McCloud, AlexanderM3511/10/9121/07/92Very IllAlexr McCloud Went to Scotland at his Own RequestCloathd
Northeast, JohnM5517/10/9120/10/91Very IllDied
Lawes, JohnM4619/10/9114/11/91Very IllOrderd Out by the Overseers
Asseter, WilliamM1525/10/9116/11/91Past from St the Margt, no WorkWent with his parents
Asseter, WilliamM5625/10/9116/11/91Past from St the Margt, no WorkWent Out at his Own Request Reathr then work uponthe Roads
Asseter, SusanahF5025/10/9116/11/91Past from St the Margt, no WorkWent with her husband
Asseter, MaryF1625/10/9116/11/91Past from St the Margt, no WorkWent with her Parents
Mitchele, CatherineF2129/10/9107/11/91Very IllWent Out at her Own Request, Very unthankfull & yet Got well
Daws, WilliamM1029/10/9111/11/91Ran away from HampsteadSent home to Hampstead
Bayley, JamesM4501/11/9104/06/92Not wellOrderd Out by the Comttee having got well
Irvin, JohnM1502/11/9125/07/92Sent back, would not dooGone to Mr Jures Garner upon Liking, Bound
Griffiths, SophiaF1704/11/9130/11/91Takin up as a VagrantGone to live with Mrs Barnes No39 Charlotte StreetRathborn Place at 6 Pounds pr Anm, Cloathd
Fider, ElizabethF5015/11/9130/11/91DeplorableWent Out at her Own Request, Clothd Double, shee came on purpose
Brightwell, ElizabethF5517/11/9124/02/92Brought back from HoxtonRan away
Wadhams, WilliamM3719/11/9123/11/91no workOrderd Out by the Committee, had 2s 6d
Asseter, SusanahF5022/11/9104/03/92no home to go toOrderd out by the Committee her Husband havin gotwork
Rodgers, MarthaF8024/11/9109/11/99PalsyDied
Griffin, EsterF2424/11/9117/01/92In LabourOrderd Out, took her Child with her
Griffin, WilliamM024/11/9117/01/92BornWent with his Mother
Legg, JaneF5224/11/9127/07/92Not right in her headGone to Bedlam Hospital
Jackson, ElizabethF2324/11/9102/05/92foul, Past from St Giles by an OrderGone too guys hospital
Asseter, WilliamM1501/12/9102/01/92Came with his fatherGone to Mr Cook No 5 Castle Street Lester Squair Cabinet maker upon Likin
Jones, SarahF3501/12/9107/12/91Past by My Lord Mayor VagrtOrderd Out by the Comttee she haveing a Husband able to keep her
Ellis, MargaretF005/12/9118/12/91Mother gone to Place [ 7 months old ]Taken Out by her Mother
Alstock, LewisM3705/12/9104/01/92DeplorableOrderd out by the Commttee having got well
Arnold, SamuelM2506/12/9111/12/91Past by an Order from Brantham SuffolkSent back to Brantham with a Certificate
Harrop, SamuelM1406/12/9118/12/91No HomePast to Saint Bartholomw the Great
Arnold, FannyF2506/12/9111/12/91Came with her HusbandSent back to Brantham with a Certificate
Jones, ElizabethF1208/12/9116/12/91Parents Could not keep herRan away
Handley, JamesM010/12/9104/02/92Came with his Parents [ 3 weeks old ]Went with his Parents
Handley, WilliamM710/12/9104/02/92Came with his ParentsWent with his Parents
Handley, JohnM4710/12/9104/02/92Not WellGone to the City of Chester his Parish, had 1s 5d
Handley, SarahF4010/12/9104/02/92Very IllWent with her Husband
Smith, SarahF1513/12/9117/02/92Sent back a Bad GirlGone to Mr Kimmings the George in Paradice row upon tryale
Deane, ThomasM6414/12/9123/06/95Out of WorkOrderd out by the Overseers beng thought able to Work
Finlinson, JosephM615/12/9106/03/92no homeSent to the College to his Parents
Lamityer, JamesM2720/12/9106/04/92FoulGone to Saint Thomas Hospital
Jones, AnnF925/12/9108/03/92Parents Could not keep herTaken out by her Mother
Jones, ElizabethF2525/12/9104/01/92Parents Could not keep herOrderd Out by the Committee for bad behaveor
Edwards, MaryF1927/12/9111/03/92Out of PlaceGone to live with Mr Gardner the Adam & Eve Chelsea Mry Edwds
Jones, JamesM904/01/9208/03/92Parents Very PoorTaken out by his Mother
Wilding, JohnM5909/01/9231/01/92Not wellWent out at his Own Request
Alstock, LewisM3711/01/9209/02/92no WorkOrderd Out by the Committee
Worman, MaryF7521/01/9213/03/92InfirmDied
Man, SarahF2523/01/9222/02/92DeplorableSarh Man Orderd Out by the Committee for bad behaviour, 1s & Cloathd
Harrison, AnnF6724/01/9231/01/92Very IllDied
Heagin, ElizabethF525/01/9230/01/92Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Heagin, ThomasM225/01/9230/01/92Came with his MotherWent with his Mother
Heagin, JaneF2925/01/9230/01/92husbd buried todayPast to Plymouth
Hackless, JamesM4826/01/9223/02/92Receivd a hurtDied
House, EdwardM1727/01/9214/03/92No WorkOrderd Out by the Comttee being Able to get his bread
Luff, MaryF3202/02/9208/02/92Came with her HusbandOrderd Out by the Committee being Able to Work
Luff, WilliamM4902/02/9215/02/92No EmployWent Out at his Own Request, 7s 6d & Cloathd
Luff or Cheser, CharlesM202/02/9208/02/92Came with his ParentsWent Out with his Mother
Bates, MaryF3906/02/9225/08/92Out of PlaceGone to Service in town
Hulet, AnnF2109/02/9222/02/92Very IllOrderd Out by the Committee haveing got well, 2s &Cloathd
Simmons, ThomasM4818/02/9218/03/92No WorkGone to Work for Mr Newsham
Holmes, MaryF5623/02/9224/02/92Out of WorkWould not Stay in the House
Smith, SarahF1513/03/9216/05/92Sent back would not dooGone to Mr Ovener Fishmonger near the Bunhouse
Allengam, WilliamM3714/03/9219/04/92Hurt his backWent Out at his Own Request
Davis, EvanM6716/03/9222/03/92Out of WorkWent Out at his Own Request, Clothd
Shepard, MaryF6631/03/9218/04/92Past by an Order From Saint George HanoverWent out at her Own Request, to have 1s 6d pr Week
Allengam, WilliamM3720/04/9225/04/92Not Strong enough to workWent Out did not return
Jones, MaryF4423/04/9210/05/92Very IllWent Out at her Own request, very Thankfull
Playden, AnnF3108/05/9206/06/92Very IllWent Out at her Own Request haveing got well
Miller, JohnM6815/05/9218/06/92Very IllDied
Cox, JosephM715/05/9213/08/97Very LameTaken Out by his Father
Millin, SarahsF2224/05/9227/06/92Came with her HusbandWent with her Husband
Millin, ThomasM6824/05/9227/06/92Not wellOrderd Out by the Committee haveing got well
McBurney, JamesM1928/05/9207/09/93Returnd from BridwellWent away with Luff to get bread by th fiddle
Davidson, IsabelF3029/05/9218/07/92Sent back from Bedlam, no betterWent Out at her Own Request, 3 Shillings & Cloathd
Playden, JohnM1404/06/9210/10/92has a hurt in his SideOrderd out by Comttee haveing got well and Saussy
Loveday, ThomasM6009/06/9211/06/92Very IllDied
Foy, CatherineF5912/06/9212/04/95Out of WorkWent Out at her Own Request to go into the Country
Eaton, MaryF6020/06/9217/06/97Very IllGone to look after a House for a MonthDied March 13th 1803
Wealor, MaryF4003/07/9210/07/92Very IllDied
Wealor, SusannahF003/07/9218/09/92Came with her Mother [ 6 weeks old ]Died
Smith, SarahF1517/07/9225/07/92Bad GirlGone to Mr Miller faceing the White Stiles at 30sa Year
Wickrey, JaneF3318/07/9226/08/92Very IllDied
Nicholds, ElizabethF1118/07/9221/11/92Sent back being too SmallGone to Mr Willm Jones Carters Rents Brick Lane
Fenton, MaryF7507/08/9228/09/97InfirmDied
Krawser, JohnM6707/08/9210/04/93to Pay his Pention to the OverseerOrderd Out by the Committee for bad Behavior
Branton, MaryF3308/08/9205/12/92Near her timeGone to Jarsey to her Husband, took her Child withher, had 1 pound 6s and Cloathd
Colley, JohnM1025/08/9229/08/92Came with his FatherTaken Out by his Mother
Colley, AndrewM4225/08/9228/09/92Very IllOrderd Out by the Committee, had a bed & Beding
Colley, AndrewM525/08/9229/08/92Came with his FatherTaken Out by his Mother
Clemenson, AnnF3228/08/9218/09/92No HomeWent Out at her Own Request, Cloathd & 2s 6d
Clemenson, AnnF028/08/9218/09/92Came with her Mother [ 10 months old ]Went with her Mother, Double Cloathd
Smith, SarahF1529/08/9227/09/92Would not DooGone to Mr Cooper the Old bell Holborn
Smith, MatildaF1707/09/9202/11/92Past by an Order from PaddingtonGone to Mr Newsham upon tryalle
Wingate, CatherineF2814/09/9223/04/93No workMarried again to Henry Yates, April 24 Set of withher Child to Bromley in Kent
Wingate, HenryM114/09/9223/04/93Came with his Mothertook their Child with them
Luff, WilliamM4922/09/9217/10/92Not able to workWent Out at his Own Request, 6 Shillings & Cloathd
Luff, MaryF3222/09/9217/10/92Not able to workWent with her Husband
Luff or Chester, CharlesM222/09/9217/10/92Came with his ParentsWent with his Parents
Cook, SarahF5024/09/9217/01/93Insane, Who was Impos'd upon us without an OrderDied
McCloud, GeorgeM1301/10/9229/12/92a bad boyGone to Mr Atkinson Apothy upon tryal
Hibble, MaryF1505/10/9217/10/92No HomeTaken away by the Beadle being no Parishoner
Pidon, JohnM7809/10/9222/07/93a Casual french Pentice Without homeJohn Pidon taken out by the Beadle to be sent home22 July 1792
Perkins, WilliamM2214/10/9224/10/92Very IllWillm Perkins Order'd Out by the Comttee, had 2s 6d & Shoes & Stockings
Lewis, MaryF3817/10/9220/03/93a bad LegWent Out at her Own Request, had 2 shillings
Barley, RobertM4422/10/9218/12/92Out of WorkOrder Out by the Comttee being able to work, 2 Shirts, 2 pair Stockgs & 1s 6d
Jones, ElizabethF6230/10/9210/12/93Out of PlaceOrderd Out by the Commttee for Sending Victuals out of the House
Harper, AnnF2331/10/9218/12/93With ChildGone to be a Wett nurse, took her Child with her, to have 1s & 6d pr Week
Moore, OliverM3602/11/9208/11/92No homeOrderd Out by the Commttee being Able to Work
Luff or Chester, CharlesM302/11/9220/11/93Came with his MotherHis Mother would take him with her
Luff, MaryF3302/11/9220/11/93Made away With Every ThingOrderd Out by the Comttee, Would take her Child
Luff or Chester, CharlesM207/11/9209/11/92Came with his ParentsWent with his Mother
Luff, MaryF3207/11/9209/11/92Had 7 Shillings to gett her Cloaths out of pawn, ranaway with the money
Luff, WilliamM4907/11/9222/11/92Not WellWent Out at his Own Request
Foster, CatherineF4408/11/9213/03/93Almost BlindOrderd out by the Comttee for Refusng to do any thing not so much as hold a Child
Branton, ThomasM010/11/9205/12/92Born[ see previous record ]
Luff, MaryM3215/11/9222/11/92Came drunk & AbusiveWent with her Husband
Luff or Chester, CharlesM215/11/9222/11/92Came with his MotherWent with his Parents
Roberts, MaryF2516/11/9228/11/92With ChildWent Out at her Own Request, to Have 3s 6d a Weeke
Harper, DinniaF317/11/9218/12/93BornWent with her Mother
Wilcox, ThomasM3117/11/9215/02/93Returnd from Bath Hospital, no betterOrder'd Out by the Committee being Only lame withone hand, had 2 Shillings
King, MaryF6818/11/9202/12/92Not WellDied
Nicholds, MaryF4527/11/9218/12/92RumiticsGone to Service
Casher, JaneF2327/11/9230/11/92With ChildMarried & Went with her Husband to Gravesend
Nicholds, ElizabethF1203/12/9228/02/93Not Strong EnoughGone to live with Mrs Court the Coach & HorseesJews Row
Wadhams, WlliamM3805/12/9228/02/93No WorkOrderd Out by the Committee being Able to Work, 4Shillings & Cloathd
Dobey, AnnF4807/12/9221/01/93Very IllMarried to Willm Roberts & Gone to Norwich with her Husband, Since Dead
Dobey, ElizabethF807/12/9221/01/93Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Novans, RebeccaF4710/12/9204/02/93Not WellDied
Mahoney, JohnM4711/12/9229/04/98Not wellDied
Blake, JohnM3017/12/9231/01/93Not WellOrderd Out by the Committee having got better
Fox, RichardM4017/12/9222/02/93Not Right in his headDied
Blake, MaryF2018/12/9215/02/93Out of PlaceGone to live at the Swan Battersea, Cloathd DecentMry Blake
Luff, MaryF3318/12/9215/01/94No EmployWent Out at her Own request, Cloathd, had 4s 6d
Luff or Chester, CharlesM318/12/9215/01/94Came with his motherWent with his mother, Cloathd
Theasse, TheaF5018/12/9210/11/93Very IllDied
Sheffield, JohnM1018/12/9213/06/94Mother Could not keep himTaken Out by the Offecrs to go to Sea John Sheffield
West, AnnaF2424/12/9209/01/93Not WellWent Out at her Own Request, 1 Shilling & Cloathd
Playden, JohnM1425/12/9227/01/93Left his placeGone to live at a Publick house in town
Roberts, MaryF2529/12/9225/02/93Faind in Labour27 Jany 1793 Deliverd of a Still Child, 25 Feby Orderd Out by the Committee her month being up, 2s
Roberts, WilliamM6029/12/9221/01/93in fittsMarried to Ann Dobry and setout for Norwich, tookhis Wife & Child with him
Anderson, JonothanM5210/01/9328/01/93Died
Jones, SarahF3710/01/9304/03/93Not wellOrderd out by the Committee, Clothd decent, had 3Shillings
Wheeler, GeorgeM912/01/9330/05/94Father left himtaken Out by Mr Newsham for the Sea
Wescoat, MarthaF7117/01/9325/05/93No WorkWent Out at her Own Request to Nurse her Daughter
Gilbert, AnnF2319/01/9301/02/93Out of PlaceGone to live with her Mother in town
Careincross, MargaretF2120/01/9310/12/93Will not keep her PlaceOrderd Out by the Comtte for Sending Victuals outof the House
Penn, AntonyM2527/01/9313/03/93Very Ill, a Casual, PortugueGone to Sea
Nicholds, MaryF4631/01/9304/04/93Hurt herself by a fallWent Out at her Own Request
Legg, JaneF5431/01/9323/04/99Returd from Bedlam, no betterTaken Out by her Husband, Mutch Better
Evans, EvanM6702/02/9306/02/93Very IllDied
Coates, JohnM5308/02/9308/04/93Not wellDied
Robson, JaneF2009/02/9308/03/93With ChildGone to live with Mrs Thompson No __ in the Strand
Obins, AntonyM2212/02/9312/02/93Very IllDied
McDonald, ElizabethF2812/02/9322/05/93Husband Gone to GarisonOrderd Out by the Committee, to take her youngestChild with her, Cloathd
McDonald, GeorgeM012/02/9322/05/93Came with her Mother [ 6 months old ]Went with his Mother
Robson, JohnM012/02/9304/03/93BornDied
Thompson, ElizabethF2418/02/9304/04/93With ChildWent out at her own Request, to have 1s & 6d pr Week for her Child
Pellett, MaryF5822/02/9315/03/93Not right in her headGone to Bedlam Hospital
Powell, AmeliaF6604/03/9306/03/93Past from St Mary White ChappleWent Out at her Own request, to have 1s & 6d pr Week
Willoby, CarolF1904/03/9306/04/93In LabourWent Out to the Justice r away from the Beadle
Strutton, RichardM3104/03/9324/04/93Very LameOrderd Out by the Overseers being Able to work
Willoby, WilliamM005/03/9306/04/93BornWent with his Mother
Carter, JohnM1105/03/9316/04/93Mother ran away and left him
Thompson, JamesM007/03/9304/04/93BornWent Out with his Mother
Dobey, ElizabethF909/03/9311/08/94Her Mother Dead, Past by an Order from Saint Marg WestrGone to Mr Willm Jones No 10 Carters Rents Brick Lane Spittlefields
Johnson, BenjaminM609/03/9313/03/93Came with his FatherPast to Christ Church Blck friers bridge
Johnson, TheodoreM5709/03/9313/03/93No ImployOrderd out by the Committee, the child being takenfrom him
Cobb, ThomasM1215/03/9319/03/93No homePast to saint Geoe Hanover
Smith, SarahF1616/03/9303/04/93Return'd being SauseyGone to Mr Warren No 22 Curzen Street may fair 4 Pounds pr Anm
Campble, ElizabethF2029/03/9315/05/93With ChildWent Out at her Own Request, to be Aloud 1s 6d perWeek for her Child
Ramond, AgustF1430/03/9325/04/93Out of PlaceGone to Mr Evans Gardner, to have 1s pr Week
Jackson, ElizabethF2506/04/9328/04/93Past from Saint Catherine Pecen--Died
Hill, CharlesM4009/04/9320/05/93a bad LegWent Out for his Holiday did not Return
McCloud, GeorgeM1409/04/9330/05/93Sent Back from Mr AtkinsonGone on the Broad Eagle a Collier upon triale, Bound the 8th July 1793
Campble, SarahF014/04/9315/05/93BornWent with her Mother
Ayres, John CharlesM7620/04/9323/04/93Very IllDied
Smith, SarahF1622/04/9327/04/93a Bad GirlGone to the fish Mongers near the Bunn house
Alderton, GeorgeM1023/04/9319/06/93Ran away from Mrs LoydeGone to Sea upon Tryal
McClarning, Mary JaneF423/04/9309/11/97Mother Ran awayBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Krawser, JohnM6824/04/9327/11/93Behave better Upon promiceJohn Krawser Orderd Out by the Committee for bad Behavior
Nevett, ThomasM6825/04/9321/05/94Not wellOrderd out by the Committee for the Summer
Davis, EvanM6828/04/9301/05/93Out of WorkOrderd Out by the Committee being Able to Work
Lawis, ElizabethF6003/05/9328/05/93Not wellWent out at her Own Request, Cloathd
Boodle, JamesM4206/05/9310/07/93LameSent to Ireland
McMullen, JohnM4410/05/9310/07/93RumiticsSent to Ireland
Walker, MaryF7014/05/9331/03/94InfirmDied
Clark, ElizabethF3420/05/9320/05/93Very IllDied
Blake, MaryF2127/05/9319/06/93a Very bad handOrdered Out by the Committee haveing got well
Kerr, EleanorF7204/06/9316/01/98Very FebleDied
Dibble, ElizabethF7106/06/9328/07/94Very IllElizh Dibble had live to Go for a Month
Barker, SusannahF7707/06/9301/08/96Bad EyesDied
Oliver, AnnF8408/06/9304/07/93Very IllDied
Ramond, AgustF1411/06/9318/06/93Out of PlaceGone to Live at Newinton in Surry
Nicholds, ElizabethF1312/06/9319/06/93Brought back by Mr Court, not a Very good GirlGone to the White Hart near the College
Kerr, AndrewM7313/06/9313/05/96Allmost blindDied
McBride, AnnF8020/06/9329/06/93Lost the use of her limbsDied
Gibbins, ElizabethF3621/06/9322/06/93Past by my Lord Mayor as a VagrantWent to the Justice did not Return
Smith, SarahF1622/06/9326/06/93Says she is Very badGone to her Mrs again
Colvin, WilliamM523/06/9326/06/93Came with his MotherWent with his Mother
Colvin, AnnF2723/06/9326/06/93Very IllOrderd Out by the Overseers being an Imposture
Colvin, CharlesM023/06/9326/06/93Came with his Mother [ 6 months old ]Went with his Mother
Eyles, MaryF3324/06/9326/06/93Vagrant, not wellWent Out at her Own Request haveing got Sober
Eyles, JohnM124/06/9326/06/93Came with his MotherWent with his Mother
Bates, MaryF4024/06/9303/07/93Not Right in her headMary Bates Gone to her Place Again
Hawkes, JohnM225/06/9310/02/94Mother Could not keep himCloathdTaken Out by Mrs Right his Aunt Near the horse ferrry by the Mothers Desire, to have 1s & 6d pr Week
Smith, SarahF1627/06/9302/12/93Says she is Very badGone to Mr Smith in Larance Street upon Tryale
Wingate, AmeliaF1027/06/9312/09/94Return'd from her place, did not likeGone to live in Westminster
Hall, ThomasM4105/07/9307/08/93Past by an Order from HigateThomas Hall Went Out at his Own Request, Cloathd Decent & 2s
Luff, CharlesM307/07/9310/07/93Came with his MotherWent with his Mother, Cloathd
Luff, MaryF3307/07/9310/07/93DeplorableOrderd Out by the Comttee being in helth, had 7s &Clothd
Johnson, TheodoreM5717/07/9322/07/93Not WellWent Out at his Own Request
Munrow, MaryF7318/07/9305/02/94No ImployHad Leave to go Out and did not Return
Luff, WilliamM5023/07/9307/09/93Very IllWent away with Blind Jim
Adams, ElizabethF030/07/9301/11/97Mother Ran away [ 8 months old ]Died
Blake, LyddiaF6031/07/9312/08/93in a DropsyDied
Johnson, TheodoreM5701/08/9312/08/93Very IllWent Out at his Own Request
Westcoat, MarthaF7103/08/9305/08/93Brought in a Hackney Coach in the NightDied
Gosper, CatherineF3310/08/9311/09/93DeplorableLeft the House for bad behavour
Burr, ElizabethF6915/08/9304/11/94LameTaken Out by her Son in Law to take care of his Child, to be Aloud 1s 6d Weekly
Breese, RobertM420/08/9309/11/97Mother DeadBound to Messrs Douglass and Co of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Sutherland, RobertM4629/08/9321/04/94Past by an Order from Saint Georges Hanover SquairRobt Sutherland went Out at his Own Request, Cloathd
Wileden, JohnM2731/08/9327/10/93LameWent Out did not Return
Burton, AnnF6502/09/9328/09/95Very IllDied
Bateman, WilliamM1206/09/9309/10/93Mother ran awaySent to his Mother in the Cuntry
Spooner, FrancisM510/09/9326/12/93Deplorable & NakedWent with his Mother for his Hollidays did not Return
Ham, WilliamM3116/09/9306/12/93Brought from Bedlam by the BeadleWm Ham Fixt at St Pulkers by an Order of Court
McBurney, JamesM2121/09/9319/09/97Could not make it DooMarried to Agustus Ramond and Gone to live at White Chapple
Luff, WilliamM5023/09/9328/09/93Worse than he wentDied
Rigbey, ThomasM724/09/9313/08/94Parents left himThos Rigbey and his Mother went Out togeather, Cloathd, 5 Shillings
Grant, SarahF6127/09/9302/12/93Not WellGone Out by her Own Request
Turner, JohnM430/09/9331/10/93Came with his MotherWent With his Mother
Turner, ElizabethF2830/09/9331/10/93Very IllWent Out at her Own Request to Beverley in Yorkshier
Dag, EasterF2301/10/9316/10/93Very bad in the foul Dis__Orderd Out by the Comttee being no Parishoner andhaveing got better, had 2s
Taylor, MaryF4504/10/9310/10/93Very IllDied
Roberts, MaryF5010/10/9318/03/94Very IllWent Out at her Own Request
Newman, JosephM1015/10/9318/02/94Their Father in PrisonTaken Out by their Father
Newman, CharlesM815/10/9318/02/94Their Father in PrisonTaken Out by their Father
Stoner, CatherineF2222/10/9306/12/93With Child Past by an Order from FulhamSent back to Fulham by an Order of Court haveing cast that Parish
Wileden, JohnM2731/10/9316/11/93Died
Wallice, MargaretF2231/10/9313/04/94With ChildWent at her Own Request, to have 1s 6d pr Week forher Child
Cook, MaryF2702/11/9314/11/93Very IllPast With her Husband to Saint Margarats Westminster
Davis, EvanM6806/11/9316/04/94Not able to WorkOrderd Out by the Committee being able to work
Read, AnnF2007/11/9317/11/93With ChildWent Out by her Own Consent to her Mother in Iselington
Chambers, AnnF6216/11/9305/03/94Past by an Order from St Anne SohoDied
McDonald, ElizabethF2821/11/9301/04/94Husband gone to GarisonOrderd out by the Commttee, to Leave her 3 ChildnCloathd Decent
Garner, EdwardM6627/11/9319/02/94Very IllWent Out at his Own Request, had 6s & Cloathd
McDonald, AnnF2027/11/9328/02/97FoulGone to live at a PUblick house in Westmr
Krawser, JohnM6828/11/9301/02/97John Krawser Taken into Chelsea College
White, WilliamM1028/11/9327/01/94Returnd being too SmallGone to Mr Rimer Gerrard Street Soho
Meredith, AnnF2201/12/9310/01/94Very IllOrderd Out by the Committee haveing got well, 2s 6d Given
Temperley, GeorgeM5007/12/9328/12/93Very IllWent out at his Own request haveing got Better
Careincross, MargaretF2113/12/9305/02/94Feb she gets a PlaceGone to live with Mr West Garner at Battersea at 4pounds 4s per Annum
Warren, MaryF5313/12/9303/04/97Promisd to behave herselfDied
Bloxam, MaryF7318/12/9324/08/00No ImployDied
Wlliams, RobertM220/12/9326/12/93Came with his MotherWent With his Mother
Jones, ElizabethF6320/12/9325/07/96No WorkDied
Wlliams, MaryF3620/12/9326/12/93Husband left herWent Out to see for her Husband
Evans, AnnF2120/12/9301/03/94With ChildWent Out at her Own Request, to be Aloud 1s & 6d aWeek for her Child, both Cloathd
Nicholds, MaryF4631/12/9305/01/94Very IllDied
Evans, MaryF003/01/9401/03/94BornWent with her Mother
Read, AnnF2107/01/9418/02/94With ChildWent Out at her Own Request, to have 1s 6d pr Week
Knox, JosephM6007/01/9408/02/94Very IllDied
Jones, MargaretF8007/01/9420/01/99Very InfirmDied
Hall, MaryF1013/01/9426/02/94Came with her FatherTaken Out by their Mother
Hall, SusannahF713/01/9426/02/94Came with her FatherTaken Out by their Mother
Hall, ThomasM4213/01/9426/03/94No WorkWent Out at his Own request
Tanner, JohnM2914/01/9421/05/94Hurt his ShoalderOrderd out by the Commttee being thort able to Work
Coyte, MargaretF1615/01/9423/04/94With Child, Past by an Order from St ClementsOrderd Out by the Committee, to have 1s 6d for herChild
Surry, TamerF2416/01/9409/04/94With ChildOrderd out by the Committe, to have 1s 6d for herChild Weekly
Hardin, MaryF5017/01/9421/05/94No WorkOrderd Out by the Commttee being able to Work
Willis, JohnM1021/01/9401/02/94His father pastTaken Out by Mr Cade
Wailey, RuthF7521/01/9405/02/94Past as a VagrantOrderd Out by the Committee being no Parishoner
Gosper, CatherineF3429/01/9405/02/94Bad LeggOrderd Out by the Committe being Able to Work, Cloathd
Smith, SarahF1729/01/9420/02/94Turnd OutGone to live at a Publick house Queens Squair Westminster, Cloathd Decent
Jones, JohnM5829/01/9405/02/94Out of WorkWent Out at his Own request
Colley, AndrewM4404/02/9409/02/94Lame KneeAndrew Colley went Out at his Own Request, Shoes &Shirt
Handford, AnnF5206/02/9426/03/94Not Right in her HeadWent Out at her Own Request, to pay a Guinea for her keep
Handford, LukeM1206/02/9417/02/94Came with his motherHis Mother Sent him home to his Father, Cloathed with Everything
Preadday, ElizabethF2212/02/9415/04/94With ChildOrderd Out by the Committee, to be Aloud 1s & 6d for her Child Weekly
Surry, ChristianM019/02/9409/04/94BornWent With his Mother
Handford, JaneF2021/02/9426/03/94a bad feverWent with her Mother
Dyke, RichardM5525/02/9409/04/94Lost his SightOrderd Out by the Committee Being able to see to Gett his Bread
Handford, MaryF1828/02/9426/03/94Not WellWent with her Mother
Hughes, AnnF1104/03/9417/07/94a College CasualGone to Mrs Happle the White Hart kings Road
Asseter, WilliamM5905/03/9410/03/94Past from Mortlake by an OrderWent Out at his Own Request to go to Brick Makin at Gravesend, 3s 6d & Som Nessarics
Asseter, SusanahF5305/03/9406/05/94Came with her HusbandOrderd out by this Committee, to have 5s to find her Husband
Spond, AnnF2610/03/9407/05/94in LabourOrderd Out by the Committee being able to get herLiving, Child Dead
Wallis, FrederickM012/03/9413/04/94BornWent with his Mother
Parry, MaryF812/03/9431/01/95The Father in the Malicia, Mother DeadBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
McIntosh, JaneF312/03/9409/11/97Mother Dead, The Father in the MaliciaBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Luff, MaryF3414/03/9402/04/94Naked againWent Out at her Own request, Cloathd, had 1s
Luff or Chester, CharlesM414/03/9402/04/94Came with his motherWent with his mother, Cloathd
Preadday, GeorgeM015/03/9415/04/94BornWent with his Mother
More, AnnF1318/03/9422/04/94Came with her MotherGone to live at the General Howards head Jews Row
More, GeorgeM018/03/9409/04/94Came with his Mother [ 2 months old ]Went with his Mother
More, EleanorF3318/03/9409/04/94Husband Ran awayOrderd Out by the Committee to Take the YoungerstChild with her
Rigbey, MaryF3519/03/9413/08/94Brought from the Hospital, Out of PlaceWent With her Son
Clements, HenryM1121/03/9431/05/94Not wellHenry Clements taken out by Mr Newsham to go to sea
Coyte, ElizabethF021/03/9423/04/94BornCoyte went with her Mother
Gibbins, ELizabethF5109/04/9411/04/94Very LameWent Out at her Own Request
Scuff, JamesM3611/04/9407/05/94Very IllDied
Watkins, ElizabethF3812/04/9420/05/94Shee Sayes Shee Not WellOrderd Out by the Committee being Able to work, Cloathd Decent & 2 Shillings
Watkins, ElizabethF3812/04/9421/05/94Not WellOrderd Out by the Committee being able to work, Cloathd Decent
Williams, AnnF5615/04/9422/05/94Lost the Use of her LimbsPast by an Order to Lambeth
Hopgood, ElizabethF2124/04/9418/07/94With ChildLeft the House, to be Aloud 1s 6d a Week for her Child
Crosland, JamesM4828/04/9411/08/94Very Ill, Past from Saint Mart in the fieldsDied
Seston, WilliamM8201/05/9421/07/94No homeTaken away by the Beadle to be Sent to his Parish
Cole, SarahF3302/06/9427/08/94Not WellDied
Wright, AnnF3212/06/9422/07/94Not Right in her headDied
Hacker, AnnF4312/06/9401/09/94Bad LeggWent Out at her Own Request, Cloathd Decent & tooShillings & 6d
Ellis, RebeccaF2220/06/9401/07/94With ChildGone to the Lay in in Hospital
Hopgood, ThomasM022/06/9418/07/94BornWent with his Mother
Shuffield, ElizabethF5025/06/9407/07/94Very IllDied
Nicholds, ElizabethF1421/07/9408/09/94Very IllGone to Saint Bartholow Hospital
White, SamuelM1026/07/9431/01/95Mother Could not keep him his Mother from Going by keeping him at homeBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster but prevented by
Hall, MaryF2429/07/9427/08/94With Child, 6 Augt 1794 Delivd of a Still ChildWent Out at her Own Request
Hughes, AnnF1129/07/9431/01/95Brought back, would not DooBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Coggin, JaneF1109/08/9413/08/94Past from Saint Mart in the fieldsTaken Out by her Mother, to be Aloud 1s 6d per Week 3 Months
Ramond, AgustF1512/08/9426/08/94Out of PlaceRamond Gone to Mr Vaughen No 52 Market row St James
Jones, JamesM1114/08/9420/08/94till he can get a Capt for himRan away because he would not go to Sea
Philpot, JohnM1219/08/9421/08/94till a Capt can be got for himOrderd Out by Mr How, his Mother not Willing for him to got to Sea
Eden, EdwardM921/08/9431/01/95Return'd not likeing the SeaBound to Messrs Douglass & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Watkins, ElizabethF3826/08/9428/09/94Made away with her CloathesOrderd Out by the Commttee, Cloathd but not like the Above
Watkins, ElizabethF3826/08/9425/09/94Made away with her CloathsOrderd Out by the Committee being Able to Work
Long, ElizabethF602/09/9421/09/94Desarted by their Fathersent to Bath by the Stage Elizh Long
Long, RobertM302/09/9421/09/94Desarted by their FatherWent with his Sister Robt Long
Dobey, ElizabethF1008/09/9431/01/95Returnd being too YoungBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Gooding, MaryF3309/09/9412/10/94Past by an Order from KensingtonDied
Baldry, SarahF2109/09/9408/01/95Bad LeggDied
Wingate, AmeliaF1116/09/9424/09/94Out of PlaceGone to Mr Corner Tufton Street Westminster
Hustings, SusannahF3018/09/9422/09/94PastGone Out, Cloathd Double, 2s 6d
Parker, DanaF2820/09/9422/09/94Sent from PrisonPast to Greewich
Magraw, HenryM1130/09/9421/10/94Very IllTaken Out by his Mother haveing got Well
Scott, MaryF3704/10/9422/11/94Not WellThe Overseers Paid her Carrage to Worster by her Own Desire
Norton, SusannahF1904/10/9428/12/94With ChildWent Out at her Own Request, took her Child with her
Hall, ElizabethF1010/10/9401/10/95Parents both deadRan away because Shee would not be Bound
Hall, JosephM710/10/9409/11/97Parents both deadBound to Messrs Douglass & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Tanner, JohnM2915/10/9413/04/95Very IllWent Out at his Own Request, had 15s to buy tools
Davis, EvanM6923/10/9417/11/94Not WellWent Out at his Own Request
Vallender, SarahF2101/11/9401/12/94With Child4 Novr 1794 Delivd of a Still Child, Went Out at her Own Request 1st December 1794
Chisholm, AnnF6004/11/9408/12/96Palsey, Past from Saint GilesDied
Fox, ElizabethF6406/11/9414/03/95No EmployWent Out at her Own Request
Keays, SarahF6707/11/9426/11/94Very bad DropseyDied
Lee, MaryF6008/11/9431/12/94Disorderd in her mind, brought by BeadleTaken away into the Cuntry
Norton,F014/11/9428/12/94BornWent with her Mother, is Since Dead
Bayes, BenjaminM5915/11/9417/12/94Very IllDied
Grimes, MaryF3418/11/9411/02/95Very DefOrderd out by the Justice for using the Childn ill
Wingate, AmeliaF1118/11/9417/12/94Brougt Back by the ComtteeGone upon Likeing to Mr in Jarman Street Westminster
Money, RoseF6022/11/9403/02/95Not WellDied
Gibson, DavidM024/11/9414/03/95Past by an Order from Saint Giles in the field [ 2 months old ]Taken out by his Father to go to Scotland
Fidler, ElizabethF5029/11/9403/04/95DeplorableWent Out of her Own Accord a Nursing
Freer, HannahF3729/11/9417/02/95Not WellGone to Service in Oxford at 7 Pounds pr Annum
Hall, ThomasM4302/12/9416/01/95DropseyDied
Hall, SusannahF702/12/9427/02/95Came with her FatherTaken Out by her Mother because she should not bePrentisd
Jones, JamesM1102/12/9429/12/94Till he goes to SeaGone upon likeing to the sea
Hall, MaryF1002/12/9414/02/95Came with her FatherGone to Mr Wm Russell a Cooks Shop No 7 Kings Street Westmr at 3 Pounds pr Annum
Greengate, HannahF6305/12/9409/05/00Out of WorkDied
Swinney, SophiaF1505/12/9431/01/95LameBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the Couty of Lancaster
Careincross, MargaretF2208/12/9415/02/95Out of PlaceMargt Careincros Hir'd to Mrs Dashline over the way at 1s 6d pr Week
Clements, HenryM1208/12/9429/12/94Sent BackHenry Clements Gon upon likeing to the Sea
Paulline, ThomasM5413/12/9413/04/95Past from Hampstead by an OrderWent Out at his Own Request, had 3s 6d & Cloathd
Woodford, RichardM4316/12/9420/12/94Not WellWent Out at his Own Request, 1s
Davis, EvanM6916/12/9412/07/95Out of WorkGone to Work for Mr Percy Gardner over the way
Jones, ElizabethF1616/12/9422/01/95Bad GirlBehavd bad in the house & ran away
Johnson, TimothyM8420/12/9426/12/94Very Illwent out at His own request, had 2s & old Cloths
Vaughn, AnnF5820/12/9410/11/95Out of WorkOrderd Out for bad Behaviour
Wailey, RuthF8025/12/9431/01/95Came as a VagrantDied
Baley, RuthF8025/12/9431/01/95No ImployDied
Asseter, WilliamM5927/12/9419/08/95No WorkOrderd out for bad Behaviour
Asseter, SusanahF5327/12/9413/04/97No Work, Came with her HusbandTaken out by her Sister, to have 2s Weekly
Coggins, JaneF1129/12/9405/03/95Past from St MargtBound to Messrs Douglas and Co Cotton Spinners ofEccles in the County of Lancaster
Wingate, AmeliaF1129/12/9431/01/95Sent Back for being Idol & LascyWingate Bound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Smith, AnnF8002/01/9526/06/00Worn OutDied
Johnson, TimothyM8403/01/9507/02/95No ImployWould go out, was inform'd he would not be Admitted with out an order
Wheeler, JoshuaM7403/01/9526/03/95Worn OutWent Out at his Own Request, to have too Shillingsa Week & Cloath'd
Jones, MosesM7507/01/9509/10/95Very IllMoses Jones Died 29 0ctobr 1795
Roberts, RobertM5907/01/9504/03/95Not Well & No EmployOrderd Out by the Committee being thort able to Work for the Summer, 5 Shillings & Cloathed
Roberts, WilliamM607/01/9504/03/95Came With his FatherWent With his Father
McKenzie, JohnM4810/01/9520/02/95Very IllSent to Scotland at his own Request by the Overseers
Jones, MaryF1114/01/9505/02/95Till PastPast to Saint Mary Rotherith
Holt, MaryF2315/01/9507/04/95a bad legWent Out for a Holliday did not Return Rob'd theHouse
Durham, WilliamM5616/01/9510/05/95Out of WorkWent Out at his Own Request, had a Shirt & Shilling
Leach, WilliamM5818/01/9508/03/95Very IllWent Out at his Own Request
Irvin, JaneF2026/01/9504/07/95With ChildOrderd Out, to be Aloud 1s & 6d a week for her Child Irvin
Gosper, CatherineF3430/01/9505/02/95No WorkHired to Mrs Dishline over the Way & Ranaway withthe Soldgers
Nicholds, ElizabethF1503/02/9505/03/95Very IllBound to Messs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Allen, ElizabethF5707/02/9521/02/95No WorkDied
Jones, MaryF1110/02/9505/03/95Returnd from Rotherith to save an ApealBound to Messrs Douglass & Co Cotton Spinners of eccles in the County of Lancaster
Cordell, ElizabethF1010/02/9512/06/95Came with her ParentsWent with her Mother
Cordell, WilliamM4610/02/9518/04/95Past from WindsorWent out to Work
Cordell, SamuelM610/02/9512/06/95Came with his ParentsWent with his Mother
Cordell, MarthaF4410/02/9512/06/95With Child, Came with her HusbandWent Out to live with her Husband
Careincross, MargaretF2212/02/9512/06/95Returnd from Mrs Dashlines, Says she is IdolCareincros Gone to Messrs Douglas and Co of Ecclesin the County of Lancaster
Roberts, JohnM613/02/9512/03/95No Parents as was knownJohn Roberts taken out by his mother to go into the Country
Turpin, FrancesF1914/02/9508/05/95Past by an Order from St My La BoneGone to live at Mr Nowlands No 27 Newman Street
Hall, MaryF1115/02/9507/04/95Return'd back the next dayTaken Out by her Mother because shee should not bePrenticd
Reves, MaryF1915/02/9519/04/97Returnd from place the next dayDied
Loyde, CatherineF6017/02/9519/01/97Past by an Order from Saint George HanoverDied
McKenzie, JohnM4822/02/9530/03/95Sent back from the Ship, not able to bare the Voya geDied
Ireland, CornelorM2523/02/9514/03/95Insain, Past by an order from Saint Jamestaken to Bedlam for a Cure
Goodale,M023/02/9525/02/95Very Ill & Mother Dead [ 4 days old ]Died
Sweedland, AnnF5825/02/9501/05/95Not WellDied
Harrison, ElizabethF2027/02/9527/04/95With Child, Past from St Margarets by an OrderWent Out at her Own Request, to be Aloud 1s 6d a Week for the Child
Bartelow, LiddiaF2004/03/9508/04/95Not WellRan away Over the Wall and left her Cloaths behind
Forrester, MaryF8407/03/9505/05/95Very IllDied
Harrison, JohnM011/03/9527/04/95BornWent with his Mother
Johnson, TimothyM8420/03/9516/04/95Past by an Order from Saint Margarets Westrsetled at Saint Margarets Westminster by an Orderof Court haveing had an Apeal
Jones, AnnF1124/03/9503/04/95till Provided forTaken Out by her Mother
Field, HenryM5424/03/9519/04/95Not WellDied
Sutherland, AnnF6825/03/9507/05/95Not WellOrderd Out not being Satisfied
Willis, WilliamM1631/03/9514/05/95His Mother Could not keep himDied
Ferrell, JamesM1307/04/9525/05/95His Master Ran awayTaken to his Master Mr John Wilkinson Shoe Makerat High Wickham By Mr Feltham} Overseer
Lane, JamesM8310/04/9519/04/95Very IllDied
Irvin, WilliamM013/04/9504/07/95BornWent With his Mother
Triquet, ThomasM3314/04/9528/04/95Past from the BurrowDied
Hill, ThomasM6215/04/9528/09/95Very illDied
Smith, SarahF1816/04/9502/05/95FoulGone to the Lock Hospitall for a Cure
Magraw, FrancisM5916/04/9531/07/95Very IllDied
Waterman, MarthaF1717/04/9517/06/95With Child, Past from KensingtonWent Out at her Own Request to her Aunt
Budworth, ElizabethF5318/04/9516/03/96Bad legGone to Westminster Infirmary, Since Dead
Jessett, GeorgeM521/04/9503/06/95The Father in TroubleTaken Out by the Father to go to School
Jessett, MaryF821/04/9503/06/95The Father in TroubleTaken Out by the Father to go to School
Slark, StephenM029/04/9504/05/95His Mother Dead [ 2 weeks old ]Died
Munrow, MaryF7502/05/9528/05/97No ImployMary Munrow Went out at her Own Request, to have 2s Weekely
Tilley, ElizabethF1207/05/9502/06/95DesertedRan away from the House
Collier, FrancesF2411/05/9527/06/95Bad legFrans Collier went Out to her Husb to Jersey Garrison, Had 5s & Cloathd
Collier, MaryF111/05/9527/06/95Came with her MotherWent with her Mother Collier
Shuffield, JohnM1218/05/9520/05/95Returnd from SeaGone to Mr Mathews Silk Dyer Charles Street Horsley Down
Davis, JohnM6320/05/9520/03/96Very IllDied
Harper, CharlesM2529/05/9511/06/95Very IllDied
Mann, SarahF2830/05/9501/06/95DrunkenOrderd to leave the House, Cloathd
Shuffield, JohnM1231/05/9508/06/95Returnd from Mr Mathews, bad EyesGone to Sea again
Armer, ElizabethF3002/06/9517/06/95Delivd her self of a Child the day beforeWent Out at Her Own Request
Cooper, LucyF2009/06/9520/06/95a bad GirlOrderd Out by Mr Feltham Overseer, Cloathd
Elliot, MariaF909/06/9501/10/95Mother Could not keep themBound to Messrs Douglass & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Elliot, SarahF409/06/9529/08/99Mother Could not keep themGone to Mr Leakeys Manfy Wapin upon Likin
Kinnin, HannahF3813/06/9524/06/95Husband gone abroadWent Out at her Own Request, took My & Josh with her, All Cloathd Double
Kinnin, WilliamM913/06/9530/06/95Came with his MotherRan away
Kinnin, MaryF713/06/9524/06/95Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Kinnin, JosephM113/06/9524/06/95Came with his MotherWent with his Mother
Kinnin, RebeccaF313/06/9507/05/98Came with her MotherDied
Watkins, ElizabethF3915/06/9503/02/96Naked, Past from St James as a Vagrant
Epex, MargaretF5215/06/9528/11/95LameThe Overseers paid her Pasage to Scotland by Sea
Archer, MaryF1228/06/9519/08/95her Mother Could not keep herPast into Notingam Shier With her Mother
Cordell, WilliamM4602/07/9525/05/96Very IllWent Out at his Own Request and took his Boy withHim 8 Dec 1796
Peavey, AnnF6709/07/9504/10/95Past from St Geors Hanover SquareDied
Archer, JosephM621/07/9519/08/95as abovePast into Notingam Shier With her Mother
Dean, ThomasM6027/07/9522/09/96Could not Help HimselfDied
Rendalle,F4030/07/9514/08/95Desord'd in her HeadTaken Out by her Husband
Haywood, AnnF5003/08/9506/08/95Past by an Order from ClerkenwellWent Out at her Own Request, Cloathd & 5s
Hannah, MargaretF5503/08/9510/08/95Very IllDied
Roberts, MaryF2105/08/9525/11/95With ChildMary Roberts Went with her Child, both Cloathd & 5s
Sale, JamesM7705/08/9512/04/96Worn OutDied
McDugall, LaticiaF5905/08/9510/01/97Not Right in her headDied
Bathy, ElizabethF2208/08/9514/08/95Very IllOrderd Out by the Committee, had 2s 6d & Cloathd
Shuffield, JamesM1009/08/9501/10/95Returnd from Spittle fieldsBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Shuffield, JohnM1209/08/9501/10/95Returnd from sea With bad EyesBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Kinnin, WilliamM1011/08/9512/08/95till he Could be pastTaken Out by the Overseers to go to Sea
Foy, LucaserF114/08/9513/10/95Came with her MotherWent Out with her Mother
Foy, HenryM314/08/9513/10/95Came with his MotherWent Out with his Mother
Foy, LucaserF3314/08/9513/10/95Past from IseilworthOrderd Out by the Committe, to have 3s pr Week
Foy, WilliamM714/08/9513/10/95Came with his MotherWent Out with his Mother
Foy, SeliaF914/08/9513/10/95Came with her MotherWent With her Mother
Bull, JamesM219/08/9506/09/95Their Mother gone into the CuntryTaken Out by his Mother
Bull, CharlesM419/08/9506/09/95Their Mother gone into the CuntryTaken Out by his Mother
Asseter, WilliamM5921/08/9515/08/96In HelthDied
Nevett, ThomasM7001/09/9511/04/96Wore out all his CloathesPast as a Vagrant from Southhamton, Lost a Leg atSea
Roberts, MargaretF003/09/9525/11/95Born[ see previous record ]
Bartlow, LiddiaF2009/09/9504/12/95With ChildWent at her Request, had 5s and to be Alowd 2s a Week for her Child
Waterman, MarthaF1710/09/9510/10/95Brougt by her Aunt in LabourOrderd Out by the Overseers her Child being Dead
Waterman, FrederickM013/09/9526/09/95BornDead
Kinnin, JosephM115/09/9520/02/97Brought by her MotherJosh Kinnin Taken Out by his Mother, to have 3s &6d Weekly, Since Dead
Kinnin, WilliamM1015/09/9501/10/95Brought by his MotherBound to Messrs Douglass & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Kinnin, MaryF715/09/9520/02/97Brought by her MotherMary Kinnin Taken Out by her Mother
Appleford, HannahF4024/09/9520/10/95Not WellOrderd Out for Bad Behaviour
Elliott, MaryF3530/09/9513/10/95No WorkOrderd Out by the Committe haveing taken all her Childn
Wilcox, SarahF930/09/9530/11/95Their Father in Prison for 6 MonthsBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Fidler, ElizabethF5530/09/9526/02/96The RumaticsGone to Nurse Mrs Norton at Twickenham Middlx
Smith, SarahF2010/10/9504/02/96Ran away from the Lock HospitalTaken into Saint Thomas Hospital, to be paid for
Pickring, GeorgeM2211/10/9516/10/95Not WellWent Out at his Own Request, Better
Tanner, JohnM3313/10/9523/12/95Not WellOrderd out by the Committee being Thought Able toWork
Bartlow, IsabellaF021/10/9504/12/95BornWent With her Mother and is since dead
Swinney, JamesM927/10/9530/11/95the AgueBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of eccles in the County of Lancaster
Fox, ElizabethF6527/10/9520/05/96No WorkWent Out at her Own Request, to be Aloud 1s & 6d Weekly
Archer, AnnF430/10/9522/07/96Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Archer, RachelF3330/10/9522/07/96Sent back from the CountrySent back by an Order of Removal into the Country
Archer, MaryF1230/10/9522/07/96Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Archer, ElizabethF230/10/9522/07/96Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Archer, JosephM630/10/9522/07/96Came with his MotherWent with his Mother
Ramond, AgustF1631/10/9514/11/95Till she goes to her PlaceGone to the Barley Mou in uper Thames Street at 4Pounds pr Annum
Kinnin, HannahF3803/11/9501/02/97With ChildWent Out at her Own Request, to have 2s 6d Weekly, Cloathd & 4s
Pennington, MaryF7217/11/9515/05/97InfirmDied
Jones, ElizabethF1217/11/9530/11/95To be ApprenticdBound to Messrs Douglass & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Martin, JohnM1219/11/9530/11/95His Could not keep himBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
McIntosh, AnnF5519/11/9529/01/96Not WellDied
Caster, JohnM3821/11/9529/01/96Very IllThe Overseers Paid his Carraige to Oxford, 14 Shillings
Caster, JamesM121/11/9505/01/96Came with his ParentsDied
Caster, MaryF521/11/9529/01/96Came with her ParentsWent With her Father
Caster, MaryF2821/11/9528/11/95Very IllDied
Griffin, MaryF2823/11/9506/01/96With ChildWent Out at her Own Request & took her Child withher had 2s 6d & to have 2s a Week
Pryer, WilliamM825/11/9527/01/96Said to be a Bad BoyTaken away by his Sister
Evans, JaneF2326/11/9520/01/96With ChildWent Out at her Own Request, to be Aloud 2s pr Week for her Child
Roof, ElizabethF2126/11/9507/12/95Husband a Way, Past from St Margt WestmrWent Out at her Own Request, Cloathed & 5s
Roof, WilliamM226/11/9507/12/95Came with his MotherWent with his Mother
Harvey, AnnF4830/11/9510/01/96Not WellOrderd Out by the Committee having got well, Cloathd, 2s 6d
Willis, EdwardM208/12/9518/01/96Came with his MotherGone to Chatham to her husband, took her Child with her, Since Dead [ see previous record ]
Willis, MaryF3508/12/9518/01/96Had a bad fallGone to Chatham to her husband, took her Child with her, Since Dead
Cutler, JamesM5809/12/9526/01/96No EmployWent out at his Own Request, to be Aloud 2s a Week
Vaughn, AnnF5810/12/9506/01/96Out of Work6 Jany 96 Went to Nursing at Coyles in Cooks Ground, Vaughn died 10 Jany 1800
Griffin, MaryF010/12/9506/01/96Born[ see previous record ]
Harden, MaryF5215/12/9531/03/96Out of Workwent Out at her Own Request, Cloathd Decent & 1s
Evans, JamesM026/12/9520/01/96BornWent with his Mother
Hall, ElizabethF1131/12/9508/10/96Sister Could not keep herGone upon tryal to Mr Martin Over the Way
Swinney, AnnF1905/01/9627/01/96Not wellOrderd Out by the Committee, had 7s to get her things out of the Pawn, Gone to Servis, Since Dead
Roads, ThomasM3106/01/9608/02/96Not wellWent Away of his own Accord and Said Nothing
Griffin, RoseF6607/01/9628/01/96Not WellOrderd Out by the Committee being no Parishioner had 2 Shilligs
Cull, HannahF1419/01/9616/02/96Not WellOrderd to be taken away by her mother having got better and Behav'd Sausey
Porter, CharlotteF3029/01/9614/04/96With Child, Past from ShoreditchWent Out at her own Request, took her Child with her
Windsor, WilliamM1009/02/9606/03/96Mother gone to ServiceTaken out by his Mother that he might not be bundApprentice
Kinnin, ThomasM013/02/9601/02/97BornWent with his Mother, Since Dead
McPherson, AnnF1923/02/9630/04/96Not wellGone to live with Mr Smith in Church Lane at fiveGuineas pr Annum
Cutler, JamesM5802/03/9611/05/96Bad LeggWent away Without the Least Provocation
Fidler, ElizabethF5502/03/9627/04/96Cride at being far from her daughterWent Out at her Own Request, Cloathed once more Decent & 2 Shillings & to have 1s Weekly
Edwards, MaryF5910/03/9626/03/96Very IllDied
Porter,M017/03/9614/04/96BornWent With his Mother
Hogden, JamesM4917/03/9623/03/97not WellDied
Carroll, MargaretF3623/03/9628/03/96Past by an Order from WindsorGone back to Windsor, to be Aloud 3s a Week
Carroll, ElizabethF623/03/9628/03/96Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Carroll, MaryF123/03/9628/03/96Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Magraw, HenryM1329/03/9604/04/96Out of PlaceTaken Out by Mr Newsham to go to Sea
Smith, SarahF2131/03/9624/05/96Returnd from Saint Thomas Hospital, CuredGone to Place, her Child being Dead
Cordell, SamuelM1102/04/9625/05/96Mother could not keep HimWent with his Father
Coombs, WilliamM106/04/9620/07/96Came with his MotherWent with his Mother
Coombs, SarahF2506/04/9620/07/96To Lay inWent Out at her Own Request, had 5s, to be Aloud 3s 6d a Week
Norman, JohnM3309/04/9627/04/96Past from Suthamton With a Vagrant PassWent Out at his Own Request to go to Chatham for the pention, Lost a Legg
Sutter, MaryF018/04/9616/06/96Came with her MotherTaken to the Fondling Hospital
Sutter, ElizabethF2818/04/9614/05/96Till her Child is SettledDied
Spooner, SamuelM619/04/9605/01/97Parents Could not keep himTaken Out by his Parents that he might not be Aprentic'd
Spooner, FrancisM819/04/9608/01/97Parents Could not keep himTaken Out by his Parents that he might not be Aprentic'd
Standish, JosephM4219/04/9604/05/96Not Right in his HeadWent out at his Own Request haveing got better
Terry, AnnF6528/04/9617/10/97Past by an Order from Saint JamesDied
Ramond, AugustF1730/04/9610/06/96Out of PlaceGone to Mrs Russel Kings Head Street Westr a CooksShop
Des Moulis, ElizabethF3907/05/9614/05/96Past from Saint George by an OrderSent back to Saint Georges Haveing taken a falce Oath Unthinking
McPherson, GraceF5511/05/9618/06/96Very IllGone to Ireland by her Own Desire, had 6s
Armstead, AbrahamM6511/05/9629/06/98Agreed to pay his Pentn and laid down 10 poundsLeft the House for Bad Behaviour
Crook, JaneF7521/05/9627/05/96Very IllDied
McKenzie, IsabelaF1201/06/9622/06/96Not WellTaken Out by her Mother haveing got better IsabelaMcKenzie
Sumner, JohnM1107/06/9609/11/97a Cripple by bad NursinBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Coombs, MaryF010/06/9620/07/96BornWent with her Mother
Smith, SarahF2118/06/9620/08/96Sayes She is CuredGone to Saint Thomas Hospital again
Williams, MargaretF6020/06/9614/11/96StroakDied
Fellowes, JeffreyM1425/06/9614/07/96No HomePast by an Order of Removal to St Giles in the fields
Portwine, AnnF025/07/9601/09/96Mother Dead [ 9 Months old ]Died
Portwine, EdwardM025/07/9601/08/96Mother Dead [ 9 Months old ]Died
Barnes, AnnF3513/08/9616/08/96Not Right in her HeadTaken Out by her Husband haveing got better
Barnes, WilliamM013/08/9616/08/96Came wih his Mother [ 3 months old ]Went with his Mother
McKenzie, SarahF5817/08/9610/09/96DropsyDied
Chandler, GeorgeM222/08/9613/11/96Came with his ParentsDied
Chandler, LucyF1422/08/9613/12/96Came with her ParentsGone to live in North Street
Chandler, ElizabethF3622/08/9629/11/96Came with Her HusbandOrderd Out as all his family are Provided for by the Parish
Chandler, GeorgeM4322/08/9620/09/96Past from St Giles in the fieldOrderd Out by the Overseers, his Family to Stay inthe House
Makinnian, MartinM2923/08/9603/10/96Very IllWent out at his Own Request
Thompson, JamesM325/08/9623/09/96Mother Could not keep himTaken Out by his Mother, to be Alowd 3s a Week
Bishop, MaryF202/09/9623/09/96Father in the HospitalTaken Out by her Mother, to be Aloud 3s per Week
Drury, JohnM6902/09/9608/12/97No HomeTaken into Chelsea College
Chandler, CathrineF009/09/9602/10/96BornDied
Bishop, ElizabethF009/09/9628/10/96Came with her Mother [ 3 months old ]Went With her Mother
Bishop, MaryF209/09/9609/12/96Came with her MotherTaken Out by her Mother
Bishop, ElizabethF2809/09/9628/10/96Could not keep her ChildRan away & left her two Children James Thompson and Mry Bishop
Mercer, MaryF1712/09/9623/11/96With ChildMary Mercer Went Out at her Own Request, to have 1s 6d Weekly for her Child, had 4s & Shoes
Careincross, MargaretF2319/09/9605/12/97Says she is IllOrderd Out for Disobaying of Orders
Fidler, ElizabethF5520/09/9619/05/97No WorkWent Out at her Own Request, Cloathd Once More
Edgcumbe, ParsonsM6323/09/9614/03/97Out of Employ, Past from Saint James WestrOrderd Out for bad Behaviour
Pocock, JohnM5728/09/9616/06/97a Bad LeggWent Out to Church did not Return
Clark, WilliamM6028/09/9605/10/96Past by an Order from St GeorgeGone to Saint George Hospital
Waggott, ChristineF7003/10/9623/10/96a Pallatich StroakChrista Waggott Would go Out, to have her two Shillings a Week again
Thompson, JamesM304/10/9609/12/96Mother Could not keep himTaken Out by his Mother
Hastings, SusannahF3206/10/9620/10/96DeplorableWent Out with a War office pass to Scotland, had 13s & Cloathd
Smith, SarahF2115/10/9627/02/97Returnd from the Hospital Sayes She is CuredGone to live at No 23 Little Wile street at 6 Guineas pr Anm
Mercer,M020/10/9623/11/96BornWent With
Rivers, MaryF1825/10/9628/10/96No HomeWent to the Justice did not Return
Rivers, ElizabethF025/10/9628/10/96Came With her Mother [ 9 months old ]Went With her Mother
Mason, JohnM5927/10/9617/01/97No WorkJohn Mason Gone to Work at Huvitts Nursary
McCloud, MaryF2728/10/9608/12/96Past as a Vagrant out of the CityGone to Mr Lingham at 4 Pounds pr Annum
Worrell, SarahF5309/11/9611/02/97Came With her HusbandWent With her Husband
Worrell, RobertM6309/11/9611/02/97Past by an Order from ...........Went Out at his Own Request, had 3s & Claths
Magueller, MargaretF2115/11/9620/12/96Very IllWent out at her Own Request Margt Mageuller
Garner, EdwardM6915/11/9611/02/97Not able to WorkWent out at his Own Request, had 3s & Cloathd
Hooper, MaryF2523/11/9612/04/97Not wellWent Out at her Own Request, to have 2s Weekly
Hooper, CharlesM023/11/9612/04/97Came with his Mother [ 1 month old ]Went With his Mother
Rivers, MaryF1802/12/9617/01/97No HomeOrderd Out for bad Behavour, had 2s & 6d & Cloathd
Powell, AmeliaF7002/12/9611/08/97By a Letter from White ChapelDied
Rivers, ElizabethF002/12/9617/01/97Came With her Mother [ 11 months old ]Went With her Mother
Porter, CharlotteF3009/12/9615/01/97Past from Spittle fieldTaken Out by her Husband
Porter, WilliamM009/12/9615/01/97Came with his Mother [ 9 months old ]Went With his Mother
Roberts, RobertM6113/12/9622/01/97Very IllDied
House, EdwardM2213/12/9609/11/97RumiticsGone to Messrs Douglass & Co as a Baker
Jones, ElizabethF4014/12/9617/01/97No WorkWent Out at her Own Request, had 4s & Things
Leach, MaryF1715/12/9620/01/97Out of PlaceRan away and Robd the House
Leaf, AnnF3616/12/9614/01/97No WorkAnn Leaf Ran away and Robd the House
Jones, JohnM6019/12/9617/01/97Could not Mind his FamilyWent Out at his Own Request, Cloath'd
McDaniel, MaryF5019/12/9618/03/97Not Right in her Headhad leave to go Out did not Return
Daniel, MaryF5020/12/9613/05/97Not Right in her HeadMary Daniel had Leave to go Out did not Return
Fovrell, SusannahF5026/12/9604/01/97Had a fallWent Out at her Own Request, to have her 2s 6d Weekly
Griffiths, AnnF2027/12/9628/01/97Very Ill, a Welch girlOrderd Out haveing Gott Well, had 2s 6d & Cloathd
Roberts, WilliamM828/12/9626/04/97Mother Could not keep them, the father in the hous eWillm Roberts Taken Out by his Mother to drive theCart
Roberts, JohnM1428/12/9602/02/97Bad leggGone to Mr Tuston No 8 Flidger Street Westr
Cutler, JamesM5929/12/9617/01/97till Pention timeWent to Receive his Pention did not Return
Clark, WilliamM6029/12/9612/05/97Return'd from the HospitalOrderd Out by the Committee, Had 10s & Shoes & Shirt & Stockgs
Burnett, PeterM6902/01/9717/02/97Past from Saint Margt WestmrSent back by an Order of Court Haveing had an Appeal
Dunn, ElizabethF5011/01/9705/02/97Very IllWent Out at her Own Request, to be Aloud 2s 6d Weely
McCloud, MaryF2811/01/9718/01/97Till shee gets a placeGone to Mr Moate the Present Overseer at pr Anm
Nevell, ElizabethF5612/01/9704/07/97Broke her ArmWent Out with her Husband to keep a Frute Stall
Hill, SamuelM7814/01/9726/05/98Worn OutDied
Anderson, CharlesM7717/01/9730/01/97Very IllDied
Hall, ElizabethF1317/01/9721/07/97Sent back being too SmallTaken Out by Mr Whitehead Overseer to go to Place
Holmes, JaneF5917/01/9712/11/97Deserted by her HusbandOrderd Out as her Husband was able to keep her
Willobey, HannahF1319/01/9725/01/97Came With her Mother till pastPast to...........
Chandler, ElizabethF3719/01/9710/03/97No WorkOrderd Out by the Committe being in helth and ableto work
Chandler, GeorgeM4419/01/9720/01/97No WorkOrderd out by Mr Feltham Overseer, had 2s
Crouder, ElizabethF6219/01/9720/01/97Till she is PastPast to Putney
Nevell, JamesM6024/01/9704/07/97No WorkWent Out at his Own Request, had two Guineas out of his Pention
Clarke, ElizabethF526/01/9705/02/97Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Clarke, JohnM326/01/9705/02/97Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Clarke, HonourF3726/01/9705/02/97Past from Bromley in KentGone back to Bromley, to be Aloud 5s Weekly all Cloath'd
Clarke, WilliamM026/01/9705/02/97Came with her Mother [ 4 months old ]Went with her Mother
Huntley, John ThomasM4931/01/9721/02/97Not WellWent Out at his Own Request, had 10s & 6d to Buy Leather
Buttel, SarahF2308/02/9716/03/97Very IllTaken Out by her Husband Haveing got better 15 Mar
Spinney, WilliamM808/02/9716/05/97a College CasualGone to Mrs Normans Sloane Street
Crawford, HannahF7611/02/9731/10/99Worn OutWent Out at her Own Request, to be Aloud 2s Weekly
Mason, JohnM5914/02/9703/06/97Not Right in his HeadDied
Mason, JohnM5914/02/9726/04/97Not Right in his MindRan away
Holt, MaryF2316/02/9724/04/97Bad LeggWent Out at her Own Request Haveing got Better
Johnson, TimmothyM8617/02/9717/08/97a CasualPast by an Order to his Parish Timothy Johnson
Messenger, GoergeM218/02/9723/02/97Came with his MotherWent With his Mother
Messenger, JamesM418/02/9723/02/97Came with his MotherWent With his Mother
Messenger, ElizabethF2718/02/9723/02/97Returnd from the CountryPast back
Beane, AnnF6321/02/9702/04/97Past by Order from Saint John WestminsterWent Out at her Own Request, to Have 2s 6d a Week
Obrian, MaryF821/02/9728/03/97Mother Could not keep herMary Obrian taken Out by her Mother, Cloathd
Thomas, AnnF6822/02/9709/01/00Most BlindDied
Ramond, AgustaF1823/02/9719/08/97Out of PlaceMarried to Blind Jim and Gone to live at White Chapple, Gone Since to Ireland
Shirlock, SarahF8002/03/9703/04/99Went to Bristol at her Own Request
Sear, HenrittaF6002/03/9710/04/97Came with her HusbandDied
Sear, AbramM5602/03/9725/08/98Has a RuptureOrderd Out by the Overseers being employ'd by MrsWhitehead
Evans, SusanahF3403/03/9718/03/97Past from Saint James WestmrTaken away by the Beadle did not Return
Sear, ElizabethF003/03/9721/03/97[ 1 month old ]Went With her Mother
Sear, AnnF2703/03/9721/03/97Past by an Order to Saint Jams Westminster
Dawson, WinnifredF4003/03/9710/03/97Past from Saint John the EvangelWent Out a her Own Request, to be Aloud 2s Weekly
Gardner, SarahF507/03/9712/04/97Came With her MotherWent With her Mother
Gardner, EdwardM407/03/9712/04/97Came With his MotherWent With his Mother
Gardner, JaneF4007/03/9712/04/97Could not keep the ChildrenWent Out at her Own Request, to Have 3s Weekly
Pearce, JamesM009/03/9719/08/98Came with his Mother [ 4 months old ]Died
Lane, MaryF7010/03/9719/06/00No WorkMary Lane Died 19 June 1800
Leuellin, RebeccaF4610/03/9715/06/97Not Right in her headTaken Out by her Brothers
Nicholds, JohnM211/03/9704/07/97Came with his MotherTaken Out by her Mother, to be Aloud 3s a Week
Nicholds, SarahF411/03/9704/07/97Came with her MotherTaken Out by her Mother, to be Aloud 3s a Week
Nicholds, LiddiaF3011/03/9731/05/97Husband left herWent Out at her Own Request, had 2s & Cloathd, Left the Childn behind
Edgcumbe, ParsonsM6416/03/9731/08/97Orderd in from the Vestry RoomGone to Mr Moate of North Sreet Edgecumbe
Goodyer, ElizabethF6817/03/9711/08/97Very IllOrderd Out by the Committee Haveing got Well
Marlow, AnnF4018/03/9729/06/97in Great DistressWent Out to Service, Cloathd Decent & 4s, Left herChildn
Marlow, PattyF218/03/9717/08/98Came With her MotherSent home to her Parents, Thort able to Keep them
Marlow, MariaF018/03/9717/08/98Came With her Mother [ 5 months old ]Sent home to her Parents, Thort able to Keep them
Tutton, JosephM521/03/9724/05/97Father Ran awayTaken out by Father to be put to School
Tutton, WilliamM821/03/9724/05/97Father Ran awayTaken out by Father to be put to School
Playden,M028/03/9709/05/97BornWent With his Mother
Playden, AnnF3628/03/9709/05/97In LabourWent Out at her Own Request
Booth, MaryF8001/04/9727/01/99Worn OutDied
Pollety, JaneF2302/04/9728/04/97With ChildWent Out at her Own Request, had 5s & Shoes
Spooner, SarahF4004/04/9712/05/97No WorkOrderd Out by the Committee, Had 2 Shillings & Cloathd
Spooner, FrancisM904/04/9711/08/97Came With his MotherTaken Out by his Parents becuse he Should not be Bound
Spooner, SamuelM704/04/9726/06/99Came With his MotherRan away because he would not go to Manchester
Mason, JosephF8405/04/9717/07/97Very IllWent to Wolverhamton by his Own Request
Dunohua, MathewM4009/04/9730/05/97Very IllWent Out at his Own Request and Returnd Thanks
McCloud, MaryF2715/04/9708/07/97Very Ill Returnd from Mr MoatesGone to live at a publice house Over the Water
Jones, JohnM5728/04/9703/06/97Very IllDied
Jones, JosephM928/04/9709/11/97Came with his FahterBound to Messrs Douglass & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Kerr, MaryF4830/04/9724/05/97till her Husband is foundPast by an Order to Saint Georges Southwork
Roberts, MaryF3802/05/9703/06/97Very IllThe Overseers Paid her Carrge to Oxford, 13s & Cloathed
Coyte, ElizabethF302/05/9702/09/98Could not make 2 Shillings doElizh Coyte Taken Out by her Grandfather, to be Aloud 2s Weekly
Baldwin, JohnM2804/05/9715/05/97Lost the Pallet of his MouthGone to Bath for Cure
Mason, JohnM5905/05/9723/05/97Returnd back Without an OrderDied
Wheeler, JoshuaM7606/05/9728/03/98No WorkDied
Finney, JamesM417/05/9722/05/97Left by his ParentsGiven to his Father & Mother
Grant, SarahF6525/05/9715/08/97No EmployDied
Williamson, JohnM4830/05/9703/07/97Very LameWent away and paid for his keep Out of his Pention
Cook, MaryF3321/06/9714/06/98Lame, Past from SouthamptonDied
Moss, AnnF6321/06/9724/06/97Very IllDied
Kennerday, ChristianM4024/06/9707/07/97Very IllDied
Hodghson, ThomasM7029/06/9710/03/98Worn OutTaken Out by his Wife as She was not Happy
Marlow, AnnF1304/07/9713/07/97Taken from the SunGone to live at a Bording School Queens Elme
Good, JohnM8009/07/9728/06/98HelplessDied
Gunner, CharlotteM011/07/9720/09/97Came with her Mother [ 6 months old ]Went with her Mother
Gunner, CharlesM511/07/9720/09/97Came with his MotherWent with his Mother
Cutler, JamesM5911/07/9731/07/97Till PaidGone to Hay Maken
Gunner, Mary AnnF711/07/9709/08/97Came with her MotherTaken Out by her Father Because Shee Should not beBound
Gunner, SarahF1011/07/9709/08/97Came with her MotherGone to Mr Evans a Smith in King Street Shoredich
Gunner, SarahF3511/07/9720/09/97No ImployWent Out at her Own Request, to be Alow'd 6 Shillings pr Week
Gunner, ElizabethF311/07/9720/09/97Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Finlinson, ElizabethF5014/07/9717/07/97left by her HusbandTaken Out by her Husband
Quin, MaryF616/07/9702/08/97Came With her MotherWent With her Mother
Quin, MargaretF2916/07/9702/08/97Very IllOrderd Out by the Committee having got Well, had 2s 6d & Cloath'd
Morris, ThomasM2319/07/9728/12/97Blind & LameMarried to Sush Hastins & Set of to Ireland
Worrell, RobertM6425/07/9723/04/98Sent by an Order of Handing by Justice BondOrderd Out by the Committee being Able to Work
Thompson, ThomasM1213/08/9713/09/97Parents Could not keep himTaken Out by his Father to go to Bristol
Thompson, JohnM813/08/9713/09/97Parents Could not keep himTaken Out by his Father to go to Bristol
Thompson, AnnF1413/08/9713/09/97Parents Could not keep herTaken Out by her Father to go to Bristol
Luff, ElizabethF2314/08/9717/01/98Lame, Past from Saint MartinsGone to Saint Thomas Hospital for a Cure
Mason, BartholemewM4214/08/9702/09/97Not WellWent Out at his Own Request
Thompson, WilliamM316/08/9731/08/97came With his MotherWent with his Mother
Thompson, ElizabethF1516/08/9713/09/97Went With her Father to Bristol
Thompson, ElizabethF4416/08/9730/09/97Husbnd Gone to BristolWent Out at her own Request, Took her youngest Child with her
Broing, MaryF1617/08/9726/08/97DeploribleRan away from the Beadle in Town
Mason, WilliamM026/08/9721/09/97came With his mother [ 5 weeks old }Went With his Mother
Mason, MaryF2426/08/9721/09/97Past from Saint Mary MagdalenWent Out to her Husband at Deptford, had 1s
Vickman, ChristineF3728/08/9729/08/97Very IllWent to York Hospital the Next Day
Cammel, MaryF2631/08/9708/01/98With ChildWent to the Cock North Street left her Child Behind
Mason, SarahF2531/08/9720/12/97Very IllOrderd Out by the Overseers haveing lain in & GotWell
Slater, WilliamM3831/08/9729/09/97RumiticsWent Out at his Own Request Haveing Got the Pention
Irvin, JaneF2220/09/9728/10/97In LabourGone to live at Wandsworth
Collier, MarthaF3221/09/9706/10/97Her Husaband Ran a Way [ her 2 children with her ] Past by an Order from Saint Mary La BoneGone to Mrs Hill Grais Buildings No 8 near Manchesrer Square, Phebea & Marta Collier Went wth Mother
Irvin, JaneF021/09/9728/10/97BornWent Out with her Mother, Since Dead
Cutler, JamesM5924/09/9730/04/98DeplorableWent Out to Go to Garrison did not Return
Mason, MaryF2426/09/9728/09/97Went Out at her Own Request
Chandler, LucyF1526/09/9709/11/97Father could not keep herBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Chandler, MaryF1026/09/9709/11/97Father could not keep herBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Mason, WilliamM026/09/9728/09/97Came With his Mother [ 10 weeks old ]Went with his Mother
Baldwin, JohnM2807/10/9716/11/97Out of WorkGone to Work in this Borrow
Roberts, WilliamM909/10/9709/11/97Mother gone to ServiceBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the County of Lancaster
Fidler, ElizabethF5610/10/9715/12/97DeplorableOrderd Out for Disobaying of Orders
Hasting, SusannahF3317/10/9728/12/97Sold all her CloathsMarried to Thos Morris & Set of to Ireland
Corry, AnnF2825/10/9722/04/00Incain, Past from Saint Marts in the fieldDied
Allen, SarahF2025/10/9720/12/97Very IllOrderd Out by the Overseers haveing got Well
Fox, ElizabethF6627/10/9703/01/98No WorkWent Out at her Own Request
McDonald, AnnF2530/10/9717/11/97DeplorableGone to Mr Cator No 25 in Great Jams Street near Lambes Cundict at 8 Guineas pr Anm
Wilcox, WilliamM708/11/9713/11/97Ran awayWilm Wilcox Taken Out by his Mother
Wilcox, MaryF908/11/9709/11/97Their Father Could not keep themBound to Messrs Douglas & Co Cotton Spinners of Eccles in the county of Lancaster
Chandler, ElizabethF3811/11/9714/11/97No Work, Past from Saint Marts in the fieldGone to live at a Cookshop in the City
Chandler, GeorgeM4411/11/9714/11/97Past from Saint Marts in the fieldOrdered out with 2 Shillings
Worrell, SarahF5413/11/9715/12/97No WorkOrder'd Out by the Overseers for Disobaying OrdersWorrell
Garner, EdwardM7014/11/9704/04/98for to WinterWent Out at his Own Request, had 4s & Cloathd
Gardner, SarahF516/11/9729/08/99Their Parents Could not keep themTaken to Mr Leakes Manufy Wapin upon Tryal
Tanner, JohnM3316/11/9716/04/98to the HospitalOrderd Out being thought Able to Work
Mason, williamM016/11/9724/12/97Came With his Mother [ 5 months old ][ see previous record ]
Mason, MaryF2416/11/9724/12/976d Weekly for it, Since DeadOrderd Out by the Overseers to leave her Child behind but Would take it With her to be Alow'd 1s &
Baldwin, JohnM2820/11/9728/12/97Returnd, he sayes not AbleGone to Saint Bartholamws Hospital
Parsons, AnnF6222/11/9709/12/97Very IllPast by an Order to Saint Martins Parsons Ann
Windsor, JamesM125/11/9725/01/98Came with his MotherWent With his Mother
Windsor, AnnF2725/11/9725/01/98Husband Left herPast by an Order to Kensinton
Spooner, FrancisM928/11/9701/02/98Till BoundTaken to Wapin to go to Sea
Kinnnen, HannahF4006/12/9704/06/98Says Shee is IllGone to Work in the fields
Kinnnen, MaryF906/12/9730/05/98Came With her MotherGone to Mr Norris a Smith in Paradice Row upon Trial
Keeling, SusannahF1006/12/9728/04/99Her Parents DeadTaken Out by her Brother Mr Shufflebottom to provide for her
Fidler, ElizabethF5615/12/9729/08/98Back in 2 HoursSent to Prison for Robin the House
Careincross, MargaretF2415/12/9715/02/99Back in the HouseGone to live at Yorksheir Gray
Worrell, SarahF5415/12/9716/05/98Back in 2 HoursWent Out at her Own Request, had 2s & Cloathd
Collier, ThomasM4916/12/9702/03/98Out of WorkWent Out at his Own Request
Collier, MarthaF3216/12/9705/04/98Out of WorkWent Out to her Husband, had 3s 6d & Cloath & Childrn
Collier, LouisiaF016/12/9705/04/98Came with her Parents [ 5 months old ]Went with her Mother
Collier, PhebeF616/12/9705/04/98Came with her ParentsWent with her Mother
Wallis, JudethF5021/12/9723/12/97Very IllDied
Brumfied, JamesM8002/01/9824/03/98Very IllGone to Scotland at his Own Request
Bumstead, ThomasM3102/01/9829/03/98Out of PlaceGone to live with the Reverd Mr Harrison at Knightsbridge
Spinney, WilliamM902/01/9820/06/98Till BoundTaken to Wapin to go to Sea
Hughes, JohnM2107/01/9812/01/98Not WellWent Out at his Own Request Haveing Got Better
Sterrard, ElizabethF4414/01/9801/02/98Husband deadPaid her Passage to Scotland with her Husbands Pention
Gunter, MaryF2422/01/9810/03/98Returnd from Mr Greenheads workGone to Mrs Alsop a Cookshop Near the ferry
Sharp, AnnF6022/01/9806/02/98Very IllDied
McGuire, MaryF6726/01/9816/09/98Worn OutRob'd the House & Ran away for Fear of Procecution
Tyke, SarahF5926/01/9816/02/98Past by an Order from Saint Mary W'ChapelSent back to Whitechapel haveing had an Appeal
Carrol, MaryF2802/02/9811/03/98to lay inWent Out at her Own Request
Guy, MaryF7505/02/9814/10/98Not able to WorkDied
Clifs, JohnM406/02/9813/08/99The Father out of WorkTaken Out by his Parents, to have 3s Weekly
Clifs, SarahF606/02/9813/08/99The Father out of WorkTaken Out by her Parents, to have 3s Weekly
Clifs, LucyF706/02/9812/06/99The Father out of WorkTaken Out by her Mother not to be Apprenticd
Clifs, AnnF1106/02/9810/04/98The Father out of WorkTaken Out by the Mother to Nurse the Child
Mason, ElizabethF2606/02/9805/04/98By Order of Justice BondGone to her Father in the Country
Lester, JohnM5007/02/9807/03/98Very IllGone Out at his Own Request Haveing got better, tohave 6s Weekly
Carrol, MargaretF007/02/9811/03/98BornWent Out With Her Mother
Duniew, JaneF2213/02/9805/04/98Till a place be gotOrderd Out by the Comte being Able to Work Duniew
Wytch, AnnF5914/02/9804/03/98Till PastPast to Saint John the Evangelest by an Order
Rummins, AnnF4216/02/9821/04/98Husband DeadPast to her Parish in the Contry all the Rummins
Rummins, ElizabethF2116/02/9830/03/98All Came With their MotherGone to Mr Whitehead upon Tryall
Rummins, CharlesM216/02/9821/04/98All Came With their MotherWent With his Mother
Rummins, AnnF1616/02/9821/04/98All Came With their MotherWent With her Mother
Strainge, WilliamM5716/02/9815/04/98Past by an Order from St My Magdalin BermdyGone to Work n the Gardens
Nevell, JamesM6117/02/9805/04/98No EmployOrderd Out by the Overseers being Able to Work
Fonsett, ThomasM6220/02/9809/05/98RumiticsWent to Hospital did not Return
Lester, JohnM1320/02/9828/02/98Feb ApprenticdBound to the Sea
Hoalt, MargaretF4821/02/9805/04/98LameOrderd Out by the Overseers being Able to Work
Harley, BridgetF7424/02/9804/03/98Very IllDied
Stevens, JohnM2902/03/9806/03/98Very IllPast by an Order to Saint Mary La born
Kennerday, MatthewM5003/03/9808/03/98Out of WorkOrderd Out by the Overseers Haveing got Better
Harden, MaryF5803/03/9808/06/00Not WellWent Out at her Own Request, to have 1s 6d Weekly
Stevens, JaneF2903/03/9806/03/98To Nurse her HusbandWent With her Husband
Stevens, CharlotteF003/03/9806/03/98Came With her Mother [ 11 months old ]Went With her Husband
Forster, AnnF106/03/9810/10/98Mother in the HospitalSent home to her Father
Forster, JohnM713/03/9810/10/98Mother in the HospitalSent home to his Father, Since Dead
Forster, SarahF413/03/9810/10/98Their Father Captn Foster Agreed to pay 2s 6d Week lySent home to her Father 24 October, All the Fosters Sent to their Father
Forster, MargaretF1113/03/9802/05/98Mother in the HospitalGone to Mr Elwells Bording School Kensington uponTryal
Haywood, JohnM1321/03/9811/04/98very IllOrderd out by overseers Haveing Got Well
Pearce, JamesM127/03/9801/08/98Mother Could not keep himDied
Nicholds, AnnF3228/03/9804/06/98With Child, Husband DeadWent Out at her Own Request, to have 4s Weekly & Cloathd
Nicholds, JohnM228/03/9804/06/98Came With his MotherWent With his Mother
Nicholds, CharlesM428/03/9804/06/98Came With his MotherWent With his Mother
Rummins, ElizabethF2101/04/9821/04/98Returnd being a bad GirlWent With her Mother
Smith, SarahF2305/04/9823/06/98Out of PlaceGone to live with Mr Norris a Smith in RobertsonsLane at 4 Pounds pr Anm
Roberts, JohnM907/04/9827/06/98Mother deadGone to live in Hans town
Dean, MargaretF8013/04/9830/05/99Worn OutDied
Windsor, AnnF2819/04/9819/07/98Sent back from KensentonWent Out at her Own Request, had 1 Pound 8s to take her into the Country
Windsor, JamesM219/04/9819/07/98Came With his MotherWent With his Mother
Green, BridgetF2020/04/9813/06/98Very IllWent Out to her Husband who is in the Militia
Jones, JohnM4020/04/9808/05/98Very IllWent Out at his Own Request, had 1s
Green, ElizabethF720/04/9813/06/98Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Nicholds, WilliamM025/04/9804/06/98BornWent With his Mother
Watkins, WalterM6201/05/9812/05/98Past by an Order from St Andrew HolbornDied
Paice, SarahF1305/05/9816/05/98By Friends desertedSent Home to her Father a Fisherman in Westminster
Stone, AdenneyF3622/05/9820/06/98Very IllDied
Roberts, AnnF4222/05/9814/06/98Very IllWent Out to be aloud for Some time Ann Roberts 2sW
Durham, WilliamM5925/05/9826/09/98RumiticsWent Out at his Own Request, had 7d
Forster, MargaretF1127/05/9810/10/98Return'd being too SmallSent Home to her Father Parish in Yorksheir
McBurney, JamesM2329/05/9825/08/98Past as a Vagrant from Worrio__Went Out at his Own Request With Blind Marsh
Durnford, CharlotteF801/06/9806/06/99No ParentsTaken out by her Friends that Shee may not be Bound
Kinnen, MaryF1006/06/9816/03/99Brougt back by the MotherWent with her Mother
McBurney, AgustasF1906/06/9825/08/98Past as above [ see previous record ]Gone to Sarvis
Parker, ElizabethF2807/06/9801/02/99Very IllDied
Cutler, JamesM6008/06/9812/08/00His Ramble is OutTaken in to Chelsea College, Thank the Lord
Evans, SusanahF3511/06/9825/06/98Past from Saint James WestmrRan away Over the Wall
Marsh, JohnM7014/06/9825/08/98BlindWent Out at his Own Request With Blind Jim
Crain, HannahF2123/06/9815/08/98In LabourWent Out at her Own Request, to be Aloud 2s 6d Weekly for her Child
Crain, MaryF023/06/9815/08/98BornWent With her Mother
Gatfield, MaryF6106/07/9831/07/98Very IllWent Out at her Own Request, to be aloud 1s 6d Weekly
Green, HenryM5406/07/9807/07/98Past by an Order from St PancrasWent away at his Own Request, Had 2 Shillgs
Thornton, WilliamhM007/07/9801/09/98Came With his Mother[ 1 month old ]Remov'd by an Order to Saint Mary La bonn
Thornton, SusannahF2307/07/9830/08/98Past by an Order from St My La BoneWent Out at her Own Request to Service
Davis, JohnM1009/07/9806/08/99No HomeTaken Out to be put to School
McCloud, CaddyF2913/07/9807/08/98In LabourPast by an Order to Windsor
McCloud, JohnM013/07/9807/08/98BornWent With his Mother
Hicks, JohnM3424/07/9821/08/98Very LameWent Out at his Own Request haveing Got Well
Kinnen, HannahF4104/08/9816/03/99Taken in to lay inWent Out at her Own Request, Her Husband Come fromAbroad
Leason, AnnF4009/08/9825/12/98To be paid forWent Out and did not Return
Guppey, EdwardM4014/08/9825/08/98Very IllDied
Geer, ElizabethF224/08/9822/09/98Came with her MotherWent with her Mother
Geer, AnnF524/08/9825/09/98Came with her MotherSent home to her Parents by Order of the Overseers
Geer, SarahF724/08/9825/09/98Came with her MotherSent home to her Parents by Order of the Overseers
Geer, ElizabethF3824/08/9822/09/98to Lay inWent Out at her Own Request, took the two youngestWith her
Mundle, JohnM324/08/9810/10/98Came With his MotherWent With his Mother
Mundle, MaryF2424/08/9810/10/98Not Right in her HeadGone to Winchelsea to her Husband
Geer, HannahF030/08/9822/09/98BornWent with her Mother
Lynch, JaneF2714/09/9825/09/98Not WellWent Out at her Own Request, Had 2s 6d
Ham, JaminerF2720/09/9805/02/99Very IllDied
Bearcor, JaneF4023/09/9804/10/98FoulGone to the Lock Hospital
Torbot, ElizabethF3805/10/9827/10/98Pickt up under the Hay StackSent to her Husband at Epsom Elizh Torbot
Jones, SusannahF3008/10/9822/11/98Ague, By an Order from Saint MrgOrderd Out by the Overseers havin Got WellCloathd & 2 Shillings
Gunter, MaryF2411/10/9830/10/98Out of PlaceGone to live with Mr Long Near Battersea Bridge
Davis, MarthaF611/10/9816/12/98Came with MotherWent with her Mother
Davis, CharlotteF3811/10/9816/12/98Past by an Order to Saint Mary La bone
Rowles, FrancesF412/10/9813/01/00BornDied
Beavor, JoelM7814/10/9812/09/00Sold his ShirtDied
Hatchman, JamesM6818/10/9821/10/98Very Illwent back to Greenwitch, to be Aloud 1s 6d Weekly
Hatchman, JaneF6818/10/9821/10/98Past by an Order from GreenwitchWent with her Husband
Bell, AnnF2126/10/9805/01/99To Lay inWent out at her Owen Request
Jsarel, RosaF2406/11/9823/11/98Past from Algate by an OrderTaken back for fear of an Appeal
Scott, SarahF1707/11/9815/11/98Not Right in her headTaken Out to be Sent to Bedlam
Worrell, RobertM6607/11/9809/02/99to WinterOrderd Out to see for work, to be Aloud 2s WeeklyCloath
Worrell, SarahF5507/11/9809/02/99to WinterWent With her Husband
Cortney, EdwardM1113/11/9818/11/98Very IllWent Out at his Own Request
Hoalt or Neal, MaryF2513/11/9805/09/99Out of PlaceWent Out With Leave of Mr Barton Staid all Night not Admittd
Roberts, JohnM916/11/9820/11/98Mother Could not keep himTaken to Warin to be bound to the Sea
Bell, JosephM024/11/9805/01/99BornWent With his Mother
Wright, ElizabethF1226/11/9803/01/99Father in PrisonGone to Mr Leak in Paradise Row upon Trial, Return'd a Bad Girl, 29 Aug Gone to Mr Leakeys factory
Mundle, JohnM2830/11/9812/12/98Very IllWent Out at his Own Request, had 2s
Tanner, JohnM3403/12/9825/03/99as Usual to be Cloathd & WinterWent out at his Own Request haveing got Work, Cloath'd
Gilbert, AnnF2704/12/9822/12/98DeplorableRan Away and Rob'd the House
Taylor, GeorgeM3804/12/9811/12/98Very IllDied
Swinney, LiddiaF3307/12/9818/12/98Very IllDied
Farmer, SarahF6919/12/9826/12/98Worn Outdied
Ferrell, SusannahF5229/12/9829/04/99Very DrunkWent out at her Own Request, Cloathed & to have 2sWeekly
Cook, SarahF2603/01/9924/04/99to lay inWent Out at her Own Request, to have 2s Weekly forher Child
Herring, ElizabethF4604/01/9920/05/99Very IllDied
Cook, JamesM005/01/9924/04/99BornWent With His Mother
McBurney, JamesM2008/01/9920/04/99Broke Down & DeplorableWent Out at his Own Request, Cloath'd & 2s WeeklyMcBurney
Bearshaw, MaryF3421/01/9922/04/99Deplorable, Came with order of Remooval fro Whitec hapelWent Out, Cloathd, Had 4s and to be Aloud 2s Weekly for her Child
Bearshaw, MaryF021/01/9922/04/99Came with her Mother [ 3 months old ]Went With her Mother
Richarson, SarahF3622/01/9925/01/99Bad Leg & Dec___Sent by an Order to St Georges Hanover Square
Rodgers, DavidM5022/01/9927/03/99Very IllOrder'd Out by the Committee haveing got Well
Gunter, MaryF2525/01/9905/02/99Out of PlaceGone to Live in the Strand
Dace, WilliamM6129/01/9925/07/99LameDied
Burt, EsterF3431/01/9901/02/99Out of Work, Sent by Order from St GeorgesSent back to Saint Georges Haveing had an Apeal
Wood, Mary CatherineF5508/02/9908/05/99Lame LegMaty Cath Wood Went Out at her Own Request, had 2s6d & Cloaths
Willson, SusannahF4011/02/9902/03/99the Bad Whether Prevented them from being in the C untryHad Money to take her into the Country
Willson, ElizabethF611/02/9902/03/99the Bad Whether Prevented them from being in the C untryWent With her Mother
Bishop, MaryF5514/02/9916/02/99Very IllDied
Roberts, JohnM1008/03/9928/06/99Sent back too smallTaken Out by his Mother that he might not be Bound
Coombes, ThomasM3111/03/9905/04/99Very IllWent out at his own Request, to have three Shillings Weekly
Founds, ElizabethF7913/03/9910/04/99Bed RiddenDied
Davies, DavidM1216/03/9925/09/99Subject to fittsSent to Mr Leakyes Factory upon Likein
Newton, JaneF2019/03/9909/07/99Brought to the Gate in LabourWent Out, to be Aloud 2s 6d Weekly for her Child
Newton, JamesM019/03/9909/07/99BornWent With his Mother
Wilcox, MaryF3420/03/9921/04/99Very IllDied
Tandy, ElizabethF4821/03/9923/08/99Dead PalsyTandy Went Out at her Own Request
Careincros, MargaretF2630/03/9919/06/99Not WellGone to the Yorksheir Gray upon tryal
Tozland, JohnM603/04/9910/06/99Came with his MotherAll the Tozlands Past into the Country by an Order of Removal and Taken by Mr Barton Overseer
Tozland, JamesM403/04/9910/06/99Came with his MotherAll the Tozlands Past into the Country by an Order of Removal and Taken by Mr Barton Overseer
Tozland, MaryF3103/04/9910/06/99All the Tozlands Past into the Country by an Order of Removal and Taken by Mr Barton Overseer
Hubbard, ElizabethF2318/04/9914/05/99With ChildGone to her Place again at Black Sands
Hubbard, RichardM018/04/9914/05/99BornWent With his Mother
Tozland, WilliamM030/04/9910/06/99BornAll the Tozlands Past into the Country by an Order of Removal and Taken by Mr Barton Overseer
Jones, JohnM6702/05/9917/05/99Not wellWent out at his Own Request, had 2s & Cloathd
Burgess, JacobM6814/05/9917/05/99Very IllWent Out at his Own Request as he must have been sent as a Vagrant, Had 2s
Fawsett, ThomasM6317/05/9912/07/99Lade himself down at the gate would not goWent Out at his Own Request, paid For his Keep
Martin, MaryF921/05/9929/08/99Mother DeadTaken to Mr Leakeys Manufactory Wapin upon Liken
Porter, CharlotteF3429/05/9903/06/99Came With her HusbandWent With her Husband
Porter, WlliamM329/05/9903/06/99Came With his ParentsWent With his Parents
Porter, JohnM2829/05/9903/06/99Past from Saint Andrews HolbWent Out at his Own Request, had 5s & Cloathd
Evans, JohnM3805/06/9914/07/99Very IllGone back to his Master Dunn , Cloathd & 1 Shillg
Hopgood, ElizabethF2707/06/9923/06/99Return'd from the HospitalGone to live at the Bells over the Way
Williams, GeorgeM1420/06/9926/06/99Ran a WaySent home to Manchester as a Vagrant, Both these Boys Sent to Bridewell to be Sent to Pendlinton
Bray, JohnM6322/06/9928/06/99Brought by the BeadleSent to Bridewell as a Vagrant to be Past
Burton, RichardM3806/07/9927/07/99LameGone out at his Own Request haveing got Well
McCloud, MargaretF6012/07/9912/10/99Very IllGone to the Bells Over the Way
McBurney, AgustasF2012/07/9931/07/99ScurvyGone to Service in the Strand
Martin, JaneF2112/07/9917/04/00a bad GirlOrderd Out Haveing got Well & no Parishoner
Hall, WilliamM913/07/9909/08/99Ran away from ManchesterSent home to his Brother
Careincros, MargaretF2620/07/9919/09/99Will not leave the HouseGone to Mr Leakeys Factory upon tryal
Goff, JohnM325/07/9909/12/99Past from the cityApprentic'd to Davidson & Hawkesley Nottingham
Tanner, JohnM3527/07/9928/04/00Not WellLeft the House to go to Painting a Gain
Finlinson, ElizabethF5201/08/9907/08/99to be paid forTaken Out by her Husband on promice of Good Behavour
Hopgood, ElizabethF2706/08/9908/08/99Return'd from the BellsGone to Service in town
How, JaneF2710/08/9913/09/99LameGone to live at the Dutches of York in Battersea fields
Cox, ElizabethF1113/08/9929/08/99Father DeadGone to Mr Leakeys Manufy wapin Tryal
Schumaker, John GeorgeM5519/08/9923/08/99ConsumtiveOrderd Out by the Committee for an Imposter
Martin, JaneM2122/08/9919/09/99Returnd a bad GirleGone to Mr Fowler at Rotherhith
Elliott, SarahF903/09/9915/04/00Returnd being too SmallWent Out to a Place at Knightsbridge
Martin, MaryF903/09/9911/10/99Returnd being too SmallGone to Mr Leakey Again, Since Bound
Gardner, SarahF803/09/9928/09/99Return'd being too smalltaken Out by her Father not to be Apprentic'd
Temperley, GeorgeM5506/09/9903/10/99Not WellDied
Wansey, JohnM7706/09/9919/09/99Not WellPast to his Parish in the Country
Coalman, AnnF4314/09/9905/10/99Out of PlaceGone to live at London
Pike, JohnM7014/09/9903/03/00John Pike Died 3 March 1800
Daniel, SarahF5019/09/9918/03/00Bad LeggWent Out at Her Own Request
Haywood, ElizabethF2725/09/9931/03/00to lay inGone to live at the White horse Church Lane
Eden, AgnasF5130/09/9919/09/00to keep her from DrinkOrdered Out haveing Got Well, had 1s at Going
Neller, AnnF6704/10/9930/11/99a Cancer in the BrestDied
Coalman, AnnF4310/10/9928/10/99Not WellGone to live Over the Way
Shipley, MaryF1312/10/9928/10/99Father in the MilitiaGone to Mr Lukey Factory, Since Bound
White, MaryF4015/10/9918/10/99Very badDied
Munrow, MaryF5716/10/9927/12/99Past as a Vagrant from the CountryWent Out at her Own Request, Cloathd
Starkey, FrancisM5622/10/9917/12/99Very IllDied
Foster, CatherineF5230/10/9920/12/99Very IllWent Out at her Own Request, Cloathd
Brown, RobertM005/11/9917/12/99All four College Casual Children Desar'd by the Mo ther Who Ran a Way Left Them in the House [3mth olDied
Porter, WilliamM305/11/9910/12/99His Parents Could not keep himTaken Out by his Father
Hoalt or Neal, MaryF2606/11/9926/12/99Pand her CloasRan Away, Rob'd the House
Haywood, ElizabethF006/11/9924/07/00BornDied
Gibbard, CarolineF2711/11/9913/11/99Past as a Vagrant from KensingtonWent Out at her Own Request, had a Shift & 4s
Hopgood, ElizabethF2718/11/9920/05/00Out of PlaceGone to a Publick house in town
Kelley, SarahF4523/11/9904/12/99RumiticsGoing to Hyde Park Hospital
Grove, SarahF1725/11/9915/04/00With ChildOrderd Out by the Cmmte, to have 2s weekly for herChild
Burnsted, ThomasM3330/11/9914/02/00Out of PlaceGone to live at the Prince of Wails Exeter Street
Garner, EdwardM7230/11/9919/03/00Worn OutWent Out at his Own Request
Rodgers, DavidM1317/12/9920/12/99Very IllGone to Mr Leakeys Manufactory at Wapin, Not Bean
Beardshaw, MaryF3617/12/9914/03/00Past as Vagrant Out of the CityWent Out took her Child with Her, to have 2s per Week
Beardshaw, MaryF117/12/9914/03/00Came With her MotherWent With her Mother
Martin, WilliamM019/12/9920/05/00Came With his Mother [ 6 weeks old ]Went With his Mother
Martin, MaryF019/12/9920/05/00Came With her Mother [ 6 weeks old ]Went With her Mother
Martin, MaryF3319/12/9920/05/00Past by an Order from St JamesWent Home to her Husband
Gilbert, AnnF2920/12/9904/03/00In Great DistressRan a Way
Hoalden, HarryM4823/12/9910/03/00Past by an Order from Christ Church St Mry La BoneOrderd Out by the Committee havin Got Well
Palmer, ThomasM1324/12/9901/01/00a Casual boy, no homeTaken to the Bristole Waggon
Ferrell, SusannahF5328/12/9907/05/00Not WellGone to Work for the Summer
Wheeler, GeorgeM8028/12/9906/01/00Very IllDied
Hall, WilliamM4831/12/9916/01/00LameGone to Saint Thomas Hospital
Williams, RichardM131/12/9916/05/00DesertedDied

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