Dundalk Union Workhouse Infants 1872-4

Infants born in, or admitted under twelve months old and healthy to, the Dundalk union workhouse in the years 1872-4, and what had become of them by 1879.

Alice MurrayDischarged
Hugh ColemanDischarged
Margaret TurleyDischarged
Sarah RoddyDischarged
Catherine O'BrienDischarged
Ann O'HareDischarged
Bernard DullaghanDischarged
John SmythDied
Lewis ToalDischarged
John ColemanDischarged
Mary A. CallaghanHealthy
Mary ScalesDied
Michael RogersDischarged
John DonnellyDischarged
Alice FarrellyDischarged
Mary A. McGoughDischarged
James KearneyIn Hospital
Bridget McBrideDischarged
Mary DonnellyDied
Margaret ConnorHealthy
Joseph CarrollIn Hospital
Margaret MurphyDischarged
Michael GlynnDischarged
Thomas O'NeillDischarged
Peter CarrollDischarged
Anne KellyDied
Elizabeth ReidDischarged
John O'BrienHealthy
John FinneganDischarged
Thomas DullaghanDischarged

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