1871 Census: Residents of Goole Union Workhouse

RG: RG10; Piece: 4731; Folio: 59; Pages 11-15;
Reg. District: Goole; Sub District: Goole; Enum. District: 9; Parish: Hook; Eccl. District: St. John's, Goole.

WAITE, GeorgeHeadM40Master of Union WorkhouseNotts., Hayton
WAITE, MaryWifeF29Matron of Union WorkhouseNotts., Hayton
WAITE, George C.SonM 8ScholarYorkshire, Doncaster
WAITE, Frank H.SonM 3 Yorkshire, Goole
MOORE, BetseyOfficerF29SchoolmistressYorkshire, York
ROBERTSON, JaneNurseF39NurseScotland, Dunbar
PHILLIPSON, DixonPorterM28PorterYorkshire, Reedness
RANNS, MaryF22No occupationYorkshire, AirmynBlind from disease
WINTERTON, AnnF65Agricultural LabourerYorkshire, Sherburn 
CLAYTON, MariaF80CharwomanLincs., Hornby 
BEAN, HannahF17Domestic ServantYorkshire, Airmyn 
BELLAMY, ThomasM10 Yorkshire, Goole 
MUMBY, Mary Ann (*)F58CharwomanLincs., Burton 
PLATTS, ElizabethF70CharwomanYorkshire, Spavington 
BRIGHTY, ElizabethF23Domestic ServantYorkshire, Eastoft 
FRANKS, ThomasM66Dock LabourerYorkshire, Knottingley 
MIDDLETON, CharlesM43Dock LabourerYorkshire, Goole 
MIDDLETON, SarahF12 Yorkshire, Goole 
MIDDLETON, JohnM10 Yorkshire, Goole 
BELLAMY, JohnM76Agricultural LabourerYorkshire, Swinefleet 
ACASTER, JohnM10 Yorkshire, Goole 
ACASTER, ElizabethF 9 Yorkshire, Goole 
FISH, JosephM77Agricultural LabourerYorkshire, Holbeck 
COPELAND, ChristopherM63Sawyer Yorkshire, Goole 
BLAKER, CarolineF37CharwomanCambs., Wisbeach 
BLAKER, MaryF14 Yorkshire, Hull 
BLAKER, StephenM 8 Durham, Lanchester 
BLAKER, CarolineF 6 Suffolk, Harwich 
DAVIS, JamesM65SeamanYorkshire, Halifax 
COWLING, JamesM 8 Yorkshire, Goole 
BAKER, WilliamM87Dock LabourerYorkshire, Sherburn 
SAMPSON, EmilyF 9 Yorkshire, Goole 
THOMPSON, WilliamM65Agricultural LabourerYorkshire, Goole 
JEFF, AnnF76CharwomanYorkshire, Mexborough 
ARMITAGE, WilliamM70MusicianYorkshire, Wakefield 
GREENFIELD, JohnM78Discharged SoldierCambs., Pollil 
DUCKLES, AnthonyM72FishermanYorkshire, Hook 
TERRY, William M 9 Not known 
McNAMARA, CatherineF10 Yorkshire, Goole 
GOODHAND, TomM 8 Yorkshire, Goole 
GOODHAND, John M 6 Yorkshire, Goole 
GOODHAND, AlbertM 3 Yorkshire, Goole 
PHILLIPS, JaneF83CharwomanYorkshire,  
LORD, GodfryM77SeamanYorkshire, Swinefleet 
LORD, RebeccaF76 Yorkshire, Swinefleet 
CURRY, PatrickM 9 Yorkshire, Goole 
NICHOLS, MaryF 6 Yorkshire, Goole 
HARDING, RobertM69Agricultural LabourerIreland, Queen's County 
ALLEN, JamesM33GlassblowerDurham, Newcastle 
BUSHELL, ElizaF34 Lincs., Clinton 
BUSHELL, Thomas M 1 Yorkshire, Goole 
LEGGOTT, William F 13 Yorkshire, Goole 
CURRY, James M49Agricultural LabourerIreland, Co. Mayo 
CURRY, JamesM 1 Yorkshire, Goole 
ADAMSON, RichardM50WatermanYorkshire, Northam 
CROFT, JohnM79Dock LabourerNotts., Everton 
STAINTON, Ann E.F11 Yorkshire, Goole 
STAINTON, GeorgeM 7 Yorkshire, Howden Dyke 
STAINTON, EmilyF 4 Yorkshire, Howden Dyke 
CAWTHORNE, MaryF21General Servant DomesticYorkshire, Goole 
ADAMS, JamesM76Agricultural LabourerYorkshire, Selby 
BROWN, WilliamM65ShoemakerYorkshire, Howden Dyke 
TAYLOR, John (*)M55 Yorkshire, LuddingtonImbecile
GELDER, JohnM76Agricultural LabourerYorkshire, Luddington 
GELDER, JohnM38 Yorkshire, LuddingtonIdiot
LAVERACK, GeorgeM10 Yorkshire, Pollington 
LAVERACK, SamuelM 8 Yorkshire, Pollington 
LAVERACK, HarrietF 5 Yorkshire, Pollington 
BERRIDGE, JonathanM73No occupationYorkshire, Pollington 
SCOTT, WilliamM79Bricklayers LabourerYorkshire, Howden 
LONGBOTTOM, John M72Agricultural LabourerYorkshire, Rawcliffe 
BARKER, Benjamin M66ButcherYorkshire, Rawcliffe 
DYSON, James M64BricklayerYorkshire, Rawcliffe 
HOLLIN, FannyF70Agricultural LabourerYorkshire, Rawcliffe 
COATES, William M69Agricultural LabourerYorkshire, Rawcliffe 
CURTIS, CatharineF27 Ireland 
CURTIS, MariaF 3 Yorkshire, Goole 
WILSON, MarthaF49 Yorkshire, Reedness 
MASON, JohnM76ButcherYorkshire, Howden 
THOMPSON, James M79ShepherdScotland, Newcastleton 
GIBBONS, MargaretF34CharwomanIreland, Co. Mayo 
GIBBONS, MaryF12 Yorkshire, Eastoft 
GIBBONS, ThomasM10 Yorkshire, Eastoft 
GIBBONS, CatherineF 7 Yorkshire, Eastoft 
GIBBONS, BridgetF 5 Yorkshire, Eastoft 
GIBBONS, MargaretF 3 Yorkshire, Reedness 
GIBBONS, PatrickM 1 Yorkshire, Reedness 
TATE, SherrottF12 Yorkshire, Snaith 
TATE, CharlesM10 Yorkshire, Snaith 
APPLETON, JaneF23 Yorkshire, CowickImbecile
KILLINGBECK, WilsonM 8 Yorkshire, Cowick 
BIRKINSHAW, ElizabethF81Agricultural LabourerYorkshire, Swinefleet 
HORNSBY, FrederickM18 Yorkshire, GooleImbecile
NICHOLSON, SarahF 5 Yorkshire, Goole 
HARRAND, MaryF13 Yorkshire, Goole 
COOK, BridgetF37Agricultural LabourerIreland, Co. Mayo 
DACEY, Mary AnnF 7 Yorkshire, Goole 
COOK, John M 1 Yorkshire, Goole 
HUTCHINSON, HenryM24Agricultural LabourerYorkshire, Cowick 
CRACKLES, SarahF76Agricultural LabourerMiddlesex, London 
JACKSON, JamesM74Agricultural LabourerYorkshire, Eastoft 
WEST, RobertM89ShoemakerYorkshire, Swinefleet 
ROBERTS, MarthaF23General Servant DomesticYorkshire, Goole 
ROBERTS, James J.M 2 mo Yorkshire, Goole 
JOHNSON, WilliamM75Agricultural LabourerYorkshire, Whitgift 
CLARK, CharlesM40Agricultural LabourerIreland, Dublin 
HOWELL, JohnM45Agricultural LabourerSomerset, Blagdon 
WILLIS, ThomasM77Agricultural LabourerIreland, Dublin 
DELANY, KateF 8 Yorkshire, Goole 
* Also there in 1861

Total residents: 109

Census transcription courtesy of David Gibbons.

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