1881 Census: Residents of Hay Union Workhouse

Edward POWELLM57MHeadMaster (Munic Off)Llanstephan, Radnorshire, Wales
Rebecca G. POWELLM45FWifeMatron (Mun)Teignmouth, Devon, England
Frank B. POWELL 10MSonScholarHay, Brecknock, Wales
Hannah J. BIDWELL  7FNieceScholarTeignmouth, Devon, England
Mary SCOTTW48FServantNurse In HospitalDevonport, Devon, England
Mary A. HARPERU28FServantCook In Workhouse (...)Talgarth, Brecknock, Wales
Ann CANTELLW70FInmate (No Occ)Dolincoch, Brecknock, Wales
Arthur DAVIES  8MInmateDorstone, Hereford, England
Edith DAVIES 5mFInmateHay, Brecknock, Wales
Fanny DAVIES  9FInmateDorstone, Hereford, England
Harriett DAVIESU37FInmate (No Occ)Peterchurch, Hereford, England
Isabella DAVIESU18FInmate (No Occ)Dorstone, Hereford, England
James DAVIES  6MInmateDorstone, Hereford, England
Lucy DAVIES 12FInmateDorstone, Hereford, England
Priscilla DAVIES 11FInmateHay, Brecknock, Wales
William DAVIES  8MInmateClifford, Hereford, England
Thomas GOODEU45MInmate (No Occ)Glasbury, Radnorshire, Wales
Charles JAMESU63MInmate (No Occ)Ploughfield, Hereford, England
Jane JENKINSU17FInmate (No Occ)Glasbury, Brecknock, Wales
Jane JONESU61FInmate (No Occ)Ross, Hereford, England
Rosanna JONESU25FInmate (No Occ)Hay, Brecknock, Wales
Sarah JONESU32FInmate (No Occ)London, Middlesex, England
Charles LEWISW65MInmate (No Occ)Bredwardine, Hereford, England
William LEWISW59MInmate (No Occ)Clifford, Hereford, England
Thomas PHILIPSM72MInmate (No Occ)Clifford, Hereford, England
Thomas POWELL 13MInmate (No Occ)Rhosgoch, Radnorshire, Wales
Arthur PRICE 12MInmate (No Occ)Llowes, Radnorshire, Wales
Edwin PRICE 10MInmateLlowes, Radnorshire, Wales
James PRICE 10MInmateHay, Brecknock, Wales
John PRICEM77MInmate (No Occ)Clifford, Hereford, England
Mary A. PRICEU49FInmate (No Occ)Llanstephan, Radnorshire, Wales
Mary PRICE 11FInmateClifford, Hereford, England
Priscilla PRICEW65FInmate (No Occ)Hay, Brecknock, Wales
Rebecca PRICE  5FInmateLlowes, Radnorshire, Wales
William PRICEU51MInmate (No Occ)Dorstone, Hereford, England
Samuel PROBORTU68MInmate (No Occ)Glasbury, Brecknock, Wales
William SAUNDERSU65MInmate (No Occ)Talgarth, Brecknock, Wales
Eleanor SHEENU72FInmate (No Occ)Llanigon, Brecknock, Wales
Arthur SMITH  8MInmateWhitney, Hereford, England
Robert TUCK  7MInmateLlanstephan, Radnorshire, Wales
Caroline WALKER  8FInmateHay, Brecknock, Wales
Thomas WALTERS 11MInmateHay, Brecknock, Wales
David WARNERW65MInmate (No Occ)Llandrindod, Radnorshire, Wales
Elizabeth WATERS 11FInmateHay, Brecknock, Wales
Elizabeth WATERSW40FInmate (No Occ)Hay, Brecknock, Wales
Robert WATERS  3MInmateHay, Brecknock, Wales
James WELLINGTONM75MInmate (No Occ)Ross, Hereford, England
Annie WILLIAMS 11FInmateHay, Brecknock, Wales
Arthur WILLIAMS 11MInmate (No Occ)Dorstone, Hereford, England
Eliza WILLIAMSU35FInmate (No Occ)Brecon, Brecknock, Wales
James WILLIAMSM90MInmateInmate (No Occ)Glasbury, Radnorshire, Wales
John WILLIAMS 13MInmate (No Occ)Dorstone, Hereford, England
Thomas WILLIAMSU28MInmate (No Occ)Llandilo, Radnorshire, Wales
William WILLIAMS  8MInmateHay, Brecknock, Wales

Total residents: 54

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