Long-term Workhouse Inmates in Liverpool Parish, Lancashire, 1861

In 1861, the Poor Law Board published a return of the name every adult pauper who had been a workhouse inmate for a continuous period of five years or more, together with the duration of their residence (in years and months), the reason for it, and whether they had been brought up in a District or separate Workhouse School. It was noted that the term 'District School' had been widely misinterpreted by respondents as meaning any school in the local area, such as a national or private school, and that there was only one instance in the whole report of an inmate actually having been in such a school.

Mary Ann Algar70Old and infirmno.
William Bridge130dittono.
Alice Brownbill120dittono.
Mary Bell117dittono.
Samuel Bodd90dittono.
Mary Burton90dittono.
Joseph Brooks90dittono.
Maria Branster70dittono.
Margaret Boyle70dittono.
Nichdas Barton60dittono.
Mary Bolas60dittono.
Alice Bootle60dittono.
Mary Cranford240Blindno.
Samuel Corbett180Paralysedno.
Maria Cornwall150Ill health and partial blindnessno.
Matthew Currie140Paralysedno.
Robert Courtier110Old and infirmno.
William Creegan100dittono.
Ann Connor100Infirmno.
Catherine Corbett90Old ageno.
Patrick Corrigan60dittono.
Eliza Campbell60dittono.
Margaret Downey160dittoyes.
Mary Davies80dittono.
Mary Douglas70dittono.
Man Dumb50Deaf and dumbno.
Rose Devaney50Infirmno.
Moses Eden60Bad legno.
Laura Evans50Epilepticno.
Sarah Ellis50Old and infirmno.
Mary Foy100dittono.
Eliza Finn100dittono.
Judy Flaherty50Ill healthno.
Ellen Fryer50Old and infirmno.
Ann Groves70Epilepticno.
Michael Gordon60Infirmno.
Eliza Grimes50Old and infirmno.
Margaret Hughes130Epilepticno.
Margaret Hall100Disabledno.
Jane Handy70Defect in speechno.
Ellen Hughes70Bad healthno.
Mary Hinds60Old ageno.
Martha Horrocks60Infirmno.
Martha Howard60Old and infirmno.
Sarah Hall60Infirmno.
Mary Jones70Paralysedno.
Elizabeth Jones60Bad healthno.
Ann Jones60Infirmyes.
Elizabeth Jones60dittono.
Margaret Jackson50Epilepticno.
Mary Jones50Old ageno.
Mary Jones50Lunaticno.
Charles Jones50Old ageno.
John Kelly130Epilepticno.
Mary Ann Kennedy80Old and infirmno.
James Kennedy70Epilepticno.
Catherine King60Old and infirmno.
Joseph Knox60dittono.
Eliza Kelly50Infirmno.
Jane Kelshaw50Epilepticno.
Joshua Lamb100Old ageno.
Elizabeth Lloyd90dittono.
Ann Latham70dittono.
William Linacre70dittono.
James Lewis60Epilepticno.
Patrick Lang50dittono.
Isabella Moss170Paralysedno.
John Miller90dittono.
Ann Morgan70Epilepticno.
Elizabeth McGrath70Old ageno.
Mary Moss60Old and infirmno.
Francis Mann60dittono.
Lydia Makin60Ill healthno.
Mary Mahony60Old and infirmno.
Mary McGarby80Infirmno.
Mary McCarty60dittono.
Ellen Sheen60Disabledno.
Mary McNeille60Paralysedno.
Mary McGuinness56Ill healthno.
Mary McEvoy53Infirmno.
Ann McCartney50dittono.
Esther McDonald50dittono.
Ann McGovern50dittono.
Mary McAvoy50Old and infirmno.
Michael Naughton90dittono.
Margaret Neale50Old ageyes.
Mary Owens60dittono.
Ann O'Melia60dittono.
Rebecca Owens60dittono.
Ann Owens60Epilepticno.
Eliza O'Neill50dittono.
Mary Parker170Old ageno.
Fanny Powell90Epilepticno.
Eleanor Parry70Old ageno.
Mary Peers60Infirmno.
Mary Phillips60Paralysedno.
William Parris50Idioticno.
John Parkinson50Old ageno.
Catherine Powell50Old age and infirmno.
Esther Quirk90Old ageno.
Mary Quinn50Ill healthno.
June Roberts100Infirmno.
Rose Rice70Old age and infirmno.
Elizabeth Roberts70Epilepticno.
Mary Reynolds70Deformityno.
Ann Rooney60Epilepticno.
Dorothy Ryan60Infirmno.
Margaret Roberts50dittono.
Ann Renfrew60dittono.
Elizabeth Sergeant 120Epilepticno.
William Shaw100Old age and infirmno.
Ann Scannell90dittono.
Mary Southwell70dittono.
Hugh Simmons70dittoyes.
Mary Simpkins70Old ageno.
Ellen Sullivan60Epilepticno.
William Smith60Old age and infirmno.
Mary Simpson50Epilepticno.
Margaret Smith50dittono.
John Spencer50Old age and infirmno.
James Shields50Infirmno.
Ann Sears50Deformityno.
William Thompson120Old age and infirmno.
John Thomas90Infirmno.
Margaret Toons70dittono.
Ann Taylor60Infirm, and deformityno.
Margaret Thomson60Old age and deformityno.
Margaret Turner50Old ageno.
Michael Tynan50Epilepticno.
Thomas Unsworth60Old ageno.
Rose Wood90dittono.
Ann Wilcox140Infirmno.
Jane Williams140Old age and infirmno.
Mary Woods90Infirmno.
John Wright60Paralysedno.
Martha Winstanley60Old age and infirmno.
Pierce Walsh60Idioticno.
Ellen Wilkinson60Infirmno.
Margaret Williams60Old ageno.
Mary Williams60dittono.
Sarah Wynn60Deformedno.

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