1881 Census: Residents of Hospital Bdgs (Formerly Smallpox Hospital), Hampstead, London, Middlesex

Charles WEBSTERM57MHeadCaretaker Of Hospital Bdgs Office KeeperHorne, Suffolk
Caroline WEBSTERM46FWifeWhitechapel, Middlesex
Caroline WEBSTER 14FDaurScholarShoreditch, Middlesex
Eleanor WEBSTER 12FDaurScholarStradbroke, Suffolk
Jane WEBSTER 10FDaurScholarStradbroke, Suffolk
Susan WEBSTER  2FDaurScholarHackney, Middlesex
Thomas FORETTW67MFather In LawRetired Police Officer (Pensioner)Deptford, Kent
Edward VISKM33MHeadWorking Engineer & MBristol
Sarah Ann VISKM31FWifeBirmingham
Amy Sarah VISK 7mFDaurHampstead, Middlesex
Harriet CORNERW63FMother In LawPlain Needle Work WomanNilson, Shropshire
Geo. FORDM29MHeadHouse Porter DomBirmingham, Warwick
Anne FORDM25FWifeLiverpool, Lancashire
Alice Elizabeth FORD  6FDaurScholarLondon, Middlesex
Wm. James FORD  5MSonScholarLondon, Middlesex
Annie Beatrice FORD 1mFDaurHa...list, Middlesex
John FORDU29MVisitorBirmingham, Warwick
Geo. STAPLEHURSTM39MHeadGate KeeperHadlow, Kent
Emma STAPLEHURSTM34FWifeLondon City Of, London, Middlesex
Harry STAPLEHURST  6MSonScholarSt Pancras, Middlesex
Wm. Edward STAPLEHURST  4MSonScholarSt Pancras, Middlesex
Frederick STAPLEHURST  2MSonSt Pancras, Middlesex

Total residents: 22

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