1881 Census: Residents of Aboyne Poor Houses

Ann MC GREGORW77FHeadGeneral Servant (Domestic)Cromdale, Inverness, Scotland

Grace ROSSU63FHeadGeneral Servant (Domestic)Cromdale, Elgin, Scotland

Hellen CLARKU43FHeadGeneral Servant (Domestic)Cromdale, Inverness, Scotland
Hellen SMITHU70FHeadGeneral Servant (Domestic)Daviot, Inverness, Scotland

Margaret STEWARTU81FHeadGeneral Servant (Domestic)Cromdale, Elgin, Scotland

Margaret GRANTW75FHeadFarmers WifeCromdale, Elgin, Scotland
Elspet ROSSU72FHeadNurseCromdale, Inverness, Scotland

John MATHESONU22MHeadFarm ServantCromdale, Elgin, Scotland
William MUNROW76MHeadCarpenterForres, Elgin, Scotland

John GORDONU78MHeadFarm ServantAnwoth, Kirkcudbright, Scotland

Ann MC GREGORU65FHeadGeneral Servant (Domestic)Cromdale, Elgin, Scotland

Total residents: 11

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