1881 Census: Residents of Petworth (Kirdford) Union Workhouse

Henry J. TRIGGSM38MMaster (Head)Master Of WorkhouseHeadley, Hampshire
Anne TRIGGSM39FMatronMatron Of WorkhouseTillington, Sussex
Harry POCOCK 4MVisitorHighworth, Wiltshire
Sarah BACONW70FInmatePauper (Formerly Domestic Servant)ImbecilePatching, Sussex
Benjamin BATCHELORU55MInmatePauper (Ag Lab Formerly)Kirdford, Sussex
James BOXALLW72MInmatePauper (Sawyer Formerly)Kirdford, Sussex
James CARBERW87MInmatePauper (Ag Lab Formerly)Sutton, Sussex
William COLLINSW83MInmatePauper (Ag Lab Formerly)Fittleworth, Sussex
Charlotte FISHM67FInmatePauper (Formerly Domestic) (Servant)Yapton, Sussex
Grace HOLDENW84FInmatePauper (Formerly Domestic)ImbecileFittleworth, Sussex
Jane JOYCEU55FInmatePauperImbecilePetworth, Sussex
Mary A. LEEW68FInmatePauper (Formerly Domestic)Dorking, Surrey
Ann MADGWICKW73FInmatePauperClerkenwell, Middlesex
Thomas MARRINERW50MInmatePauper (Ag Lab Formerly)Kirdford, Sussex
Francis MILTONU84MInmatePauper (Ag Lab Formerly)
John PENFOLDU72MInmatePauper (Wool Weaver Formerly)Bisley, Gloucester
John PENNICARDM75MInmatePauper (Sawyer Formerly)Kirdford, Sussex
Louisa PUTTICKW65FInmatePauper (Formerly Domestic)Kirdford, Sussex
William PUTTICKW75MInmatePauper (Ag Lab Formerly)Kirdford, Sussex
Charles SMARTU72MInmatePauper (Ag Lab Formerly)West Chiltington, Sussex
Martha SMITHW90FInmatePauper (Formerly Domestic Servant)Houghton, Sussex
John STEVENSW66MInmatePauper (Ag Lab Formerly)Kirdford, Sussex
Sampson TOBITTU61MInmatePauper (Ag Lab Formerly)ImbecileKirdford, Sussex
Fanny WHITINGTONU36FInmatePauperImbecilePetworth, Sussex

Total residents: 24

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