1881 Census: Residents of Union Workhouse, Reeth, York

Emmerson ALDERSONM43MHeadMaster Of WorkhouseArkingordale, York
Mary Ann ALDERSONM37FWifeMatron Of WorkhouseArkingordale, York
Martha Jane ALDERSONU14FDaughterPupil TeacherArkingordale, York
Jane ALDERSONU38FSisterDomestic ServantArkingordale, York
Ann ALDERSONU56FInmateNo OccupationLunaticReeth, York
John CALON 44MCasual InmateGen LabourerDublin
Ann CROFTU67FInmateLead Oar DresserArkingordale, York
Christopher DOLPHINU61MInmateLead Smelter (Mfr)ImbecileHealaugh, York
Henry FRANCIS 64MCasual InmateShoe MakerNorthampton
Joseph HARKERU19MInmateNo OccupationArkingordale, York
Margaret HARKERU24FInmateDomestic SevtArkingordale, York
Mary Elizh. HARKERU8mFInmateReeth, York
John HIRDU44MInmateNo OccupationDeaf & DumbLow Row, York
Thomas HIRDU47MInmateNo OccupationDeaf & DumbLow Row, York
Sarah JACKSONU41FInmateNo OccupationReeth, York
James LONGSTAFFU43MInmatePreviously Lead MinerArkingarthdale, York
Elizabeth PEDLEYW73FInmateFeetham, York
Elizabeth PEDLEYU10FInmateScholarFeetham, York
Isabella PEDLEYU 4FInmateGrinton, York
Hannah PLACEU40FInmateNo OccupationImbecileLow Row, York
Thomas POUNDERU68MInmatePre Lead MinerSwaledale, York
John PRATTM61MInmatePre FarmerSwaledale, York
William RAVENDALE 46MCasual InmateGen LabourerWixford, Ireland
James RILEY 48MCasual InmateGen LabourerGlasgow
Thomas ROBINSONU27MInmateNo OccupIdiotArkingarthdale, York
Francis RUCROFTM69MInmateFarm LabourerGrinton, York
Sarah RUCROFTM69FInmateFarm Labourer WifeReeth, York
Henry WALKER 30MCasual InmateGeneral LabourerHanley, Stafford
John WEBSTER 33MCasual InmateGen LabourerHalifax, York

Total residents: 29

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