1881 Census: Residents of Vatchly Poor House, Dunrossness, Zetland, Scotland

Ursula GILBERTSONU60FMatronMatron Of Poor HouseDunrossness, Shetland
Catherine HENRYU48FAssist MatronAsst Matron Of Poor HouseDunrossness, Shetland
Catherine DAVIDSONW95FPauperFishermans WidowDunrossness, Shetland
Penelope HARPERU79FPauperFormerly General ServDunrossness, Shetland
Elizabeth HARPERU62FPauperFormerly Wool SpinnerDunrossness, Shetland
Elizabeth HENRYU37FPauperPauperDunrossness, Shetland
Catherine MC PHERSONU85FPauperFormerly General ServantDunrossness, Shetland

Total residents: 7

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