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1881 Census: Residents of Union Workhouse, West Tisbury, Wiltshire

William LATHEYM53MHeadMaster Of WorkhouseBerwick St John, Wiltshire
Charlotte LATHEYM50FMatronMatron Of WorkhouseSwallowclift, Wiltshire
Annie WHILEU23FAssistant MatronAssistant Matron Of WorkhouseBattersea, Surrey
Frank ADLAM 12MInmateScholar
Frances ADLAM 10FInmateScholarWest Tisbury, Wiltshire
Jane ALFORDU41FInmate West Tisbury, Wiltshire
Luke ALLENW75MInmateFarm LabChicklade, Wiltshire
Anne BALL  7FInmateScholarSemley, Wiltshire
John BALLU48MInmateGeneral LabWest Tisbury, Wiltshire
Thomas BARNESU69MInmateGeneral LabImbecileDonhead St Mary, Wiltshire
Elizabeth BARNESU80FInmate Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire
Robert BARNESU71MInmateGeneral LabImbecileDonhead St Mary, Wiltshire
George BECKETTW79MInmateStone CutterChilmark, Wiltshire
James BECKETT 10MInmateScholarUffington, Berkshire
Louisa BECKETTM49FInmate
Walter BECKETTW83MInmateFarm LabHindon, Wiltshire
Anne BECKETTU20FInmate Hurst, Berkshire
Elizabeth BIRDWELL  8FInmateScholarWest Tisbury, Wiltshire
Louisa BLANDFORD  1FInmate West Tisbury, Wiltshire
Kate BLANDFORD  3FInmate Wardour, Wiltshire
Sarah BLANDFORDU24FInmateGeneral ServWardour, Wiltshire
Robert BLANDFORDW88MInmateGeneral LabDonhead St Andrew, Wiltshire
Emily BURROUGHU21FInmateGeneral ServChilmark, Wiltshire
Sidney BURROUGHU11mMInmate Chilmark, Wiltshire
William BURTW77MInmateFarm LabEast Tisbury, Wiltshire
Albert BURTON  4MInmateScholarEast Tisbury, Wiltshire
Sophia BURTONW34FInmateGeneral ServSutton Mandeville, Wiltshire
Rose COOPER  7FInmateScholarDerby
Grace COOPER  4FInmateScholarCroydon, Surrey
Maud COOPER  9FInmateScholarDerby
Robert DAYU61MInmateGeneral LabHindon, Wiltshire
Tom DYER 10MInmateScholarTeffont Magna, Wiltshire
Martha DYERW31FInmate Teffont Magna, Wiltshire
George DYER  7MInmateScholarEast Tisbury, Wiltshire
Frank DYER  6MInmateScholarTeffont Magna, Wiltshire
Bessie DYER  4FInmateScholarCorfe Mullen, Dorset
Ellen FLETCHERW71FInmate ImbecileIreland
Bessie FOOTU21FInmateGeneral ServDonhead St Mary, Wiltshire
Joe FOOT 11MInmateScholarPortsmouth, Hampshire
Lillie FOOT 13FInmateScholarPortsmouth, Hampshire
James FORDW78MInmateFarm LabTeffont Magna, Wiltshire
Anne FOYLE 10FInmateScholarTeffont Magna, Wiltshire
Elizabeth GRASS 12FInmateScholarTollard Royal, Wiltshire
Bridget GRESLEYW70FInmateLimerick, Ireland
Alfred GURDU39MInmateGeneral LabImbecileDonhead St Andrew, Wiltshire
Mary A. GURDU31FInmate ImbecileDonhead St Andrew, Wiltshire
Charles HAIMEU62MInmateFarm LabDonhead St Andrew, Wiltshire
Eliza HARRISU45FInmate ImbecileDonhead St Mary, Wiltshire
Harry HARRISU70MInmateFarm LabDonhead St Mary, Wiltshire
Isaiah HORDENU74MInmateFarm LabDonhead St Mary, Wiltshire
William INGSU18MInmateGeneral LabDonhead St Andrew, Wiltshire
Frank JERRARD 10MInmateScholarWest Tisbury, Wiltshire
Eliza JOHNSONU37FInmateGeneral LabSutton Mandeville, Wiltshire
William JOHNSON  9MInmateScholarWilton, Wiltshire
Kate JOHNSON  8FInmateScholarWest Tisbury, Wiltshire
Edward JOHNSON 10MInmateScholarFovant, Wiltshire
Emma JOHNSONU15FInmate Wardour, Wiltshire
Maria LAMBERTU66FInmate West Tisbury, Wiltshire
Jemima LEVERU80FInmate East Tisbury, Wiltshire
Thomas MARSHW77MInmateCoblerDonhead St Andrew, Wiltshire
Job MOODYU68MInmateGen LabChicklade, Wiltshire
Elizabeth MOULDM66FInmate Wardour, Wiltshire
Henry MOULDM65MInmateFarm LabEast Tisbury, Wiltshire
Cecilia MOULD 11FInmateScholarWest Tisbury, Wiltshire
Hannah MULLINSU33FInmateGeneral ServImbecileEast Tisbury, Wiltshire
Andrew MULLINSW68MInmateFarm LabNorwich, Norfolk
John MULLINS  2MInmate West Tisbury, Wiltshire
Eunice MULLINSU15FInmate Wardour, Wiltshire
Emma PEARCEYU34FInmateGeneral ServLondon, London, Middlesex
Robert PENNYW71MInmateWood SawyerFonthill Bishop, Wiltshire
George PIKEU52MInmate Deaf & DumbWardour, Wiltshire
William PITMANU45MInmateGeneral LabHindon, Wiltshire
Thomas PITMANW80MInmateRoad LabHindon, Wiltshire
William RIDEOUTU59MInmateGen LabBerwick St John, Wiltshire
Ann RIXONU66FInmate ImbecileWest Tisbury, Wiltshire
Rebecca RIXONW71FInmate West Tisbury, Wiltshire
Mary ROBERTSU21FInmate
Richard SANDELLU74MInmateGeneral LabImbecileDinton, Wiltshire
Herbert SANGER 14MInmateScholarDonhead St Mary, Wiltshire
Thomas SCOTTW88MInmateGeneral LabEast Tisbury, Wiltshire
George STANLEYW70MInmateFarm LabQuidhampton, Wiltshire
Ann STEVENSU65FInmate ImbecileHindon, Wiltshire
Maria TAYLORU41FInmateGeneral ServDonhead St Andrew, Wiltshire
Fred TAYLOR 12MInmateScholarDonhead St Andrew, Wiltshire
George TAYLOR  9MInmateScholarDonhead St Andrew, Wiltshire
Martha TAYLOR  3FInmate Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire
Charlotte TAYLOR  6FInmateScholarDonhead St Andrew, Wiltshire
Lucy TROWBRIDGE 10FInmateScholarDonhead St Mary, Wiltshire
Edwin TROWBRIDGE  8MInmateScholarEast Tisbury, Wiltshire
George WHITE  3MInmateScholarEast Tisbury, Wiltshire
Albert WHITE  2MInmate Teffont Magna, Wiltshire
Emily WHITEW25FInmateGeneral ServChettle, Dorset
Harry WILLIAMSU75MInmateGeneral LabDonhead St Mary, Wiltshire
Thomas YATESW75MInmateFarm LabChilmark, Wiltshire

Total residents: 94

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