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1881 Census: Residents of West End Union Workhouse, Wetherby, York

James WILSONM32MHeadMaster Of Workhouse (Munic)Bramham, York
Eliza WILSONM30FWifeMatron Of Workhouse (Munic)Haxby, York
John J. WILSON 1MSonWetherby, York
Sarah INGLEDEWW48FServNurse And Cook Dom ServWitton Le Wear, Durham
Thomas ALLANM68MInmate(24) Labr PauperWetherby, York
William BENSONU77MInmateAg Lab PauperKirkby, York
Ada BROWN11FInmateScholar PauperSpofforth, York
Rose BROWN13FInmateScholar PauperSpofforth, York
Charles BURNELLU68MInmateCoppersmith PauperCroydon, Surrey
James CLARKEM65MInmateAg Lab PauperLayton, Huntingdon
George CLOUGHU52MInmatePauperImbecileThorparch, York
William COOKU28MVagrantAg Lab UnempdBelfast, Ireland
James DALBYW76MInmateAg Lab PauperLinton, York
Hannah DEANU72FInmateFormerly Domestic Serv PauperEast Keswick, York
George FRYERU56MInmateAg Lab PauperWetherby, York
Catherine GAUGHAN 6FInmateScholar PauperBramham, York
Catherine GAUGHANM35FInmateFormerly Linen Spinner PauperMeath Drogeda, Ireland
Ellen GAUGHAN 2FInmatePauperBramham, York
Joseph GAUGHAN1mMInmatePauperWetherby, York
Mary A. GAUGHAN 8FInmateScholar PauperTadcaster, York
Mary GAUGHAN 4FInmateScholar PauperWetherby, York
Thomas GILL10MInmateScholar PauperWalton, York
Annie GILLAN 9FInmateScholar PauperTadcaster, York
Bridget GILLANW34FInmateLinen SpinnerClare Spaw, Ireland
Emily GILLAN 4FInmateScholar PauperClifford, York
Harry GILLAN 1MInmatePauperWetherby, York
James GILLAN 7MInmateScholar PauperClifford, York
Thomas GILLAN 6MInmateScholar PauperClifford, York
Richard GOUGHW39MVagrantAg Lab UnempdYork, York
James GREENHAIGHU26MVagrantAg Lab UnemployedBradford, York
Sarah HAIGH 2FInmatePauperBramham, York
James V. HAMILTON11MInmateScholar PauperClifford, York
James HARRISM40MVagrantAg Lab UnempdBradford, York
William HARRISONU31MInmateFormerly Ag Lab PauperLiverpool, Lancashire
Sarah A. HAWKINSW66FInmatePauperLunaticKirkby, York
John HAYESW46MVagrantAg Lab UnempdBramley, York
William HAYESW75MInmateAg Lab (24) PauperBoston Spa, York
Elizabeth HUNTERU28FInmateKitchenmaid Domestic Serv PauperWetherby, York
John HUNTER 4MInmateScholar PauperWetherby, York
Ann JOHNSONW69FInmateFormerly Laundress PauperKnapton, York
Mary JOHNSONU24FInmateFormerly Domestic Serv PauperKirkby, York
Peter KINGW62MInmateStone Mason PauperBradford, York
James LAMBERTU69MInmateGardener Domestic Serv (24) PauperBramham, York
Priscilla LEWISU43FInmateFormerly Laundress PauperWare, Hertford
John LINDLEYU51MInmateFormerly Ag Lab PauperThorparch, York
William LISTERW70MInmateAg Lab PauperWetherby, York
Eliza MARGERISON 7FInmateScholar PauperBradford, York
Elizabeth MARGERISON 9FInmateScholar PauperBradford, York
Sarah A. MARSTONU18FInmatePauperKearby, York
Elizabeth MIDGLEY13FInmateScholar PauperWetherby, York
Hannah MIDGLEYU41FInmateHousemaid Domestic Serv PauperLeeds, York
John MITCHELLW64MInmateAg Lab PauperTockwith, York
John MOOREU29MVagrantAg Lab UnempdLeeds, York
Mary A. NICHOLSONU47FInmatePauperHarewood, York
Thomas OLIVERW60MInmateGroom Domestic Serv PauperNorth Wold, Norfolk
Catherine PARKINSONW66FVagrantFormerly DressmakerChester, Cheshire
John PEARSON11MInmateScholar PauperBramham, York
William POTTSU23MVagrantAg Lab UnempdBradford, York
Robert PROCTORW76MInmateShoemaker PauperWetherby, York
Thomas RAMSBOTTOMU48MInmateCoachman Domestic Serv PauperBilham Grange, York
Mary SCOBBELW69FVagrantLinen SpinnerClare Ennis, Ireland
Mary SMITHW76FInmateHousekeeper Domestic Serv PauperThorparch, York
John STANDISH12MInmateScholar PauperWetherby, York
Samuel STANDISHU15MInmateScholar PauperThorparch, York
Sarah STANDISHU46FInmateFormerly Laundress PauperThorparch, York
Elizabeth THOMPSONU68FInmateHousekeeper Domestic Serv PauperGreat Smeeton, York
William THOMPSONW66MInmateAg Lab PauperNottingley, York
Henry TIPLINGU51MInmateAg Labr PauperWetherby, York
Joseph WADDINGTONW76MInmateAg Labr (24) PauperBishop Thornton, York
Thomas WATSON10MInmateScholar PauperWilstrop, York
John WHEIRS14MInmateScholar PauperBramham, York
Joseph WHEIRS12MInmateScholar PauperBramham, York
Hannah WHINCUP5mFInmatePauperWetherby, York
Isabella WHINCUPM29FInmateHousekeeper Domestic Serv PauperBramham, York
John WILSONU20MVagrantAg Lab UnempdDublin, Ireland

Total residents: 75

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