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Workhouse Addresses

In 1904, the Registrar General decided that where a child was born in the workhouse, there need no longer be any indication of this on the birth certificate. Instead, the place of birth could be recorded as an ordinary street address, either a real one or a pseudonymous one invented for the purpose. The aim of this was to avoid any future stigma that might otherwise arise from the revelation of one's lowly place of birth. From around 1920, the same practice was later also adopted for the death certificates of those who died in the workhouse.

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Lambeth43 Renfrew Road, Lambeth
Leeds123 Beckett Street, Leeds
Leek251 Ashbourne Road, Leek
Leigh702 Leigh Road, Atherton
Lewisham390 High Street Lewisham
LincolnLincoln Home, 8a Burton Road, Lincoln
LintonThe Red House, Symond's Lane, Linton
Liverpool144a Brownlow Hill, Liverpool
LlanfyllinThe Meadows, Llanfyllin
Luton11a Dunstable Road, Luton
Lymington20 New Street, Lymington

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