Birmingham Workhouse Officers and Servants, with Salaries and Wages — 13 July 1866.

No.Name.AppointmentSalary or Wages without Board.Salary or Wages with Board.REMARKS
1William SharpMaster250
2Matilda SharpMatron100
3Joseph RodgersAssistant master and storekeeper.80
4Annie CluesAssistant matron63 8
5Richard WebbBook-keeper104
6George ClarkeAssistant book-keeper39
7Richard BriscoePorter65
8William GoldbyAssistant porter and tramp-master.5412And livery.
9Edward WhiteCook10
10Thomas GroomCorridor-keeper 2016
11John Warr Night watchman10 8
12Hannah EllmsLaundress43 8
13William BirdSchoolmaster101
14M. H. HarrisSchoolmistress78 8
15Elizabeth BirdInfant schoolmistress68 8
16Sophia GreenhalghAssistant schoolmistress58 8
17Edith TustinAssistant to infant schoolmistress.20 8
18Harriet GrundyIndustrial trainer30
19Noah LawesProbationary school master68 8
20Maria Jane Walsh Probationary school mistress52
21Joseph SmithYardman 5412
22Elisabeth SmithSeamstress 43 8
23Alice Heley Assistant seamstress212
24Dr. E. RobinsonMedical officer290
25Henry SmithAssistant dispenser1512
26John JenningsWardsman, old men15
27Elizabeth Rotton Nurse, old women's ward15
28Ellen LapidusNurse, girls' department15
29Jane Lewis Nurse, infant school20
30William StokesProbationary wardsmen2016
31Rebecca Hitchin Tramp mistress15
32Mary Ann AllportNurse in nursery,15
33Fanny GilesNurse, male infirmary 20
34Catherine M. LatoucheNurse, female infirmary15
35Thomas BevanAttendant male epileptic ward3316
30Ann GilesAttendant female epileptic ward.20
37Bridget Driscoll Attendant old female epileptic ward.15
38Edward ShoebothamWardsman, bed-ridden and bad leg word.3316
39Jane SmithNurse, female, bed-ridden and bad leg ward.15
40Amelia OrgillNurse, female, venereal ward.15
41Mary Ann BarkerNurse, women's, bad leg ward.15
42Ann LatouchNurse, lying in ward 20
43Jane South Nurse, male and female fever ward.15
44Ann Barker Night nurse15
45Edward KeenEngineer2 2Paid weekly.
46James BogueAssistant engineer1 10ditto.
47Alfred HemsworthCarpenter1 7ditto.
48James GilliesAssistant carpenter1 4ditto.
49George Reedditto1 4ditto.
50William WhittakerMaster shoemaker110ditto.
51Joseph PrestonAssistant master shoemaker1ditto.
52William HeywardAssistant master shoemaker1ditto.
53Edward Martinditto1ditto.
54William Freeman ditto1ditto.
55James Longfordditto1ditto.
56William Costello Master tailor110ditto.
57J. H. FollowsAssistant master tailor 1ditto.
58Frederick Mewditto1ditto.
59Timothy Garney ditto1ditto.
60Charles Gibbsditto1ditto.
01Samuel Balesditto1ditto.
02Thomas CullBricklayer 110ditto.
63Thomas PettySuperintendent out-door labour1 5ditto.
64John CoxMaster81
65Ann HallamMatron58 8
66Ann Hooke Nurse, boys' department15
67William ThompsonJunior teacher10
68The Rev. Charles Britton.Chaplain200

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