1891 Census: Residents of Pickering Union Workhouse

Robert Simpson M50MHead Master of WorkhousePickering, Yorkshire
Mary A Simpson M46FWife Matron of WorkhouseHutton Bushel, Yorkshire
Arthur W Simpson 14MSonScholarPickering, Yorkshire
Charles Simpson 12MSonScholarPickering, Yorkshire
Florence J Simpson 7FSonScholarPickering, Yorkshire
Elizabeth Lamb S27FServant Nurse of Workhouse InfirmaryYork, Yorkshire
Alice Garbutt S22FServant Cook Domestic ServantPickering, Yorkshire
Albert Barton 7MPauper Inmate ScholarPickering, Yorkshire
Jane Barton S40FPauper Inmate Formerly Domestic ServantPickering, Yorkshire
William Barton 9MPauper Inmate ScholarPickering, Yorkshire
Joseph Batis S69MPauper Inmate Formerly General LabourerDinbright, Derbyshire
Francis Bayes 1 monthMPauper Inmate ScholarPickering, Yorkshire
Hannah Bayes S33FPauper Inmate Formerly Domestic ServantStedmen, Yorkshire
Jane Bayes 7FPauper Inmate ScholarElberton, Yorkshire
Thomas Bowes W81MPauper Inmate Formerly General Labourer Tourtodater(?), Yorkshire
George Burrell W82MPauper Inmate Formerly General LabourerBlindPickering, Yorkshire
Allan Collins 4MPauper Inmate ScholarEaston Morris, Yorkshire
Thomas Collins 11MPauper Inmate ScholarEaston Morris, Yorkshire
William Cope S40MPauper Inmate Formerly General LabourerStafford, Staffordshire
William Dolson S66MPauper Inmate Formerly General LabourerAmotherby, Yorkshire
Arthur W Fletcher7MPauper Inmate ScholarPickering, Yorkshire
Jane FletcherS28FPauper Inmate Formerly Domestic ServantSattersgate, Yorkshire
John M Fletcher5MPauper Inmate ScholarPickering, Yorkshire
Robert Fletcher5MPauper Inmate ScholarPickering, Yorkshire
Henry Hall 10MPauper Inmate ScholarLevisham, Yorkshire
Robert Hall 12MPauper Inmate ScholarLevisham, Yorkshire
Francis Hamble W73MPauper Inmate Formerly General LabourerLittle Barugh, Yorkshire
Charles Hopking S48MPauper Inmate Formerly Agricultural LabourerMiddlesborough, Yorkshire
William Hunter S75MPauper Inmate Formerly General LabourerPickering, Yorkshire
Jessie Mitchell S59FPauper Inmate Formerly Agricultural LabourerImbecile from ChildRoss, Scotland
Charles Pennock 5MPauper Inmate ScholarPickering, Yorkshire
James Pennock 8MPauper Inmate ScholarPickering, Yorkshire
Mary Pennock 4FPauper Inmate ScholarPickering, Yorkshire
Ellen Rex S40FPauper Inmate Formerly Agricultural LabourerImbecile from ChildEllastone, Yorkshire
Edward Reynolds S20MPauper Inmate Formerly Agricultural LabourerNonerch, Norfolk
Margaret Riley S24FPauper Inmate Formerly Agricultural LabourerPickering, Yorkshire
William Riley 16MPauper Inmate ScholarLofthouse, Yorkshire
George Sampson S41MPauper Inmate Formerly General LabourerImbecilePickering, Yorkshire
John Small S64MPauper Inmate Formerly General LabourerPickering, Yorkshire
Betsey R Smith 6FPauper Inmate ScholarCupter, Yorkshire
Thomas Smith 12MPauper Inmate ScholarCupter, Yorkshire
Richard Stephenson 3MPauper Inmate ScholarPickering, Yorkshire
David Stoskill S85MPauper Inmate Formerly General LabourerThornton, Yorkshire
Rebecca Walker S48FPauper Inmate Formerly Agricultural LabourerImbecile from ChildSinnington, Yorkshire
William Wilson S25MPauper Inmate Formerly General LabourerImbecileNot Known

Total residents: 45

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