1881 Census: Residents of Pocklington Union Workhouse

Edward MANNM43MMaster (Head)Workhouse MasterDrighlington, York
Grace MANNM46FMatron WifeWorkhouse MatronKirkstall, York
Jane E. MANNU25FSisterWorkhouse Ass MatronDrighlington, York
John B. COXU27MSchoolmaster BoarderWorkhouse SchoolmasterLondon, Middlesex
Edith ALLENM23FWorkhouse PauperHull, York
William ALLENM24MLabourer Casual Workhouse PauperHull, York
John ALLISONW77MLabourer Workhouse PauperHuggate, York
Hannah ANDERSONW73FWorkhouse PauperBishop Wilton, York
George ATKINSU46MFitter Workhouse PauperLeeds, York
Sarah BARROWU44FWorkhouse PauperImbecileMarket Weighton, York
Eleanor BAYSTONEU26FDom Servant Workhouse PauperEveringham, York
Laura BAYSTONEU11mFWorkhouse PauperEveringham, York
Sarah E. BAYSTONEU 2FWorkhouse PauperEveringham, York
Rachel BLENKINW85FWorkhouse PauperYapham, York
Agnes BONNERU 2FWorkhouse PauperPocklington, York
Sarah BONNERU32FServant Workhouse PauperBielby, York
Hannah BOTTERILLW84FWorkhouse PauperMarket Weighton, York
Richard BRIGHAMW75MGardener Workhouse PauperWarter, York
Thomas BRIGHTONW69MLabourer Workhouse PauperHigh Catton, York
Elizabeth BROWNM33FWorkhouse PauperMarket Weighton, York
James G. BROWNU10MWorkhouse PauperMarket Weighton, York
Thomas J. BROWNU 6MWorkhouse PauperMarket Weighton, York
Thomas BROWNU13MWorkhouse PauperMarket Weighton, York
William BROWNU 3MWorkhouse PauperMarket Weighton, York
Andrew CAINU 5MWorkhouse PauperMarket Weighton, York
Elizabeth CAINU 9FWorkhouse PauperMarket Weighton, York
Hannah CAINU11FWorkhouse PauperMarket Weighton, York
Mary CAINU 7FWorkhouse PauperMarket Weighton, York
John J. CLARKU16MWorkhouse PauperPocklington, York
Elizabeth COCKBURNU14FWorkhouse PauperMarket Weighton, York
Mary FAWKESU 7FWorkhouse PauperPocklington, York
Mary J. FAWKESU14FLabourer Workhouse PauperPocklington, York
Ruth FAWKESU 9FWorkhouse PauperPocklington, York
Sam FAWKESU11MWorkhouse PauperPocklington, York
Richard GATENBYW68MGamekeeper Workhouse PauperBoroughbridge, York
Phoebe GRANTU59FWorkhouse PauperImbecileMelbourne, York
Grace GRAYW63FCharwoman Workhouse PauperPocklington, York
Mary GRAYU20FServant Workhouse Pauper (Dom)Pocklington, York
Henry HALLU65MBricklayer Workhouse PauperLondesbro, York
Stephen HALLW65MBlacksmith Workhouse PauperEssex
John HESSLEWOODW65MLabourer Workhouse PauperPocklington, York
William HOLMESU69MLabourer Workhouse PauperBishop Wilton, York
John Richardson HORNSEYW77MBricklayer Workhouse PauperPocklington, York
Elizabeth IRVINGU41FWorkhouse PauperImbecileYapham, York
Charles IVESONU53MLabourer Workhouse PauperPocklington, York
Robert JACKSONU32MLabourer Workhouse PauperMarket Weighton, York
Bertha JOHNSONU62FWorkhouse PauperImbecileSkipton, York
Frederick JOHNSONU11MWorkhouse PauperNunburnholme, York
Jane E. JOHNSONU 9FWorkhouse PauperNunburnholme, York
Elizabeth LINSEYW48FCharwoman Workhouse PauperScarbro, York
Mary LINSEYU 8FWorkhouse PauperScarbro, York
Elizabeth METCALFU11FWorkhouse PauperPocklington, York
William METCALFU 8MWorkhouse PauperPocklington, York
William MOOREW66MTailor Workhouse PauperPocklington, York
John OLDFIELDU47MWorkhouse PauperImbecilePocklington, York
John PRATTU62MLabourer Workhouse PauperSkipton, York
George ROBINSONU 3MLabourer Workhouse PauperPocklington, York
Elizabeth ROBSONU27FServant Workhouse Pauper (Dom)Skirpabeck, York
Mary J. ROBSONU 4FWorkhouse PauperSkirpabeck, York
Mary Edith ROBSONU 2FWorkhouse PauperSkirpabeck, York
Jane SADLERU 4FWorkhouse PauperWarter, York
Angelina SAPCOATEU15FDom Servt Workhouse PauperMarket Weighton, York
James SHERWOODM68MLabourer Workhouse PauperMarket Weighton, York
George SMITHU27MLabourer Casual PauperWindsor, Berkshire
William SMITHW84MLabourer Workhouse PauperGreat Givendale, York
Betsy SOWERSBYU26FWorkhouse PauperImbecilePocklington, York
Mercy SOWERSBYU14FWorkhouse PauperPocklington, York
William STEWARDSONW74MLabourer Workhouse PauperPocklington, York
Alfred SUMMERSONU 5MWorkhouse PauperPocklington, York
Herbert SUMMERSONU 5MWorkhouse PauperPocklington, York
John SUTHERBYW80MLabourer Workhouse PauperMarket Weighton, York
William TATEW85MBricklayer Workhouse PauperHuggate, York
George TAYLORU36MLabourer Casual PauperSheffield, York
Henry THOMASU20MLocksmith Workhouse PauperWoolwich, Kent
Barbara A. TURNERU43FWorkhouse PauperImbecileSouth Cliffe, York
Robert TURNERU44MWorkhouse PauperImbecilePocklington, York
Eliza WALGATEU31FCharwoman Workhouse PauperBarmby Moor, York
Emma WALGATEU10FWorkhouse PauperBarmby Moor, York
George W. WATERSONU 2MWorkhouse PauperBugthorpe, York
Jane WATERSONU 9FWorkhouse PauperBugthorpe, York
Louisa WATERSONU27FDom Servant Workhouse PauperBugthorpe, York
Margareta WATERSONU 4FWorkhouse PauperBugthorpe, York
Ada WESTU11FWorkhouse PauperPocklington, York
Amy WESTU 9FWorkhouse PauperPocklington, York
Elizabeth WETHERILLW77FWorkhouse PauperBugthorpe, York
James WHITEU58MLabourer Workhouse PauperHertford
George WILSONU41MLabourer Workhouse PauperIreland
John YOUNGU49MLabourer Workhouse PauperHertford

Total residents: 88

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