1881 Census: Residents of Union Workhouse, St Columb Major, Cornwall

Edwd. Peter CRAPPM37MHeadMaster of the WorkhouseSt Austell, Cornwall
Elizabeth CRAPPM36FWifeMatron of The Workhouse (M)St Austell, Cornwall
Ann HODGEU35FSchoolmistressSchoolmistress of The Workhouse (M)Bodmin, Cornwall
Grace GROSEM35FNurseNurse of The Workhouse(M)Luxulyan, Cornwall
Silas MARTYNM75MPorterPorter of The WorkhouseNewlyn, Cornwall
Elizabeth BAZELEYM70FInmateFormerly CookSt Breock, Cornwall
Gertrude BENNYU13FInmateScholarSt Columb Major
James BENNYW70MInmate(Late Ag.Lab.)LunaticSt Ervan, Cornwall
Jane BENNYU10FInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Mary BENNYU10FInmateScholarNewlyn, Cornwall
Jane BILKEYU25FInmateLate Domestic Servt.St Eval, Cornwall
Charles BLYTHU11MInmateScholarMiddlesex
Elizabeth BLYTHU12FInmateScholarMiddlesex
Thomas BLYTHU13MInmateScholarMiddlesex
Jean BREWERW76FInmateLate Domestic Servt.St Columb Major
John BUNNYU67MInmateLate Tin Plate WorkerLunaticSt Columb Major
Elizabeth CADDYU36FInmateLate Domestic Servt.St Eval, Cornwall
Jane CARVETHW86FInmateLate CookLunaticSt Breock, Cornwall
Edmond CLEMOWU70MInmate(Late Coal Miner)Newlyn, Cornwall
Henry COLLINSW87MInmate(Late Miller)Alternun, Cornwall
John DAVEYU 9MInmateScholarSt Breock, Cornwall
Bessy ELLERYU 5FInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Margaret ELLERYU21FInmateLate Domestic Servt.Padstow, Cornwall
Minnie ELLERYU8mFInmateSt Columb Major
Kitty FRANCESU43FInmateLate Domestic Servt.St Issey, Cornwall
Mabel FRANCESU 6FInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Maud FRANCESU11FInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Aletha GLANVILLU 3FInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Annie GLANVILLU25FInmateLate Domestic Servt.St Columb Minor, Cornwall
Eldred GLANVILLU1mMInmateSt Columb Major
Frederick GLANVILLU 7MInmateScholarSt Columb Minor, Cornwall
Mabel GLANVILLU 5FInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Richard GLANVILLU11MInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Agnes HARRISU 7FInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Alice HARRISU 4FInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Bessie HARRISU10FInmateScholarSt Columb Minor, Cornwall
Elizabeth HARRISU43FInmateLate Domestic Servt.St Columb Major
Emma HARRISU 8FInmateScholarSt Columb Minor, Cornwall
Maria HARRISM31FInmateLate Domestic Servt.St Columb Minor, Cornwall
Samuel HITCHENSU 5MInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Victoria HITCHENSU49FInmateLate Domestic Servt.Newlyn, Cornwall
William HITCHENSU 8MInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Mary HOCKINU21FInmateLate Domestic Servt.Colan, Cornwall
William A. HOCKINU3mMInmateSt Columb Major
Ann JOLLIFFU39FInmateLate Domestic Servt.St Issey, Cornwall
James JOLLIFFU 4MInmateScholarSt Columb Major
John JOLLIFFW73MInmate(Late Ag.Lab.)St Issey, Cornwall
Thomas JOLLIFFU 8MInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Emma LAMPSHIREU26FInmateLate Domestic Servt.St Allen, Cornwall
John LAMPSHIREU 2MInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Mary LAMPSHIREU 6FInmateScholarSt Allen, Cornwall
Beatrice LAWREYU 1FInmateSt Columb Major
Bertha LAWREYU 5FInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Mary LAWREYW32FInmateLate Domestic Servt.St Columb Minor, Cornwall
Nicholas LAWREYU 8MInmateScholarSt Columb Minor, Cornwall
Sidney LAWREYU10MInmateScholarSt Columb Minor, Cornwall
Alfred LEVERTONU 5MInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Edith LEVERTONU12FInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Isabella LEVERTONU35FInmateLate Domestic ServantSt Ervan, Cornwall
James MENEERW67MInmate(Late Ag.Lab.)St Breock, Cornwall
Susan A. MURRISHU11FInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Alfred OSBORNEU12MInmateScholarSt Columb Minor, Cornwall
Elizabeth OSBORNEU30FInmateLAte Cook (D)St Columb Minor, Cornwall
Martha J. OSBORNEU 7FInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Sidney OSBORNEU 4MInmateScholarSt Columb Major
John PARKINU58MInmate(Late Blacksmith)Blind & LunaticSt Columb Major
James PINCHM65MInmate(Late Iron Miner)St Columb Major
Ann PLUMMERU 9FInmateScholarSt Columb Minor, Cornwall
Mary PLUMMERU37FInmateLate Domestic Servt.St Columb Minor, Cornwall
Richard ROSEVEARW78MInmate(Late Seaman)Padstow, Cornwall
Anthony M. TAYLORU 6MInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Mary A. TAYLORU35FInmateLate Domestic Servt.St Columb Major
Susan A. TAYLORU 9FInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Annie TIPPETTU19FInmateLate Domestic ServantCrantock, Cornwall
William TONKINU61MInmate(Late Ag.Lab.)St Columb Major
Frederick VIVIANU 8MInmateScholarSt Columb Major
John VIVIANU11MInmateScholarSt Columb Major
Mary VIVIANU31FInmateLate Domestic Servt.St Issey, Cornwall
Annie WEBBU 6FInmateScholarSt Breock, Cornwall
Evelena WEBBU10FInmateScholarSt Breock, Cornwall
William WEBBU12MInmateScholarSt Breock, Cornwall
Elizabeth WILLIAMSU31FInmateLate Domestic Servt.St Breock, Cornwall
Luke WILLIAMSU 6MInmateScholarSt Breock, Cornwall
Robert WILLIAMSU11MInmateScholarSt Breock, Cornwall
Thomas WILLIAMSW79MInmate(Late Ag.Lab.)Mawgan, Cornwall
Nancy WILLSW77FInmateLate KitchenmaidSt Breock, Cornwall

Total residents: 86

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