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Brechin, Angus (Forfarshire)

Brechin established a "parochial lodging house" on the east side of City Road in 1853. It was locally administered rather than operating as a statutory poorhouse under the central Board of Supervision.

Brechin Parish House site, 1864

In 1878, the Parochial Board erected a replacement building on Infirmary Street. It was locally known as the "puirs' hoose" or the "grubber" and was originally intended to accommodate 100 inmates who included the "respectable poor" who included some disabled, a few orphans, and the "feeble-minded". Locally remembered characters included "Daft Jimmy" and "Ecky Serafina" with their stick barrow. Casual vagrants were also accommodated in a separate section of the building. In 1908, the building accommodated 76 inmates with staff comprising a Matron and three servants.

Brechin Parish House site, 1901

In 1918, the almshouse was designated as a statutory poorhouse by the Scottish Board of Supervision.

In 1933, the poorhouse was renamed St Drostan's House. In 1946 it accommodated chronic sick, maternity cases, and destitute persons including children.

The building is now used as a residential home for the elderly.

Brechin former poorhouse, 2009.
© Peter Higginbotham.

Brechin was also the home of the County Hospital for Sick Poor — a former isolation hospital adapted for use by chronic sick cases from Angus County.




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  • Angus Archives, Hunter Library, Restenneth Priory, By Forfar DD8 2SZ.

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