1881 Census: Residents of Kirkby Moorside Union Workhouse

William HUGILLM62MMaster (Head)Workhouse Master & Relieving Officer (Munic)Hawnby, York
Elizabeth HUGILLM74FWife MatronMatron Of Workhouse OffMarton, York
Mary ALLENBYU33FInmateImbecileKirkby Moorside, York
Henry BENNETTW66MInmateCoachman (Domestic Serv)Kensington, Middlesex
John BURTON 12MInmateScholarKirkby Moorside, York
Jane CLARKW60FCasual InmateCharwomanScarbro, York
Amos COLLIER 12MInmateScholarKirkby Moorside, York
Mary A. COLLIER 10FInmateScholarAppleton Le Moor, York
William COXU37MCasual InmateAg LabDeptford, Kent
Albert ECCLES  6MInmateScholarWombleton, York
Margaret E. ECCLES 11FInmateScholarWombleton, York
Joseph FLANNAGANU45MCasual InmateFoundry Lab (Iron)Manchester, Lancashire
Luke FLANNAGANU43MCasual InmateFoundry Lab (Iron)Manchester, Lancashire
George H. FRANKU19MInmateIdiotHutton Le Hole, York
Patrick GORMANU45MCasual InmateAg LabLeitrim, Ireland
Francis GREENU30MCasual InmateAg LabLeeds, York
Samuel HARRISONU45MCasual InmateAg LabLeeds, York
John JACKSONU25MCasual InmateAg LabLeeds, York
Matthew JOHNSTONU35MCasual InmateAg LabBrantham, York
Mary MACKENZIEW38FCasual InmateLaundressBute, Scotland
Thomas RICHARDSU35MCasual InmateAg LabWolverhampton, Stafford
Mary J. RICHARDSONU19FInmateKitchen Maid (Dom Serv)Hull, York
Joseph ROBINSONU63MInmateBrick & Tile MakerHull, York
Mary A. ROBINSONU27FInmateFadmoor, York
Ann TINDALLU33FInmateGeneral Serv (Kitchen) DomesticKirkby Moorside, York
Herbert TINDALL  9MInmateScholarKirkby Moorside, York
Fanny WARDU29FInmateCook (Domestic Serv)Nunnington, York
Frederick WARD  6MInmateScholarKirkby Moorside, York
Sarah J. WARD  9FInmateScholarNunnington, York
Thomas WOODU58MCasual InmateAg LabStafford, Stafford

Total residents: 30

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