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Inmates of Starbeck Workhouse, Harrogate, 1832

A parliamentary report published in 1834 recorded that Harrogate's workhouse at Starbeck contained twenty-five men and twenty-nine women. The names and former occupations of the men were recorded as follows:

William EpplewaiteWeaver.Thomas RenderLabourer.
John MitchellFarmer's servant, and formerly lodging-house keeper.James LuptonWeaver.
John SugdenLabourer.Henry MyresIdiot.
Charles HardistyStriker to coach-smith.James WalmsleyLabourer.
William SissonsCordwainer.Henry HardistyWeaver.
Thomas FurnishWhitesmith. John ParkerLabourer.
John KingLabourer.Charles PocklingtonWeaver.
Benjamin Beckditto.Thomas MorrellLabourer.
Richard Tateditto.Benjamin Morrellditto.
Edward Manleyditto.Thomas Andrew}Overlookers at a mill; since dead.
James Bensonditto.David Andrew
John Renderditto.Thomas Oddy}Labourers; since dead.
John Oddy  

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